Lussuria (New Version)

BOOK: Lussuria (New Version)






‘The Luminara Series’



SJ Molloy



Published by SJ Molloy

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Playlist – Lussuria

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1 – New Beginnings, Two years later

Chapter 2 – Chemistry

Chapter 3 –Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Chapter 4 – Burning Embers

Chapter 5 – My Darlins’

Chapter 6 – Don’t Touch Me!

Chapter 7 – Wings

Chapter 8 – Aloe Vera

Chapter 9 – Fears Resurrected

Chapter10 – Flaring Up the Fire

Chapter 11 – Blue Orchid

Chapter 12 – Irresistible – Azure Eyes

Chapter 13 – Tiramisu ‘Pick Me Up’

Chapter 14 – You Make Me Better

Chapter 15 – Keeping Faith

Chapter 16 – Confessions

Chapter 17 – Take Me Home

Chapter 18 – A New Journal

Chapter 19 – History

Chapter 20 – Blackness

Chapter 21 – Something Special

Chapter 22 – ‘If You Were Mine…’

Chapter 23 – Afterlife

Chapter 24 – I’ve Got You

Chapter 25 – Goodbyes

Chapter 26 – Destiny

Chapter 27 – ‘Luminara’ Lust, Love, Light

Chapter 28 – Diamonds – Always and Forever





“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.

Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.

Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.” – Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1668)


“As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit” – Wingate Paine (1915-1987)



“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)





Lust is a gift. It’s the desire for souls so beautiful

Love is a gift. It’s the Lust for souls deep within

Light is a gift. It’s the Love for both souls illuminating – SJ Molloy




To my Husband and my two wonderful daughters for giving me their light, their ‘Luminara’ xxxx







Casey Huddersfield finished making some essential calls and then checked her emails tying things up for the time of year. She was looking forward to taking the full two weeks off work this year at Christmas so she could go to the Canary Islands to celebrate the festivities with her family.

It had been a tiring and challenging year in the M.Martha Private Clinic. The thought of staying in Scotland in this God-awful heavy snow was downright depressing. This had been one of the worst winters Scotland had seen in a long time. The roads were horrendous, traffic was at a standstill, and the schools were closing their doors, sending the children home early. The snowstorms and blizzards had put a strain on many small businesses, not to mention the hospitals were struggling trying to cope with the heavy influx of emergency room patients being admitted. The air flights had all cancelled over the past twenty-four hours, and the railways and buses were all out of action.

Ever the compassionate therapist, Casey considered canceling her last two patients of the day to get a head start to her home from the city centre on this wild, white December afternoon. She blasted the heating to the highest setting and kept her thick Arran wool cardigan snuggled around her body. Her scarf hung loosely around her neck, providing additional warmth, but she was still feeling the bitter draft within the large open room of the ancient sandstone building. In the end, she decided to keep her two appointments.

Casey had come very close with her second patient—a young man named Lucca Caruso. He was showing great positive energy and optimism about his future and moving on. His outlook was admirable, considering his struggle with the grieving process, but his path seemed to look bright.

On the other hand, her first patient, Alexis Robertson, was an insecure, untrusting and emotionally scarred young girl stuck in the dark. She would take a lot of patience, compassion and encouragement. Her life included some extremely deep traumatic experiences holding over her; they suffocated her, and she needed to breathe. The girl had spoken with various therapists, support groups, doctors and psychiatrists, but nobody had truly succeeded.

Casey’s notes were lengthy and detailed, and it had taken a full week of continuous reading and assessment before she had agreed to take the young girl on as a patient, but she felt she was starting to make some slight progress with her, and that she was close to getting her to open up.

Casey had a special soft spot for Alexis as she was always grateful and extremely polite, and through the closed persona she had a warm heart. Alexis showed strong signs of caring for others, understandable considering her entire childhood lacked a certain degree of care. Even after Casey's many years of experience, she still shivered when she thought about that poor girl and her family.

Casey sipped on a cup of Earl Grey tea, then placed her red spectacles on top of her head and watched the clock. 3:10pm. Maybe the girl had chosen not to come after all due to the extreme weather conditions. A buzz on the intercom from Heather, the secretary, confirmed that the girl had arrived.

“Send her in please, Heather,” Casey said, relieved.

A faint knock at the door prompted Casey. “Come in, Miss Robertson.”

The sweet brown eyed girl walked in. She was wearing a huge, long black padded coat with fur around the hood, a scarf across her face that covered her nose and mouth, thick gloves, and a hat on top of her long brown locks underneath her hood. Her knee high boots were soaked with sludgy wet snow over her damp slender tight fitting denim jeans.

“You poor girl. Come and hang your coat, then get warmed up.”

Alexis removed her scarf, and her red raw rosy cheeks were chapped with the cold wind. Casey couldn’t help but notice that she was still beautiful, even under the force of the cold weather; so pure, so beautiful. She wished the girl could see this for herself.

After a long hour of asking the girl to share her emotions about her mother’s latest episodes, and how she managed when she went to visit her mother in the psychiatric ward, the girl was drained. It was usual for the girl to appear anxious, but for the first time since coming here, she cried. Progress! She wanted to hug the girl tightly, but she could not, not yet. So instead, she passed her hankies and let her have her moment as she expressed her sentiments.

Heather buzzed the intercom. Time was up.

“Tell Mr. Caruso to take a seat. I’ll be five minutes,” Casey replied.

She wasn’t about to throw Miss Robertson out when she had made such productive progress with her today, and wanted her to calm and compose herself somewhat before leaving.

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Huddersfield. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me,” the girl said as she zipped up her winter coat.

“Please, call me Casey, and don’t apologize. I’m delighted with your progress, and how brave you have been. It is very refreshing to see you open up a little, and much better that you’re getting things out of your system. Lexi, you can’t keep it bottled up. You’re showing promise.

“I want you to log down some of your thoughts and feelings in a journal the next time you visit your mother, and bring it with you on your next visit. It will give us great foundations to build on.”

Lexi nodded her head, and Casey smiled sympathetically at her. She put her gloves on and held her scarf and hat in her hand as she opened the door.

“Mrs. Huddersfield, I hope you have a lovely holiday with the family,” Lexi said.

“Thank you, Lexi. You’re such a sweet girl. Tell your grandmother I appreciate all the fudge and shortbread she’s sending me, although my hips are not so appreciative.” Casey giggled, patting her hourglass shaped hips.

Lexi smiled knowing her grandmother would be doing just that.

When Lexi turned around, she bumped straight into the chest of a tall, dark-haired handsome man. He was wearing a black wool coat with a scarf wrapped around his neck and mouth, and black leather gloves on his hands.

He looked down at her as she dropped her head, and he placed his hand under her chin to lift it again.

“Mi dispiace tanto, I’m terribly sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you, please forgive my clumsiness,” the stranger said in Italian and English with a local Scottish accent.

He stared at her, his crystal azure blue eyes wide and electric as they took her in, feeling agitated that he had caused her discomfort. Lexi did not make eye contact, but she did notice how good he sounded, and his scent was divine.

“It was my mistake, I’m sorry,” Lexi whispered.

“Keep your chin up. You don’t want to fall, it’s wild out there,” he added.

“Thank you,” she muttered and lifted her eyes.

He was mesmerized by her big, hazel-brown eyes, soft peach cheeks, rosy lips and soft dark curls that swept her face. Lexi blushed when she noticed he was gazing at her. She tried not to get lost in his crystal azure blue eyes and his dark eyelashes, but she was drowning in them. His eyes revealed he was smiling under his scarf; a warm friendly smile. Lexi smiled back modestly while blushing, then looked towards Casey before scurrying out the door.

“Molto bella! Who was that? She’s gorgeous!” Mr. Caruso asked Casey.

“Please close the door, Lucca, and you know I can’t talk about other patients. That information is confidential. Now please, pull up a chair and we will get started.”

After Lucca’s one hour was finished, he handed Casey a Christmas card with gift vouchers as a thank you. He knew he was nearing the end of his treatment. Casey blushed.

“Now, how will I explain this to my husband?” she chortled. “And as always, you’re overly generous. You don’t need to do that. You’re very kind, Lucca, thank you.”

“Tell that grouch to lighten up and I’ll see him in the gym. He’s been slacking off,” Lucca replied. “Suzanne mentioned to me that you finally bought that little lodge in the highlands and are looking to renovate it. Have Terrance call me and I’ll have my designers draw up plans for you.”

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