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Letters to Penthouse XIV

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First eBook Edition: December 2001

Table of Contents

Name your Pleasure...



Stepping Out

Swinging & Swapping


Pursuit & Capture

Open Season

Someone’s Watching



Whatever your game is, this volume covers all the action: from playful one-on-ones to open-ended three-for-alls, from fantasy leagues to real-life club action, and from spectator spectaculars to gang-banging team sports. Fresh from the sex lives of America’s most daring adventurists,
Letters to Penthouse XIV
will take you to passion’s most lustful frontiers.

Are you ready?


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Welcome to your rite of passage. Here in your hands are the stories of your brethren who have tasted the grapes of desire and lust and savored the juices … literally. This is a gift to you so that you too can share, imagine, dream or even dare to join the ranks of those that have gone on before you and satisfied their quest for good ol’ hot horny fucking. The simple pleasures in life don’t have to be a farfetched dream. Make them happen.

The Editors




My wife Brenda and I have been married for fifteen years. Brenda is now forty years old, five-foot-four inches tall and one hundred fifteen pounds. She goes to the gym twice a day, and though she’s not a body-builder, she has one of the best bodies around. She’s also very good-looking, and has always been flirty, both with men her own age and with younger guys. She’s a very hot lady, even though the only person she’s had sex with is me! I started fucking her at a very early age, and have kept on fucking her and loving it.

Occasionally Brenda and I fantasize about her getting it on with another woman. It has always been something I wanted to see, and she always said that maybe someday it would happen. We recently went to Atlantic City, and weren’t in our hotel room fifteen minutes when Brenda said, “Okay, let’s do this right now!”

It only took about two seconds for me to get a phone book and call a local escort service. They told me the young lady would be there in an hour. Brenda was very excited. She came over to me and told me to stick my hand down her panties to see how wet she was. Her pussy was soaking wet, and her panties were soaked also. She was ready, and so was I!

The lady arrived on time and told us her name was Crystal. She was attractive, with long blonde hair and nice tits. Crystal also mentioned that she was a student fucking her way through college.

Brenda and Crystal both took their clothes off as I sat down in a chair to watch. When Brenda came over to me and started sticking her tongue down my throat, I knew she was very excited and ready to go. Crystal walked up to Brenda and started rubbing her tits from behind, grinding herself against her ass. Man, what a sight! Brenda then lay down on the bed and Crystal started sucking her pussy and rubbing her tits.

I picked up our videocamera and asked Crystal if she minded if I filmed her. She said it was okay as long as I didn’t get her face on film. So there I was, filming this girl licking my wife’s pussy, while Brenda pushed her hips up into her face. There was pussy juice all over Crystal’s face. I knew I was one lucky fucker to be able to see this.

Brenda had said earlier that she didn’t think she could do anything to the girl, but she did suck on Crystal’s big tits and finger-fuck her pussy. She also let Crystal suck my dick while she did it.

It ended with Crystal filming Brenda and me, with Brenda on her hands and knees on the bed and me taking her doggie-style from behind. When I looked over at Crystal I saw that her hand was rubbing her pussy as she filmed us fucking. Then Brenda rolled over on her back and started playing with her vibrator, asking me to shoot my come on her pussy which I did with pleasure.

Afterwards Brenda said it had been fun and that she would gladly do it again. I found a swinging couple on the Internet who live not far from us, and we set up a date. I’m hoping that this time I will get to see Brenda eating pussy, and even sucking some strange cock!—
G.F., Hartford, Connecticut


The silky blonde sitting across the room, with the brown eyes and swollen, pouty lips, had caught my husband’s eye, but it wasn’t him she was looking at with interest. It was me.

“You’re a sexy, delicious man,” I told him, “but she’s giving me the eye.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe it. He looked at her again, shooting her his best you-know-you-want-me stare. No dice. She turned to me and gave me a shy but knowing chin-down, eyes-up gaze. “Damn!” Glen said.

I’d never been with a woman before, but was up for the experience, as long as Glen was there. I knew he would love it. I smiled at him, then picked up a cocktail napkin and put it between my lips, closing my mouth on it so that my lipstick left an imprint on the flimsy scrap of paper. Then I summoned the waitress over to us and asked her to bring the napkin, along with a fresh vodka martini, to the pouty seductress at the far table.

They say it’s not so much how it’s given, but how it’s accepted that matters. Well, if that’s the case, she did fine. She swiveled her chair to face us, sat up straight and spread her legs wide, her full black cotton dress riding up over her knees. She reached under the dress, pulled her panties aside and pressed my “kiss” to her bare pussy.

I stared for a moment, then, smiling slyly, looked over at Glen. He had sucked in his breath, his eyes wide. He turned to me in hopeful anticipation of what I might do. I looked back at the blonde and made a gesture with my thumb toward Glen, then turned it back toward me. The meaning was plain: both of us. The blonde hesitated for a second, and then nodded. We were in. With a red-nailed finger I beckoned her to come to us. She glided across the room until she stood only inches from me. “Lenore,” she whispered.

“Rhonda,” I replied. “And this is Glen.” My hand slipped into hers, and we were on our way. As we walked out to our car, I couldn’t help but wonder if the napkin with my lip-print on it was still up there next to her pussy.

We drove to a motel outside of town. As soon as we were inside the room Glen pressed us both against the door, one knee between Lenore’s legs, the other between mine, and kissed us one at a time. As he stepped back we slid to the floor, tearing at our clothes. I tried to stand, but Lenore grabbed at my dress. As I fell to the floor, laughing, she tried to crawl past me to the bed. I grabbed her ankle and with one motion pulled her to me and slid her dress up, burying my face in her white-lace panties. She arched her back and I pulled the lace aside for my first taste of her. I gave her a gentle lick, then slid my tongue inside for a soft, sensual savoring of her sexual essence. My hands slid from her ass and up to her back and then to her hair, while I lost myself in the sensation of an unending pussy-kiss.

When I stopped for a breath I looked up to see Glen’s face watching me in awe. He was naked and stroking himself. Damn, his cock looked so big! “Fuck me,” I breathed. He knelt behind me, and I held my breath as he pushed himself in deep.

When Glen’s cock was in me, I slid Lenore’s panties off. Her face was scrunched up with pleasure. I began to lick her clit as my fingers explored her wet pussy. She sucked in her breath, pressing herself to my face. My chin pressed firmly against her crotch as I again dug my tongue deep inside. She was so tasty and slippery I couldn’t stop. Oh God, I thought, was this what I felt like, tasted like, when I came in Glen’s mouth? I wondered if I would feel it when she climaxed.

Yes! Her pussy started to contract and pulse. I dragged my tongue in a circle around her silky tunnel, then drew it out to flick her clit. I licked it broadly with the flat of my tongue as she spasmed, crying out her pleasure.

As her orgasm diminished I moved slowly upward, kissing her stomach, licking her navel, so lost in her sensuality that I barely noticed that Glen’s cock was no longer inside me. I stopped to nuzzle at her warm breasts, then brought my lips to her mouth. Pressed together, we rolled across the carpet, kissing deliciously, eyes closed, clinging tightly, wrapping our legs around each other. Our hands never stopped searching, caressing and grabbing. I was drunk with these new sensations.

I ended up on my back, with Lenore on top of me. Now she slid down to taste me. Glen put a pillow under my head and, still holding his cock, knelt to kiss me passionately. Lenore was kneeling also, her ass in the air, her hands holding my hips as her red lips drew out my desire. Glen knelt behind her and licked her dripping pussy, reaching around her to cup her big, hanging tits in his hands. Her hips swayed and her back arched, her moan stifled against my wet pussy.

Glen slid his fingers inside her. At least one of them went into her ass, which seemed to drive her over the edge. The sensations he was giving her were being passed on to me. Her tongue, her lips, her sensuous mouth were working passionately on my crotch, enjoying me, tasting me, sending me into orbit. “Oh, God, I’m coming! I’m coming!” I yelled. And I did, all over her face.

Glen’s fingers slid out of her and massaged her creamy ass. When she crawled up my body to kiss me with her glistening smile, he moved between my legs, his cock feeling bigger than ever before as he slipped it into me. His wild grunting told me that he was about to come.

“I want to see it,” Lenore moaned, swinging herself off me. “Let me see it!” Pulling out just in time, he squirted his come across my stomach and breasts.

Lenore turned around to straddle my face. As my tongue circled her clit and delved into her pussy, she bent down, pressing herself against my come-dappled body to bring her mouth between my widespread thighs. Glen sat there on the floor, his hands caressing my legs as he watched us in this 69 position. With an intense interest, he watched her pleasure me, watched my pussy tighten around her pink tongue, watched her finger slide in and out of my clutching ass. His cock swelled up again, hard and throbbing. He knelt in front of her face and she raised her mouth from my crotch to take him deep into her throat. Then she slid her mouth off him, her hand moving his cock down toward my pussy. He began to fuck it again, and as he slid in and out of me Lenore’s tongue laved his shaft, tasting the juices he was drawing out of me. Meanwhile her pussy was writhing against my outstretched tongue. My husband was fucking me, our sweet, silky blonde pickup was licking his dick, and I was lapping her pussy. All three of us were moaning loudly.

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