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BOOK: Learning to Trust: Paradigm Shift
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About B.B. Roman:


B.B. Roman is devoted to marvelous sexual worlds. As a sexual immigrant from a faraway sexual universe, Roman writes to appeal to the full imagination, inside and outside of the
realm of erotica. There are no limits in Roman's worlds, and readers are sucked in with no possible escape.

No stone is left unturned as Roman approaches realms of the bizarre and beautiful, combining it all into something digestible and real. Specks of humo
r season the stories, helping to define
emotional palette. Steamy, sensational,

B.B. Roman writes from a remote cabin in upstate New York, allowing the seclusion to feed into the works. When not writing, Roman enjoys composing music for films and attempting to make the best
cup of coffee possible at home, using a variety of contraptions and methods — and very dark beans.




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Marcy's husband Leon brings her to Hawaii on a corporate business trip, leaving her in their room all day and night to fend for herself while he tends to anything and everything related to his new promotion. Marcy is lonely and frustrated, so when she meets the hot, single guy in the beach house next to hers, she's smitten. Ted pays attention to her--totally unlike her husband--and she finds herself nearly powerless to resist his charms, no matter how hard she fights.

Will Marcy be able to regain control of herself after tasting such sweet temptation? Or will Leon have to step in and intervene--in the hottest way possible?





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Julia has been babysitting for Mike and Jessie since before she started college, and by now, they feel like friends. When she accidentally overhears their fun in the bedroom one night, her perception of the couple changes forever. Julia's not convinced it really was an accident and believes she's being seduced—but perhaps that's exactly what she wants.

Julia is on the brink of a sexual awakening, one that leaves her with so many unanswered questions...and new desires. Will she be able to resist their advances? Or is their bed where she belongs?





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Pastor Tim has got it all: good-looks, a beautiful wife and daughter, a thriving church under his direction, incredible wit and charisma. Everything was going great except his sex life. His wife is always gone for work and even when she's back, it's nothing like it used to be. When Tim gives into temptation and hooks up with the hot new church intern, he gets busted in the act...but not by his wife. It's a sexy young member of the church and she'll only keep quiet if they give her what she wants: a threesome.

Pastor Tim is stuck. He has to give in to even more forbidden carnal pleasures...or risk losing everything. Why can't Sin just be simple?

BOOK: Learning to Trust: Paradigm Shift
3.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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