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Dedicated to all the Team Adam readers out there.

Chapter 1: "Talk Dirty"
(Jason Derulo)


I didn't use to have a favorite time of day. Never gave it enough thought to pick. But as I registered the smooth arm that was spread across my bare abdomen, the gentle rise and fall of the beautiful body that curled into mine, I chose. Mornings were by far my favorite, as long as I was waking up next to Carly.

I tried to move so that I could see her more clearly, but my movement caused her to stir slightly, so I froze. She shifted closer to me, nuzzling herself into the crook of my arm. It amazed me how we fit together perfectly, like our bodies had been designed to lie beside each other in exactly this way.

I relaxed, deciding not to move so that she could sleep. I didn't get to wake up next to her often. Having a teenage daughter, I hadn't wanted to send the wrong message to Eva by moving in with a woman I wasn't married to, even though Carly and I had been together for two and a half years. It was one thing for Eva to
Carly and I were having sex. But it was another thing entirely to confirm her suspicions by having Carly sleep over. By only spending the night together when Eva wasn't around, I hoped to maintain plausible deniability. And Carly understood. But in a week, I'd be spending every night with her because then Carly would become completely mine. She'd be Mrs. Adam Carter, and I vowed there in that bed that I would spend the rest of my life treasuring mornings with Carly.

My mom was having a girls' weekend with Eva so that Carly and I could finish some last
-minute wedding stuff and enjoy our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties without having to worry about anything else. I couldn't wait to see what Frank had in store for me. Or maybe I could.

A hand skating down my stomach and disappearing below my comforter interrupted my thoughts. And as a slender finger leisurely trailed up my hardening cock, all thought left me completely.

"I didn't know you were awake." My voice was raspy with sleep and desire.

Carly pushed herself up and grinned into my neck. "I was."
She wrapped her hand around my shaft and began to stroke, slowly at first, but quickly picked up speed as she squeezed me tighter.

A moan escaped my lips.
This solidifies it: mornings are
my favorite.

She draped her leg over mine, and began to rub her moist heat against my thigh. "Just think," she whispered, "one more week and then we get to wake up this way every day."

I didn't tell her that just waking up next to her was enough for me. If she was willing to offer this erotic wake-up call daily, then far be it for me to dissuade her. "God, you make me so hard."

"And you make me wet. So wet, I think I may need to start carrying an extra thong in my purse," she said breathlessly. "Do you want to feel how much you turn me on, Adam?"

I growled as I fluidly rolled my body so that I was on top of her. "You bet your sexy ass I do." I took her mouth firmly, running my tongue along the seam between her lips before she opened up and let my tongue delve inside. But I didn't stay there long. I had more pressing business farther south. I trailed kisses down her neck, and then turned my attention to her perfectly round tits. "We're sleeping naked for the rest of our lives," I mumbled. "I like having complete access to you." I sucked a hardened nipple into my mouth, causing her back to bow off the bed.

She buried her hand in my hair. "Jesus Christ, you make my whole body feel like a live wire. Every time your lips are on my skin, I buzz everywhere.
It's so good, baby." She moaned the words, causing pre-cum to leak from my tip.

I began working my way lower, licking, nipping, and sucking my way down her flat stomach, over her hip bones, and finally arriving at my destination. I pushed a finger into her, and was rewarded with Carly's mewling. I added a second finger and began working her toward release.

"I need your tongue, Adam. Please." Her grip on my hair tightened, and the entire scene was such a fucking turn-on, I almost came on the spot.

As my fingers kept moving inside her, I leaned forward, darting my tongue out to make brief contact with her clit.

"Oh shit. Do that again."

I smiled at how demanding she was. It was so sexy to be with a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. And who wasn't afraid to ask for it.

"You want it again? You want me to lick your pussy?"

"You bet your sexy ass I do," she said, returning the same words I'd just said to her.

My eyes darted up to her face and saw the seductive smile she wore. "Open your eyes, Carly. I want you to watch what I do to you."

She opened them immediately, the blue orbs locking on me.
She looked at me with so much love and primal need, my body instantly heated even more.

Keeping my eyes on her, I nuzzled between her legs, using my tongue to slip between her swollen folds before making contact with her clit again. But I didn't pull away this time. My tongue ravaged her, loving the taste of her sweet wetness in my mouth. Nothing tasted better than an aroused Carly. Nothing.

"Fuck, Adam, I'm so close."

I doubled my efforts, pumping my fingers into her at a maddening pace as my to
ngue licked her like a melting popsicle.

I felt her body tense, her legs lock, and her shoulders lift off the mattress. Her whimpers grew louder. She was almost there when the sound of the doorbell interrupted our moans.

We both froze.

Carly's shoulders fell back against the mattress. "Tell me that was
the doorbell."

We listened intently, but heard nothing. I was just about to tell her it was a false alarm and get back to the matter at hand, when we heard it again.

"Who the hell could that be?” I couldn't keep the anger out of my voice. I was on the verge of giving the love of my life a mind-blowing orgasm, and now, instead of getting her off, I was getting up to answer the fucking door.

"Shit. What time is it?" Carly asked as she jumped from the bed and started throwing clothes on.

It really is a fucking crime to cover up her body.
"10:30. Why?"

"Dammit. I didn't realize
it’s so late. It's the girls downstairs."

I looked at her, confused as I pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. "Why are the girls here already?"

"They have the whole day planned. Evidently I need a full day of pampering to beautify me before I'll be ready for my bachelorette party," she replied, giggling.

"Well the joke's on them. You're beautiful without anyone else's help."

Carly's eyes darted over to me. The heat in them almost made me yell out the window and tell her friends to come back in an hour. Maybe two. She sauntered over to me in just panties and a pink, ribbed tank top. When she reached me, she put her hands on my chest, and pushed them back until her arms wrapped around my neck. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"
The sincerity in her words made my cock harden again.

I put my hands around her narrow waist and rested them on her ass. "If it's anywhere close to how much I love you, then I probably have a pretty good idea."
I lowered my lips to hers, getting lost in the kiss and wishing it would never end.

The damn doorbell sounded again, ruining another intimate moment. I sighed and dropped my head to her shoulder. "I'll get the door while you finish getting dressed." I pulled away from her, though it took great effort, and headed downstairs.

"Be nice to them," Carly yelled. "They didn't mean to cock block."

I laughed at her comment and pulled open the front door. And after seeing eight eyes staring back at me, I simply moved back from the door and gestured up the steps.

They all piled in and flew up the stairs. I shook my head, closed the door, and made my way to the kitchen to brew some coffee. And as I leaned against the counter and waited for my jolt of caffeine to be ready, I couldn't help but think of how an orgasm would've been a much more effective way to wake up.


The girls had rushed past me about twenty minutes later, Carly leaning in quickly to push a kiss to my lips. And as she was hustled out the door, she turned, told me to "behave," and shot me a wink.

After the herd left, I slowly climbed the stairs, wondering the entire way if I should climb back in
to bed and get a few more hours of sleep, or take a shower and get the day rolling. Walking into my bedroom, I glanced at the clock by my bed. 11:05.
Fuck it. Might as well get moving.

Grabbing my cell phone, I walked into my master bathroom and shucked my clothes. As I leaned in to turn on the water and adjust the temperature to the hottest my skin would be able to stand without blistering, my phone chirped, alerting me that I had a text. I couldn't hold back my smile as I read the words.
You better wait up for me tonight. You and I have some unfinished business to tend to. I love you.

I quickly began typing my reply.
I'd wait up for days if it meant getting to finish what we started this morning. Love you too.

I clicked my phone to sleep, and stepped into the hot spray, hoping like hell my hard-on went away by the time Frank and the guys showed up.


I spent the rest of my day getting ahead on some work that needed my attention before we left on our honeymoon. It was a welcome diversion since it was nearly impossible to maintain an erection while mapping out floor plans and running cost analysis.
At 6:15, I decided I had might as well go up and get ready for the evening ahead.

The guys all decided to
meet at Frank's so that they could fill coolers with beer and do whatever other corny shit they had planned. Then, the luxury bus they’d rented would bring them to my place to pick me up around 7:00. We had 8:15 dinner reservations at Gibson's Steakhouse in the city, and then the details became fuzzy. Frank had been very covert ops about what he had planned, though any idiot could guess that it would involve strippers and liquor.

Carly was aware that, with Frank running the show, literally anything was possible. She had assured me that the night was mine to have fun with my boys.
there were a few restrictions: my dick was to stay in my pants, I was to keep my mouth far away from anyone else's, and that if I got arrested, I'd have to spend the night in jail because she wasn't going to cut her night short to bail me out.

I figured these were reasonable, and reminded her that what applied to me, applied to her. Except that she needed to keep dicks
of her pants.

I pulled
out my dark rinsed jeans and chose my favorite gray button-down. I rolled up the sleeves since I was sure the bus would be hot with fifteen dudes getting rowdy on it. Then I ran some gel through my hair, allowing it rise into a slight faux-hawk. Once I was satisfied that I looked sufficiently badass for a guy in his mid-thirties, I grabbed my cell and wallet and headed downstairs to wait for the guys.

I wasn't waiting long when I heard a pounding on my door followed by Frank's obnoxious voice. "Open up, pussy. It's time to blow the roof off this motherfucker."

Blow the roof off this motherfucker? What grown man talks like that?
I got my answer when I pulled open my door to see Frank standing there with a Corona in his hand, wearing a gold chain and sunglasses. At night.

"You're quite the nineties
cliché." I shook my head at the sight of my oldest friend and best man.

"What do you mean?" Frank looked down at himself, running a hand over his black sweater, which he covered with a black leather jacket.

"Nothing," I replied with a laugh. "We all ready to leave?"

"I was born ready," he said as he started back toward the bus.

Rolling my eyes, I pulled the door shut behind me and locked it as I followed Frank toward the bus, silently hoping that none of the other guys were dressed like MTV reality show rejects.

I boarded the bus to hoots and hollers from my League of
Unextraordinary Gentlemen. Thankfully, I quickly noticed that the rest of them were all dressed normally.

"There he is. Man of the hour,"
my friend Clay yelled as he thrust a beer into my hand.

I shook hands with my friends as I made my way to the back of the bus where Troy and Doug were sitting with Frank. "So the girls let all you guys off your leashes tonight, huh?" I joked.

"Just you wait," Doug laughed. "The first couple years after you get married, that fucker is like a choke collar. It loosens when she finally realizes she can't stand you and actually hopes you run away."

We busted out in raucous laughter, though I didn't see that happening with me and Carly. And while I was sure every engaged couple felt that way
—that their love was different from all others—I knew what I had with Carly would never diminish. I'd want her forever.

BOOK: Perfectly Ever After (Pieces)
8.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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