Mate of the Wolf (Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Romance)

Mate of the Wolf

(Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Romance)


By: Vivian Blackwood


Copyright © 2013 by Vivian Blackwood
. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from either the author or the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote a brief passage in a review.


Mate of the Wolf
is a work of fiction. Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, and events is entirely coincidental.


This book is intended
Mature Audiences 18+
. It
contains graphic language, hot explicit sex, graphic sex, rough sex, and some violence which may be inappropriate for some readers.




Nicole Caldwell was just about to leave when she saw him. She had been at her brothers club for two hours and hated every minute of it. It was loud, crowded, and steamy.

Her brother Alex opened the hottest nightclub in the city a year ago
, and the place was packed every night.

Nicole was in town to visit Alex and finally check out the club. She and her brother had never been particularly close. Nicole had gone away to Wood-Bridge
, a very exclusive, premier boarding school, when she was only twelve. She had pretty much been on her own ever since. The only time she had been in the same house as her Father and brother were on holiday visits, and even then they were gone most of the time.

Alex was acting like a complete jerk. Since she got into town six days ago
, she had only seen him once for a quick coffee. And tonight he was ignoring her entirely. He was too busy schmoozing with his VIPs and was surrounded by his entourage of huge, scary-looking men.

She felt like going back to the apartment, packing her stuff and flying home tonight. Her father wasn’t even in town to see her. It had been nearly two years since
they had been in the same room together. He was always traveling and growing the Caldwell Empire.

Nicole headed for the door
, trying to ignore all the leering eyes of the guys in the club. She was wearing a short black dress, and the heat and humidity in this place was making it cling to her body in a way that was leaving little to the imagination and making her feel uncomfortable.

The moment she entered the place
, she was overwhelmed with guys wanting to buy her drinks, or dance, or talk, or go somewhere to do God knows what. It was exhausting and disgusting, and she hated it.

Nicole fought her way through the throng of people to the entrance and was almost free when she saw him.

A masterpiece of a man walked into the club. He stood at least a head taller than everyone else in the place. His hair was jet black, and he wore a black suit and had the features of a Greek god.

Her heart was in her throat. She felt like she just jumped off a cliff. There was no gravity, no ground beneath her, only falling.

The crowd seemed to part for him as he walked through. He was about ten feet away from her when he stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes narrowed and scanned the room. It looked as though he sensed something. It looked like he was hunting for someone.




Evan got out of the limo in front of the nightclub. It was packed as always. A line of richly dressed twenty-something’s wound all the way around the building and who knows how far after that.
Alex has done well for himself; no surprise there.

Evan Walker didn’t do lines. He walked straight to the front door
, slipped the enormous bouncer a couple of hundreds and entered without a word.

He was sick of the club already. It was an impressive place
with the most expensive furnishings and adornments, the best DJ’s from around the world, the hottest men and women in town, and the go-to place for all the movie stars and rock gods. But Evan didn’t care about any of that. He was only interested in getting what Alex had promised him.

Her scent filled his senses the second he entered the club. It was overwhelming, intoxicating. He stopped and scanned the crowd. People were everywhere
, and he couldn’t pinpoint the origin of her scent.

He tried to put the dizzying aroma in the back of his mind, but it was impossible. The power of it made his pulse quicken and his cock stir in his pants.

Evan tore his eyes from the crowd and hunted for his target.
He made his way through the crowd and did everything he could to think only of his objective. It was like trying to swim through honey. The scent was relentless, insatiable, all encompassing.

As he reached Alex
, four large men stepped in front of him, bodyguards no doubt. Alex waved them off with a little smirk. “If it isn’t the great Evan Walker… to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“You don’t owe me
, Alex. You owe me something far more valuable.” Evan tried to concentrate his thoughts, but all he could think about was her scent. Where was she?

“Who do you think you are
, Walker? Do you think you can threaten me in my own club?” The smirk disappeared, and the thugs took notice and put their hands inside their coats.

“I’m here as a courtesy
, Alex, out of respect for our mutual families. You should have the same respect. We had a bargain. I fulfilled my part; it’s well past time that you fulfill yours.” Evan stepped close to Alex. Their eyes only inches apart. “You have three days to return the amulet. Don’t make me visit you again.”

Evan turned his back to Alex and walked back into the crowd. He was halfway to the exit when he saw her. She was a goddess. Her amber hair flowed around her bare ivory shoulders. The black dress she wore hugged every luscious curve of her body. Her large hazel eyes were wide and focused intently on his.

Evan’s heart raced with desire; her scent enveloped him and saturated every pore and nerve of his body. He wanted to take her here and now. She was the one destined to be his. She would be his mate.




Nicole tried to follow him as he made his way across the room. He moved too fast, and she was too small to fight the crowd. He made his way to Alex and then lost him in the sea of people.
Was he friends with Alex?
She had to get to him; she needed to get to him.

She battled to cross the floor. Every damn guy in the place tried to dance with her or grabbed her ass, and she was getting nowhere. It was time to get aggressive. Some jerk wearing sunglasses and a fake smile stepped in front of her. Nicole smiled back and shoved him out of the way. The crowd apparently got the message
, and a hole opened up in front of her and there he was.

He was amazing, tall
, and well-built. The way he wore his suit shamed every other guy in the place. He was an imposing figure. He walked to her slowly.

Nicole couldn’t look away from his eyes, dark ocean-green eyes. They penetrated her
; they lusted for her.

A giant knot rolled around in her stomach, and she was finding it hard to breath. Her legs felt
weak, unstable. Her skin grew hot, and her core started burning. She was already slick with perspiration, but she felt her panties moisten with her desire for him.
Who is this guy?

He stepped close to her, tantalizingly close. She could feel his heat washing over her like waves of pure sex.

“I’m Evan Walker. Let’s dance.”

It wasn’t a question; it was a command,
and one with which she gladly complied. He put his hand on the small of her back and pulled her into him, guiding her body to the slow beat of the music. She slid her hands down his arms and back. She could feel the strength and power of his sculpted form.

Her body tingled at the touch of him. It felt amazing, like this is where she belonged.

“What’s your name?” Evan whispered in her ear. His voice was deep and velvety and gave her goose bumps.

“Nicole.” She managed to get out.

“Come with me, Nicole.”

Evan held her hand and led her out of the club. The throng of people quickly moved out of their way. He led her to a waiting limousine. The driver opened the door
, and Evan effortlessly lifted her inside.
was all he said before the door closed.

Nicole was sitting on his lap breathing heavy. Why was she here? She didn’t know this guy, but there was something familiar about him. Something that drew her to him, something that excited her. She wanted him
; her body wanted him.

Evan caressed her face with his large hands and kissed her. It was hard and full of passion. She moaned slightly and parted her lips
, eager to find his tongue. It tangled with hers, hot, wet, and electric.

His hands explored her body
, and the fire deep in her core grew hotter.

“I want you
, Nicole. I want to take you.”

He cupped one of her breasts
, and she felt her nipples go hard instantly. God, he was sexy. This was totally unlike her. She never moved this fast with guys. In fact, most of her friends thought she was a prude. But there was something animal about him, something she couldn’t resist. Her body ached with desire.

Evan unzipped her dress and released her breasts. He took one in his mouth and tenderly bit her erect bud. She gasped and moaned at his touch, her core vibrated with anticipation.

She ran her hands through his silky black hair. The touch of it made her clit tingle. Her body hummed with pleasure as he explored her breasts with his mouth and tongue.

He moved his hand slowly up her thigh toward her soaked panties. His pace was excruciatingly slow. She wanted him to touch her, to enter her.

“Evan, I want you. I need you.” She whispered into his ear.

“I need you
, too. You have no idea how much.” His voice was fierce and full of emotion. It made her need even more furious, more urgent.

Evan slowly laid her down on the rich leather seat. His hands explored her thighs and her mound. Finally he pulled off her soaked panties and breathed in her sex. He traced his tongue along her inner thigh
; it was maddening.

, you smell good; your scent drives me wild.”

He took her slick lips in his mouth, lapping her sweet juices and exploring them with his greedy tongue.

Her body vibrated with the ecstasy of it. Pleasure pulsed through her quivering body.

He found her throbbing clit and sucked it in
to his mouth. Her body exploded in climax unlike anything she had ever experienced. Orgasmic waves rippled through her core.

oh god, yes! Fuck me, Evan. I want you in me!” she screamed.

His finger traced her slippery opening and plunged in without warning. She could feel her channel tight around him, her pussy gripping him as he rubbed and caressed her
G-spot. It was almost too much, her body spasmed with each thrust of his finger.

, Evan, yes, make me come again,” she moaned.

He licked her aching clit and added a second finger into her tight soaked channel. Her breath caught at the girth of his fingers. They were large and stretched her tight opening. She could feel her pussy grip them hard as they thrust in and out of her more rapidly.

Her body pulsed in time with Evan’s fingers. She was close to bursting apart, the pleasure so intense. He greedily lapped her juices as she teetered on the brink of release. With a final thrust she came apart. Waves of ecstasy crashed over her as the orgasm enveloped her entire being; her body spasmed out of control, thrashing in ultimate satisfaction.

She slowly regained some composure. Her body was shaking and covered in sweat.

She met his eyes and saw the desire in them. She swung her body around and grasped at the belt and buttons of his pants. She was surprised at the hunger she felt to see him and taste him. Evan helped her get his pants off, and she released his massive cock. It was hard as a rock and pulsing with anticipation.

Nicole grasped it at the base and began to stroke. She lowered her mouth over the soft tip and swirled her tongue around his shaft.

“Yes. Suck me, Nicole,” he growled in a deep, sensual voice.

His pleasure made her tingle. She wanted to please him. Make him feel as amazing as she felt. She increased her stoking and bobbed her head up and down on his incredible cock.

He moaned in response to her quickened pace. She could feel his body tense, and then he released his load. It was hot and delicious as it slid down her throat. It tasted like sex and lust, dark and divine.

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