Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?

BOOK: Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?






Part I: Origins of the Solar System

    Big Bang Questioned

Search for the Tenth Planet

The Sumerian Account—Mingling of the Waters

Martian Life

    Strange Moons


Moon Anomalies

The Big Whack

Spaceship Moon?

Nonhumans on the Moon

Lost Probes

    Humankind: The Anomalies Continue

Darwinism Under Fire

Human Chronology Revised

Maverick Scientists Quelled

Suppression by the Smithsonian

Hoaxes and Forgeries

The Wealthy Control Research

CIA Involvement

Human Origins Controversy

Remote Viewing Human Origins

    Ancient Evidence—Worldwide Anomalies

Hoary Structures

The Coral Castle

Strange Artifacts

Elongated Skulls and the Starchild

    Sacred Sites

The Osirion


Göbekli Tepe


Pyramid Power

Cosmic War

Pyramids as Star Maps

Forgotten Pyramids

Part II: The Ancients

Where Was Atlantis?

The Bimini Road

The Minoan Empire and Santorini

The South China Sea

Out of This World

Pole Shift and Antarctica

A Worldwide Civilization

    Sumer: The First Known Civilization

Cuneiform Tablets

Longevity and Numbers

Myth or History?

    The Anunnaki: Improving the Breed?

The Nefilim Chain of Command

Sitchin’s Critics

An Early Gold Rush

Out of Africa

The Hybrid

Longevity and Another Noah

Separating the Humans

Kings and Conflict

Atomic War?

History Becomes Mythology

    Hand-Me-Down Cultures and Control

Give Me That Old-Time Religion

Show Me the Money

Ancient Egypt

Classical Greece

Greek Gods from Egypt

Power Passes to Rome

Book Burning

Lost in Translation

Part III: The Middle Ages

Knights Templar

Alchemy: Science, Magic, or Both?

Bacon’s Invisible College

The Magic of Gold

Discoveries in Iraq

Khazaria: Mastering Financial Control

It Runs in the Genes

The Black Nobility

Part IV: The Modern Era

Hitler and the Blue Bloods

A Unique Gold Book

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

You Can Bank on This

Follow the Leader

Breaks in the Cold War

Masters of Control

The Exchange Stabilization Fund

    Proof of the Plot

Voices of the Elite

Presidential Blue Bloods

Bad Food and Water

People Are the Problem

A Police State

Big Brother is Listening

Media Control

More Efficient Servitude

To What End?

A Disaster in the Making

Freeman or Serf?





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The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of a black sea of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of disassociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.


The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories


nothing to do with stories of vampires, werewolves, devil worship, witchcraft, or anything else commonly thought to be of the occult, although there is an unearthly aspect.

Many believers choose to put their faith in such stories, but there is another narrative growing in the public consciousness that can no longer be written off as mere fable: the idea that aliens from outer space or other dimensions may have—or may be trying to—take control of the world.

The word
, often misconstrued to mean supernatural or magical, actually is defined simply as hidden or concealed. Even so, the word also involves a connection to outer space or the heavens. In astronomical terms, the term
equates to an eclipse, in which one heavenly body is masked, or hidden, behind another.

What history is being hidden from us? It would appear that something nonhuman seeks to control the planet Earth and may even have contributed to the advent of modern humankind.

The field of entertainment is no stranger to this idea. The television series
presented benign humanlike aliens visiting Earth, who turn out to be a reptilian race set on conquering our world. Movies like
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
and books like Robert A. Heinlein’s
The Puppet Masters
have depicted humans transformed into zombielike pod people after an alien invasion. But these seemingly outrageous concepts haven’t always been the stuff of pulp fantasy novels or television scripts. Rather, they’ve been considered seriously by many people at different times throughout our history.

David Icke, author of the
The Biggest Secret
, has built a large worldwide following with his claims that certain world leaders, including the British royals, are shape-shifting reptilian aliens who have been on Earth since before written history. According to Icke, these leaders have descended from many generations of reptilian aliens. “A race of interbreeding [reptile-human hybrid] bloodlines … were centered in the Middle East and Near East in the ancient world,” wrote Icke, “and, over the thousands of years since, have expanded their power across the globe … [through] a network of mystery schools and secret societies … creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other.”

Lest one believe such talk comes only from loony fanatics, consider that none other than the famed scientist Carl Sagan wrote at length in his book
The Dragons of Eden
about the reptilian complex, which tops the brain stem, the oldest part of the human brain. Sagan said this part is the “seat of aggression, ritual, territoriality and social hierarchy which evolved millions of years ago in our reptilian ancestors.” He equated such characteristics with modern human bureaucratic and political behavior.

The idea that surreptitious space aliens want to take over the planet has been around since long before David Icke. A 1952 issue of
Weird Science
, a publication of the fabled Educational Comics (EC) that was shut down in the early 1950s due to the advent of the Comics Code, carried a story in which Allie Gator, a takeoff on the alligator character in the then-popular TV puppet program
Kukla, Fran and Ollie
, was elected president following a joke write-in campaign. Allie turned out to be the leading element of a reptilian alien force bent on taking over the Earth.

Much earlier and on a more somber note, journalist Charles Fort declared, “I think we’re property.” Fort was an American writer who from 1916 until his death in 1932 researched and wrote about a large number of “anomalous phenomena,” a lofty term for artifacts and events that evade conventional explanation.

In his 1919 work,
The Book of the Damned
, Fort explained that by “damned” he meant that we, humans, have been excluded from certain knowledge. “I should say,” he continued, “we belong to something. That once upon a time, this Earth was No-Man’s Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it’s owned by something: That something owns this Earth—all others warned off. … I suspect … that all of this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon the earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received—from Somewhere else—in our mysterious usefulness.”

Fort compiled such a prodigious amount of data covering unusual events that his books are still in print. His followers founded the Fortean Society in 1931, which continues to exist and publishes
Fortean Times.
The very words
have entered the English language, referring to the strange and unexplainable.

But it was Swiss journalist Erich von Däniken, with his 1968 book,
Chariots of the Gods
, who brought the concept of “ancient astronauts”—visitors who came to our world during the Stone Age to help perpetuate the human race—to a global audience.

Two questions arise from Fort’s and von Däniken’s writings. How warranted were their condemnations of the unwillingness of conventional science to investigate unconventional phenomena? And more important, how right were they about the concept of nonhuman control?

One of the most prominent websites for skeptics acknowledges ancient mysteries but shuns the idea of ancient astronauts, merely stating, “It is true that we still do not know how the ancients accomplished some of their more astounding physical and technological feats. We still wonder how the ancient Egyptians raised giant obelisks in the desert and how stone age men and women moved huge cut stones and placed them in position in dolmens and passage graves. We are amazed by the giant carved heads on Easter Island and wonder why they were done, who did them, and why they abandoned the place. We may someday have the answers to our questions, but they are most likely to come from scientific investigation not pseudoscientific speculation.”

Others have concluded that standard science may not offer the right tools to figure out our past. Following a lifetime of research, author Philip Coppens concluded in his 2012 book,
The Ancient Alien Question
, that the manner in which science has considered the question of nonhuman contact in our distant past is “not the correct, or at least not the only, approach. When we look at reality the way it is, rather than within the reduced framework in which science prefers to operate, it becomes clear that there is only one answer. Were we alone? No.”

William Bramley, in his 1990 book,
The Gods of Eden
, said he began studying the causes of war but came to the conclusion that “Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on an isolated planet in a small galaxy.” He added that “the human race was once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. To keep control over its possession and to maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilization [Bramley called them Custodians] has bred never-ending conflict between human beings, has promoted human spiritual decay, and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship. This situation has lasted for thousands of years and it continues today.”

After more than 360 pages cataloging evidence of possible ancient nonhuman visitation on Earth, author, psychologist, and ordained Baptist minister Paul Von Ward in his 2011 book,
We Have Never Been Alone
, concluded that “enough evidence of AB [Advanced Beings] involvement in human history exists that no responsible student of the human past and present can dismiss it in good conscience.”

Australian researcher Paul White saw the involvement of nonhumans as the basis of ancient legends and myths worldwide. “Just after the Deluge, at the dawn of the present time cycle, an era the Egyptians called ZEP TEPI, ‘The First Times,’ a mysterious group of ‘gods’ appeared, to initiate the survivors in the rudiments of civilisation. From Thoth and Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha in the Americas, traditions worldwide subscribe [
] the origins of contemporary civilisation to this sophisticated group.”

“Evidence from around the world, indicates these people were the hi-tech survivors of the previous civilisation of what we now refer to as Atlantis and Mu. Like the nuclear survival bunkers and secret research facilities of our own civilisation, there were those who arose from the underground ‘cities of the Gods,’ after the dust settled. These survivors are characterised in the Bible as the ‘prediluvian patriarchs,’ like Enoch and Methuselah, the ‘giants and heroes of old,’ mentioned in Genesis. These are the ‘fabled gods’ of ancient Summer [
], Egypt and India.”

Is there any historical or archaeological evidence to support such beliefs? There is, and it’s compelling, though it contradicts many of our conventional histories and beliefs. This is good. After all, at one time, conventional belief was that the earth was flat and the center of the universe.

If humankind’s progress has been a long, slow climb from hunter-gatherers to modern empires, then the historical record should not describe much out of the ordinary. But the account introduced here—culled from ancient texts, tablets, and carvings found scattered throughout the world—tells a different story, one of visitors from the stars colonizing the Earth. From the flying sky gods of the Middle East to the destructive
described in the Hindu Vedic texts, almost all ancient legends tell of flying objects under intelligent control. They also describe strange visitors who taught language, law, mathematics, agriculture, and building construction to primitive humans.

Strange and mysterious artifacts and structures abound throughout the world, from the Nasca lines etched in the dry plains of Peru to the pyramids found not only on the Giza Plateau but in Central and South America, China, eastern Europe, and even Arkansas. Odd-shaped skulls and ancient small statues of what appear to be aircraft are written off as mere anomalies. Researchers continually stumble over anomalies. By dictionary definition, an anomaly is a circumstance or thing that is irregular, a deviation from the rule, something abnormal—in computer slang, a giant scientific WTF! And the world is chock-full of them.

If any part of a thesis concerning extraterrestrials or even a prehistoric supercivilization could be proven true, why haven’t academics and the mass media reported it? The mass media won’t touch such deep subjects, except in a simplified version that can fill an hour of TV time for entertainment. Convention has viewed such speculation as the province of the occult. Even today, many thoughtful and well-documented books languish on the Occult or New Age shelf in your bookstore right alongside imaginative tomes on vampires, witches, and demons. Common assumptions about what is true are falling away in light of new and widespread information, primarily from the Internet.

So now the word
may be viewed in another way—one that reveals how conventional science, and perhaps even institutions administered by the federal government or funded by the wealthy elite, have worked to conceal our possible true heritage. This book will address many of the omissions and distortions in our history books, investigating the origins of our solar system and the Earth through the advent of humankind to our current ruling class. It will examine the history of not only our civilization and our culture, but also the science used to examine our history and the archaeologists and anthropologists who frame the conversations about our species.

And if indeed our universe has been populated by nonhumans since its beginning and if they were involved in creating our world and educating our species, then we must ask, Did these visitors leave at some point, or are they still among us? If they remain on or near our planet, then what is their agenda for the human race? These questions will take us deep into the quest to find our occulted history. So turn the page and join the search.

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