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Promise of Blessing


Clean Christian Romance


Pioneer Hearts

A Personal Word From Terri

Chapter One
- Prologue

Chapter Two
- Singer

Chapter Three
- Helena's Visit

Chapter Four
- Expectant

Chapter Five
- The Outing

Chapter Six
- The Fashionable Miss Brenda Kelly

Chapter Seven
- The Lord's Provision

Chapter Eight
- Olive Plants

Pioneer Hearts

Faith & Hope Find Love on the Frontier

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“Because true love is God’s greatest masterpiece.”

Clean Christian Romance

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Promise of Blessing is the second book in the Pioneer Hearts Series

PIONEER HEARTS is a heart warming collection of Wild Western romances celebrating the courage of young Mail Order Brides and their trailblazer husbands. Each book is a complete story in itself, with strong characters you will fall in love with.

Book 1:
Promise to Love

Book 2:
Promise of Blessing

“Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it… Start running—and never quit! ”

Hebrews 12:1 THE MESSAGE

A Personal Word from Terri

Pioneer Hearts
is inspired by the incredible reality that the kind of stories we are writing and reading
did take place! It is a historical fact that the 1800’s saw many brides heading West to the arms of men they had never met except for a few exchanged letters. What courage they must have displayed to head out to the unknown in search of a promise.

The characters that run throughout the series are so alive, and so approachable. The lovely Josie, her handsome husband Clae, cheeky Harland, who has his eye on the plucky Beth Drescher - and that is just the people! What of Christmas and Thanksgiving, the boy’s faithful horses, and Pea, the darling goat? This second book in the collection is a complete story in itself , with a couple of surprises (and shocks!) that will bring seasonal cheer to your heart whatever time of year it may be!”

Terri Grace (Author)


Josephine Hayden, travelled thousands of miles as a mail order bride to an unknown future, and to the arms of an unknown man. She did it to save her family from financial ruin, and to lift a burden from her ailing father’s shoulders. Thankfully, Josie was swept into the loving arms of pioneering Frontier farmer Clae McKinley. Together with his twin brother Clae has established a thriving farm just outside of Wichita, Kansas.

Through doubts and challenges the binding Christian love that the newlyweds share is proven beyond any contract of marriage or man made institution. It is a marriage of two hearts beating as one.

Despite the unknown illness that strikes Josie, God’s mercy, and Clae’s love and devotion, pull her though.

Seeing the love that the couple share, Harland, the blue-eyed and passionate twin brother of Clae, is reminded daily of his own need for a good woman, but will the girl he has set his heart upon be willing to give her hand?

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