Rae, Beverly - Howling for Sara [Night Runner Werewolves 1] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition)

BOOK: Rae, Beverly - Howling for Sara [Night Runner Werewolves 1] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition)

Night Runner Werewolves 1

Howling for Sara

Love-starved Sara Hutchinson dreams of six men who pleasure her with nights filled with raw, wild sex. Unable to resist the pull of her nightly wet dream, she takes off—destination unknown. Yet when she almost runs down sexy Michael Matheson, she finds she may have bitten off more than she can handle.


Michael takes her to the pack’s secluded Texas cabin where the men seduce her into staying for good. Yet when Sara sees the six men in their werewolf forms, she runs away, only to find herself trapped in the paws of the killer werebear.


The pack must rescue her before she’s eaten alive. But will she stay? If she can open her heart to the pack, she’ll find love…and save her life.


Note: The heroine of each book will end up with one alpha hero. Each secondary hero will take their own mate in subsequent books.


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
28,313 words


Night Runner Werewolves 1

Beverly Rae


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Night Runner Werewolves 1


Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

Amber eyes captured her, pinning her to the bed as securely as the ropes tied around her wrists kept her bound to the bedposts. She struggled, realized it was useless, and stopped. The lust within those glittering depths took her breath away.

The nude man who stepped closer was beyond a mere man. His body, chiseled as though from marble, would have made the gods weep. Standing with his feet apart, his manhood erect and proud, he exuded the confidence of a leader. A strong face with black hair that caressed the tips of his shoulders called to her. He smiled, his dimples softening the harder features of his handsome appearance.

“Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you. You know that.”

The voice was deep, commanding respect, and she knew he spoke the truth. But wait. We?

Sara broke the invisible bond holding her to those mesmerizing eyes and looked away. For the first time, she saw the five other silhouettes in the darkness of the bedroom and she trembled with a strange combination of fear and excitement. Their eyes, staring at her with hunger, sparkled with flecks of gold. Their bodies, lit from behind by a flickering light in the hall, showed their firm, muscled physiques, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

The man who’d spoken drew closer and took hold of her. An electric shock sizzled through her, awakening every nerve ending. Bending her leg, he positioned himself near her pussy. “I’ve missed you since last night.”

Last night? Yes, she remembered now. They came every night to pleasure her, to feast on her. And every night she crawled into bed to wait for them, then to dream of them.

He slid his tongue slowly down the length of her inner thigh, teasing the ticklish skin, to pass over her throbbing clit. She gasped, thrilled by his touch. He sucked her tender bunch of nerves inside his mouth, using his teeth to nibble her. A rush of heat roared outward from her abdomen, making her shudder.

Without warning, she climaxed, mewing at the sudden release. How could he give her an orgasm so fast? Yet he had.

But he wasn’t finished. Again he latched onto her, adding licks to his nibbles, his fingers separating her wide to thrust his tongue inside her pussy. She jerked, not wanting to get free but wanting to move closer to him. Her pussy clenched with need, and she released again, the orgasm blowing through her stronger than the first.

A second man moved to her left side, crawled onto the bed, and sat on his knees next to her. Putting his thick cock inches from her face, he stroked himself, tempting her to do the same. She opened her mouth, craning her neck to receive him. He slipped his shaft into her mouth, deep and hard, pushing to the back of her throat as he cradled her neck. She choked but kept pumping him, her licks matching those of the man stroking her clit.

The squeak of the bed frame told her one of the others had joined them on her right side. He cupped her breasts, fondling them as he murmured sexy words to encourage her. Not that she needed encouragement. The lust boiled inside her, surging toward another climax.

Sucking harder on the cock, she moaned as the man enjoying her pussy pushed her legs over his shoulders and intensified his movements. Biting her, sweeping his tongue over her aching clit, he brought her to even greater heights of passion. Liquid fire erupted within her, flowing over her skin until she was sure she’d burn alive. The third man bent to feather kisses along the swell of her breasts while he thumbed her nipples to send zings of delightful pain into her tits.

And still she wanted more. She pulled the cock from her mouth. “Please. Fuck me.”

The man between her legs lifted up, then moved to her side as yet a fourth man joined the group. He settled at her pussy as the first man used his thumb to massage her tender
nub. The leader murmured something to the others, but his gaze never left her face.

Grabbing her legs, the fourth man thrust his shaft into her, driving his huge penis deep inside and bumping her body toward the headboard. She cried out and stroked the second man’s cock harder.

A strange aroma, one born of musk and wildness, filled the room and she inhaled. These men were hers and she was theirs. She could feel it in their touch, their looks, even their scent.

Her vaginal walls squeezed, instinctively pulling on the shaft to gain its precious seed. She moaned and reached to take a second cock in her hand. The third man growled, bent over to suckle her nipples, then tracked his tongue around her breast. His breath brushed over her and she felt the warm air flowing over her skin.

Sara heard the moans of the two men still standing around the bed and felt the tug in her abdomen. When would they join in? She reached out, beckoning them to her, but they stayed where they were. It didn’t matter. She knew they would join her one night.

The man’s cock inside her mouth pulsed, and she reached out to cup the soft balls. He groaned, tunneled his fingers through her hair, and told her how beautiful she was. She wrapped her tongue around him, loving the way his vein-lined cock felt against the roof of her mouth. Before long, the man tensed then, with an animal-like roar, released. She drank him in even as the man between her legs exploded, sending his seed inside her. He fell to her side, his face turned away from her.

Suddenly, she was alone and shivering from the loss of their warmth. Although they were still beside her, they no longer touched her. She moaned, unable to express her raging emotions any other way.


She darted her gaze back to the man who’d spoken first. He wasn’t bigger in stature than the others, but again she was struck with his commanding presence. He left no doubt he was their leader.

“Sara. Come to us. It’s time. We’re waiting for you.”

But where? She shook her head, not understanding, not sure she could understand. Her body tingled in anticipation and ignored the warning alarms blaring in her head.

What would happen if she did as he said? Would the nights of pleasure continue? Would the nights turn into days?

But what would happen if she refused? Would they leave and never return? She shook her head, denying a future without them, yet unsure how to say yes.

“You know what you’re feeling. You know this is your destiny. You must come to us.”

She believed him but needed to know more.

Tell me why.
She wasn’t sure if she’d actually spoken the words or only thought them.

“You know why.”

No, I don’t

But she no longer cared. She’d felt them from the moment she’d entered puberty, tugging at the fringes of her senses, waiting until she was ready. Only until recently, however, they’d stayed hidden in the darkness, finally coming to her in her dreams.

The ache, the emptiness she’d suffered had grown more unbearable each year. Now too many years had passed. It was time.

“You do know. Come to us, Sara. Now.”

The man on her right kissed her breast, then edged off the bed and returned to stand with the others. The second man placed a kiss on the top of her hand and joined the rest. Then, leaning over her, the first man, the leader, kissed her on the lips.

The kiss was tender, his lips grazing hers. She reached for him, but he moved away too quickly.

She struggled to remember the question she always had the next morning. Then she remembered. She sat up, eager to find an answer.

Tell me. Why can’t I remember your faces?

He shook his head. “You must find me, find us, with your heart first. Not with your eyes.”

He moved off the bed and walked to stand in front of the line of men. One by one the men backed away, leaving their leader to stand alone at the end of her bed. One by one their bodies blurred, lowering until they rested on hands and feet. For a moment, she couldn’t see them. They were five blurs, five dark forms in the shadows. Then, all at once, the men were no longer there, and instead, five wolves appeared.

Swishing their tails as if to say good-bye, the wolves spun around and ran into the blackness. The leader’s golden eyes bore into her, pulling her to him. Then, with a curt nod of his head and a flash of his dimples, he pivoted and walked away, following the wolves into nothingness.

No! Stay!
She reached for them
. I want to go with you. I want to run with you. Don’t leave me alone.

* * * *

Sara sat up, arms stretched wide, her fingers spread and reaching for him. Her breaths came in harsh pants, her heart pounded in her ears, and sweat stuck her nightgown to her back. Anguish tore at her and she let out a small cry. Lurching to the side, she flipped on her nightstand lamp. She searched the room, knowing she’d find nothing but needing to try.

Oh, my God. Another dream.

Quickly, she did as she had all the previous nights. Closing her eyes, she tried to remember what the men looked like, tried to drag the image of their leader to the forefront. Yet like all the other nights, she couldn’t. She fell back on the bed and stared at the large poster of the moon she’d taped to the ceiling.

Why couldn’t she remember them? Yet wasn’t that the way of dreams? Once awake, details were often forgotten. Still, she couldn’t help but wonder about another reason. Did her subconscious not want her to remember? Was her mind shielding her from them?

Sara’s heart slowly returned to its normal rate as she tried to make sense of the dream that had come to her nightly for the past four months. But it was no use. Even her therapist couldn’t tell her why she’d started dreaming about six men. Six incredible men who tore at her abdomen, turning normal yearning into desperate need. Or why she could never remember their faces.

She could recall their strange golden eyes and she could easily summon her feelings at the intensity of their stares. But what men had amber eyes?

Yet one thing was certain. She knew she was destined to find them.
they existed. But what if her dreams were only dreams? What would she do then? Return to her boring life as a lonely sex education teacher? Every day she taught high school students about sex and reproduction even though she knew they had more actual experience than she did. Every day she stood in front of the class and felt like a fraud.

And what about love? Could she ever teach them about the emotions surrounding the act? But how could she when she’d never fallen in love? How could she tell them anything when she’d never experienced the joy of having a man pledge himself to her?

Sara stayed in bed, her gaze focused on the photograph of the moon above her, until the first light of the morning filtered into her bedroom. Throwing off her comforter, she dragged her suitcase from under the bed and started throwing clothes inside it. Only after she’d crammed it full did she stop and question the urge driving her to find them.

“Where the hell am I supposed to go?”

Her gaze drifted to the mirror over the dresser. Her eyes, round with excitement and worry, stared back at her. Tunneling her fingers through her wild hair, she tried to shake the tension from her limbs.

Talking to herself in the mirror helped to make up her mind. “I guess I just get in the car and drive. If these dreams are real”—she shook her head, denying her thoughts to the woman before her—“then I’ll know where to go.” At least it was the middle of the summer and vacation time. Leaving her teaching position during the school year would’ve made her decision difficult.

She snorted. Taking a position as a sex education teacher had been her last resort. Until the position had come along, she hadn’t been able to find a teaching job. But teaching sex education? Could that be why she was having the hot dreams? Was she trying to gain experience, albeit imagined, through her dreams?

* * * *

“Are you sure she’s coming?”

Ranlon Skylark, his friend and fellow Night Runner, edged closer to Michael Matheson. Michael, his arms crossed, stared at the lonely Texas back road and the ditch on the other side of the gravel strip. How many nights had he stood here, imagining her arrival? But now the time had finally come.

The night seemed like any other summer night. A light wind blew across the open prairie, and the full moon hung high in the sky. Tumbleweed skirted across the road and hurried into the field behind him.

“Michael? I asked you if you’re sure she’s coming.”

Michael closed his eyes and waited, knowing he would sense her as she drew closer. He could feel her tension, the nerves tightening the muscles in her back. He could almost hear her thoughts and smell her perfume. “I’m sure of it. She’s ready. The dreams have brought her to us, just as we planned.”

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