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Authors: Michele Zurlo,Nicoline Tiernan

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Master Eddie's Sub

BOOK: Master Eddie's Sub


Eddie’s Sub

Club Alegria #2

Michele Zurlo and Nicoline Tiernan



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Club Alegria #2:
Master Eddie’s Sub

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Master Eddie’s Sub (Club Alegria #2)

Marina held tight to Eddie’s hand
as he led her through the club. They’d been scening in private for several
months, and this was to be her public debut. The place was huge, so large that
it made her feel like less of an exhibitionist. People might stop to watch, but
so much was going on that a larger crowd wouldn’t gather. Both she and Eddie
were relatively new to the lifestyle, and he’d only recently accepted her as
his sub. She put her hand to her neck and traced the tip of her finger along
the play collar he’d put on her before they’d left her apartment.

Eddie stopped in front of a
spanking bench, and Marina shivered. Eddie had one of those in his home
dungeon. He’d put her on it several times, enough for it to become clear to
both of them that impact play could only be a punishment.

He pulled her closer and slung his
arm around her, settling his hand on her opposite hip. She liked how he made
her feel small and protected. He kissed her cheek. “I want you to watch this,
Marina. You’ve met Master Carlos before, but you haven’t met his sub,

Master Carlos had supervised a few
of their scenes when Marina had first begun seeing Eddie, and Marina knew he’d
play a part in their first public scene tonight. Marina peered up at Eddie,
taking in the way his black lashes cast shadows on his high cheekbones. She was
fascinated by the sharp planes of his face and the smoothness of his darkly
tanned skin. He towered over her, and his lithe build hid surprising strength.
He was in the habit of scooping her up in his arms whenever he felt the urge.
She loved to nestle her head against his shoulder and give herself over to his
tender care. If she wasn’t careful, she was going to fall head-over-feet for

She snuggled into his embrace and
watched the scene unfolding before her. Already a sizeable crowd had gathered.
Marina chalked it up to the fact that Carlos was widely respected member of the
club. He’d mentored several doms here, and her own Sir held Carlos in the
highest regard.

Master Carlos secured Catherine to
a padded spanking bench. She wore a lacy thong and a half corset that pushed
her large breasts up to spill over the top. He checked the points of restraint,
bending to speak quietly to her. Then, without warning, he reached underneath
and grasped her nipple, pulling and twisting it viciously. Catherine cried out.
“Son of a bitch! They don’t come off!”

Marina gasped and looked to Eddie.
She’d never once talked back to him, not even when he’d paddled her for ten
minutes straight.

He grinned. “Catherine is a SAM, a
smart-ass masochist. She taunts Carlos, pushing him to punish her longer,
faster, or harder.”

“He doesn’t get mad and release

“Nope. He wouldn’t change her for
the world.”

“What about you?” Marina knew that
Eddie had dominated Catherine with Master Carlos, and that he’d participated in
threesomes with them as part of a scene. “Do you like that about her?”

Eddie chuckled. “She only smarts
off to Carlos. I think they’d both consider it cheating if she were mouthy with
another Dom. She’s never been disrespectful to me, though when I was first
learning, she had no trouble telling me to put more force into my swing. You’ll
like her. She’s actually very nice.”

Marina wasn’t sure if she had a
right to feel faint pangs of jealousy over people who’d known her Sir longer
than she had—especially anybody who had experienced his tender lovemaking.

“Marina,” he nibbled her earlobe, a
warning bite. “Tonight we’re going to invite them into our scene. You need to
speak up if that’s not what you want.”

She wanted what he wanted, but
saying so seemed like lip service. Showing him, on the other hand, would prove
that she wanted nothing more than to please him. “I’m excited for our scene,
but I’m terribly nervous. I’ve never done any of these things with strangers

A glance down proved that Eddie was
aroused by the idea of doing things to her in public, and that calmed her more
than words could. He shifted her to stand in front of him. Master Carlos had
released Catherine’s nipple, and now he worked on her ass with a wooden paddle.
She shrieked and howled, but when he let up, she said, “Getting tired already,
Master? I’m barely feeling it.” Her ass was a maze of redness, and bruises
would no doubt appear in a little while.

Eddie slid his hands up Marina’s thighs,
reaching under her shirt to knead her breasts. Marina relaxed against his
strong body and let herself enjoy her Sir’s attention. Master Carlos resumed
spanking Catherine, this time with a tree branch that whistled through the air
and left welts across her ass and thighs, and Eddie slid his hand under her
skirt and into her panties. Marina gasped when his probing fingers found her
wet and ready. Though she didn’t want to be spanked, the sight of someone else
being disciplined definitely turned her on. That, and Eddie’s proximity. Just
the smell of him got her hot and bothered.

He scooted the crotch of her
panties aside and plunged fingers into her pussy. Marina stifled a moan and her
hips thrust forward. He nipped at her earlobe again. “No coming.”

Even though she wanted to protest
and beg, she merely nodded. When Eddie let her come, it was always spectacular.
She trusted him, and she loved how he tormented her. He pumped into her,
curving his fingers to find her sweet spot. Marina moaned, little high-pitched
sounds of protest as she struggled to stave off her orgasm. He always seemed to
know when she could stand no more, but this time was different. He ground the
bulge in his jeans against her lower back and massaged her sweet spot without
mercy. The noises coming from Marina turned desperate, and she couldn’t hold it
off anymore.

“Don’t come,” he said as he twisted
her nipple, sending her over the edge. He continued fingering her, drawing out
her orgasm, and then he held her against him. “You disobeyed, Marina.”

He’d pretty much forced her to it,
but Marina would never say that aloud. He was perfectly aware of what he’d
done. She turned to face him, her gaze lowered in submission. “I’m sorry, Sir.
Please forgive me.”

He didn’t say anything for the
longest time. Behind her, the sounds of Catherine’s shrieks and moans were
deafening. The woman had a set of lungs on her, and it only served to make
Marina more tense as she waited for her Sir’s judgment. Catherine’s sounds came
to a crescendo, leaving no doubt she was having a huge orgasm. When she
quieted, Eddie hooked his finger under Marina’s chin in a silent order to look
at him.

“Forgive? Maybe. First you need
punishment. I’m going to vary the scene we’ve planned to include it.”

Marina blinked in surprise, but she
didn’t protest. “Thank you, Sir.” Around them, the crowd drifted way. She
expected Eddie to approach his friends, but he guided her in the opposite

“Aftercare,” he said. “Always give
privacy for that, even in a public place. After a scene, a sub is vulnerable.
Recall how you get.”

Aftercare with Eddie often included
a bath or shower, a massage if she’d been bound, much cuddling, and sometimes
tender sex. She reflected on that while following him to where he wanted to
begin their scene. Two shiny metal poles were attached at the floor and
ceiling. Places to bind a submissive were spaced six inches apart from the bottom
to several feet above Marina’s head. Sir peeled her shirt off. Marina lifted
her arms to be helpful. He hadn’t allowed her a bra, so once the shirt was
gone, her breast were bared to anyone who cared for a peek. Though people
stopped to watch, nobody seemed overly focused on her chest.

“Look at me,” Eddie said, gripping
her chin. “I’m your only concern. You’re here to please me, nothing else.”

Marina took a deep breath, which
made her realize she hadn’t been breathing. She smiled at Eddie, relieved he’d come
to her rescue when she hadn’t realized she needed it. “Thank you, Sir.”

Eddie kissed her forehead, and then
he stripped her panties away, leaving her in only a short skirt that would show
her ass if she bent forward. He tied her ankles to the bottom rings, forcing
her to stand with her legs a little more than shoulder-width apart. The skirt
became a strip of fabric covering her hips. Then he tied her wrists so that her
arms stuck out on either side. He circled her, checking the bindings, and he
ended up behind her.

Marina’s chest rose and fell in her
peripheral vision. It seemed obscene to her, and that made her clit tingle.
When Eddie pressed his body to hers, she felt his warm flesh against her back.
He’d shed his shirt. She loved the way it felt when he touched her, surrounded
her. He guided her head back, and he plunged his tongue into her mouth for a
kiss that left her breathless and in no doubt that he owned her. Then she felt
his fingers at her back entrance, smearing lubricant.

“Exhale,” he commanded as he pushed
a wide plug into her ass. It stung, and Marina panted as the feeling subsided.

Then he stepped away, and she knew
this was her punishment. Heat suffused her neck and traveled to her face. To be
left on display like this was a humiliating experience, yet she knew that Eddie
liked it, and she realized he’d forced her to climax against his order just so
he could dole out this punishment. He was deliciously wicked and devious.

Time passed. Onlookers came and
went, and though Marina focused on the floor, she didn’t really see it. Eddie
stood off to the side, guarding her. He might want people to look, but he’d
kill them if they touched. After what she estimated to be fifteen or twenty
minutes, Master Carlos approached. He led Catherine on a leash attached to a
her leather play collar. It was thick, of a quality that left no doubt they
played frequently. A ball gag split her lips.

“Eddie!” The two men clasped hands
and engaged in a man-hug that involved pounding one another on the back. “Glad
to see you made it.”

Behind him, Catherine glanced up
and winked at Marina. Serenity blazed from her body, and devilry danced in her

Master Carlos tugged at her leash. He
attempted a scowl, but he only managed a wry, loving smile. “Catherine, you may
greet Master Eddie.”

Catherine threw her arms around
Eddie’s neck and hugged him tightly. He returned the gesture, and Marina was
surprised that jealousy didn’t surge through her. Perhaps because Catherine
clearly belonged to Master Carlos?

Eddie reached down and squeezed
Catherine’s ass. She yelped and wiggled away, looking to Master Carlos for
help, but he merely laughed. “That’s what you get for winking at his sub. You
always said that Eddie would be possessive once he found the right woman. You
were right, sweetheart.”

Catherine narrowed her eyes,
speaking volumes though she had no voice.

“I see why you gagged her,” Eddie
said. “She’d end up earning a punishment instead of getting a reward.”

“Yep,” Master Carlos agreed. The
smile on his face didn’t fade. He gestured for Catherine to kneel next to the
post, which she did. And then he attached her leash to an eye hook. “You’ll
stay here with Master Eddie and Marina while I get a bench for your reward.”

Catherine assumed a relaxed
posture, as if she was used to waiting on her knees. Master Carlos wasn’t gone
long. When he returned, he carried a long, thin bench that would look at home
under a set of barbells. He wiped it down and slid it between Marina’s legs.
Never once did he address her directly, though he did throw her the same smile
and wink that Catherine had offered earlier.

Eddie helped Carlos secure the
bench’s legs to places in the floor that Marina hadn’t noticed before. When the
finished, Master Carlos led Catherine to the bench. Without being told, she
laid on her back with her face under Marina’s spread legs. Moisture rushed to
Marina’s pussy. Over the months of their association, she and Eddie had talked
a ton—about anything and everything. One of the things she’d let slip after too
much wine had been that she’d always wanted to be forced to let a woman give
her oral.

Master Carlos bound Catherine’s
wrists lower on the same pole that held Marina in place, and then he removed
her gag. “Don’t say a word, princess. There’s more to come after this, but only
if you’re very good. I know how difficult that will be for you.”

Catherine gave a nod, but she
followed her Master’s order. Eddie stood to one side of Catherine, a length of
rope in his hand. He and Carlos worked together to bind Catherine’s legs up and
out of the way, exposing her pussy to all who watched. Then Eddie adjusted
Marina, forcing her legs farther apart so that she had to bend her knees and
lower her pussy to Catherine’s face.

Beneath her, Catherine smacked her
lips. “She’s so wet, Eddie. I know you wish you were sucking this cunt.” With
that, she licked from Marina’s clit to her hole.

Master Carlos stood between
Catherine’s legs. He lifted a brow at Eddie, who nodded. Carlos slapped
Catherine’s ass on top of a recent welt. Catherine’s body jerked, and she
moaned loudly, the sound vibrating against Marina’s tissues. “You’ve earned a
punishment for taunting Eddie,” Master Carlos said.

Catherine’s tongue danced around
Marina’s clit, flicking and tapping, and then she plunged it into Marina’s pussy.
Tension built, and Marina rocked on Catherine’s face. “Yes,” Eddie said. “Fuck
her face. I want to see you come in her naughty mouth.”

With that permission, relief
flooded through Marina. She wouldn’t have to fight this one. Master Carlos
knelt between Catherine’s legs, opened his mouth wide, and bit Catherine’s
exposed pussy. The woman’s shriek turned to a moans as he started eating in
earnest, and each one vibrated through Marina’s swollen tissues.

“Oh God!” Marina shouted as it
became too much to bear. “Sir, please!”

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