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Make Me Stay

BOOK: Make Me Stay
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Make Me Stay




Ella Jade




Make Me Stay

Copyright © 2012, Ella Jade

ISBN: 9781937325336

Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Electronic Publication: July, 2012

Editor: Antonia Tiranth

Cover: LFD Designs


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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.



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Can the sub teach the Dom to play?

Natural submissive Gracie Miller thought she had found her other half in Cade Jameson. Not only did he help her through a difficult time in her life, in the bedroom he brought her more pleasure than she could have ever imagined. They seemed perfect for each other.

Cade knew what he wanted in the bedroom. Gracie brought out his domineering side and ignited his passion. But he feared he was too dominant for this beautiful, naïve girl, who was so young and impressionable, so he ended their relationship.

Two and a half years later, Gracie returns to town a new woman. She had moved to the city and found a “Master” who showed her what she was truly capable of. Now she’s back and wants to show Cade exactly what kind of submissive she could be for him.

But after hearing all that she’s experienced, Cade now wonders if he’s dominant enough to satisfy her. Can he be the man Gracie needs him to be?


Content Warning: graphic sex, BDSM themes





To my boys… I know you hate all the time I spend at the computer, but you let me do it anyway.



Chapter 1


Gracie Miller stepped off the elevator and walked down the long hallway leading to Cade Jameson’s office. She hadn’t seen him in over two years. The memory of him telling her their relationship was over wasn’t a fond one. It was the lowest point in her life. He had his reasons for cutting her loose, and she knew exactly what they were. Now she was here to prove she could more than handle his darker, domineering side. Martin Abrams made sure of that.

She pushed through the double glass doors and was greeted by a bubbly, young receptionist. “May I help you?”

“Yes, I’d like to see Mr. Jameson,” Gracie said.

“Is he expecting you?”

“No, I’m an old friend. I have a client in this building, so I thought I’d stop by.”

“Mr. Jameson doesn’t usually see people without an appointment, especially this late in the day.”

“I understand, but if you’ll just buzz him and tell him Gracie Miller is in his lobby, I’m very certain he’ll see me.” At least she hoped he would.

“I can try, but his secretary has already left for the day. I’m not even sure he’ll pick up.”

Gracie could see the apprehension in her eyes as she pressed the button on her phone. She was probably afraid to buzz Cade. He was a no-nonsense boss and liked things the way he liked them. He was domineering in all aspects of his life.

“Mr. Jameson,” the receptionist said. “There’s someone here to see you.”

“I don’t have appointments this late in the day. Tell them to call my office in the morning and schedule one like everyone else.”

Gracie closed her eyes and smiled. It had been over two years since she’d heard his commanding voice. It sent shivers down her spine and an ache landed between her thighs. She had to see him.

“I understand,” the girl said. “But Ms. Miller says she’s an old friend and you’d see her.”

There was a brief pause. Gracie could imagine the confusion on Cade’s striking face. Of course he’d be at a loss for words.

“Mr. Jameson?” the receptionist said in a timid voice. “Gracie Miller is here to see you.”

“Send her in, and then you may leave for the evening.”

“Yes, sir.” She let out an unsteady breath and then walked Gracie to Cade’s office.

Gracie stepped through the threshold and closed the door behind her. Her heart rate increased when she turned to find him leaning against the front of his desk staring at her. He was even more perfect than she’d remembered. His jacket was draped over his chair and he’d loosened his tie. It looked as if it had been a long day.

When she first left town, she wouldn’t allow herself to think about him at all. Once the pain faded and she realized why he ran from her, she slowly let images and memories seep back into her thoughts.

This was their second chance. It had to be. She hadn’t put herself through the rigors of being another man’s submissive without reason.

“Gracie, where have you been?” She could see the shock on his face.

“In Connecticut.”

“Connecticut? How the hell did you end up there?”

“Long story.” The night she’d left the small town outside of Boston, she’d headed to New York City to meet up with a friend. Shortly afterward, she met Martin and he moved her to Connecticut.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m a consultant for wedding planning companies, and I’ve taken an assignment with a firm in this building.” Thanks to Martin. He’d secured her the long-term job when she told him she wanted to come back to Cade. “I remembered you were just starting out here when I left, so I checked to see if you were still in the building. You moved your space to another floor.”

“My business is growing, and I needed to hire more employees. This floor was available, so I took it.” He continued to stare at her almost in disbelief that she was standing in front of him. Gracie was certain he’d never expected to see her again.

“I’m happy for you.” She looked around the modern office. “Everything looks great.”

He walked toward her. “I’m surprised to see you.”

“Is it okay that I just showed up?” She lowered her eyes and waited for his response.

“Yes.” He pulled her against his chest and gave her a tight hug. “I’ve missed you. I thought something happened to you.”

She sighed and relaxed under his touch. He still smelled of the same soap and aftershave. She wondered if his scent would linger against her skin when he let her go. She hoped it would.

“It seemed like you just disappeared. I tried to make contact with you, but I couldn’t locate you.”

She was surprised to hear he’d looked for her. She’d left without a second glance. That was what he’d wanted, what he told her to do the night he’d left her standing in the rain. She obeyed him. Back then she’d always done everything he told her to.

“You told me to leave, so I did.”

“I said to leave
. Not this town, your friends, and your life. Where did you go that night? I was worried.”

He let go of her and led her to the plush, leather couch by the window of his huge corner office. He sat and pulled her into his lap, wrapping his arms around her. It was as if not a day had gone by since the last time they were together. This was the way she’d pictured their reunion to be. Effortless. She was right to come back to him.

“I needed a clean break.” She itched to touch his thick, brown hair. It was longer than before, but it suited the strong features of his face. “Things had gotten too intense between us, and I needed time to clear my head.”

“You were in your last year of college. You had no money and no place to go. How did you end up in Connecticut?”

She recognized the concern in his voice. He’d always taken care of her and made sure she was okay. When he couldn’t find her, he must have been frantic with worry. She’d thought about that many times while she was away. She worried he wouldn’t be able to forgive her for disappearing.

“I went to New York City and met an old friend from high school. She hooked me up with a place to stay and introduced me to some people.”

“What kind of people?”

“Good people. I met a man who helped me figure things out.” She hadn’t planned on getting into all the details of her past two and a half years so quickly.

“Are you still with him?”

She couldn’t be certain, but Cade looked disappointed by her admission. He still cared. She shook her head. Martin had released her from her contract. She was free to pursue another man, another Dom.

“Does that make you happy?” she asked, shifting to look directly into his electrifying blue eyes.

“I’ve only ever wanted you to be happy.” His warm breath caressed her face. “Are you?”

“I am now.” She pressed her lips to his and slowly inserted her tongue into his receptive mouth.

This was why she’d come. To reconnect with him. To prove to him she could handle whatever he threw her way. She could submit to him without any problems or reservations, and he should feel no shame in that.

He twisted his fingers in her hair and tilted her head back so he could gain access to her neck.

Yes, be rough.

She moved to straddle him. He stopped kissing her into look in her eyes, seeking permission. She nodded. “It’s been too long.”

He trailed his hands down the sides of her body and then quickly tugged her silk blouse from her skirt. She smiled as she lowered her lips to his sweet mouth and attacked with a force she didn’t know was possible. She’d waited years for this moment. They’d have time for slow later. She undid his tie and worked at the buttons of his shirt as she ground her hips against his hard cock.

“Gracie,” he whispered against her lips.

“Don’t think, Cade. Just do what you want, take what you want.” She moved from his lap and crawled to the armrest of the couch, arching her backside in the air and bracing for what was to come.

She heard him unbuckle his belt and lower the zipper. She jumped when his shoes hit the hardwood floor. The cushions sank under his weight as he joined her on the couch. He moved behind her and slipped his hand under her skirt.

“Fuck, Gracie.” He ran his palm over her bare ass.

“I left my panties in the car because I know how much you hate them.” Her voice was laced with desire. She wanted to please him. She needed to show him why she was there.

He ran his fingers over her moist entrance. “You’re soaked.”

“You do that to me.” She pushed against his fingers as he plunged them inside her. “Oh God, so good.” She rocked into his hand, trying to relieve the fire inside her pussy. There was no hesitation. No inhibitions. “I’m on the pill and I’m clean.”

“You’re the last woman I went bare with.”

“What are you waiting for?” Before she even finished the sentence he slammed into her. “Cade.” She gripped the armrest so tightly her knuckles were white. His thick, long cock filled her in one thrust. Calmness swept over her at the serenity she knew she’d find once they were joined.

“So tight, so wet.” He grabbed her hips and pushed deep inside her.

She squeezed her eyes shut and focused on the way her body felt in that moment. She was made for him. He had to know by the way his own body was responding to her that this was right.

“Such a bad girl.” He swatted her ass. “So presumptuous to show up here with no panties.”

“You’re balls deep inside me, aren’t you?” She felt him tense up, and then he pounded harder. “Yes, Cade! Fuck me the way you want.”

He growled against her neck. “I’m close.” He slid his hand around her body and moved his fingers along her clit. “Come for me.” Pulling her upright, he pressed his chest against her back. “Please.”

Her muscles clenched around his cock and within seconds she shuddered with a powerful climax as he emptied inside her.

“Cade, I love to feel your come inside me. I accept it as the gift it is.” She wanted him to know she accepted every part of him. She always had, even if he couldn’t handle it.

“Shit.” He collapsed against her back.

They lay there sweaty and panting for a few minutes before he rolled off her. She adjusted her skirt then turned and watched as he fixed his pants.

“I missed you,” she said.

“This is exactly why I ended things.” He tucked his shirt in his pants and buckled his belt. “This isn’t normal.”


“I haven’t seen you in over two years. I looked for you, but you didn’t want to be found. You stroll in here and within minutes I fuck you unmercifully. That’s not normal.”

“Who said we were normal?” She stood and smoothed out her skirt.

He let out a frustrated sigh, but she didn’t want him to speak now.

“Look.” She tucked her hair behind her ear. “We let desire take over.”

He closed his eyes and shook his head. She didn’t want to give him time to regret what had just happened.

“Why don’t we meet for dinner and I’ll explain where I’ve been.”

“Why can’t we talk now?”

“Because we need a cooling down period.” She grabbed a piece of paper from his desk and jotted down her phone number and address. “I’ve rented a small house along the lake. Can you pick me up tomorrow around seven?”

BOOK: Make Me Stay
5.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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