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Mr. Blue Eyes: Wild Night Dreaming 1

BOOK: Mr. Blue Eyes: Wild Night Dreaming 1

Mr. Blue Eyes

By Camiel Rollins

Published by Camiel Rollins

SmashWords Edition

Copyright 2014 by Camiel Rollins. All rights

This book or any portion thereof may not be
reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express
written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief
quotations in a book review.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places,
companies and incidents either are the product of the author’s
imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual
events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is
entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of either the author or
the publisher.

* * * * *

Carla’s childhood friend, Thera, is visiting Greece
after ten years and she is bringing her new boyfriend with her. He
is none other than a breakout young programmer, Jake Winters.

Jake turns out to be as Thera claimed him to be –
very handsome, very wealthy, very hot... and all the other
qualities women wish for a perfect boyfriend. But there is just one
catch – Jake Winters also turns out to be Tom Sawyer. Tom Sawyer is
the pseudonym he used when he was working as a male escort two
years ago, when Carla “met” him.

It did not take long for both of them to find out
that the passion that drove both of them that blissful whole week
in a romantic island in Greece drives them still. How can she tell
Thera that she is in a relationship with a very dishonest man
without confessing her part in the betrayal?

And what about the emptiness she’d felt since their
encounter and eventual parting? She might be in love with him, but
she has no choice but to give him up before she also betrays

* * * * *

Chapter One

arla stared at the
airport’s electronic board of arrivals for the second time in the
last ten minutes, and of course nothing had changed. The flight
from Australia had a half hour delay, so, logically, Thera would be
here in about twenty minutes.

She hadn’t seen her friend for years, ever
since she went to Australia. Thera had left Greece for Australia
ten years ago with her mother and step-father and had never come
back since then. Of course they talked on Skype all the time, but
it wasn’t the same. And now, she was almost here…

She just couldn’t wait. The mere thought of
having her friend for a whole month made her green almond-shaped
eyes glow from inside her sunglasses. Even though Thera was two
years younger than Carla, who now was 25, they had been best
friends since they were kids. Their parents were good friends, too,
and they lived close to each other’s houses. After Carla’s parents
died five years ago in a car crash, the absence of the only friend
she had ever connected with despite having more friends around her
since Thera left became much more painful.

She tossed her head decisively and chased the
bad memories away. Then a playful smile appeared on her soft, full

Thera was coming with company – her new
boyfriend of just two weeks ago. The notorious Jake Winters,
thirty, owned a bunch of companies that sold various applications
for smart phones through the internet. He was supposed to be Mister
Perfect, according to Thera – good-looking, charming, kind,
thoughtful… her friend made him sound like a living commercial ad
model. Carla planned to tease Thera about him nonstop. Of course,
when he couldn’t hear it.

The airport speakers announced that the 1427
flight from Melbourne had just arrived. Carla got up from the chair
she had been sitting on and stretched the hem of the short blue
dress down her thighs. She started for the exit her friend would
eventually come out of. Her fingers tried to brush her long, raven
black hair in an automatic manner. She hardly noticed the admiring
looks of men around her. Her tall, lean figure, with the endless
shapely legs always had attracted men’s attention and she was used
to it by now. She walked fast in her athletic shoes heading to exit
number 7 with her typical grace, which she acquired through many
years of dance lessons.

As she waited for the flight passengers to
emerge, she fanned her face with her hand. Even though it was only
9 am, the heat was already intolerable, even when the airport was
air-conditioned. It was only natural for August, but was still
annoying. She imagined being at home and diving in the sea right
below. Her house had a swimming pool but she had always preferred
the beauty and vastness of the sea.

A small hurricane of blond hair rushed on to
her to embrace her laughing. “Carla!”

She laughed back and at last hugged her
friend tightly. “Thera!” Then she pushed her a little further so
she could look at her. “Let me see you, you little gecko!” she said
tenderly, using the nickname she had given Thera when they were

Thera was the absolute opposite of Carla. She
was short, and standing near her in her tall frame made her look
like a little child. But she was a joy to the eye! Thera was so
lovely in her cuteness. Her long blond hair with their soft curls,
her baby-blue eyes and her light skin gave her the beauty of a
wispy window-doll. She wore tight dress pants and a strapless red
blouse that flattered her curvilinear body.

“Oh, Thera! You are so beautiful!” she said
as she smiled widely.

“You don’t look bad yourself! Oh god, you
have turned into goddess, love! You are like the models you shoot
for the magazine!” Thera gushed.

“Okay… now you’re being silly,” she said. It
had always made her feel awkward whenever people told her that.
Although she did succumb for a while and modeled when she was in
college to help with her school finances, she had quit as soon as
she could. She never liked it when the lights were turned towards
her and she had to posture for the camera. She had loved beauty,
though, and had a tendency to capture it as authentically as she
could by using her cameras. She loved playing with lights to get
more of the drama from her subjects as much as she could. She just
really didn’t like when those lights were turned towards her.

In truth, Carla had been a very shy child. In
fact, Thera was the first to approach her before she had the
courage to do it. Although she had overcome this intrinsic behavior
of hers when she had finally mastered the art of smiling at people,
that seemed to always worked, there was still that part of her that
would doubt that if she had not been good to look at, would people
like her?

“So, where’s your significant other?” asked
Carla to deflect the attention from her.

Thera threw her a knowing look but did not
pursue it. Thera knew all about her hang ups, and that they had
their roots from the fact that her friend had been adopted. “Oh…
he’s coming. He lingered to collect our baggage from the conveyor
belt. I left him because I just couldn’t wait to see you!”

They both laughed and hugged again because of
that. Then Thera exclaimed.

“But… oh there he is! He’s coming.”

Carla looked at the direction Thera was
looking at, taking her glasses off so that she can have a better
look at the approaching man who was easily pushing a stroller full
of two enormous suitcases and two smaller ones. She abruptly
brought the glasses back to cover her eyes as she felt her face
paling and her eyes popping out.

She couldn’t help it. Even after all these
years, she recognized him. Thera’s boyfriend was one of the most
gorgeous man she had ever met – and in her career she had met many
– and her memories of him didn’t give him justice now. The man –
boy – that she knew had been a force to reckon with already, but he
was more so now. Everything had been amplified. His magnetic
personality was so palpable she could almost feel it heating her
skin. She had noticed that it wasn’t only her that was affected.
People couldn’t help but look at him as he passed. He moved
gracefully and powerfully. There were so many positive adjectives
she could still use, but that was the most appropriate. Power.

He had become a walking Zeus, dammit.

Chapter Two

e doesn’t speak a
word of Greek, so we’ll speak English in front of him, okay?” Thera
whispered as Jake Winters halted the stroller in front of them and
stood by her side, smiling.

On the other side of her glasses, Carla had
recovered enough sense to observe him. He was taller than her – not
surprisingly. He had been taller before. He would be about, if not
over, six feet tall. His tallness gave him a lean look despite
having an obviously muscular body. He stood casually in a t-shirt,
jeans and short boots – hardly the get up of a wealthy man, but he
gave the clothes power. She would guess that he would give old
faded capris an expensive look. His hair was thick, brown, and
curly. Most of all, he had the grin of a child on his face –
naughty and very attractive. And she just knew that he was
remembering, too.

Thera was giving the introductions in
English. “Jake, I’d like you to meet Carla, my best friend in the
world! Girlfriend, this is
Jake,” she said in a loving

Then Jake took his dark glasses off, and with
a smile that turned rueful and friendly, he stretched his hand to
greet her. His eyes had an intense, blue color. Not that she didn’t
already know that.

“Hey, Carla. Nice meeting you
at last
Thera just wouldn’t stop talking about you on the plane.”

His voice was a low baritone, full and
sensuous. She gave him her hand but as soon as their fingers
touched, she felt what seemed like an electrical current, which he
must have felt, too because they both pulled their hands away at
the same time.

“Nice meeting you, too, Jake.” She felt heat
flush on her cheeks as his eyes watched her face, his smile a bit
frozen on his lips. “Ahm… let’s get the car. You must be exhausted
from the flight,” she mumbled, and hugged Thera again as she turned
her back on him.

She had her smile back on her face when they
all started walking down the airport’s exit.

* * *

CHRIST… Jake Winters… is Tom Sawyer
Carla screamed inside, though she looked calm outside.

As they exited the airport and headed to the
parking lot, four women stood on the sidewalk. They all looked in
their early 40s, clothed in conservative attires that shouted
businesswomen, yet they were all looking at Tom with the admiration
of girls towards an attractive man. Their cheeks started blossoming
with color as they exchanged knowing glances that screamed HOT,
then they unashamedly and avidly watched him again as they

And they weren’t the only ones.

* * *

JAKE watched the young woman walking in front
of him with Thera. He hadn’t felt this excited for a long time, and
he was barely managing to contain it all inside.

Oh, she was stunning then, and she was more
so now. He had started to believe he would not see her again, and
then she suddenly popped out of nowhere. His mind was still a bit
numbed. He still felt a little overwhelmed, but he had calmed
enough to observe the image that he had not seen for two years, but
still remembered as if everything had happened yesterday.

She was as tall and graceful as before – he
almost groaned as he distinctly remembered how her gorgeous long
legs felt while they were wrapped around him. Her eyes were dark
green and exotic, her lips full and soft-looking… the variety that
were exclusively made for long kisses, hot or warm. Oh, yes, he
. Her skin was still as dark, flawless, and
healthy. Her soft curls, tousled by the wind when they got out of
the airport, made it easier to remember how she would look as she
just got out of bed. He, again, couldn’t control himself and stared
at a specific part of her body, the one rounded so seductively just
below her waist. The way her ass moved was just… poetry in

He suddenly felt very uncomfortable inside
his pants.

He knew she recognized him, and yet she said
nothing. He, too, hadn’t known what to do after he recognized her.
He was not sure if that was good or bad. He noticed her struggling
for a moment before she quickly recovered her wits. He was hoping
it was because of the same reason he was still trying to recover
his wits now.

Then his eyes fell on Thera, and the smile he
hadn’t known was on his lips slowly vanished.

What the hell was he doing? Had he completely
lost his mind? He was here with Thera, and he was already thinking
of hitting on her best friend.

Just a month ago, he had decided that it was
about time to get serious, stick with a nice girl and “practice”
settling down. Thera was the perfect candidate for the nice girl
job. Now that he had his finances down pat after his drop out from
his former occupation two years ago, he had time to have a serious,
normal relationship with a woman. Now that he had Thera who,
admittedly, didn’t know much about him but fell for him anyway, he
shouldn’t be having these thoughts.

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