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My Billionaire Stepbrother 1

BOOK: My Billionaire Stepbrother 1
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My Billionaire Stepbrother

Part 1

By Erica Storm

Copyright by Erica Storm 2014


Copyright © 2014 by Erica Storm

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Please do not participate in or encourage the piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights. Purchase only authorized editions.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. No reproduction of this book part or whole is permitted. This book should not be scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without the author’s permission.

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Copyright Page

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Chapter 1

When I was ten I hated my stepbrother. My father married, and left me and my mother when I was born, to marry this beautiful model in California. They had a son three years older than me. Where my mother and I lived in a rundown house in a seedy part of Seattle, they lived in a mansion in Malibu. It wasn’t my stepbrother’s fault but I blamed him for having a great looking mother and being so hot and good looking that I wanted him to steal in my bedroom when I visited my father, and take me, but he never did.

I would sleep in the nude just to make it easy for him.

I blamed him for being so sexy and causing me to dream about an elicit relationship with him, and surrendering my virginity to him. I blamed him for me being a virgin at seventeen because I was waiting for him.

My stepbrother Madison’s dark hair and blue intoxicating eyes mesmerized me, hitting me like desert heat taking my breath away, and made a growing lingering want and a swell deep down inside every time I gazed on his shirtless body. I on the other hand looked like a mouse with my sallow skin and long dark hair. I looked like Dracula sucked the blood from me.

My father brought in enough money to pay child support but it was Madison’s mother’s money and Madison’s rich father who made it possible for my dad to live in luxury while we lived below the poverty line.

When I was seventeen my father asked me to come to their home in California to give me a break from my gloom, and get some sunshine on my face.

I flew in on a cheap flight and Madison was given the task of picking me up from the airport. I found the baggage claim glancing around for someone who fit his description. A hot young hunk of twenty but no hot sexy young men in sight caught my eyes. It had been agreed that he would meet me there, but he wasn’t there even after I had been waiting for an hour for the plane to unload my luggage, and put it on the conveyer belt.

Finally, I had my suitcase in my hand. There was little doubt that my luggage would be there because no one wanted a ratty old bag, not even me. I managed to push it out to the curb checking my purse to find the address and make a call to my father.

After standing in line for a cab, calling my dad, and reassuring him that I made it without something happening to me for fifteen minutes, I approached the end of the line with two people in front of me. It was then I heard loud music and someone yell my name. Turning to see who it was I saw a silver two door Mercedes angled at the curb. The top was down and he was standing shouting at me. I turned and rolled the case over to the trunk expecting him to get out and open it but instead he sat in the car, and opened the trunk, and I slid it in. Then I walked to the door and opened it.

I rolled my eyes at him when I wanted to kiss him and take his hand and place it in my panties and let him feel the want and my pulsating swollen clit.

He looked at me with disdain as if he had better things to do with his time and he probably did. I turned to him and said, “Would it hurt you to help me with my luggage?” He glanced at me, turned the music up, and kept his eyes on the road. He ignored me the whole time. I lowered the music and said, “You are so rude.” He reached on his steering wheel and hit a button and the music blared louder.

Chapter 2

When we arrived at the beautiful house setting atop the hill, my hair was covering my face. Madison stopped the car and jumped out when he saw my father. He tried to pretend that he was being nice to me, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. He even opened the car door like a gentleman I knew he wasn’t, and when I trotted to open the trunk, he was standing there and placed his hand over mine to help me raise the trunk.

I felt an unhealthy arousal. A tingling in my stomach at the time. I couldn’t explain it. I glanced up at him into his big blue eyes and wind swept hair and I knew I wanted him. I wanted to be near him but he was obnoxious with a sex appeal sending shivers down to my clit that I couldn’t break away from.

When he released my hand I saw his reaction to me. He couldn’t disguise it. The swell in his pants was straining to get out. He caught me looking at him. He raised an eyebrow.

Then he gave me a wicked sexy smile because he knew how ordinary looking girls like me were attracted to him. The way he looked, tattoos on his arms, he was the hottest thing I had seen. I grimaced at him to let him know I wasn’t falling for his good looks, but in reality, I would give my body, my heart, and my virginity to him if he wanted it.

“I have this,” I said. “Don’t pretend for my father’s sake. And I don’t need you to help me.” I wheeled the suitcase near the car and up the stairs and into the house.

He opened the door and his faced changed from the raised eyebrows and hard line of his lips, to a brighter softer smooth face. His mother, a beauty, stood alongside my father holding his hand. They appeared to be in love, but I could tell Madison felt the same way I did. It was sickening. I wanted my father for my mother, and he had wanted his mother to be with his father.

“Madison, show Blair to her room,” his mother said in her soft voice. My father hugged me only when Madison’s mother would let go of his hand. She was so controlling and her son appeared to have inherited her disposition. When Madison’s mother released my father’s hand for a moment, she seized it again. It was as if they were inseparable or they were that much in love, which from my face and Madison’s face showed how sick we were feeling watching them. We both rolled our eyes at the same time.

Madison picked up my soft luggage and climbed the stairs with it. He brought me to the second floor with a view of the Pacific Ocean and a large terrace. “Which room is yours?”

“I don’t live here. I have my own pad west of the beach. I get the first sunlight in the morning and last sunlight in the evening. Have you ever seen the sun when it sets in California?” he asked, his voice in a relaxed happy mood.

“This is my first time in Malibu.”

“You have to come and see the sunset at my place.” I saw his eyes brightened with a devilish glow and a warmth that I hadn’t seen before. Then his phone chimed. Raising his hand to me, he walked outside on the balcony and talked for a few minutes, then came inside. He looked at me with my hair still in disarray and took a strand and placed it behind my ear and stared appraising my face.

Still holding on to the strand of hair he said, “You know, if you dressed a little different and cut that hair you could be a stunner. I might want to fuck you, or eat your pussy.” He gave me a crooked smile showing perfect white teeth.

I was in shock. I stood looking at him with my mouth wide. “You never had your pussy eaten, he said. “So I guess I can’t expect you to know how to suck a dick.” He angled his head to the side expecting an answer from me as if it was a question.

My eyes opened wide. That statement took me by surprise. Just when I was thinking he had some redeeming qualities, he shot that to hell. “I wouldn’t fuck you let alone let you touch my pussy with those long fingers.”

“You act like a virgin,” he said staring at me. His mouth opened. “You are a virgin,” and he began to laugh uncontrollable. “There aren’t many girls your age that are virgins.”

“I’m seventeen. I would have to have sexual intercourse since I was twelve to have the experience you expect from a girl.” He made me feel embarrassed and that is why at ten and at seventeen I hated him. “I’m sure you’ve never had one,” I said raising my eyebrow. “A virgin, I mean.”

“What is a virgin good for? You have to teach her everything. A guy can’t get his cock sucked properly with a virgin. And forget about anal sex.”

“So you want your cock sucked. And you want to fuck a woman in the ass? Or maybe it’s a guy you’re talking about fucking?” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and his mouth turned south. I wounded his pride with the gay comment.

“Don’t knock the power of a good ass fucking, man or woman.” I didn’t know what to think of that comment. Maybe I had outed him. Maybe he was gay.

“If I had sucked a cock or two then would that turn you on?” I said to him.

“You would have to do more than that to turn me on,” he said laughing at me. “I’m out of here.” He raised his hands then stuffed them in his pants pockets. He walked to the door, stopped in his tracks and turned around. “If you want to go to a party at my house tell your old man to drop you off. I’ll take care of you.” His blue eyes settled on me with a glow.

I didn’t like the sound of his voice, a cold whisper. What could he do? He wouldn’t risk my father’s wrath. Would he?

Chapter 3

Saturday came around with me lounging outside without a bra and getting some much needed sun all over. I had a glow on my face. My body took on a golden glow. I didn’t recognize me. Even my dark hair had a sun-kissed bronze tint. Passing a mirror, I glanced at my hair. It was hanging limp in the middle of my back. “Too long,” I murmured. I found a pair of scissors and clipped my hair, and then I even it off to hang just at my shoulders. Madison was right. Now I looked like someone would want to fuck me.

I made it this long without boys making a pass at me. That’s how I kept my virgin status, which I no longer wanted or needed anymore. To my dismay Madison was right again. I didn’t know how to suck a dick. And men like that kind of thing. Hell boys liked that too. Girls were lining up at my high school to suck Trevor’s dick. He was a popular football jock and all because he could make a few touchdowns. I bet a rock star would trip over pussy. 

Fixing my hair proved too time consuming. I wasn’t going for the slutty look but it was a look that held promise. I fished out some lipstick from my purse and a little eye shadow. I looked like I could go to Madison’s party and not stand out, but I didn’t have any cloths. I remembered my mother put together a few dollars and took me to a discount store and bought me a pair of designer white jeans with the knees cut out. I found a halter top to go with it and it fit great.

Nervous, I kept checking my watch and it was nearing ten o’clock. I planned to spring it on my father that I was invited to Madison’s party. I practice telling him and begging him. Finally I dressed, and just when he and his wife were headed to their bedroom, I sprang it on him.

Although my father was upset because it probably was the night his uptight wife would grant him a fuck. He had to get rid of me before her screams of “Fuck me! Fuck me,” as he ate her pussy, echoed in the house and throughout the neighborhood. He agreed with her blessing. He dropped me at this mansion and I looked at dad. “Yes, Madison lives here. He’s a rich fuck. His father left him piles of money when he died, and to make it worse, that lucky spoiled fuck is a rock star. So be careful with the drinking and drugs, and all those sex crazed young men.” I looked at him showing a small smile.

“Tell Madison I will never forgive him if something happens to my little girl.”

I didn’t want to be his little girl anymore, I wanted to be Madison’s slut. I wanted Madison to fuck me, and claim my hot wet opening. I wanted to prove to him just because I was only a girl, and a virgin I still knew what to do with a dick.

Hoping out of the car and waving to my dad, I eagerly, cautiously, walked up the stairs to Madison’s home. When I strolled in, the smell of smoke, the smell of liquor, the smell of sex was overwhelming. Pretty girls and handsome guys were everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, and in the bedrooms. I tried finding Madison. As I explored his large beach house he was nowhere in sight. I had to ask someone.

BOOK: My Billionaire Stepbrother 1
2.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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