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One Week in the Private House

BOOK: One Week in the Private House
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One Week in the Private House

Jem heard the sound of the door opening and heels tapping unsteadily on the floor. She turned her head to see a pair of black leather boots with thin stilettos. The boots, and their criss-cross lacing, continued tightly up a pair of long legs and were attached like stockings to metal clips on the end of chains that stretched tautly from a black leather corset. Above the collar, and framed by blonde hair, a pretty oval face was staring down in wide-eyed astonishment at Jem.

Mem!' said the pretty oval face.

'Hello, Lesley,' Jem sighed. 'What's a nice girl like you doing in an outfit like that?'

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One Week in the Private House

Esme Ombreux

This book is a work of fiction.

In real life, make sure you practise safe sex.

First published in 1991

This edition first published in 1995 by


332 Ladbroke Grove London W10 5AH

Copyright © Esme Ombreux 1991, 1995

Typeset by TW Typesetting, Plymouth, Devon Printed and bound in Great Britain by BPC Paperbacks Ltd A member of

The British Printing Company Ltd ISBN 0 352 32788 X

All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior written consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.


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Julia awoke slowly from a blissful dream. Stealthily, reality intruded and overlaid the sylvan images flitting through her mind: the morning sunlight was dappled not by a canopy of woodland leaves, but by the patterns of the lace curtains; the insistent pressure between her legs was the work not of the tongue of a wild-eyed woodman, but of her own fingers; the clamour in her ears was not the call of forest creatures, but the raucous snoring of her husband Gerald, sound asleep in the bed next to hers.

Julia sighed, and teased her pubic curls with her fingertips, trying to recapture the sensation of running her hand through the tousled locks of the golden-tongued lad who had surprised her bathing in the tree-shaded pool. But the dream had dissolved. She folded her hand round the wet entrance of her sex and inserted one finger, and then another. She clenched her thighs tightly about her hand as she rolled on to her side and suppressed a loud groan of pleasure. Her other hand slid down the cleft between her buttocks and she pulled gently at the tiny sensitive hairs surrounding her anus; but Gerald's relentless snores infiltrated her every thought. She turned on to her back, and brought her syrupy fingers to her face. Momentarily overwhelmed by the scent of her own secretions, she closed her eyes and ran her fingertips across her lips, opening her mouth to lick and then suck the sweet moisture. And then after staring at the ceiling for several minutes, she threw back the damask-covered quilt, swung her long legs out of the bed, and padded ^cross the white carpet towards the bathroom.

Showered and lightly talcumed with Chanel, Julia studied her reflection in the wall of mirror tiles as she towelled her black hair. I don't
thirty-two, she told herself; in fact, I look about twenty-five. I don't weigh any more than I did when I married Gerald. I'm still a size ten - well, sometimes I need a twelve for trousers, but I don't want to look like a boy, do I? A few lines and dimples at the edges of my eyes and mouth; but they add character, I think. If I were happier I suppose I could call them laughter lines. Nothing sagging: no extra chins, and my face -which I still think looks rather French - is as firm as ever. My tits are bigger than they used to be, but they used to be almost non-existent, and they're certainly not big enough to start sagging. And do my little brown nipples still respond to even the lightest touch? Oh yes. Yes, they like that. But the rear view is still my best: if I turn round, and lean forward slightly, and stick my bottom out, and look over my shoulder .. .

Julia saw, looking back at herself, a reflection of sensual beauty. This pose displayed nearly all of her best features, her long slim legs, her tight but rounded buttocks, separated by a valley of black curls leading down to a large, dark, swollen, inviting split prominence hanging between her thighs, her narrow waist, and the dark golden expanse of her unblemished back. Her tangle of black hair fell haphazardly across her shoulders and her large, dark lustrous eyes peered through a fringe of curls. Any man would want me, she thought; and quite frankly, the way I feel at the moment, any man could have me, any way he wanted me. She dabbed perfume behind her ears, round her nipples, and along the crease at the tops of her thighs where her buttocks flared outwards. Even if Gerald has another woman - which is far-fetched enough - he would still be interested in my body, wouldn't he, she wondered. I almost wish I could be taken back to - But no; that would be unbearable, really. I'll go and wake Gerald with a kiss.

She folded aside the quilt and looked down at her still-snoring husband. Gerald had had such a wonderful body, she remembered, when she had first known him. Flab had accrued gradually, in unnoticeable increments, but the shape she had loved was still just visible: the broad chest, the short, muscular limbs, now shrouded in fat and dominated by a mountainous paunch. She knelt beside the bed and placed her mouth over the nearer nipple while her hand stroked down his torso to grip his flaccid member. The snores faltered, and Julia felt his flesh beginning to swell in the palm of her hand. His eyes opened.

'Jules! Oh, that's nice. Mmm, yes, don't stop . .. Sunshine. It's morning. What time is it?'

Julia felt her heart sink. She closed her eyes and nibbled the hairs on his chest while rubbing the tip of his half-erect penis.

'Hold on a sec, Jules.' Gerald was trying to sit up. 'God, look at the time. London's already open. Let me just have a quick look at what's been going on in Tokyo.'

Julia remained kneeling, her face buried in the sheet, while Gerald hauled himself upright and strode towards the computer terminal in the corner of the room. She held back her tears of frustration as she heard him switching the machine on; she tried to shut out the too-familiar sounds of the computer's insidious whine and the clattering of Gerald's fingers on the keyboard.

'Gerald,' she said in a muffled monotone, 'there are more things to life than the bloody international money markets.'

'What? Oh, yes, dear. I know. But I put through a deal in the Far East last night. Got to keep tabs on it, haven't


'Don't you ever get tired of making money out of money, Gerald? Don't you ever want to spend any of it?'

'I thought that was your speciality, dearest. Just joking! But this is my job, you know. It pays for all this.' He waved a hand to indicate the Sanderson decor of the bedroom, and resumed his study of the numbers glowing greenly on his screen.

'Couldn't we at least live in town? You'd find things to interest you ...'

'We've been through all that, Jules. Many times. I have to have an offshore base, as you know very well. And it's peaceful here on the island; no distractions. You can go to the mainland whenever you like, can't you? Spend weekends in the flat?'

It's not the same, Julia thought. But all she said was: Til go and tell Maria to prepare breakfast. On the terrace, I think, don't you?' There was no reply.

When Gerald, wearing his towelling bathrobe, emerged through the patio doors, Julia was still staring at the letter that she had dropped amongst the crumbled remains of her croissant. The envelope was in her left hand; she could feel the hard edges of the small transparency that was taped in the deepest corner of the manilla, but she had no need to prise it out and look at it. She knew what the photograph would show her.

'Success!' Gerald announced. The deal went through. No trouble. Now I could do with some coffee. Maria! Where is that damned girl? Maria! Anything interesting in the post, Jules?'

'What? Oh. Yes. A pile of letters for you. Next to your plate. Some faxes came during the night, they're there too. The usual dull stuff.'

'What's that you've got? Anything good? Maria, there you are. Coffee, and toast. And marmalade without lumps in this time!'

'It's just an - invitation. You remember I went to a -well, a sort of health club, on the mainland, a few years ago? They want me to go back for a couple of weeks.'

'Sounds all right. How much?'

'How much what? Oh, yes. Seven and a half thousand.'

'What? Julia, that's outrageous. You can't possibly.'

'Gerald, you make ten times that much every night while you're asleep. The money's nothing, compared to . . .'

'All right, all right. If you really want to go.'

Julia managed an ironic laugh. 'It's not a matter of wanting to go. I think I have to.'

'When will you go? I seem to remember we've nothing much on after the middle of July.'


Tomorrow? You're joking. We've got dinner at the Vil-liers\ and then next week Harbottle's coming over to stay while I grill him about Singapore, and -'

Tomorrow, Gerald. They say it's the only available date. I'll have to go. One doesn't ignore one of these invitations. It's a very select club.'

'Well if you ask me they go about things in a bloody fishy fashion. What sort of place is it?'

The Private House? Gerald, it's like another world. It's like stepping back in time. I think I'm almost looking forward to it.'

Day 1:

The doorbell rang just as Jem was forming her lips into a circle to accommodate the velvet hardness of the penis that had been nuzzling her face.

'Leave it, Rudi,' she murmured, stretching forward to catch him in her mouth. But he had already pulled away, and was trying to wrap himself in his silk kimono in a way that would conceal his upright manhood. 'Rudi! Where are you going? You can't - !' But he was already heading for the door.

it's Sunday,' he said nonchalantly, turning in the doorway. 'Stan's day off. Wouldn't do to leave a visitor standing outside on the street, would it, old girl?'

'Rudi, you bastard! Get back here!' Jem stopped protesting when she heard him talking into the intercom. Even in a fix like this, she thought, a girl has to maintain her poise. She allowed her head to drop forward, giving the muscles of her neck some much-needed rest. It was just about the only movement she could accomplish, and she reflected that when you choose to spend an afternoon having fun with a bondage fanatic, poise is about all you can maintain. No point worrying about dignity or modesty. I have to thank my stars, she thought, that Rudi's taste in interior design runs to expensive German furniture: the shapes may be a little odd, but at least the upholstery's comfortable.

The chair to which Rudi had tied her was not much use for sitting in; but the sloping seat and tubular steel frame made it ideal as a support for a kneeling fellatrix. Rudi was, Jem had to admit, not a subtle kind of guy, and she had only herself to blame: she had, during her one previous visit to the apartment, pointed out the suitability of the chair, and had even provided the strips of black velvet - to match the cushion cover - with which she was now secured.

She tugged at her wrists, but had no expectation that she would be able to free them. Two uprights connected the seat frame to the minimal headrest; her head and shoulders protruded between the uprights, through the space where an ordinary chair would have a back. Her wrists were tied, above her shoulders, to the sides of the headrest. She stretched her head up and backwards, and felt the topmost curls on her head touching the back of the headrest; she tried to move her feet, but remembered that Rudi had tied her ankles, one crossed over the other, so that, as he put it, she couldn't help making an exhibition of herself. Not that there's any hope of doing otherwise, Jem thought, with my knees a yard apart and tied to the front legs of this stupid chair.

BOOK: One Week in the Private House
7.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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