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Maid For

His Submission






Eryn Black

“Let’s begin by removing your clothes.”


Tosh stepped into Mr. Richard’s dark world in search of financial freedom, but in her mysterious employer she found so much more. A college student nearing her mid-twenties and dependent on her parent’s charity, Tosh answers a job advertisement to be a live-in maid.


Dressed appropriately and armed with a duster, she quickly discovers that her new handsome employer is the owner of an exclusive sex club in Los Angeles catering to the kinky desires of the rich and powerful. Dressed in latex and leather, will Tosh be able to resist his dark seduction or will she be his maid eager to submit?

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 © Eryn Black



ISBN-13: 978-1505825916 

ISBN-10: 1505825911


Published by Beau Coup Publishing


Cover by JRA Stevens

For Beau Coup Publishing


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.




This is dedicated to my ex-husband.

Over the years you have been my lover, my friend, my partner, and my inspiration. Thank you for buying me my first flogger and most of all thank you for all the wonderful memories.





A special thank you to J.B. Gletcher, R. Song, Tracy Sunberg Kincaid, and Sable Hunter for all your help and support.


Chapter 1




March in LA California...



A Live in Maid for a single man

No Pets

No Smoking

Dormitory style housing offered

and possible scholarship.

Little Experience required.

Call for Interview


The wrinkled flyer trembled in Tosh’s hands while she watched the well-manicured man read her meager résumé. Leaning back in his over-stuffed leather chair, he swerved from side to side, looking amused by what he read. Nervously, she held her hands in her lap, crinkling the paper and trying to hold herself together, but with every nervous tap of her foot the flyer rustled and increased Tosh’s anxiety. If only she could make it through this interview.

“Miss Autry, what positions are you prepared to take?”

“Beg your pardon?” Tosh clutched her purse and straightened up from the back of the leather chair.

“I hope you might,” Mr. Thomas said under his breath.

“Excuse me?” Brow pinched and shoulders tight, she was scared of what she’d just missed, unable to hear him over the heavy beat of her heart pounding in her ears.

“I said I hoped you would’ve been more prepared for this interview.” Clearing his throat, he pulled his eyes back down to the résumé in his hand. She was as pretty as any, but there was a natural glow that aroused him and would no doubt rile Mr. Richard’s anger. All the more pleasurable for him to move things along.

“I see you have no work experience, but extensive educational references?”

“I know that.” Shifting in her seat, she gave Mr. Thomas a pleasant view of her thigh. It peaked out from under her gray skirt, which was riding up higher with every move Tosh made. “Until recently I was attending a university, but…” Another shift.

Could she have been doing this on purpose, pushing and pushing to see what she could get out of him? He wondered. She wouldn’t have been the first bird to try.

“The change in the economy has brought a change to most people’s lives, and for me it has demanded that I postpone my education.” She sounded rehearsed, like a contestant in a beauty pageant.

Looking at the crinkled flyer in her hand, Mr. Thomas was perplexed. He had never known them to advertise so publicly. Something he would soon have to take up with his partner.

“And where did you say you saw our…advertisement?” She looked too innocent for anything on their menu.

“At my JC’s career center," she replied, clearing her throat. “I’ve been looking in there for weeks with nothing new posted. Then this morning I went in and Jenny, the office assistant, called to tell me about these interviews today.” She looked over her shoulder at the closed office door. “I had expected more applicants to show up, seeing how you advertised at the school.”

“JC?” A quizzical eyebrow popped up to under-score his question.

“Yes.” Clearing her throat to find some courage, she knew she had botched this interview. “It’s the local City College and swarming with students looking for work.”

Her eyes sparkled with kindness and her smile was sweet and pure. Pure? Her shoulders were hunched in humility and her head was tilted down, but her eyes never left his. Despite her humble appearance, she had an air of strength in her. Perhaps she did have the fight in her that this den needed.

"And what position were you looking to apply for?"

"Maid service."

This could be interesting,
he thought to himself.

“What did you study, if I may ask?”

“Art.” Her long slender fingers tried to pull the hem of her skirt down, but it was a losing battle when her fingers shook so violently from nerves. “Modern art, to be more specific.”

New passions came alive with new visions beyond her peek-a-boo exposed thigh. His eyes followed the trail of her figure to her slender waist and soft stomach. Images of paint-covered flesh rushed through his mind. Murals of trees and rivers were painted over the contours of her body, writhing with the torment of the soft bristles from a paintbrush as it tick
ed her inner thigh and sensitive nipples. Her delicate hands bound overhead, he could hear her whimpering for release, her limits would be tested and he would feast on her need.

“Perhaps things will turn around." Perspiring from his vision, Mr. Thomas licked his lips like a hungry wolf and rose from his seat. “Now, it would be best if we moved this interview along.” Opening the door, he extended a hand for her invitation. “Mr. Richard, my business partner, is a private man with exotic tastes, and he will be the one to make the final decision.”

Closing the door behind them, he escorted Tosh down a corridor she had not seen when she arrived. Papered in crimson velvet and stainless steel wall sconces, it had a dark gothic richness that the simple outer office was lacking. Black metal ran along the wall as a chair rail and crown molding. Overhead were strips of polished steel that reflected down on them. All of it set the scene for a very odd 1970’s Hammer horror film. Tosh felt off balanced by the décor and hoped it wouldn’t be left to her to polish the ceiling.

“I know the advertisement said maid service and housekeeping…” Mr. Thomas interrupted Tosh’s thoughts. “…and that is much of what this job will entail, but you might find that your duties here will be a bit out of the ordinary. In his employ, you will be asked to witness many things that will seem a bit…taboo to you at first. Perhaps disturbing to others. If things such as these seem beyond you, then it would be best if we stopped now.”

Distracted by his questions Tosh turned around, looking for eyes behind her that were not there. She felt as if she were being watched, but there was no one there.

“If the pay is good, and I am not asked to partake in anything I don’t want to do, then what am I to say against another man’s life-style?” Tilting her head, she tried to offer a better understanding. “I am an art student, there is very little I haven’t seen. Trust me when I tell you anything that this man can leave for me to pick up is nothing compared to what I have seen at school.” She knew her confidence amused, him and she found strength in that. “Now, if you please, I would like to see what I am getting myself into.”

“Amazing.” Mr. Thomas shook his head from side to side. “When you first came to the front door I thought you were a timid mouse, but now I find there is a bit more spice in your blood.”

Stopping at a heavy wood carved door
Mr. Thomas gripped the handle and gave himself a moment to think. He questioned that perhaps this was some joke his partner was pulling on him. But he was game and proceeded to escort the new maid to her quarters.

The rabbit hole left her dazzled. It was all so elegant and so dominating that she felt intoxicated by it all.

“Let’s begin with getting you fitted into your uniform while I begin to fill you in on your responsibilities in our little establishment.”

“Your ad said the job would provide room and board as well.” Hesitance began to stutter her steps.

“Yes, we do provide housing for our employees who wish for it. Where, may I ask, are you living at this moment?” His curiosity was a little more invading than Tosh was used to, but not disturbing.

“With my folks for the time being.” Shaking off the embarrassment, she rushed through her story. “There was a drastic change in my financial status, and when I had to withdraw from school I also had to move out of the student housing. So I would welcome a little break from under my parents’ thumb.”

Pulling the door closed, he turned back to Tosh with concern.

“You are over twenty-one? If you don’t mind me asking.” Shrugging off a bit of his concern. “I only ask for tax reasons, and as I said before
you may be exposed to things that are a bit daring. We don’t want to welcome any legal problems.”

“I’m twenty-four,” she said with confidence.

Nodding his approval, Mr. Thomas turned back to the door and proceeded through.

She was escorted to a white-walled bedroom with a chest of drawers, and a wall of floor length mirrors that opened to a closet. The bed was narrow, with fresh linens folded and stacked on top of two standard pillows. It was not the warmth she was leaving behind with her folks, but it was a return to independence. All in all
there was nothing out of the ordinary with the servant’s quarters.

“You will find a starter uniform in the closet. We will see how things go and then perhaps you will get to advance to something more…” He paused to take in a deep breath, focusing on the rise of her breasts. She could feel her nipples harden under the pressure of his eyes. “…rewarding.” He finished with a wicked grin and closed the door behind him.

Chapter 2




Circling the room, she scanned her surroundings before opening the closet to look at her new change of fortune. Hanging there were four black square dresses. Trimmed with lace, they looked more like something a gothic Holly Hobby would wear, not someone spending her days scrubbing floors.

With a shaky hand, she took the fabric between her fingers. It was rough and scratched like burlap. Just the thought of wearing this over her naked skin filled her with unknown fears.

“It’s not much to look at now,” came a deep voice from behind Tosh, “but you would be surprised how much women are willing to pay for the honor of wearing one for me.”

Pulling her hand from the black sack, she turned to find the source of the voice. There, leaning on the doorframe, was a tall, dark and buff man, deliciously dressed in Armani. He stood at about six foot even with his lean, and she guessed another three inches taller when up right. His eyes were chocolate and his hair was black to match his suit, all of which made his ivory complexion glow. There was no blemish or freckle to be seen. He was perfection dressed in Italian design.

“Pardon?” Distracted from what she saw, every word he had spoken fled from her mind.

Biting the corner of his lower lip, his eyes scaled her body. They were not the friendly playful eyes she had seen in Mr. Thomas. This man was cold and calculating. There was something about him that ran a chill under her skin.

“I said it would be best for you to begin with removing your clothes,” he instructed.

Stunned by his directness, Tosh wrapped her arms about herself. He was not making a suggestion or asking anything, but had commanded her to remove her clothes.

“Would you like it better if I ripped them from you?”

Like a lion would rip meat from a bone,
she thought.

He stood straight and took two threatening steps toward her. The mirrored wall blocked her single retreating step, and she was the prey caught for his dinner.

He cleared their distance with only three more strides and had her hair wrapped around his hand behind her head before Tosh thought to escape. Pulling her head back, he leaned in to her exposed neck and took in her scent in one long whiff.

“Does anything you wear have any value?” he asked and was answered with a staggered nod of

His lips cracked with a crooked grin. Tosh searched for the fangs she had expected, but they were nothing more than pearly white perfection.

“Good. All the more fun for me.”

There was no warning in what he did next. Releasing her hair, he spun her around to face the mirror, pulling her back into his chest, and cradled her neck in one arm. It was more like an aggressive sexual dance rather than a uniform fitting.

Pulling his knife from his pants pocket, a quick flick of the blade and the fabric broke free and fell open, exposing her common shaped breast and plain white bra.

She thought to herself.
I should have listened to myself this morning and gone for the adventurous black lace.

“How disappointing,” he said, running the flat side of the blade over the humps of her breast. The cold metal kissed her skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps behind. “And I had hoped there would be a bit of a naughty school girl underneath instead of the stiff virgin.” He sounded less playful and more upset with her. Before she could pull away in defense, he cut the bra away in three slices and her breasts fell free.

Tosh’s thighs began to throb with every dominating cut of his blade, and she could feel the growing wetness of her desire. Mortified that she would be so turned on by what he did, Tosh prayed that her desires would not be so obvious.

“You can always stop me.” Looking into the mirror, his eyes captured hers and held her stare. “In fact, that is the only freedom you have here…I don’t know if we have room for a Postulant on our staff anyway.” He dared her while his eyes roamed over her body one last time before he pulled his knife back and pushed her away from him. “You will receive compensation for the top and bra.” Dismissing Tosh, he made for the door. “I only hope you use better judgment when replacing them.”

“I don’t need to replace them.” Her voice struggled to find its way out. “I need a job.” Her need was suddenly more than freedom from her folks, but a need for him. He was a walking, dominating drug and with a single taste, she was hooked. She had to have more of whatever this was he had done to her.

“I promise you, postulant. There is no job for you here.” Standing in the open doorway, he showed her his broad strong back.

Taking advantage of the presentation, her eyes traveled down his body, enjoying what she was able to take in from where his clothes clung to all his muscular curves. His body was a sexual feast, and she wanted to be a glutton for the chance to see him naked.

Nakedness and sensuality brought to mind her own exposure. Wrapping her arms over her bare chest, she pleaded one last time.

“Please. I’m not as pure as I look, and I can dress however you need me to. Besides, whatever it is you do here, the only thing you require of me is to clean up, and I promise you there is nothing I cannot handle.”

Raising an eyebrow to her tight pose, Tosh realized how weak she must look trembling in her cradled arms. Crumbling from any protection she felt her defensive pose had given her, Tosh dropped her arms down and rolled her shoulders back. There was no illusion to her lack of confidence. However, a determination in her gut told her that if she backed down now she would forever regret it. The cold air in the room bit at her exposed flesh, but she kept her arms tight to her side, showing him she was determined to prove her worthiness. For the first time in her life, Tosh understood the true meaning behind the fantasy word ‘destiny.’

Slowly, his breath hissed out with every step he made back to her. Not a word was spoken when he reached into the closet to retrieve one of the black sacks from its hanger and pulled it on over her head. Sheer from seam to seam, Tosh could see his chest slowly rise and fall with his breaths through the black fabric. No doubt, once her head came through the hole at the top she was just as exposed as before. The shear black sack did not conceal her from his scrutiny, but instead of shying away, she stood ready for the next step.

“Perhaps you do have potential…postulant?” He critiqued.

Running his strong hands up inside gave her goosebumps. Keeping his elbows at her chest, he reached his hands into her sleeves to fluff and puff them out. There was no groping of her body as she had expected, and the only sign of anything sexual was his crooked grin and his eyes, which chased her chills away, searing her flesh.

Agonizing pain shot through her when his fingers found her now sensitive and erect nipples and pinched them hard. Her knees began to shake from the pain, but the haunting sound of him calling her postulant gave her more of a thrill than the upset it had intended.

Leaving her sore and tight breasts, his hands continued their journey until he freed her of her lower clothing. She felt nude under her assigned uniform and hoped there would be more to it than what she now wore.

“Well, my, my.” He broke his stone façade to give her his appraisal. “I would have never imagined you were hiding such a tasty specimen under all those layers.” Cradling her cheek with an open palm, she closed her eyes and melted into his touch. “Perhaps it would be useful to…” Something pulled him away. “No, I’m sorry.” Dropping his hand from her, Tosh was awakened by the sudden return of his earlier gruff self. “I’m sorry, but this is not the place for you.”

He made his way to the door and this time did not pause. Poor Tosh’s head was spinning from his constant back and forth, and she had begun to grow tired of his indecision over employability.

“Please! You don’t understand!” she called to him. “I need this!” But she didn’t know what she needed more, the job or him. He didn’t turn when she called out to him but finished with only, “This is not the place for you, postulant. Leave while I still allow it.”

And he was gone.

With a huff, she turned back to her things, but fumbling with the shredded articles, her hands shook from a burning need.

“Don’t let him get to you. He never approves of anyone.” The friendly voice came from a busty redhead who now leaned against the same doorframe the stranger had just left. “You'll get used to him.”

“I wish I had the chance, but I think I was just let go.”

“That?” She shook her head with a smile. “No, that was not an execution, that was only a test.” Lowering her eyes to Tosh’s still erect nipples, she added, “And I see it had the expected effect?”

Shielding herself behind her folded arms, Tosh turned away only to be confronted by her own reflection in the mirror.

“I think I know a rejection when I see it.” Ashamed at how this all sounded, Tosh jumped to tag on her defense. “Not that I would even consider…well, you know…I mean…” A big huff. “I don’t even know that man. How could I consider such a thing without even knowing his name first? Besides, I wouldn’t call that foreplay.”

“I would.” The redhead chuckled as she crossed the small chamber to the chest of drawers. She didn’t hesitate or ask, but began to remove items from the drawers. Her bright red ponytail swung from side to side as she worked. She was a matched set as her lips, hair, and nails all matched in a bright, metallic red.

“Well, whatever you would call it, I hope I can trust you to not tell anyone.” Pulling at the sleeves, Tosh suddenly felt an overwhelming need to be clothed completely. “I mean…I don’t want to be tossed out my first day for doing anything that I wasn’t.”

“You’re afraid the boss’s boy will toss you out for that?” Her sarcasm was sharpened with some flirty spice. “Do you know where you are?” Her question was more of a statement than a question. “Besides, they can’t fire you for the same thing the two of them partake in with each other every now and then.”

Tosh’s eyes popped out of her head.

“You mean, Mr. Thomas is—”

“No, he’s defiantly hot for the pussy, but yeah, he…and his partner tend to partner on occasion.”

The redhead’s last statement left Tosh bewildered. The kind and masculine man showed nothing in the way of
kind of life style. Suddenly the image of Mr. Thomas spread naked in front of Tosh’s mysterious stranger left her cheeks a tint redder. She had always heard how there was much to be said about partaking in the forbidden, but until now she had never been offered a bite of that apple, and now she was finding that she wouldn’t mind seeing Mr. Thomas partake with a bite from Mr. X’s hand.

“Now, let’s see about getting you dressed. The dynamic duo will be expecting you out on the main floor ready for inspection.”

“Inspection?” She choked on the word.

“Of course. They need to see how well you clean up.” The redhead picked up a black corset and pulled it on over Tosh’s head. It was not long until the loosened string began to restrict Tosh’s breathing. With each tug from the manicured hands, Tosh’s constricted breasts grew. Cutting her at the nipple, she was ready to cry out in agony as the rough fabric of the black sack dug into her skin.

Gasping at her loss of breath did nothing to relieve that pressure or to stop the humiliation of the growing wetness between her thighs.

“When did you know?” the redhead asked, peering over Tosh’s shoulder and into the mirror.


“When did you know you were a bottom?” Her matter of fact voice left Tosh in a quandary. What did she mean by that and how did she know?

Turning Tosh by the shoulders, the two women faced each other eye to eye. Each struggling breath brought Tosh’s confined breast in contact with the redhead’s and another jolt shot through her.

“Do you know where you are?” Her eyes softened and were glossed over with concern. “Do you have any idea what you just agreed to?”

“I…I…” Her mouth was cotton dry. Darting her tongue out to wet her lips was as useful as using sandpaper.

“Tosh! Listen to me! Do you understand what happens here?” Shaking her did nothing to awaken her. Rolling over the past hour in her mind like pictures passing over, Tosh suddenly rewound her stranger’s visit with a new sight.

“Bottom?” The title escaped her lips as she envisioned her own ass up in the air presented for her stranger’s personal attention. Red and tingling from his firm touch.

“This place is The Odyssey, a private club…a BDSM club…a dungeon…and you’ve just agreed to work the humble part of a submissive servant.”

A knock at the door awoke Tosh from her descent into wonderland.

“How’s everything coming along?” Mr. Thomas asked with a playful smile.

“Not at all!” The redhead confronted, pushing the stunned Tosh protectively behind her. “Tosh doesn’t understand where she is or what you’re about to toss her into…you have to explain…”

Mr. Thomas’ smile began to fall a bit. “I’m sure everything will be fine.”

“I doubt that.” Turning to Tosh, she caught the innocent’s big eyes in her own. “Tosh, listen to me. Who sent you here? How did you know to apply?”

“What?” Shaken by the sudden change in the air, she responded, “No one, I found a flyer for a job opportunity on campus.”

BOOK: Maid For His Submission
6.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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