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“Why isn’t she on something if she’s his girlfriend?” Dean
looked confused.

“Because they can’t get a female pregnant yet, moron.”
Doctor Elsa glanced at Becca and shook her head. “See what kind of idiots I
deal with? Get her up, Dean.”

He wasn’t gentle as he helped Becca sit and pulled her off
the exam table. She shivered, inched away from the guy and watched the doctor
walk back to her desk to stare at the monitor.

“Do you know why he chose you? Did he ever say why he was
attracted to you specifically?”

“No.” Becca hugged her chest.

The bitch turned and smiled coldly. “Do you care about him?”

“Yes.” That wasn’t a lie. She didn’t want anything to happen
to Brawn.

“Good. Follow me.”

The doctor strode out of the room and Becca followed, the
goons right on her heels. They turned in the opposite direction from which
she’d come and walked farther down the hallway to a closed door. The doctor
paused and glanced at one of her men.

“Is he ready, Ray?”

“Yeah. They stunned the shit out of him, got him all tied up
good and he’s shaking off the stun-gun effects.” He tapped his ear. “He’s
secure. Mike said it’s all good.”

Becca didn’t like the sound of that or the way the doctor
smirked, seeming amused at the news. The door swung open and Randy stood there.
He looked surprised at finding anyone on the other side of the door and two
more men stepped next to him.

“Move out of the way. I’m going to show our guest what we do

All three men backed up to allow the doctor admittance and
Becca hesitated long enough to get a hand shoved against her back to propel her
forward. She turned her head long enough to see it had been Ray who had done

She turned back and halted again, her mouth fell open and a
soft, horrified gasp passed her lips. The pacer, the New Species from the cage,
had been moved. He’d also been totally stripped naked, was chained upright,
spread-eagle, near the back wall and he snarled loudly at the sight of them.

The overhead light fixtures where what they’d attached
restraints to. His ankles were locked to what appeared to be large concrete
blocks with metal pins inside them. He was very muscular, didn’t have a lot of
body hair and his cock was erect. Becca jerked her gaze to his face, refused to
glance lower to see that sight again and wanted to set him free. Doctor Elsa
turned, stepped to block Becca’s view and smiled coldly.

“It’s primitive but effective. We tried to move the
equipment to their cages. It would have been easier to string them up from the
bars but there aren’t any electrical outlets close enough. We’d have needed
hundreds of feet of extension cords. It compromises the equipment if there’s a
short and we can’t risk it.”

“Why are you hurting them?” Becca whispered. “What are you
doing to him?”

A hand lifted and the doctor jerked her thumb at her
prisoner. “Blame the people who interfered with my research and his kind. I
wasn’t left with a choice once they were discovered. We were lucky to get out
with three of them and that’s only because we got a little notice first. Your
boyfriend is spliced with large cat DNA. I wasn’t able to get one of those. Oh
hell no. I got stuck with only dogs.”

“Doc…” Randy stepped closer. “Why are you telling her anything
at all?”

“Shut up.” She shot him a glare before her hand lowered and
she peered at Becca. “I need your help.”

“No way.”

“You don’t even know what I want from you.”

“I don’t care. The answer is no.” Becca took a step back and
bumped into Ray. Her body inched forward to avoid touching him any longer. “I
won’t help you.”

“I’m wanted by the police and the FBI. I’ve lost
everything.” Anger deepened the other woman’s voice. “They seized my home, my
car, my bank accounts and even arrested my husband, thinking he knew what was
going on. He wasn’t a big loss but it hurt that they hauled my parents in for
questioning. I am not spending the rest of my life in prison for trying to make
the world a better place.”

“Is that what you call working for Mercile?” Becca’s temper
flared. “You tortured and abused New Species. You held them captive in prisons
all their lives. How dare yo—”

“Oh shut up,” the doctor snapped. “Our research helped. That
is the important factor in this. People benefited from the research we did before
it ended. The test subjects aren’t really people, weren’t created to ever live
outside the testing facilities and are no different from rats or mice used in

“You’re nuts.” Rage poured through Becca. “And pathetic.”

“That might be but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re
going to help me.”

“Never,” Becca swore vehemently. “You won’t get away with

“Who is going to stop me? This warehouse was abandoned three
years ago and nothing will link me to it. Randy’s cousin used to work here until
it went out of business. I found buyers in Europe who are sure they can find a
way to artificially inseminate women with the sperm from them.” Her thumb
jerked over her shoulder at the restrained Species. “Their scientists believe
they are so damn smart and can figure out what we couldn’t for years.”

Dean snorted. “They are never going to breed those things.”

Doctor Elsa rewarded him with a smile. “They are smart
enough to know that the sperm dies quickly after leaving the canine-spliced
subjects. It’s some kind of weird side effect with their mutated genetics. It
isn’t viable for long after it’s released from them.” She pointed to a corner.
“Do you know what those are?”

Becca turned her head to study some large, weird machine
with small tanks attached to it. “No.”

“It’s a cryogenic freezer. Are you familiar with that?”

Becca stared at the woman.

She sighed. “Obviously you don’t work in the medical
profession. I’ll use small words for you. The Europeans believe if they are
given enough samples that they can find and fix what makes the sperm die so
fast, use human surrogate mothers to birth half-breed New Species and profit
from it. There seems to be a black market over there for rich people who want
to own them.”

“Exotic pets,” Ray snickered. “They don’t know how mean the
sons of bitches are when they get big.”

“The point is,” the doctor spoke louder, shot a glare at him
and crossed her arms over her chest again. “We get the samples, freeze them
immediately before the sperm dies and they pay us for each of those tanks. They
offered to help us smuggle the subjects out of the country but I don’t trust
them. They could kill us, or just steal them and I can’t afford to risk that. I
figure in three more months they’ll have paid us enough money between the sperm
samples and what they offered me to sell the subjects outright that we can all
get the hell out of here to retire to a non-extradition country. We’ll live
well somewhere else and never have to worry about being brought back to the

“You’re a monster.” Becca fought the urge to attack the
bitch just for the pleasure of punching her in the face. If there was ever a
woman who needed a broken nose, Doctor Elsa was the one. “It’s morally wrong
and didn’t you take an oath at some point to do no harm?”

That amused the doctor. “Probably but the point is, that’s
what we’re doing here. The males have to be aroused for their sperm to be
activated, the people we deal with test some of the samples despite the quick
death once they are removed from the tanks and we don’t get paid unless it’s
active sperm from an altered male.”

Bile rose in Becca’s throat but she swallowed it down. These
people were twisted and sick. “You’re selling their sperm?” That piece of
information finally sank in.

“Yes. The Europeans don’t think I will sell the actual
subjects though. We’re haggling over prices and they want a full set when they
do buy. Unfortunately I don’t have that yet but I will.”

“A full set?”

“At least one of each.”

“You have four including my…boyfriend.” Becca didn’t want to
tell them Brawn’s name in case they didn’t know it yet.

Randy inched closer. “There are three types of subjects.
Dogs, cats and monkeys. We only had dogs until we caught the kitty cat. They
rarely leave their damn zoos and it cost us a fortune to locate the one with
you. We had to bribe a guard at the gate to warn us when a pussy was leaving
and hire a pilot to follow the vehicle he left in right to your house. We just
need to capture us a monkey next. Then we can sell them to make even more

That’s how they found Brawn
. “What guard?” She wanted
a name. The New Species had someone working for them who’d betrayed their
trust. They needed to discover who it was to protect another Species from being

“Who gives a shit what his name is?” Randy glared at the
doctor. “Why are you telling her anything? Just make her do what you want or
we’ll beat her until she agrees.”

The doctor gave him an annoyed glare. “Marco is willing to
pay triple if we can give him samples without the drugs present in them. One of
the idiots he has working for him believes that’s the problem. I told him it’s
not but he’s willing to fork over the money anyway. His ignorance is making us

“Shit.” That perked Randy’s mood up and he smiled. “That’s a
lot of money.” He studied Becca closely. “Ah. You want her to turn him on and
jack him off to get his goodies without having to dose him up.”

“Exactly.” The doctor focused on Becca. “That’s what you’re
going to do.”

“Fuck no,” she hissed.

“Grab her,” the doctor ordered, dropped her arms to her
sides and turned away.

Ray’s hands clamped around Becca’s elbows painfully and she
didn’t struggle, knew it was useless with five men in the room and watched with
dread as the doctor walked to another corner with a bunch of strange medical
equipment stacked on carts and tables.

One of the men followed the doctor and held out his arms. He
took a box and turned to approach the restrained Species male. Becca was afraid
to see what they planned to do to him. It would be awful, she just knew and
closed her eyes. She refused to watch his torture.

Minutes passed and a slight humming sound filled the room.
Her eyelids parted out of curiosity and she really wished they hadn’t. She
didn’t understand why they’d placed some weird helmet over his head with a
black face shield that hid everything from his lips up. A strap had been
secured under his chin, probably to prevent him from shaking the thing off and
worse, she saw what the doctor was doing.

The cold-hearted bitch pushed some machine that looked
similar to a vacuum canister with attachments in front of the restrained male,
handed the cord to her assistant, who immediately walked to an outlet to plug
it in. A thick, bulky attachment came off the machine and to Becca’s horror,
the doctor attached it over the man’s stiff cock. Straps were secured around
his hips to keep it in place and the male howled aloud in protest. His body
tensed, muscles bulged as he fought the restraints but he couldn’t get away.

“Oh my God,” Becca pleaded. “Stop it!”

The asshole holding her leaned in closer, lowered his head
and his breath fanned her ear. “It feels good. I tested it out myself. It’s
some fancy jerk-off machine that simulates a pussy and sucks literally. As soon
as he shoots his load it sends it into that clear cup at the base of the
machine. We dump it into a cylinder and rush it to the tanks to be frozen.
Pretty cool, huh?”

Her head whipped in Ray’s direction and she couldn’t resist
anymore. Her hand clawed his crotch. She was horrified to feel he had a hard-on
but dug her nails in viciously against his slacks. He yelled in pain and she
twisted out of his hold.

She tried to reach the poor victim, to set him free, but
Randy reached her first. She cried out from the pain when he fisted her hair
and jerked back but turned and her fist shot out the way her dad had taught
her, nailing him in the face. He reared back, taking her with him with his
tight hold and his open palm flew at her. Pain exploded in the side of her

Becca’s knees gave way from the blow, she saw stars and
barely heard the doctor yell for everyone to stop. Someone else grabbed her
from behind and she opened her eyes. A dizzy spell hit as everything seemed to
spin around her.

“Don’t hurt her!” Doctor Elsa shrieked the order. “We need
her, damn it. I said hold her, not beat her.”

“She clawed my dick.” Ray cursed. “The bitch—”

“Shut up!” the doctor yelled. “Go put ice on your brain or
better yet, shove it in one of the damn cryo tanks so it falls off. You’d be
smarter. It’s not as if you use it much. Randy, hit her again and I’ll shoot
you myself. He won’t get aroused if she’s all bloodied and fucked up. I control
the damn money. Remember that unless you think you can avoid being arrested
without me.”

A third guy hauled Becca to her feet and yanked her hands
behind her back. His hand clamped down around her wrists as if they were cuffs
and she swayed on her feet, still hurting from the blow she’d taken. Her left
cheek throbbed and tears blinded her.

“We’re not hurting him,” the doctor snapped. “See the mask?
It’s a top-of-the-line video system. He’s not seeing a game screen though. We
have X-rated movies playing for him to get him in the mood. We’re showing him a
woman masturbating. He’s just pissed because he knows we’re forcing a sample
from him.”

“It’s rape,” Becca rasped. “You’re fucking sick.”

The other woman stormed forward and stood in Becca’s
personal space, glaring at her. “This is what we’re going to do to your
precious boyfriend if you don’t take the samples. I’ll drug him, string him up
the way 919 is and hook him up to the vision goggles. I’m going to get samples
from him one way or another.” She glared at the man restraining Becca. “Take
her to the feline mix and let her think about that until we’re ready to freeze
his samples when we’re done with 919.” She smirked at Becca. “You better do
what I want so he doesn’t suffer the same fate as this one.”

BOOK: New Species 05 Brawn
3.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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