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5 Things I Love about Your Character



Given To:


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Personal Message:

Have His Dick Your Way

want my tasty ladies to listen up.

A change in how women respond to men is here…with or without your consent or awareness. Most men are faithful, yet those same men are not monogamous. There is a difference. If you're not already on board, I want you to join men and get on the sexual liberation train right now. Cost: free. Well, that's not completely true. It takes time to perfect being a maneater. First, you'll have to invest time in honing in on your pussy prowess skills. Pussy rules. Believe that. Hopefully, you are establishing the pace and not allowing men to eat you at their discretion.

Here's one of my maneater tips. Buy a dildo—cyber, realistic, ultra—of your liking. Buy a set of BenWa balls and/or Pleasure Pearls. I prefer the pearls because they are plastic coated. These are your pussy aerobic tools. Insert both pearls into your vagina. Then use your dildo to push the pearls into your pussy cul-de-sac. Sit on the edge of a chair, squat, or lie on your back with your knees bent. Tug on the dildo. At the same time squeeze the dildo for resistance. Do three sets, ten repetitions. Next, hands free, push the dildo out using your vaginal muscles. Do the same number of sets and reps. Finally, without using your hands, use your vagina muscles to pull the dildo all the way up inside your pussy or as deep inside of you as you can. Whew! I did say this was pussy aerobics. Don't be afraid to work up a sweat. You'll experience the benefits when you can fuck your man or husband by working his dick without moving your ass.

Maneaters do not attempt to figure men out. Maneaters are well educated about men, hygiene, sex, and how to get what they want—emotionally, physically, and sexually—from a man in and out of bed. First, you must realize dick is succulent, pretty, plentiful, and
. Like selecting beef at the grocery, picking the right piece of meat can be tricky, and if you're not careful, disastrous. Any man who brags about how good he is in bed is generally a bad fuck who's trying to talk himself up on your good pussy. My advice is to listen to his lies over a meal. Let him take you out. Enjoy the moment. If the waiter is a sexy guy that you're attracted to, ask his name, introduce yourself, and then leave your card on the table. If he's interested, trust me, he'll call you. At the end of your date, you've had a good meal and possibly a better prospect for your next date.

I don't care how much money a man spends on you, he is not entitled to your good pussy. You and only you can make that determination. Not him. A good way to tell if a man is passionate about you is to have him start by sucking your freshly washed toes or your fingers. A professional will go for the crevices, the arch, or the palm. Do not take off any of your clothes until you're 100 percent sure you want him inside of you. If he doesn't know how to please you with your clothes on, he's not a good lover.

Next, safe sex is mandatory. Ladies, always keep a few condoms in your purse. One size fits most, not all. I like lubricated, non-spermicidal Magnum, Lifestyle, and Trojan condoms. Spermicidal condoms reportedly make women more susceptible to urinary-tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. For more information, visit

Never have sex with a man who layers his genitals with talcum powder/baby powder. The chemicals in talcum powder may cause uterine cancer. For more information, visit Every woman must take the time to acquire knowledge, then take control of what goes into her vagina and her mouth.

Your pussy. Your responsibility.

If you want to keep a man, treat a man like a man. You've got to know when to dog him and know when to do him. When to love him and when to kick him. Not literally, but, honey, they all need a strong push once in a while, some more than others. Know when to be nice and when to be naughty. Know when to fuck him and know whether you should feed him. Never cook for a man before he takes you out to eat. The primary dessert a man should lick is your pussy. Don't be shy. Stroke your pussy with his favorite dessert.

Oh, ladies…never serve what you wouldn't eat, okay?

Never let a man play you twice. Yep, everybody plays the fool sometimes. I've ridden that train before, with a one-way ticket to his world, and the return trip was to my destination, not back to his bullshit. Only a foolish woman gets dogged out all the time, and I pray you're not that type of woman.

No matter how pissed off you get, you've got to maintain your cool. Some men love when a woman gets jealous—when she curses, cries, screams, threatens the other woman. Those types of men do not love you. If they did, they wouldn't relish watching you suffer. Men with shallow egos thrive on attention. Don't hate on him, and never chase him, especially if you catch him with another woman. Fuck whether or not he has a big dick; he's not the only big-dick man hangin' around. All men are trainable. Trust me, I know. Your goal is to reform, not conform.

A real maneater never cheats, creeps, or sleeps on her man. She doesn't have to. She's in complete control, and she keeps her options open. Cheating is a state of mind, not a state of doing. A maneater has got a dick at home and a dick on the side. A dick at work and a dick buried in the dirt in case she needs to be boned. Maneaters are never desperate to have a man.

Men think that they're in high demand, and therefore that women should cater to them. Not true. There may be a shortage of men, but there is no shortage of sex. Whether he likes it or not, you call the shots…and sometimes that means walking away from a man who believes he's better than you.

Ladies, be crazy in love with your pussy, and he will be, too. You are in charge. But you don't have to wear the pants to exhibit your pussy power. All you need is knowledge of the man/men you're interested in.

The top three requirements for being a maneater are:

  • Knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Passion

That's it.

These are the key elements to an overall happy and successful life. It doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or 22; knowledge, confidence, and passion are sexy and often intimidating. Intimidation utilized properly is a benefit to women. A self-assured woman who loves herself, loves her body, and can talk openly about sex commands a man's attention. Even if he acts like he's not interested, trust me, he is. Don't be shy. Controlling men adore shy women. If any man has the desire to dominate you, tell him to get a dog. Seriously.

Ladies, have his dick

Are You a Maneater?

Take the Test

(Score yourself later. The answer key is at the end of the book.)

  • 1. Do you suck dick / give head / perform oral copulation on the first date?


  • 2. Do you feel obligated to pay the bill on any of your dates?


  • 3. Are you uncomfortable approaching a man that you like?


  • 4. Do you have clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms?


  • 5. Can you make him cum without touching him?


  • 6. Can you fuck a man and not care about talking with him ever again?


  • 7. Do you know how to establish dominance over a man without being aggressive?


BOOK: Maneater
13.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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