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Authors: Jackie White

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MMF Initiation

MMF Initiation

Jackie White

copyright 2012 Jackie

Smashwords Edition


The characters and
events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons,
dead or alive, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author: Jackie

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Table of Contents


MMF Virgin

Book 1: Part

Book 1: Part

Book 1: Part

Book 1:Part

Book 1: Part

Book 1: Part

MMF Curious

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

Book 2: Part

MMF Secrets

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part

Book 3: Part


Book 1: MMF Virgin

Book 1: Part 1


The tree house
was so much smaller than Eve remembered. It was three years since
she had been up there. Last year, her dad had talked about pulling
it down, but she had pleaded with him to leave it be. It held so
many happy childhood memories; she couldn't bear the thought of
losing it. She looked down over next door's garden. Her neighbours,
the Browns, had added a conservatory eighteen months ago. She could
see directly in to it from her vantage point. They would probably
have objected to the tree house being put up if they'd had the
conservatory back then. She was eleven when her dad built it. Could
that really be seven years ago? It had been her favourite place in
the whole world - somewhere she could escape from mum and dad, and
their constant nagging. Her fondest memories were of those days
when she and Jack, the Brown's son, were in the tree house
together. They would talk for hours about everything under the sun.
Sometimes, they would discuss what they wanted to do when they were
older. Jack had wanted to be a professional footballer - like most
young boys of that age - he hadn't made the grade. Eve had wanted
to be an author, but she hadn't written anything for over two years
now. Jack was one year older than Eve, and still lived next door.
She saw him most days, and they always said hello, and occasionally
stopped to chat. Eve had fancied Jack for as long as she could
remember. She had never told him, and she thought he had only ever
seen her as a friend.

This week had
been the shitest ever. Yesterday, her best friend, Cathy, had told
her she was moving to the other side of the country. Then today,
Eve had found out she hadn't made the short list for the job that
she had applied for at the local library. She had hoped sitting in
the tree house might cheer her up, but if anything it had made her
feel worse. She kept remembering the good times she had spent up
there - most of them with Jack. She was on the point of going back
into the house when she noticed movement in the conservatory next
door - it was Jack - he sat at a table just inside the French

The windows in
the tree house were no more than small rectangular slits cut into
the walls. No one could see her from below, so she continued to
stare down at Jack. There was a laptop on the glass topped table in
front of him. He started to type and move the mouse around the
table. He was in his first year at the local college, taking a
course in media studies. Eve assumed he must be doing homework.
After a few minutes, he pushed back his chair, and stood up. She
expected him to walk back into the house, but instead, she watched
in disbelief as his hands went to the waist band of his trousers.
He undid the button, pulled down the zipper, and let his trousers
fall to his feet. What the hell was he doing? He sat back down
again. Eve watched as his hand moved beneath the table. That's when
the penny dropped. He was watching porn and masturbating. The rear
of the Brown's house was bordered on all sides by a tall fence. The
garden backed onto a field, so there was no way for anyone to see
into the conservatory - except from the tree house. Jack would know
the tree house was never used, so he wouldn't be concerned about
anyone seeing him.

Eve's pulse was
racing. Try as she might, she could not see his hand below the
table. More disappointing was that she could not see his cock. What
wouldn't she give to see it - or better still - to touch it. She
moved her legs apart, and reached underneath her skirt. Her fingers
pulled aside her panties, and rubbed her clit as she watched his
hand moving faster and faster. What a waste of a good erection -
she could have done so much with it. Her fingers rubbed faster as
she imagined taking his hard cock into her mouth - deep, deeper
until she had taken every last inch. Still rubbing her clit, she
moved her other hand underneath her skirt, and started to finger
herself. She imagined it was Jack's cock sliding inside her. He had
pushed back the chair a little; she almost strained her neck trying
to see his cock, but still no joy. She rubbed her clit faster; she
wanted to come when he did. Faster, faster, he was coming - even
from here, she could tell. He was coming. She felt her own orgasm
engulf her, as she saw him slump back into his chair.


Book 1: Part 2


She could think
about nothing else all evening. Did this mean he wasn't seeing
anyone? She knew it didn't - she'd often masturbated when she had
been in a relationship. Most of the guys she had been with hadn't
had the first clue how to satisfy her – so she’d had to do it
herself. Mum and dad both commented how quiet she was. She told
them she was disappointed in missing out on the job at the library.
She wasn't lying, but it wasn't the main thing on her mind.


The next day,
she tried to keep busy, so she wouldn’t think about Jack, but she
couldn’t get the image, of him masturbating, out of her head. She’d
wanted him for so long; when was she actually going to do something
about it? If she didn't, she knew she would regret it for the rest
of her life. It occurred to her that what she witnessed yesterday
might not be a one-off, so at exactly the same time as the day
before, she climbed up into the tree house. The conservatory was
empty. She watched and waited.

Twenty minutes
later, Jack appeared. Just like yesterday, he sat at the table, and
opened his laptop. Just like yesterday, he undid his trousers.
Unlike yesterday, Eve didn't just sit and watch. Instead, she
climbed down the tree, so quickly she almost fell. She rushed
through the house. Her mum and dad had gone out, so there were no
awkward questions. She knew if she stopped to think about it, she
would get cold feet, so she hurried straight around to the Brown's
house, and rang the doorbell. His parents had to be out; otherwise
he wouldn’t be wanking in the conservatory. No answer, so she
pressed the bell again. A few seconds later, she saw a shape
through the frosted glass at the side of the door. Her heart was
almost bursting out of her chest, and for a second she considered
running back home. Before she had the chance, the door opened.


He looked
flustered, not surprising under the circumstances.

“I've just been
in the tree house,”

He looked

“There's a
great view of your conservatory from up there.”

“Oh.” The penny
had dropped. His face flushed.

“I thought
there might be something I could help you with,” she pushed him
gently back inside the house, pulled the door closed behind her,
and put her hand on his crotch. He was still hard.

“It feels like
you need some help with this.”

“We can't.”

“Don't you
fancy me?

“Of course I
do. I always have, but...”

“You'd rather
have a wank?”


She started to
stroke the bulge in his trousers.

“Fuck it. Come
on.” He took her by the hand, and led her upstairs to his

It took them no
more than a few seconds to tear off each others clothes. Jack
pushed her gently back onto the bed, and climbed on beside her. He
parted her legs, his mouth seeking out her pussy. She closed her
eyes, waiting for the first tantalising touch. She didn't have long
to wait, His tongue circled her, slowly – teasing. She had dreamed
of this for so many years, she was going to savour every second.
His fingers gently held back her lips to give his tongue access.
She ran her fingers through his hair while he went to work on her
clit. He needed no guidance; he was doing all the right things. He
pushed one, and then a second finger inside her – his tongue still
working its magic. Without missing a beat, he shuffled around until
his cock was hovering over her face. Hmmm sixty nine – her
favourite number.

She took his
cock in her hand, allowing herself a few seconds to admire the
beautiful specimen. Long and hard – just the way she liked them.
She flicked the head with her tongue. He flinched, but continued to
lick her clit, and finger her – a little harder now. She raised her
head just high enough to take his cock into her mouth. She managed
to focus on the job in hand (or should that be mouth?) for a few
minutes, but then his fingers and tongue worked together to deliver
one almighty orgasm. Her legs shook, her pelvis thrust upwards, and
she thought she might crush his head between her thighs.
Afterwards, while she lay back, trying to regain her composure, he
sat watching her – she had a huge smile on her face. When she
eventually came around, he said, “Did you come?”

“What do you
think?” She laughed.

Still on the
bed, he stood up and leaned with his back against the wall. She got
onto her knees, her face a few inches from his crotch. She put her
hands on the top of his legs, and kissed the head of his cock,
before taking it into her mouth. He looked down at her as she
sucked it slowly in and out. After a while he needed more, so took
hold of her head, and started to mouth fuck her. She let him set
the pace, allowing his cock to slide in and out of her mouth. Her
hands slid inwards until they held his balls. Her mouth was full of
hard cock, such a wonderful feeling. After a while, she was sure he
was about to come in her mouth, but then he released her head, took
hold of her shoulders, and spun her around, so she had her back to
him. He pushed her onto all fours before kneeling down behind her.
She felt him push his hard cock into her wet pussy. His hands found
her breasts as he thrust hard and deep inside her. Each stroke was
harder and went deeper – his balls slapped against her. Faster,
faster – harder, harder. After no more than a minute, she sensed he
was about to come. He pulled out his cock, took it in his hand, and
started to stroke it frantically. She turned around, so she was
facing him.

“Come on my

The words had
no sooner left her mouth than a stream of warm, thick cum shot
across her forehead. The next stream sprayed over her nose and
cheeks. She opened her mouth, and licked the cum which was on her
lips, He continued to wank, shooting still more cum over her
breasts. Spent, he dropped down onto the bed – she lay down beside

“That was
better than a wank in the conservatory wasn't it?”

“Oh yes.”

Book 1: Part 3


Over the next
few days, Eve's mum and dad both remarked how much happier she
seemed. She didn't tell them the real reason – that she'd fucked
Jack who she'd fancied ever since she was a kid. Instead, she let
them think it was because she was feeling more positive on the job
front. She'd only seen Jack once since. He had been with one of his
friends, so she didn’t get a chance to talk to him. He did shout
hello, and flashed that smile of his. He had said he wanted to see
her again, but she was getting impatient (for impatient read

Eve was in the
dining room, which looked out onto the street. It was stifling hot,
so she had the window open for air. Seated at the dining table, she
had a great view of next door's driveway. She knew Jack's father
always went out early to work, but his mother didn't go out every
day. Eve assumed his mother must have a part time job which meant
she only worked certain days. There wasn’t much to see outside,
just a young man hanging around at the end of the street. She
didn’t recognise him. Just then, Eve spotted Jack’s mother getting
into her car.

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