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Authors: Jamie Fuchs

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Lusting to Be Caught





Lusting to be Caught


By: Jamie Fuchs


Published by
Smutpire Press

Copyright 2014 All Rights reserved


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Becoming Naughty in Public
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Lusting to be Caught



     ҉     ҉     ҉     ҉     ҉     ҉



You have today off, right?


I read Rob’s text before I dragged myself out of bed. It was sent two hours ago.




I slowly laid my head back down on the pillow and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, my fluffy comforter resting gently on top of me as the morning light shone through my window. Today was my lazy day.


Good, let’s grab brunch.


I took another look at the clock, it was already ten o’ clock. I didn’t have much time to get ready, and I knew he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer now that he knew I had the day off.


Sluggishly, I threw off the covers and walked toward the bathroom, squinting in the morning light. I finished my shower, put on some basic makeup, and dressed myself all before ten-forty.


I’ll be there in 5.


Perfect! I grabbed everything I would need and headed outside to meet him as he pulled up in his car.


“Get in, hun,” he said, pretending to be a bad ass with one hand on the wheel and his focus still straight ahead.


“You’re such a dork, Rob.”


His gaze shifted to me and his posture relaxed as he smiled and leaned over for a kiss.


He took me to a nice little place on the river, the place where we had our first date. It was a laid back café. The design was a bit dated but the food was amazing.


The waitress showed us to our table, just off the riverbank on the patio. As soon as she was out of earshot, Rob got a devious little smile across his face.


“What?” I asked him.


“Are you wearing panties?” he said through his grin.


“Not here, Rob,” I replied quietly.


“Oh come on, it’s fun.”


“No, we come here too often.”




I couldn’t help but remember how it felt to have his fingers inside of me while surrounded by people. There weren’t really that many people in the restaurant that day. I started to think that maybe we 
 fool around a little bit without anyone noticing…


Rob started talking again about something, but I wasn’t really paying attention. All I could focus on were his sexy lips and how I would love them between my legs; how good his tongue would feel rolling up and down my slit while the waitress brought us our food. I wanted him to devour me and leave me in a panting mess before she came back.


I bit my lip, trying to contain my arousal.


“Are you listening?” he asked me.


I blinked at him. “Sorry?”


He squinted his eyes at me. 
Shit, he knows.


“What’s distracting you?”


“Uh…” I trailed off. I wasn’t fast enough to think of a good response.


“What’s gotten into you lately?” he asked, lowering his voice. His eyes focused in hard on mine. “Your mind is just filthy.”


I could feel my pussy moistening between my legs as his stare filled me with desire.


“I know what we’re going to do after this,” he said, relaxing back in his chair confidently. I wasn’t expecting that type of reaction from him.




“It’s going to be a surprise.”


The waitress brought our meals over and we finished our plates before leaving.


Rob took me by the hand and walked at my side down the riverbank. The sun was still shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful summer day to take a stroll down an almost deserted pathway.


As we approached a bench, Rob steered me toward it and we took a seat. We watched the river flow by until Rob leaned in close to my ear; close enough that I could feel his hot breath send tickles down my neck.


“Is this what you were wanting?” he asked quietly as he gripped onto my thigh with one hand. I felt the urge to let out a surprised moan, but I contained myself and bit my lip instead.


“That’s what I thought.”


His grip loosened and he moved his hand up my leg and under my summer skirt, directly for my pussy. He found my cunt, still wet from my thoughts at brunch. I looked up and down the path to make sure it was clear.


“Maybe,” I whispered back as I spread my legs wider for him to reach deeper between my legs.


“These might be a problem,” he murmured, his words hot on my ear as he ran his finger up and down the length of my panties. Then he slid his fingers underneath the waistband and started to pull them down.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


I felt him grin. “Fixing the problem.”


His other hand came around behind me and started pulling down on the back of my panties. I lifted myself up off the bench just a little, allowing them to come down around my knees. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. My excitement was already almost too much to bear.


He looked around in all directions before getting on his knees in front of me and pulling them off completely. Then he stuffed them in his front pocket, leaving just a piece of them hanging out.


I felt naughty as I spread my legs to reveal my needy little cunt to him, watching as his eyes glazed over and filled with hunger. He dug his fingers into both of my thighs as he leaned forward to take a long lick up my cunt, tasting all of my juices. A moan escaped from me as I weakened against the back of the bench.


Rob freed himself from the depths of my thighs and came up close to my face, sinking his fingers deep into my cunt with our lips just inches apart and our foreheads pressed together.


“You like this, don’t you?” he asked quietly. “You want to be watched. This gets you off.”


Slowly, he moved his fingers in and out of my cunt, leaving me desperate for more. I looked nervously in both directions, hoping to see an empty path. His fingers gradually increased their pace until he was furiously fucking me with them. His grunts of desire matched mine as we came together for a kiss.


I looked around nervously again. This time, I saw a man in a suit. I put my hand on Rob’s wrist and pushed him out of me.


“Stop, stop, stop,” I whispered.


He looked over in the direction that I saw the man and forced his fingers back inside, filing me with both pleasure and worry. I looked back over, and to my relief, the man had turned around and started heading in the other direction.


I pushed his hand away again. That was too close for comfort.


“We shouldn’t be doing this here.”


“Why not?”


“We’re going to get caught.”


Rob stood up and took me by the hand, his fingers saturated from my juices. He led me off the path to find a nice concealed grassy area.


“Is here better?” he asked as I looked around.




There was no way anybody was going to see us here. The brush surrounding us was too dense.




He pulled me in close, pressing his erection against my stomach as he kissed me, but only a single time. I released myself from his grip and turned around, craving to have him inside of me. Bending over, I lifted my skirt to expose my sopping wet cunt to him once again.


Moments later, I could feel his hard cock spreading the evidence of my desires up and down my slit, teasing me before he finally entered with a long, hard thrust. The force of it knocked me forward hard enough that I needed to catch myself on the tree in front of me.


His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me back and forth around his swollen dick, using my pussy to satisfy his desires. With each thrust, the sound of our bodies colliding filled the quiet air around us.


I tried to contain my noises, but each time he reached the depths inside me a husky moan escaped. I couldn’t control them, and the thought of somebody being just a few feet away on the path had my heart pumping harder and harder.


The good girl inside me wanted to stop, but the bad one was in control now. The dirty little animal inside me wanted more.


Rob reached up to my head and ran his fingers up my scalp before taking hold of my hair. He pulled me up and reached around the front of my hips with his other hand, his fingers landing directly on my clit.


He let my hair fall down to my face as he leaned down and pulled my head into the crook of his neck. Grunts and groans of his pleasure filled my ear as he ravenously fucked me.


I could feel the orgasm swelling in my clit as he drove himself in and out, rubbing me at the same time. My knees became weak. I felt like I could collapse at any second.


“Scream for me,” he whispered in my ear.


I don’t know what came over me in the moment, but I did. I screamed as he sent me over the edge. The warm waves of pleasure took over my body and I let it all loose, not caring who could hear.


Rob’s grunts were intensifying as I came all over him. I could tell he was close too, and I wanted to taste him.


I pushed off his body and released his cock from my tight hole before I turned around to see it standing, strong and wet, all for me. I took it into my hand and stroked it as I crouched down, taking the tip of him into my mouth.


Tasting myself on him, I licked his slit as I continued to move my hand back and forth, eagerly awaiting his explosion. He grabbed onto my head with both hands, his fingers tensing against my scalp as his legs tensed.


Then it happened. With one last groan of intolerable pleasure, shot after shot of his warm, silky juices came streaming out onto my tongue. I tasted every last bit as he involuntarily began rocking his hips.


He let out one final sigh as his body relaxed. I stood up, wanting that soft, after-sex kiss he always gave me. He pushed my hair behind my ear with one hand and he obliged.


“I really like this new side of you,” he said with a smile. “You’re a filthy animal.”


I smiled back shyly as he took my hand and led us back to the path. Now with my normal self back in control, I was happy to see that there was nobody around. It would have been completely embarrassing to stumble upon anyone there.


I didn’t know why, but Rob seemed to have awoken something inside of me. The thrill was unbelievably arousing. I looked over at him as he walked beside me, and I still couldn’t figure out how he managed to remain so composed. He didn’t seem at all fazed by what we just did, while I was still flushed and full of adrenaline.


“You know,” he started. “I’ve been kind of hesitant to ask you about something, but I think you might enjoy it.”


“What’s that?” I asked.


“I’m not sure I want to tell you yet. It’s kind of out there,” he replied. “Maybe it’s best that I wait a bit longer before I talk about something like that with you.”


“Oh come on, just tell me!” I stopped us and took his other hand, looking up to his eyes.


“Not yet,” he said as he dropped one of my hands and turned to continue walking. “Soon.”


I rolled my eyes and followed, knowing it was futile trying to get any more out of him. Rob was the type of guy that was firm on what he said. There was no talking him into something once he’d made up his mind. Besides, I liked surprises.


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