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For all the women who've ever been with a cheater, this one is for you ladies. You're beautiful and wonderful, and he didn't know how lucky he was.

Betrayal Ashlynn



A Quiet Neighborhood in Sioux City Iowa
When Dyanna Archer entered the condo she shared with her husband, Anthony, the house was so quiet. She longed for what her sister Joanie had, happy children and chaos. Sighing, she went upstairs. In the back of her closet, she found a hot little red dress. After a few more minutes of rummaging around in the small space, she found her red pumps. They were sexy. Would she look sexier than Anthony's other woman? Pushing the painful question away, she went into the bathroom and picked out some makeup for later. On a whim, she called her favorite salon and was delighted to get an appointment with Cathy, the stylist who always cut her hair. Tonight she was going to splurge a little and show whatever-her-name-is that Anthony was giving up a sexy-as-hell wife. Halloween was a night for a girl to wear almost nothing, and for a moment she considered buying a naughty nurse costume, but she wanted to feel confident for the confrontation. For something of this life-changing magnitude a sexy dress was the best choice.

He'd been acting so strangely. His phone call to her


Betrayal Ashlynn


earlier in the day had really freaked her out. She loved him and wanted to try to make it work, but his recent erratic behavior was scaring her.

She'd been married three years. The honeymoon shouldn't be over so soon. It didn't seem like he'd been her husband long enough to have lost interest already. Sure, marriages failed, but she'd known Anthony since they were fourteen. They'd been best friends long before they'd been lovers. He knew her better than anyone did. Remembering his phone call made her shiver.

* * * *

Reaching into her purse, Dyanna fished out her
buzzing phone. It was her husband.

"Hello." A pause, not a good sign. Waiting for a
response felt like an eternity.

She cleared her voice, speaking louder.

"Hello, Anthony, can you hear me?"

"Yes." It wasn't much of a greeting.

"Babe, you called me. What's up?" Her husband
hadn't spoken to her in days. His strange behavior had
started about a month before. He'd gone out with the guys
one night and hadn't come home for three days. When he
finally showed up, he told her he wouldn't be going back to


Betrayal Ashlynn


work and started sleeping in the basement all day.

Another pause, something was definitely up with
him. Is he finally going to tell me about the other woman?

"I need to see you tonight." It sounded more like an
order than an invitation. Dyanna wasn't impressed.

"Why?" It was her turn to be short with him.

"I love you. If you want to save our marriage and be
with me forever, you'll come." Anthony's tone changed. The
words had a desperate quality, Dyanna's heart stopped.

"Are you cheating on me?" She had to know.

"Come to Club Silver Moon tonight. Dress-up,
something sexy. Tell the man at the door you're my special
guest. He'll let you in."

"Why do you have special privileges there? I heard
that place is like Fort Knox, no one gets in without
humongous boobs or a lot of money. Last time I checked,
you didn't have either. Just come home; we can talk there."

If she were going to find out about the other woman, she'd
rather be home. Why would he want to break her heart at a
public place? What was so special about this club? He
didn't go out with the guys anymore, he didn't talk to his
family. Was the woman from the club? Was he foolish
enough to bring her face-to-face with the woman he was
cheating with? She didn't want to go, but a morbid
curiosity about the woman made it hard to decide what she


Betrayal Ashlynn


really wanted to do.

When Anthony spoke, his voice was frightening.

She'd never heard her husband sound so threatening
before. "You'll come, or I'll never see you again."

She flinched as the meaning of his words fully
registered. How could he hurt her like this? The audacity of
his statement left her speechless for a moment. Then she
recovered. "What time do you want me there?" How
showing up would save her marriage she didn't know, but
she'd always wonder about the meeting if she didn't go. She
had a sexy red dress and new pumps to match. If he was
prepared to lose her, she'd show him just what he was
giving up.


"Are you selling drugs? What's wrong with you,
Anthony?" What was an unemployed guy suddenly doing at
a swanky place like Club Silver Moon?

He said nothing.

She sighed. "Okay, ten. I'll be home in a few hours.

Will you still be home?"

"I'll be sleeping." He did a lot of that lately. The
line disconnected. He hung up on her without a goodbye.

* * * *


Betrayal Ashlynn


The clock said it was four forty-five in the afternoon. Dyanna left the condo to go to the salon, grabbing her purse and keys on the way out. She was shocked her husband wasn't home sleeping in the basement like usual. A sharp pang of loneliness cut into her heart.

Why did love have to hurt so fucking much? If he honestly ever loved her, he should have the balls to tell her at home the marriage was over.

At least she'd get to see the inside of Club Silver Moon. No one got in unless they were on the list. This situation was crazy. Dyanna believed in Anthony and thought she knew him, until recently. He'd better spill his guts the second he saw her. She hated suspense, and his erratic behavior combined with the surreal invitation made her feel antsy. Waiting sucked.

A few hours later, she returned home with the elegant up-do piled softly on her head. Curls trailed down, and a glittery spray added just the right touch to the overpriced salon creation. She'd had the good sense to wear a button-up shirt. To her relief her hair was still perfect as she pulled the bodice of the strapless red mini dress over her small breasts. She often went braless, and sometimes, on a whim, didn't bother with panties. If her husband begged her forgiveness and confessed his crimes against their marriage, she might even let him have his way with

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