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Lullabye (Rockstar #6)

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Available for Preorder - Coming February 2016


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Thank you, Nicole Bailey. You are the best editor and best friend I could ever have. Thank you for the nickname Xander will forever more use for the babies. Thanks for putting up with my shit.

To the readers- Thank you so much for your continued support and love of the Rockstar series.

To the bloggers – Thank you for everything you do.

To Mandi Wathey – Thank you for handling our Man Candy posts in the Rockstar group. You give the ladies something amazing to look forward to every morning. Thank you for your unconditional friendship. I truly adore you!

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To My Mom – Who reads my books religiously, provides valuable feedback, and loves my characters as much—if not more—than I do. So you all know, she would like Xander’s book NOW, too.

To My Dad – For your silent support and pride. Thank you for believing.

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To Sapphire Knight – I’m glad we’ve become such good friends. You truly are wonderful. Never change.

To Stacey Blake of Champagne Formats – Thank you for making my books so beautiful!!

To the ladies in the C.O.P.A. Cabana – You are the absolute best. Thank you for your support, your advice, and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

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To my new PAs – Melissa Mendoza and Jaime Burns: God bless you both. You are a godsend. True story. You do all the things I just don’t have the time to do—even the shitty jobs like addresses—and you do it without complaint! Thank you!

To Sara Eirew – Photographer and cover designer extraordinaire – You are THE best!

To Milo Ventimiglia – Thank you for continuing to inspire the Rockstar series by just being you.

To M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold – Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Your music inspires and motivates me and for that I’ll always be grateful because without you, there would be no Rockstar series.


Rockstar #6


A Rockstar Novella

Dedicated to the Kingston babies


It’s time for the Kingston triplets to be born.

I’ve heard stories of how women have their water break or go into labor in their home. That’s not how it happened with Lucy and our babies. As long as Lucy and the babies are okay, I’ll be okay--even if we are surrounded by the Russo Famiglia.

But nothing has been normal for us from the day we met. So why would it start now?

To Avenged Sevenfold –

Without you as inspiration, this series would never have happened.

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