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First published in Great Britain by Pan Books, 1981.

This edition published by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2012

Copyright © Chances, Inc. 1981

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ISBN 978–1–84983–609–8
eBook ISBN 978–1–84983–613–5

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, events or locales, is entirely coincidental.

Typeset by Hewer Text UK Ltd, Edinburgh
Printed and bound in Great Britain by CIP Group (UK) Ltd,
Croydon, CR0 4YY

In memory of Kimberly

You are not forgotten




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Chapter Thirty


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Chapter Thirty-Three


Chapter Thirty-Four


Chapter Thirty-Five


Chapter Thirty-Six


Chapter Thirty-Seven


Chapter Thirty-Eight


Chapter Thirty-Nine


Chapter Forty


Chapter Forty-One


Chapter Forty-Two


Chapter Forty-Three


Chapter Forty-Four


Chapter Forty-Five


Chapter Forty-Six


Chapter Forty-Seven


Chapter Forty-Eight


Chapter Forty-Nine


Chapter Fifty


Chapter Fifty-One


Chapter Fifty-Two


Chapter Fifty-Three


Chapter Fifty-Four


Chapter Fifty-Five


Chapter Fifty-Six


Chapter Fifty-Seven


Chapter Fifty-Eight


Chapter Fifty-Nine


Chapter Sixty


Chapter Sixty-One


Chapter Sixty-Two


Chapter Sixty-Three


Chapter Sixty-Four


Chapter Sixty-Five


Chapter Sixty-Six


Chapter Sixty-Seven


Chapter Sixty-Eight


Chapter Sixty-Nine


Chapter Seventy


Chapter Seventy-One


Chapter Seventy-Two


Chapter Seventy-Three


Chapter Seventy-Four


Chapter Seventy-Five


Chapter Seventy-Six


Chapter Seventy-Seven


Chapter Seventy-Eight


Chapter Seventy-Nine


Chapter Eighty


Chapter Eighty-One


Chapter Eighty-Two


Chapter Eighty-Three


Chapter Eighty-Four


Chapter Eighty-Five


Chapter Eighty-Six


Chapter Eighty-Seven


Chapter Eighty-Eight


Chapter Eighty-Nine


Chapter Ninety


Chapter Ninety-One


Chapter Ninety-Two


Chapter Ninety-Three


Chapter Ninety-Four


Chapter Ninety-Five


Chapter Ninety-Six


Chapter Ninety-Seven


Chapter Ninety-Eight


Chapter Ninety-Nine


Chapter One-Hundred


Chapter One-Hundred-One


Chapter One-Hundred-Two


Chapter One-Hundred-Three


Chapter One-Hundred-Four


Chapter One-Hundred-Five


Chapter One-Hundred-Six


Chapter One-Hundred-Seven


Chapter One-Hundred-Eight


Chapter One-Hundred-Nine


Chapter One-Hundred-Ten


Chapter One-Hundred-Eleven


Chapter One-Hundred-Twelve


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirteen


Chapter One-Hundred-Fourteen


Chapter One-Hundred-Fifteen


Chapter One-Hundred-Sixteen


Chapter One-Hundred-Seventeen


Chapter One-Hundred-Eighteen


Chapter One-Hundred-Nineteen


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-One


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Two


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Three


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Four


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Five


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Six


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Seven


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Eight


Chapter One-Hundred-Twenty-Nine


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-One


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Two


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Three


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Four


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Five


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Six


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Seven


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Eight


Chapter One-Hundred-Thirty-Nine


Chapter One-Hundred-Forty


Chapter One-Hundred-Forty-One


Chapter One-Hundred-Forty-Two


Chapter One-Hundred-Forty-Three


Chapter One-Hundred-Forty-Four


May 1984, Los Angeles

The jury filed silently into the courtroom. The judge made his entrance a moment later, and a hiss of expectation raged through the packed room.

Lucky Santangelo stood tensely in the dock. She stared straight ahead. Impassive. Wildly, darkly beautiful. In spite of everything.

The judge took his place, adjusted his heavy horn-rim glasses, and cleared his throat. ‘Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached your verdict?’ he asked tersely.

BOOK: Lucky
2.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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