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―Okay, boys,‖ she said, dropping onto the sofa. ―It’s my turn.‖

―Your turn to what?‖

―To watch. The grappling, the movie with homo-erotic undertones…‖ She trailed off, giving them a wicked smile and waving a pointed finger between him and Rick. ―I want to watch you two make out.‖

Lust flooded Mark’s system. There’d always been a level of sexual awareness between him and Rick, ever since that first threesome in college when they’d forgotten about the girl and gone at each other like animals.

Mark didn’t consider himself gay, or even bi-sexual. He might be willing to let anyone suck his dick, but Rick was the only guy who’d ever fucked him. The only guy he’d ever wanted to bend over for.

There was something primal about Rick that reached down deep and grabbed him by the balls. As much as he liked besting his buddy on the mats, Mark still had wet dreams about being naked under him.

His gaze flew from Angie’s naughty grin to the guy stripping off his shirt and stalking toward him. Hot blood left his head so fast it spun as all his blood went straight to his dick at the heat in his buddy’s dark eyes.

Rick stopped in front of him, and without a word, cupped his head in large hands and brought his mouth down on Mark’s. His tongue speared between his lips and thrust deep.

Unable to stop himself Mark groaned. Everything inside him softened at the same time his body hardened, and he pressed against Rick.

Chapter Five

I watched mouths open and tongues rub and stared in wonder.

My man, who was so strong, sexy and inherently male, was French kissing his best friend.

Voyeur isn’t a word I’d ever use to describe myself but wow, it was fucking hot! I could not tear my eyes away from them.

Rick’s hands shifted from Mark’s head and ran down his back as they pressed against each other. I wiggled in my seat, rubbing my thighs together as the guys rubbed and pressed against each other. When Mark grabbed Rick’s ass my own fingers flexed with the yearning to touch.

Their breathing got loud and harsh, and their kisses more carnal as one of Mark’s traveling hands slid between them. I imagined his hand on Rick’s cock, and my pussy throbbed.

The unadulterated carnal heat the two of them generated together was potent. When Rick tore his mouth away from Mark’s, our eyes met and the pure animal lust there hit me square in the gut. Pulling my gaze from his, I studied Mark. Desire flushed his cheeks, and a question shone from his eyes. They wanted to do more than make out…they wanted to fuck.

―Do it,‖ I urged looking back to Rick.

Why I assumed Rick would be the one doing the fucking, I have no idea. I just knew that was the way they wanted it.

―Strip,‖ Rick commanded as he stepped back from Mark, already unbuckling his own belt.

When they were both naked he grabbed Mark by the shoulders and spun him around to face the wall. He stepped in, planted a hand between Mark’s shoulders and pushed him forward and down, slow and steady. Mark braced himself with hands against the wall and arched his back, sticking his ass out for Rick.

My breath caught when Rick gripped his cock with one hand and Mark’s with the other. He pumped them both, and my own hand slid between my thighs, pressing against my clit through the damp cotton of my shorts. ―Oh God.‖

Rick looked over at me and grinned darkly. ―Enjoying yourself?‖

―Uhmmm hmm.‖ I nodded, unable to form complete words around the lust clogging my throat.

He let go of both cocks and focused on Mark again, running his hands over the firm butt in front of him. He squeezed and lifted, parting the mounds of muscled flesh until Mark was completely exposed. I watched as spittle dropped from Rick’s mouth, and he rubbed it over the puckered hole with his thumb before inserting it. Mark’s moan of pleasure echoed through the room and my mouth began to water with the utter rawness of it all.

Rick planted his feet and fisted his cock with one hand while prepping Mark with the other.

I knew what he was doing. He’d use his thumb first, then one finger, then two, pumping in and out, scissoring wider and stretching the anus until he knew he wouldn’t hurt him. It was the same technique he used with me, and seeing it being done to another had my body twitching in anticipation.

He inched closer, rubbing the purple head of his cock against the hole in front of him, and Mark pushed back. ―Easy,‖ Rick crooned, and I held my breath, gaze glued to where their bodies met as he pushed forward and his cock slowly disappeared into Mark.

―Oh, yeah,‖ Mark moaned. ―That feels fucking fantastic.‖

Rick’s ass flexed and bunched as he began to slowly move in and out. Hot blood pounded through my veins and I started rocking in my seat as Rick picked up speed, thrusting faster and harder into Mark, until I couldn’t handle it. I wanted more. I wanted to watch, but I didn’t want to be just an observer. Mark had held me up when Rick had fucked me the night before, and suddenly I wanted to do the same for him. Standing up, I ignored the trembling in my knees and moved closer. Rick’s intense gaze followed me as I stripped off my clothes.

―Can I join in?‖

He grinned. ―Of course.‖

Mark lifted his head, smiling at me over his shoulder. ―Fuck, yeah.‖

The boys stood still, and I crawled under Mark, sliding my back against the wall. ―Wow,‖ I breathed.

Mark chuckled, grinning down at me. ―Like the view?‖

I eyed the cock wagging in front of my face and laughed. I loved that these two über-alpha men could fuck and laugh and make me feel hot and horny and well loved all at the same time. ―I think I’ll enjoy the feel better,‖ I said reaching out with both hands.

One hand cupped Rick’s balls and the other Mark’s cock. I stroked, rolled, squeezed and licked, thrilling at their groans of pleasure. It didn’t take long for things to get serious again. Rick picked up the pace, thrusting hard and fast, and I dropped my hands. I unzipped my shorts and shoved a hand inside to diddle myself with one hand while the other pinched and pulled at one of my rock hard nipples. Groaning at the shafts of pleasure shooting through my own body, I sucked on Mark’s cock. One of his hands cupped my jaw, his fingers rubbing under my chin and holding me still as he moved with Rick.

I closed my eyes, reveling in the sounds of skin slapping skin and male grunts and groans as my orgasm gathering force inside me. Pleasure built and built, as I rubbed my clit and sucked cock. The force of Rick’s thrusts had Mark rocking back and forth and his cock sliding in and out of my mouth faster and faster. His cock swelled, jerked and his victorious shout bounced off the walls as hot juice shot down my throat pushing me over the edge and bringing on my own orgasm.

―Fuck yes!‖ Rick’s shout was muffled by the waves of pleasure washing over me as my body arched, hips thrusting up against my own hand.

When I could, I opened my eyes in time to see Rick’s semi-hard cock ease out of Mark before they both collapsed forward, landing on the floor between my legs. Mark rested his head against my chest, and Rick lay against his back. Reaching out, I brushed Rick’s hair back from his sweaty forehead, and his eyes opened.

―Hey,‖ he said.

―Hey,‖ I whispered back.

―I love you,‖ he said.

―I love you too.‖

―I love you both,‖ Mark mumbled.

Chapter Six

Mark stayed the night again, but when I woke up the next morning he was gone. I snuggled into my pillow and stared at Rick’s sleeping face. He looked softer in sleep, almost gentle. Short locks of black hair flopped over his forehead and his lips tilted up just a bit at the edges making me think he was having a good dream. When he opened his eyes and saw me watching him the smile grew slowly and my heart skipped a beat. He was beautiful.

―Good morning, sexy,‖ I whispered.

Warm hands slid around my waist and pulled me to him. ―Mornin’.‖

Neither of us spoke, we just lay there looking into each others eyes, breathing each others air, totally at ease. Finally Rick shifted, bringing a hand up to cup my cheek. ―How’re you feeling?‖

He wasn’t asking if I was sick or tired. He wanted to know how I felt about what had happened that weekend with Mark. More than one emotion swirled about inside me but I focused on the foremost. ―Curious,‖ I said. ―You guys have done that before, haven’t you?‖

Rick’s smile twisted. ―When we were in college Mark brought home a girl who wanted us both. There were touches during the night that made it clear neither of us were phobic, and it all felt good. The next morning when she was gone and we both woke up hard, we went with it.‖

―That wasn’t the end of it though was it?‖

He sensed the question beneath the question. ―We’ve continued to fuck around over the years, but not since I started dating you. It wasn’t really a romantic thing between us, it was only about pleasure…a different sort of pleasure from what a woman gives. And neither of us could ever abstain from women, but we were lovers, yes.‖

―And it’s something you’ve missed.‖ It wasn’t a question; once I’d opened up my eyes to them together it had been clear that they’d reveled in the raw taking of each other. Rick nodded anyway, but stayed silent.

A small part of me figured I should feel betrayed that I’d been living with Rick, loving him, for a year, and he’d never said a word, or even hinted that there’d ever been anything sexual between him and Mark before, or that he’d wanted there to be again.

An even larger part of me was okay with it. If I’d have known, I might’ve looked at him differently, looked at Mark differently. I might’ve felt awkward about all those times that the three of us had hung out. Instead, things had come out naturally, and no one had been hurt.

―Okay.‖ I gave him a soft kiss on the lips then rolled out of bed to grin down at him. ―Now I’m hungry. Feed me.‖

We had a nice lazy Sunday together, doing nothing but eating, and cuddling on the couch watching movies. It wasn’t even ten p.m. when Rick plucked me off the couch and carried me into the bedroom. He lay me down on the bed and covered my body with his. He started with soft kisses along my neck as his hands roamed under my thin tank top. His lips covered mine and it was like coming home. Clothes disappeared and I gloried in our togetherness. Rick stretched out over the top of me and I welcomed him into my body, and even deeper into my heart.

Wrapping my legs around his hips, I stared into his eyes and moved with him. We didn’t speak.

We didn’t need to. Hands stroked, bodies moved, and we loved one another well into the night.

A week went by, the heat wave ended and I didn’t see Mark the whole time. But when I got home on Friday night, there he was again, sitting on the patio with Rick, beer in hand, wicked gleam in his eye. One thing led to another and less than an hour later we were all piled in bed, naked limbs tangled together, exhausted, sweaty and satisfied.

―Hey, Ange?‖ Rick said, breathlessly from the other side of the bed.

―Yes?‖ I answered, not opening my eyes.

―You know you’re mine. Always, no matter what.‖


He paused, and I waited, my heart pounding. I knew my man, and I had an idea of what was coming.

―What do you think about making this threesome permanent?‖

It was my turn to pause. My body was limp, ripples of pleasure still vibrating through it. I opened my eyes and looked from the man on my left to the one on my right. I’d been the one in the middle this time. Sucking my bottom lip between my teeth, I bit down on it softly. I should think about what was happening, two people in a relationship could get complicated enough, three would be so much more so.

I looked at Mark, who was suddenly very, very still. He didn’t speak, he didn’t move. He just met my gaze, and let me see into his heart. Mark had been part of our relationship right from the first night when I met them both. Sure, making the shift permanent would mean more complications, but it would also mean that much more love and pleasure and comfort to be had by all of us.

Screw thinking, I decided. I wanted to do, to
…and nothing made me feel better than the idea of always having both my men by my side.

―Yes,‖ I said. ―Let’s do it.‖

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BOOK: One Weekend
12.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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