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Once Upon A Time

BOOK: Once Upon A Time
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Published by Jo Pilsworth and The Hunter’s Arrow

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Diaries of the Cŵn Annwn

(published October 2015)

(planned publication May 2016)

(planned publication October 2016)

(planned publication May 2017)

Caduceus (planned publication October 2017)

(planned publication May 2018)

Daimonas (planned publication October 2018)


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Part 1

You Walk In Our World?” : An explanation of the characters involved
in the Diaries of the Cŵn Annwn


Part 2 – Stories
from the Worlds of the Negrescu Cŵn Annwn and the Anghelescu

Story 1
: “Who Am I?” by Fane

Story 2
: “Eliana’s Story” by Bran

Story 3
: “An Apology to my Son”
by Sion Jones

Story 4
: “A Meeting of Mates” by
Owain and Merida Cadwaladr

Story 5
: “Being Ddraig Goch” by
Taliesin and Ariawen Llewelyn

Story 6
: “Running The Full Moon”
by Gavril Negrescu and friends

Story 7
: “The Meaning and
Importance of Cŵn Annwn Mates” by Gavril Negrescu

About The Authors
About The Hunter’s Arrow


dare you walk in our

An Introduction to the
World of the Negrescu Cŵn Annwn and the Anghelescu Hellhounds

This list has
been put together to clarify the various characters in the worlds
of the Negrescu Cŵn Annwn, the Anghelescu Hellhounds, the Ddraig
Clan and Casimir Gosselin’s Hellfire Pack. Other characters will be
added as and when they are created.

The Negrescu Cŵn

The Cŵn Annwn
are based on the Welsh legend of Mallt-y-Nos, serving her as
harvesters of the souls of those who commit acts of evil. They are
able to read the soul and thus judge it as pure evil, or evil by

The role of
the Alpha is to collect the harvests pulled in by other Pack
members and convey the souls to his Goddess for judgement. At the
same time, they also bring the souls of victims to their rest in
the underworld paradise which is the realm of their Goddess.

Introduced in:

continued: Beta, Delta, Caduceus, Ddraig and Daimonas


Alpha of the
Negrescu Cŵn Annwn. Born just at the end of the Hundred Years War
between England and France, he became Alpha in the 17th century. In
1887, on a business trip to the Carpathian Mountains, he met his
Mate, Aaleahya. Their daughter, Ekaterina, was born that year.

Aaleahya Mic
Daciana Negrescu:

Mate to
Gavril. She was born a Roma gypsy, but when her parents were
killed, she fled and lived alone in hiding, as she was considered
little more than a runaway slave by the local landowning class,
until she met Gavril.

She was
visited by Gavril’s goddess, Mallt-y-Nos, and told that she would
meet her soulmate. She bore him a daughter, Ekaterina,  


Born in 1887.
She was one of the first to be born in the Carpathians.


Appointed as
Ekaterina’s bodyguard when they were still both children, his
murder in 1944, at the hands of the Nazis caused Ekaterina to
reveal inadvertently that she was not human.


Female twin
born to Gavril and Aaleahya. She has the ability to foretell the
future due to the connection she has with Zarek Svitovidsyn


Male twin born
to Gavril and Aaleahya. He has the ability to foretell the future
due to the connection he has with Zarek Svitovidsyn

Owain Ap

Joint Beta of
the Negrescu Cŵn Annwn. He was born around the same time as Gavril.
He is the joker of the two Betas, but knows how to be serious when
necessary. His key role is the training of younger Pack members,
and he is in charge of the Sentinel training programme.  


Joint Beta of
the Negrescu Cŵn Annwn. He was born around the same time as Gavril.
He has a tendency to take his role very seriously. He is the tech
genius behind the business affairs of the Cŵn Annwn. He is mated to
Alix Gosselin and they have a daughter, Kati Eliana

Rhys Jones:

Born in the
closing years of WW2, he was a late developer in terms of his soul
reading abilities, reading his first soul in 1969. In the meantime,
he set about making sure his skills as a Sentinel (soldier) were
the best. He was assigned by Gavril to act as liaison with Jake
Petersen, the human State Police Homicide Detective and also to act
as liaison with the Anghelescu Hellhounds. He enjoys teasing Jake,
and only recently revealed that he has known Jake for much longer
than Jake thought.  

Taren Jones:

Another member
of the Sentinel Squad, he often works with Rhys.

Cerys ferch

Female member
of the Sentinel Squad. She joined against the wishes of her parents
who wanted her to assume the traditional role of a female mate,
acting as the balance for her male. When her talent for controlling
water and tides was noticed by Owain, she was advised to hone this


Angharad is
the Healer of the Cŵn Annwn. Her dedication to the Pack is
absolute, to the point that she acknowledges it will be difficult
to find a Mate who appreciates her priorities.  

Eira Black:

The beloved
cook and provider of nourishment for the Cŵn Annwn. She is known to
produce the nectar that is her special blend of coffee and mothers
all the Pack, including associates such as Jake Petersen.

The Anghelescu

originally to serve Lamashtu Anzillu, when she became the Bride of
the Hunter (Wild Hunt legend), they were originally led by Aurelija
Anghelescu. Their profile was to feed off the negativity of the
humans around them, conveying the emotional energy back to their
Queen to feed her. In the late 1950s, Aurelija was overthrown by
Fane Anghelescu, who swore his loyalty, heart and soul, to his
Queen in return for protection of his sister Roxana.

Fane continued
to lead the Pack as ‘classic’ Hellhounds, thriving on less savoury
enterprises such as arms and drug dealing, but at the same time,
establishing a motorbike customization workshop and bar, Chain
& Sprocket. The Hellhounds vehicle of choice is a Harley
Davidson bike, although each bike has been tweaked to the rider’s

Fane differed
from Aurelija in that he was only half-Hellhound, although he did
not realise it at the time. When his sister was murdered by
Lamashtu, he tore the Pack from her, binding it to himself, a deed
made possible because of his bloodline. Needless to say, Lamashtu
was not impressed.


Born just
after WW2, he believed he was sired by the Beta of his Pack. His
father was actually Zarek Svitovidsyn. He had a sister
(half-sister) called Roxana, whose murder at the hands of Lamashtu
Anzillu, their former Queen, caused Fane to split his Pack from his
Queen, and bind the pack to his own life force. He is mated to
Stefania Anghelescu, and they have twins, Cadfael and Ksenia. Fane
has the ability to manipulate fire, as do all Hellhounds, but he
combines it with powers over water and geokinesis.  


half-sister of Fane. She was sired by the Beta of the Anghelescu
Pack, and has the same mother as Fane. She and Fane established
Chain & Sprocket where her skills as a motorbike customization
designer were in high demand. She was murdered by their Queen,
allegedly for contradicting the Queen once too often. Her death
acted as the catalyst for Fane to change in a way more in line with
his own sire’s approach.


Mate to Fane
and the Pack Beta. After being absent from the Pack for over 50
years, she returned to find that the Alpha had changed from
Aurelija Anghelescu to Fane Anghelescu. After realising that she
was Fane’s Mate, they were able to conceive young. Their twins were
born in 2015.  


Twin offspring
of Fane and Stefania. He was kidnapped by Lamashtu Anzillu in an
attempt to force Fane back into her service.


Twin offspring
of Fane and Stefania. She was poisoned by Lamashtu Anzillu as a
distraction for what she was attempting to achieve.


befriended Stefania on her return to the Anghelescu Pack. Stefania
asked her to be godmother to the twins, Cadfael and Ksenia,
although the term was not one with which Fane was familiar. She was
killed by the former Anghelescu Queen, Lamashtu, when she kidnapped


challenge to Fane’s authority, particularly after Stefania’s
return. Eventually executed by Fane. However, his soul was claimed
by his Queen, Lamashtu, on the grounds that he had remained loyal
to her. Was subsequently involved in Fane’s ‘punishment’ along with
Lamashtu. Remaining loyal to Lamashtu after his death, his Queen
rewards him in a way which may give him the opportunity for

Drahomir (Drax)

Born after
Fane won the Alpha Challenge which led to him taking over the Pack,
Drahomir was always fascinated by motorbikes.  With his
preference clear, he was assigned to work in the Chain
& Sprocket workshop. His love remains the veteran British
bikes, although he is yet to find a way to solve the Norton oil
leak problem that does not involve magic. Drahomir was in
a Dom/sub relationship with Sian Anghelescu, until her death.
He is a Hunter-Hellhound by designation.


Omega Wolf of
the Anghelescu Pack, she is a second generation Healer. Fane made
her appointment official as Healer, to give her some protection
from other members of the Pack, not least because she was the only
one who knew what happened to him when the Queen summoned him.

She works in
Chain & Sprocket as a welder primarily, assisting in the
assembly of the bikes after Fane has finished the artwork and

Gosselin Pack /
Casimir Gosselin’s Hellfire Pack

The Gosselin
Pack, a pack of wolf shifters, came to the attention of the Cŵn
Annwn when Bran realised that his predestined Mate was Alix
Gosselin. Her sire the Pack Alpha, and her eldest brother and Alpha
Designate did not agree, feeling that it was their decision to mate
her to whomever would benefit the Pack’s interest. They issued a
Challenge to Bran to prove the validity of the mating, intending to
cheat to wear him down before the final challenge of a fight to the

When the Alpha
and her brother were executed for their crimes, the Pack split with
those preferring the way things had been before staying with
Adhémar Gosselin and those preferring the rule of the previous
Alpha gravitating towards his remaining son, Casimir Gosselin.

Introduced in:

continued: Delta, Caduceus and Ddraig


Daughter of
the Gosselin Alpha, she inherited her sire’s pack. She mated for
‘love’, but found out that her mate only wanted the title of Alpha.
She put up with his abuse, both physical and mental, in order to
protect her two children, Alix and Adhémar. When her mate was
executed by the Cŵn Annwn, she was able to admit to her children
why she had acted the way that she had.


Only daughter of Janice Gosselin and her mate, she persuaded
her sire to let her attend Miss Porter’s in Connecticut before
accepting a scholarship to major in Criminal Justice at college.
She joined NY State Police immediately from college, working her
way up to the rank of Homicide Detective. She is a wolf shifter,
although she kept this hidden from her human partner, Jake
Petersen. She is mated to Bran Cadwgan, and has a daughter with
him, Kati Eliana.

BOOK: Once Upon A Time
11.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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