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Love Struck

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Love Struck




P.M. Thomas





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The last thing Paulo ever expected when spending a romantic vacation with
his girlfriend was being love struck by the woman of his dreams.




Love is a tender madness



To Margie Newton, my own real Sara Sarracini

Part I






The crystal clear, blue waters
sparkled in the sunlight, spread out around a beautiful, radiant and
picturesque paradise. The beach was packed full of people: men, women,
teenagers, families. All enjoying a wonderful time.


Guys and girls sat at the bar,
basking in the sun, keeping cool with an ice cold drink, checking out the view
of the various and endless beach babes and hunks.


It wasn't just the surface itself
that was packed with festivity, the seas were crammed with eager tourists
covering the resort from top to bottom.


The tour boat sailed calmly through
the ocean, the boat was filled to the brim with tourists sunbathing and
observing the stunning scenery.


A couple on water skis roared through
the ocean, splitting it aside at a full throttle that matched their youthful,
unrestrained nature.


Surfers rode a glimmering blue wave,
indulging in their extreme addiction to taking intense risks.


Back on dry land, tourists sat on the
sun beds, basked in the sunshine, getting a golden, crispy tan.


A couple that stood out from the
rest, made out on the soft sand. A handsome, toned, charming young stud and a
beautiful, stylish, fabulous feisty young lady were lost in the ferocity of
their smacking, kissing lips.


It lasted from the sky blue, vibrant
afternoon to the crimson, fiery toned hours of the evening. Paulo and Gloria
took a small moment away from their high octane kissing for the daily highlight
of watching the deep orange sun setting through the sea. The romantic
atmosphere was strong, like something from a pulpy romance novel.


Paula and Gloria walked, hand in
hand, along the shore in the tranquil night painted over the beach in the dark
purple sand and dark ink blue sea with white specks from the thousands of
stars, observing the divine beauty of the ocean shining in the light of the
moon and stars. The moment was magical, it belonged only to them.


Had the chilling winds not blown
sharply, nipping at their exposed skin due to his shorts and her bikini, they
could have remained there for the rest of the night.


Paulo and Gloria returned to their
tropical and lush suite, perfectly designed for a couple to spend their
vacation motivated to romance, away from the eyes of others, especially their
parents. They lay on the vast, silk bed, made love tenderly. Their bodies were
illuminated by the glow of the moonlight shining through the open window of the


A gentle wind caressed the curtains,
cooling their sweating, heated bodies down during and after the deed of their
love expressed, when the tiding emotions were at their tallest peak like a
powerful tidal wave of love.


The couple rested in each others
arms. Wide awake. There was no need for words, their loving expressions and
embrace said everything. They could have stayed there forever, they did not
need anything else from the island, Paulo and Gloria had everything they ever
longed-for in their youthful lives: each other.


It really was a beautiful paradise
for those two youths in love.





The rising sun shined over the
paradise, bringing out the island's continental splendour. The sunlight glowed
over the grand, big pure cream painted hotel. The seeping light gradually woke
Paulo and Gloria up, shedding light on their suite, it looked even more
tropical and radiant in the dawn.


They were blessed with the sight of
seeing each other gazing lovingly into their opposite's eyes.

“Morning.” Paulo whispered with his
tender, swooning voice that could make any girl lose the strength in their legs
and fall instantly for him.

Gloria's beauty was intensified even
greater than it already was with her silk honey coloured hair and sharp emerald
eyes as her rose red lips broadened into a smile, bringing out her tender,
sweet features. “Morning.”

The new day was off on the right foot
with a sweet and tender kiss.

“Nothing beats a little vacation love
making.” Paulo's dashing visage, like the teenage heartthrob he was, became
apparent with his striking smirk.

He ran his hand down to her flat
stomach, obtained from a furious regime of dieting and extreme fitness during
her free time from lectures and studying.

“A great way to recharge the
batteries.” his fingers softly tickled her exposed, vulnerable midriff. It was
asking to be touched by his busy digits.

Gloria laughed, her body twitched
vigorously from his fingertips acting like volts charging through her stomach,
sending her torso to jolt.

“No studying, no lecturers, no
worries. Just sun, sea and
relaxation.” his fingers increased their speed on her sensitive stomach.

Her laughing enhanced, the voltage
was higher on her electrified body. She managed to get some words out, despite
being blurted from her furious laughter. “Oh. Stop.”

“Above all things, fun.” he was
having too much of it to put a stop to it.


Gloria rolled from side to side,
trying to free herself from his over stimulation driving her so far around the
bend she would likely topple over it. “I think I'm going to wet myself.” she

His other hand joined in on the fun.
It was becoming too much for her body to bear. Her stomach jolted wildly in
rhythm to his tickling, she was being electrocuted at the maximum watts
generated by his fast paced friction. Her laughing was growing louder, the
entire outside resort, let alone the hotel could not miss the commotion.

“I can't take it anymore.” she
gasped, her body was aching from laughing and squirming so much.

Paulo did the opposite, he moved his
fingers at a faster pace, increasing the thrilling stimulation to the next

“Stop.” she screamed with a long
howl. He finally put a stop to his intense tickling, her release was at hand,
he brought his rapid fingers to a halt.


Gloria could catch her breath at long
last. It was merely the calm before the storm, as soon as she finished gasping,
he unleashed a storm of tickling on her bare stomach.

“Oh, you.” she bellowed with frantic
laughter, he was such a tease. His tickling was driving her further around the
twist, she was going to put a stop to this by her own hands, “I'm going to get

Paulo laughed at her bold words, “I'd
like to see you try.” it was a challenge he gladly accepted.

“You are powerless in my hands.” he
boasted, mocking her trembling at his fingertips.

Gloria tried to resist his fingers,
forced herself to gain control and fight back from the fluttering sensation
gyrating her body and sending her flaying around.

She gathered her focused energy into
her arms and with one firm push of the arms, combined with a sharp timing of
her fingers, she managed to grab his hands, putting a full stop to her
ceaseless tickling. With the advantage on him, she rolled him over onto his

“I have the upper hand now.” she
gloated with triumph, she had prevailed over her tickler, now it was her turn
to give him a little taste of his own medicine and see how he liked it.


She lowered her fingers on his
stomach speckled with the hairs of maturity, in a few years time when he
reached manhood, he would have a body riddled with hairs, adding to his status
of a stud. She extended her index finger, stroked the lining of hair from his
crotch to his navel. His torso sank in, trembling from the very soft touch of
her fingertip. He was more ticklish than she ever was.

Gloria was going to like this a whole
lot. “Let's see how you like it.”

She unleashed her fingers on his
body, showed no mercy to his overly ticklish belly. It was driving him absurdly
crazy, Paulo's laughter went through the roof, his body tingled and turned like
he had been switched onto maximum overdrive, he could not control himself, he
was powerless in her hands.

“Stop.” was all he could exclaim
under his wails and laughs, he managed to let out another “Please.”

She relished watching him at her
mercy, begging and pleading for his tickling punishment to cease, it drove her
wild hearing him call out like that, knowing his only hope of release was by
her own admission, he could not fight against her by himself, she was too
strong for him, the thought of being dominant over her boyfriend turned her on.

“I love it when you say 'please'.”
she said, twisting her lips and biting her tongue naughtily.

His tickling did not stop, it carried
on more potently. She ran her fingers up and down constantly on his trembling
and shaking stomach caught in a flurry by her. “But I love teasing you even

The tickling was relentless. Paulo's
head shot left and right, sending his fair curly locks to wave back and forth.
He thrust too and fro, without any restraint, he was being driven to the brink,
he lost all control of his own body, he was acting out on sheer reflex of her
stimulating waves of contact on his defenceless body. With one strong thrust,
he sent himself and his tickler latched on top of him, preventing him from
breaking loose, falling from the bed with a thump.

His own reflexes had saved him, the
tickling came to an abrupt climax.

“Whoops, I got a little carried
away.” he said with heaving gasps, his body was aching all over. He was amazed
he hadn't let go and wet himself from the relentless stimulating.

“I love it when you get carried
away.” Gloria said in a sultry
manner, all the excitement and domination had put her in the mood for something
even more intimate. She leaned close to Paulo, her face pressed on his face.

“How about getting carried
away with me now?” she asked

“I'd love to.” Paulo responded
directly, he loved it when she requested his keen services of loving her. He
wrapped his arms around her. Their lips met, they engaged in heavy tender
making out, followed by even heavier love making that took the hotel by storm.
There was never a quiet moment with those two residing in the suite.






After a morning of unrestrained love
making, it worked up a ravage appetite, both Paulo and Gloria were famished.
Their hungry bodies craved for some food to regain their strength to resume
their youthful activities for another day.


Paulo and Gloria seated themselves at
a table in the hotel's exotic restaurant, they were paying for the best out of
their student fund, spoiling themselves for all their hard work even if the
university would not agree, they expected only the best.


A cute blonde haired Waitress with a
bubbly personality stopped by their table, she had the gifted knack to charm
every last patron and compel them to visit the restaurant as often as they
could, whether they were hungry or not, they just wanted to see her, speak to
her and hear from her. She was a gold mine for the manager of the esteemed
establishment, a beloved attraction that saw the male customers checking in
yearly for her.


The thought of her resigning filled
him with deep, overflowing despair. For the moment she was content with her
job, she enjoyed meeting new people and brightening their vacations in her
little home town, he made the most of it and savoured the cash flow while it


“What can I get you two love
birds today?” she greeted them with
her chirpy and squeaky voice.

Paulo and Gloria smiled at each other
bashfully, their reputation among the hotel was preceding them.

“I'll have some anise rings
and a coffee.” Paulo broke away from
his bashful grinning, he got the ball rolling with ordering his vital meal to
commence the next chapter in the romance filled summer vacation to top any
other summer vacation.

“I'll have a croissant and a
cappuccino, please.” Gloria
requested, continuing to roll the ball onward into her designated court.

The Waitress wrote their orders down.
“I will be back momentarily.” she walked off with a cute swaying motion of her
firm, ripe buttocks.


Paulo observed the Waitress,
something about her made him drawn to her, just like all the rest, but even
more so, he was attracted to her like a magnet to metal.

Gloria had to have been blind to not
have spotted him ogling a young woman who wasn't her.

“Paulo.” she said with a sternness,
her jealously was evident to be seen and heard, it flew right past him.

“Paulo.” Gloria said it again, more
sharper, her envy was intensifying.

Paulo was in a world of his own, he
admired every inch of the Waitress' elegance, he was deaf to his girlfriend's
words, all he could do was watch the bleach blonde beauty entering the staff

“Paulo.” she snapped with a loud

Paulo and the rest of the guests all
jumped off their seat. No one was expecting her to shout as loud as she did. He
turned back to see Gloria, she was not pleased in the slightest, he was heading
for her bad side, he did not want to be there.


“What was that all about?” she
demanded to know with a firm raise of her eyebrow and the tilt of her head.

Paulo nervously scratched the back of
his head, he had no idea he made it so blatant he was observing her. “Oh,
nothing. She just reminded me of someone, that's all.”

“Who?” she grumbled, the lioness in
her was stirring, the claws were on the verge of coming out.

He stopped scratching, Paulo came out
and told her with a little embarrassment “Sara Sarracini?”

“Sara Sarracini?” she was bemused,
the name did not ring any bells with her. She was obviously someone Gloria
needed to know about.

“She's an amazing actress.” he said
with much admiration and esteem.

“I've never heard of her.” Gloria
retorted plainly, she had seen many actresses in films, this was not one of

“You likely wouldn't have. She's
starred in a lot of movies in the
seventies and eighties, then retired in the nineties. She's made a comeback in
a film just this year. I'm looking
forward to seeing it.”

Gloria found it funny, she knew what
she needed to know about her boyfriend but his taste in film and stars was a
blur, uncharted territory never explored upon until today. “I never knew you
were old school.”

“There's a lot you need to learn
about me.”


Gloria bit the obvious bait and
curiously inquired, “So, what's Sara Sarracini like?”

Paulo's blue eyes lit up brighter
than the ocean outside, his face was filled with a great eagerness to talk
about his number one favourite actress of all time, in the history of all movie

“She's phenomenal, simply the best.
She's full of energy and expression.
Her blue eyes are her most captivating feature, they could enchant anyone. Her
voice is full of passion. Her Italian is so beautiful. Her presence on screen
always leaves me stunned. I've seen many actresses, believe me but none of them
can compare and none of them will ever compare to the beauty and magnificence
of the one
and only:
Sara Sarracini.” his mouth was revved up like a motor engine, it kept going and
going, he was determined to say everything that had to be said about his number
one, favourite superstar.

Gloria was about to speak, to throw
in her thoughts, she stopped, instantly cut off by Paulo, he wasn't through
talking about the wonders of Sara Sarracini just yet, there was plenty more he
had to say.

“I remember one film she starred in:
'The Warrior of New York' a late eighties action movie. She gave the movie
class. Her performance as the Cyborg Queen was perfect. There's a scene which
always comes to mind. It's a scene where she and her second-in-command meet. No
dialogue, just emotions. They stare at one another and in her eyes, the
coldness of machine breaks away revealing the eyes of a woman in love, a smile
forms, then stops. Quickly she returns to the composure of a
cyborg. It was incredible.”

Gloria went to speak again, to make
her own comment, and like before she was forced to stop and keep her words at
bay, there was still more about Sara Sarracini he had to discuss. Paulo had
kept it inside for so long, it was outstanding to have the chance to talk about
his grand star, he memorized his discussions so many times over in his head, he
was playing it out according to his fantasies.

“Another one is 'The Sting of the
Scorpion', an erotic giallo. She
plays a woman yearning for revenge after her sister is killed. Her performance
as a woman torn by tragedy and yearning for vengeance is powerful. You can feel
all her emotions, you're rooting for her. The way she gets payback by seducing
the assailants, getting the upper hand and striking behind their backs is
amazing. Brains over brawn, it was
very original.”

Gloria tried to speak again, she
should have known better, Paulo wasn't finished, he had one final comment to
make about his adored starlet.

“She was as amazing and as alluring
as ever. One
of my personal favourite films of
her. And not just because she removes her clothes and has one of the most sexy
and arousing love scenes in cinema history.”


Paulo took a moment to catch his
breath, the motor had ran out of steam. He could see Gloria was shooting him a
look, she was amazed he was finally finished, now she could speak.

“Wow, you really are a fan.” she
remarked dryly, her thoughts had at last been thrown on the table.

“Once I start talking about
Sara Sarracini I can't stop.” Paulo
stated shyly.

It was the understatement of the
century, that was for sure, thought Gloria, he couldn't stop for a split
second. Even if a typhoon had shook the resort and flooded the island, he still
would have been talking about her, either unaware of the commotion or
disinterested, Sara Sarracini took the highest priority over anything else, she
figured even herself.

If it wasn't for the glaring fact he
had no chance of ever seeing his superstar and having to fight for her
boyfriend's affections, her jealously would have sky-rocketed.

Had it not been for that comforting
thought in the back of her head reminding her, quelling her envy, she would
have caused a massive scene in the restaurant, one that demanded for her
boyfriend to grovel with his tail between his legs and apologize, then feel
obligated to make it up to her by spoiling her rotten and doing anything she
asked for.

On a second thought, she wondered if
maybe she should have caused the scene regardless and get pampered by him. If
she had the energy to create a commotion, she would have done so on the spot.
Lucky for him, she was exhausted from their physical activity upstairs and
didn't have it in her. Paulo dodged the bullet, that time.



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