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My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episode 2 Discovered






Marita A. Hansen


Like a television series,
My Masters’ Nightmare
is broken up into seasons and episodes. A new
episode will be published approximately every 3 weeks until a
season has ended. There will be fifteen episodes per



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Masters’ Nightmare

1, Episode 2


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Do you know what the mafia do
to FBI agents?”

Naked and scared,
I stared up at the
guard from my knees, Federico’s words silencing me along with the
gun he was pointing at my head. I didn’t know how the man had found
out I was FBI, and right now it didn’t matter—because I was dead. I
wondered whether he was going to shoot me here in the bathroom...
No, he would take me to the don, where I would get shot like my
husband had been, but first Federico would try to make me suck his
cock. The bastard of a thing was hanging in front of my face,
growing harder as Federico ran a hand up and down it, readying it
for my mouth.

continued to stare at his face, not
wanting to see what was in front of me. Federico was harsh-looking,
his features grizzled, the dark rings under his eyes and his frown
lines making him appear in his forties, although his muscular body
looked like it belonged to a thirty-year-old.

He pushed the gun
firmly into my
temple, indenting my flesh. “Answer me!”

I moved my head away from the gun. “I-I
d-d-don’t know what you’re tal-talking about,” I purposely
stuttered, although my fear was real.

’s thick eyebrows knotted.
“You’re lying.”

I’m j-just a teacher,” I said,
wondering how I could take him down before he got a shot off. Maybe
I could punch him in his balls.

He hit the side of my head with the gun,
making me yelp. My hands shot to my head, all thought of punching
him gone.

I know what you were thinking,”
he said, “your thoughts are written all over your face.”

I rubbed
where he’d hit me. “I wasn’t
thinking anything.”

He sniffed.
“Liar. And by the way, you’re
not stuttering any more. Don’t pretend if you can’t carry through,
it’s a dead giveaway.”

You’re wrong.”

Save your breath, rookie,” he
said, his voice low as though he didn’t want anyone to hear. “I had
suspicions when you first arrived, but today clinched it, and it’s
only a matter of time before the others find out if you continue to
be careless.”

I don’t know what you’re
talking about.”

rolled his eyes. “You might as
well drop the act, because I’m never wrong. You were an idiot for
attacking Alberto in that manner, only tattooing ‘FBI bitch’ on
your forehead would have been more obvious. Your boss said he was
sending someone new, but...” he tapped my head with his gun, “You?
Pathetic. I’m surprised Frano didn’t pick up on it, but then again,
you are beautiful. Guess Dan figured your beauty would distract the
D’Angelos from what you really are.”

My face went
, the
mention of Dan, my boss, the man who I looked up to like a father
hitting me square in the chest. I wanted to yell at Federico that
he was a liar, because Dan wouldn’t have sold me out, he

shook his head. “Your
expression tells me you can’t believe Dan would sell you out.
Again, I don’t know how you got the job.”

I stared at him, taken aback
that he could read me so easily. I forced out a, “I don’t know what
you’re talking about,” again, too stunned to say anything else.
There had been suspicions that there was a D’Angelo spy in the
bureau, but not someone as high as my boss. Plus, Dan had been
there for me after Matt’s death. He’d helped me grieve,
grieved. He’d cried at Matt’s funeral, which was the only
time I’d seen him lose his composure. That couldn’t be an act, it
couldn’t be.

Of course you wouldn’t
anything,” Federico said, “because no one was told, otherwise I
would’ve been found out like Matt.”

My husband’s name sent pain through my
chest, then the full meaning of Federico’s words filtered through.
“What do you mean you would’ve be found out like Matt?”

He lowered his head, whispering, “P.S.
I’m your informant.”

My eyes widened.

He smiled. “
How the hell did you become a
FBI agent?”

I continued to stare at him,

Not going to answer me?” he
said, still running a hand over his cock.

My eyes
went to it, the moment bizarre,
his words not matching his actions. “I-I’m goo-good at languages
and fighting,” I stuttered out, this time for real. I continued to
stare as he masturbated in front of me. I’d never seen or heard of
this man, but that meant nothing, since he could be from a
different bureau. I wondered how long he’d been placed with the
D’Angelos. I went to ask, but stopped, his next words silencing

You just confirmed you’re FBI
and you don’t even know if I was lying.” He sneered at me, looking
like he was disgusted.

I swore, not believing
d done

He shook his
. “I’m
not lying, but you’re still a stupid bitch for blowing your

I exhaled loudly, relief flooding
every inch of my body. “You took me by surprise.”

Regardless, you still
should’ve faked it. You really are a rookie.”

I went to
rise, knowing I deserved the
distain in his voice.

tapped my head with the gun again,
making me wince. “Stay down.”

Stop hitting
” I said,
rubbing the spot.

Not until I hit some
sense into you.”

Then how about you put
your cock away and let me up.”

No. If someone walks in on us
talking, I’ll get a bullet in the back of my head, but with you on
your knees and my dick hanging out, all I’ll get is a smack on the
wrist for doing what all the guards do. So, shut up and listen. I
need info and fast. I haven’t been able to make contact with Dan
for over a week now, because there’s been a lockdown. Frano has
been getting threats, so he’s ordered that no one but family
communicates with anyone on the outside. He’s been monitoring
everything, making it too risky for me to do shit. Have you heard
of the Donatelli family?”

Yes, they used to be
the D’Angelos, but split from them about six or seven years ago. I
don’t know what over though.”

Jagger. He mutilated the
Donatelli don’s half-brother. And now with Frano becoming the head
of the D’Angelo family, the Donatelli are demanding for Jagger to
be sent to them. They were scared of Frano’s father, but Frano
doesn’t command the same respect or fear, which means they think
they can strong-arm him into handing over Jagger. Frano is
resisting, but it’s resulting in the Donatelli interfering with
business. The other day they intercepted a shipment of women that
was meant to be sent here. They are refusing to return them until
Frano hands Jagger over, and say it will keep on happening if he
doesn’t. The problem is Frano needs Jagger, because Jagger knows
how to manipulate the women to the standards that the clients
desire. Whatever the purchaser’s taste is, he works on them in a
manner to achieve their ultimate slave. I’ve seen him be gentle
with some women, yet brutalize others—all done to order. The other
trainer is good, but he can’t get Jagger’s results, and if he goes,
Frano will be in financial trouble. At the beginning of the year we
had four trainers, but Matt was discovered as FBI while Raphael was
enticed over to the Black Russian’s household, and with Jagger
being hunted by the Donatelli, Frano is in deep shit.”

But, this is a good
want him to be brought down?”

Yes, which means we need Jagger
gone, whether it’s to the Donatelli or the Black Russian, who also
wants him, though for pleasure, not a vendetta. And if Jagger goes,
then you’ll be put under Mario. Mario isn’t as cold, he’s young and
inexperienced, and more susceptible to attractive women. He’s
already been reprimanded by Frano for getting too attached to a
slave. I need you with Mario, so you can work on him, turn him
against Frano. Once you’ve turned him, leave the rest to me,
because you still need to be shipped out to the Black

Why can’t I try to turn

Jagger is blood, Mario is not,
plus Jagger is unpredictable.”

I still think I can work on
Jagger. After what Alberto did, I think I have a chance of turning

It won’t happen, because he’ll
have two families gunning for him instead of one, and there are
moles everywhere. He won’t live if he turns on Frano, regardless of
whether he’s blood or not. If he testifies he will be cut from the
family, then Frano will allow the Donatelli to finish him off. And
Jagger knows he won’t get a quick death. Those sick bastards will
torture him.”

I frowned. “I still think he’s my best
option, plus if he’s a victim, he should be taken out of here, not
sent to someone who will harm him more.”

Jagger’s not a victim, he’s a
monster; he deserves everything he gets.”

He’s been

That’s what he claims, but no
one can believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Lies are second
nature to him; it’s hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t with
him. Frano’s given up on trying.”

But Jagger was terrified with
Honey, he totally lost it, thought a
was attacking him.”

I’d say it was a ploy to soften
you. He’s done similar things to other women. He’s an expert

It looked
real to me; you can’t act the
terror I saw on his face.”

You haven’t seen what I’ve
seen. Jagger can’t be trusted.”

A creaking noise made Federico jolt, the
sound of a door opening. Knowing someone was coming, I took a hold
of Federico’s cock, making him jump. Cringing inside, I worked his
semi-hard shaft, needing it to grow fast so our pretense looked

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