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~Omnia Vincit Amor
- Love Conquers All~

To Peggy, thank you for all your support, as always I couldn't have done it without you.

To Sabrina Stopforth, thank you for your amazing dedication. Your work sharing My Savior with everyone truly made some of the long days bearable, because I knew someone believed in the book already.

And to my readers, every single one who purchases my books and dives into my worlds. Thank you for loving my characters as much as I do!


Thirty years ago

"Do not be afraid; I am with you." Amelia smiled up at the very tall, golden prince. She swung her arm, and their clasped hands swayed between them. All around them, small, winged sprites sang and danced in mid-air. The warm sun overhead cast the clearing in a soft, honeyed light. The air around them seemed to sparkle and shine as the animals walked through the woods, completely at peace. The perfume of the gardenias and passionflowers made her feel lightheaded and content. She looked around in wonder. Even though she had never been here before, she knew she was in the very heart of the fae garden in the mystical city of Éire Danu.

"I know you won't hurt me; you're my mate."

The prince looked down at her, his lavender eyes kind and gentle. "That I am, little one."

Amelia sighed. "We have to wait until I grow up before we can mate, huh?" Even she knew that you couldn't get mated when you were six years old.

He nodded. "But do not worry; we are tied together by the light of our hearts. Someday we will find one another."

Amelia stared down at the ground. "What if you forget?" She knew it would be
before she would be a grown up. What if he forgot her between now and then?

Her prince placed a hand over his heart for a moment before extending his arm. When he opened his fingers, a small orb of golden light pulsed in his hand. Smiling, he lifted the orb to her chest where it flared brightly before disappearing. Immediately, she felt its gentle presence surround her heart.

"Now there is no way that I will forget you, for you carry a piece of my light with you," he explained.

She placed a hand to her chest and beamed up at him. She thought of the long years ahead and frowned.

He tugged on her braid. "What has you looking so sad? If it is something I can fix, I will," he promised.

She looked up, feeling hopeful. "Can you make me a grown up so we can be together right away?"

He shook his head and ruffled her hair. She loved the feel of his large, warm hand in her hair. He made her feel special and safe. She silently thanked Fate for sending her someone so tender and kind.

"I know to someone so young the oncoming years seem far away, but in reality, the time will fly by in an instant. Before you know it, I will be standing in front of you, and we will be able to start our life together."


He knelt before her on one knee, cupped her face between his two large hands, and kissed her forehead. "I promise."

"I won't let you forget. You're mine," Amelia declared fiercely.

A delighted smile transformed his face from charming to roguish. She felt herself blushing; her mate was very handsome.

"And you are mine." He winked before standing. He reached out to take her hand, and she felt herself tumbling backward.

"No!" she screamed. She felt the ground give way and she was free-falling into the darkness, the beauty and warmth of the garden disappearing.

"I will be waiting. Do not fear," he called after her.

Amelia woke up gasping and looked around her room. Her pink dolls and stuffed animals seemed so ordinary after such an amazing dream. Grinning, she hopped out of bed and ran for the kitchen. She knew her brother, Caiden, would be making breakfast before he and her other brothers, Kyran and Tristan, had to report in for drills with the other unit warriors.

She skidded to a halt in front of their small, wooden table in the kitchen.

Caiden turned from the stove, a white apron covering his training gear. "Why aren't you dressed, young lady? You don't have much time to eat breakfast before we have to drop you off at the Armstrong's for classes."

The guest at their table snorted, eyeing Caiden's apron. "You know, Caiden, you look adorable in that apron. Maybe your brothers should get you a nice string of pearls to complete the look."

"Good one, Kendrick," Tristan said and lifted his fist to be bumped. Kendrick looked at it and raised an eyebrow. Amelia giggled.

Tristan rolled his eyes and let his hand drop. "Of course, you don't do fist bumps. You're Mr. Dark and Mysterious."

Kyran laughed. "I don't think someone with hair that red can pull off dark and mysterious."

Caiden dished out scrambled eggs and then looked over at her. "Well?" He jerked his head toward the hallway. "Go get ready."

Amelia hopped up and down. "School can wait. I have to tell you about my dream. It was amazing!" She was practically vibrating with excitement.

Caiden frowned and turned to Kendrick. "I thought you bound most of her powers? I don't want her setting off another earthquake."

"I did." Kendrick looked at Amelia. "What happened in your dream?"

"I met my mate!" she announced happily.

Around the table, Kyran and Tristan began to choke on their breakfast. Caiden dropped his frying pan, and Kendrick began to rub his chin.

"Wha-wha-what!?" Caiden roared.

Kendrick tapped his lips thoughtfully. "It makes sense. The binding spell wouldn't be able to block a witch's mating dream. Those are how we find our mates."

Caiden rushed around the table while Kyran and Tristan fumbled at their drinks and tried to clear their airways. He knelt down in front of her. "Are you sure? You're just a baby!"

Amelia put her hands on her tiny hips. "Yes, I'm sure, and I am
a baby!"

"You're my baby!" Caiden yelled.

"Our baby!" Tristan corrected. He and Kyran stood and crowded around her.

Remembering her prince, she sighed happily. "He was perfect, like a prince."

Caiden stood, his face like a thundercloud. He looked over at Kendrick and then pointed to her. "Fix this!" he demanded.

Kendrick looked at her oldest brother flatly. "Fix this how, exactly?"

Caiden began to pace in their small kitchen. Of the three, he was the most protective as he was both mother and father to her. Kyran, the second oldest, was her confidant, and Tristan was her playmate. Together, the three of them took care of her while her parents traveled the country.

"There is nothing to fix." She scowled at her brother. Of the three, unfortunately, she was the most like Caiden; they were both headstrong and stubborn.

Caiden walked back over and placed his hands on her shoulders, concern on his face. "Are you okay? Did he do anything weird to you?"

Amelia thought about it for a second. "He put his thing in me."

All four men froze.

The air around Caiden began to spark and crackle. "He did what?" he asked, his voice sounding odd and strained.

"He put his light in my heart, that way, he can find me later," she explained. She looked around confused when the men seemed to slump forward in relief. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing, baby." Caiden scooped her up and sat down with her on his lap. "I can't do this. She can never mate." He let out a long breath and cuddled her close. Kyran and Tristan sat back down in their chairs and rested their heads on the table.

Kendrick's smile was wicked as he stood. "Makes me eternally grateful I have a brother."

Behind her, she felt Caiden laugh. "As if you're any less protective of Keelan than we are of Amelia?"

At the mention of his brother's name, she saw Kendrick's eyes soften for a second before becoming hard again. "True," he agreed.

Amelia knew that nearly everyone in Storm Keep was frightened of the antisocial archivist, but since he was her brother's best friend, Caiden had made him her
she had grown up around him. He might seem mean and prickly, but he had always been kind to her.

"Go get dressed, baby. For some reason, I can't wait to do drills today. Beating up on the Omicron Unit sounds very therapeutic," Caiden remarked, setting her on her feet.

Kyran stood. "Sounds like a good idea. We'll get the units started on basic drills while you drop Amelia off at school." He and Tristan kissed the top of her head and walked out the back door.

Kendrick sighed. "Try not to break too many bones. I have reached my limit of good deeds for the year. I don't feel like listening to the water temple beg for my help in healing any muscle-bound warriors who don't have the good sense to duck." Kendrick turned to the door.

"I'll keep that in mind," Caiden said, pushing her toward the hallway.

Humming, she skipped down the hall to her bedroom. She had met her mate, and he was a gentle, golden prince! She couldn't wait to grow up!

BOOK: My Savior
3.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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