Rae, Beverly - Saving Mandy [Night Runner Werewolves 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition)

BOOK: Rae, Beverly - Saving Mandy [Night Runner Werewolves 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition)

Night Runner Werewolves 3

Saving Mandy

Mandy Garland's father skipped town, leaving her mother alone to raise her. When Decker Royce locates her missing father, Mandy thinks she's found the one man she can trust.


Jimmy Lingo knows Mandy's his true mate and has sent her dreams of six men who pledge both their bodies and their hearts to her. But Mandy's father is a girl's worst nightmare. Owing thousands from gambling losses, her father is under the thumb of a rival werewolf pack and isn't above selling Mandy to the leader to pay his debt.


Determined to save Mandy from marriage to the other pack's leader, Jimmy takes her to the Matheson Ranch, but the rival werewolf refuses to give her up. A battle for love and money brings the truth to the surface. Will Mandy sacrifice her happiness to save her father? Or will she accept Jimmy's love and become a Night Runner werewolf?


Note: The heroine of each book will mate with the pack but will end up with one alpha hero. Each hero in the pack will take his own mate in subsequent books.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
35,812 words


Night Runner Werewolves 3

Beverly Rae


Siren Publishing, Inc.


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Night Runner Werewolves 3


Copyright © 2012

Chapter One

Jimmy Lingo, youngest member of the Night Runner Werewolves, gazed at the lovely young woman sleeping in her bed. Her long, black hair spread over the white pillowcase like fingers spreading out to touch him. Her chest rose and fell with her slumber, and he wished she didn’t have the covers pulled over her body. Almost as though she’d heard his thoughts, she kicked the bedspread off, exposing her bare legs. The sleep shirt she wore rode above her waist and, for the first time ever, Jimmy understood how even simple cotton panties could turn a man on.

“She’s beautiful. Amazing.”

“You might say she’s awesome, huh?” Ranlon Skylark bumped against Jimmy, a grin taking up most of the older werewolf’s face.

Jimmy shot him a look and took a step into the shadows separating their physical world at the Matheson Ranch just outside
Lost Hills
, from the world of dreams. The mist surrounded him, blinding him for a second. Then, taking a breath, he concentrated and pushed through the swirling darkness to find himself standing at the foot of her bed. Ranlon, Nick Rogers, and William Cage followed behind him.

“I wish this was real.” Although he could come to her in her dreams and experience being with her, emotionally and sexually, he knew it was only his essence she felt and not his actual body.

“If all goes as planned, it’ll be real soon enough.” Nick sauntered to the other side of the bed. “She’s hot, that’s for sure.”

“What’s her name? Where is this place? What town does she live in?” He glanced around the bedroom. Soft-green-painted walls held the background for the mishmash of furniture. Dolls and assorted stuffed animals from her childhood watched from a nearby shelf while photographs of friends and family dotted the walls. She stood proudly holding a diploma in one picture, but he couldn’t make out the name of the school. Could the photo be a memento of high school graduation? Or had she already completed college?

“Why hasn’t she come to find me?” Jimmy took a tentative step closer, ready to come to her as he’d done in all her dreams for several weeks. “I don’t get the sense that she’s anywhere near me. Can’t we draw her to me like we did with Sara? Can’t we dream her to us?”

“You know that was different.” Ranlon’s dark eyes flashed with irritation. “We called Sara to us to become our alpha-female, the one we share until we find our one mate. Even after we take a mate, we can choose to return to Sara.”

Nick laughed. “Providing our mate doesn’t mind, of course. Plus, there’s always the initiation of new females into the pack. Once Sara and we approve, then the pack will welcome the prospective mate into our shared bed. You know it’s our way. Always has been, always will be.”

William, the oldest pack member, shook his head. “These dreams may not be calling her to you, but they’ll help her recognize the special connection you share once she does come. And she will come. I don’t understand the why or how of it, but we always find our mate.”

“Why can’t we let her remember our faces?” Jimmy hated the whine in his voice, but he was desperate. If she didn’t come to him soon he’d blow a fuse.

“You know why.” Jimmy’s impatience didn’t seem to bother William. “A werewolf’s future mate has to connect emotionally first, with her heart, not with her eyes. Take it easy. She’ll come to you soon enough.”

“Until then, what are we waiting for?” Nick wiggled his eyebrows at Jimmy. “Unless you’d rather bed her alone this time?”

Jimmy thought about it as he’d done so many times before. He wanted her alone, couldn’t wait to make her his, but having other pack members in the dream would make it easier for her to accept them when the time came to explain the pack’s ways. Besides, he wanted the pack’s approval even before she came. Keeping her alone, just the two of them, would have to wait.

He sat on the bed and saw her eyelids flutter. Taking her hand, he waited until the Ranlon and William took their place beside her and laid their hands on her arm. Nick eased onto the bed on the other side and rested his hand on her leg. She flinched, then settled down and let out a small sigh. Jimmy nodded then closed his eyes, giving his spirit to the dream.

“We’re here.”

Waking, Mandy inhaled, bringing in the familiar scent. Keeping her eyes closed, she stretched her arms out, not knowing where they were, only that they were near. Beside her. On her bed.

You came back.

“Of course we did. I’ll never leave you.”

She had to open her eyes then. She had to see the blond hair of the young man who came with the other men. His hazel eyes latched onto her, making her aware of her sleep shirt around her waist, the simple white panties she wore. He returned her smile, his eyes changing until flecks of amber overcame the green and brown.

Glancing around, she took in the two men next to him, then the one on her right side. Every time was the same. Four incredible, hot men, their faces intent, their eyes blazing with lust, their naked bodies ready to pleasure her. She blushed, knowing it was ridiculous to do so. This wasn’t the first time they’d taken her.

She shivered, excitement coursing through her belly. She loved how tender yet forceful they were. Loved feeling controlled yet in control.

Take me again.

The young one, the one she liked best, leaned over to press his lips to hers. She sighed, enjoying the first move in their dance. The kiss grew more urgent, his lips pushing against hers, and his tongue thrust inside her mouth. She moaned and wrapped her hands around his neck.

Sliding his hand under her shirt to take her breast, he lay beside her, continuing to kiss her until she wondered if she’d ever draw another breath. At last, he broke apart, moving to nibble on the skin where her neck curved to her shoulder.

The man to her right eased onto the bed and slipped his hands under her panties. The older man, the one with piercing blue eyes, tugged off her panties and tossed them away.

“Taste her.”

The voice of the red-haired man, filled with humor and desire, rumbled through her and she waited. Hoping. Eager.

The oldest of the group, although youthful in his own right, pushed on the blond man’s shoulder. “Go on.”

The blond moved to ease between her legs. Running his tongue over his lips, he settled between her legs, his amber gaze locked on her face. Slowly, as though teasing her, he lowered his head and blew air on her pussy lips.

She gasped and reached for him but came up short. With a wicked grin, he slicked his tongue along her folds. Heat, hotter than the sun of a hot summer day, blazed into her core. Swirling the growing climax, the scorching fire spun outward to tremble through her legs.

Please. Suck on me.

Her plea was meant for one and for all of them. She wanted their mouths, hands, and teeth on her body. If she didn’t get what she needed, she’d explode into a million pieces.

The older man took his shaft in his hand and started pumping. He rubbed her leg, caressing her thigh in a way that was both reassuring and sensual. The redhead brought his tongue to her nipple, flicked it once, then twice, then covered it with his mouth. The other man groaned then followed his friend’s example. Together, they nibbled and sucked on her tits.

But even their combined attention couldn’t hold anything to the amber-eyed man between her legs. Taking her legs over his shoulders, he crushed his mouth to her pussy. She threw her head back, her hands flailing, looking to hold on to anything that would keep her on the bed. She closed her eyes and let the sensations flow over her.

Teeth nibbled at her breasts, on her leg, and on the sensitive nub. Sounds of pleasure, of possessiveness rushed over her until she couldn’t tell one man from the other. Her body tingled under their hands, their mouths, their tongues.

She bucked, an orgasm pummeling out of her as the man trapped her clit between his teeth. He whipped his tongue back and forth, tantalizing the already tortured nub until she writhed to get away. She tried to get loose, needing a moment to breathe, but was pleased when he wouldn’t set her free.

When he left her, leaving cold air to chill her pussy, she opened her eyes, ready to plead for him to return. Instead, her words caught in her throat.

The redhead took her arm and tugged her, bringing her to a sitting position. Taking her by the arms, the blond got to his knees then leaned back until she could sit on top of his legs. She reached for his cock, but the redhead and another man grabbed her arms. Instead, they stood, bringing their shafts level with her eyes. She licked her lips and took their cocks in her hands.

The blond teased her, rubbing his engorged member against her pussy. She mewled a sound of anguish and silently begged him to take her.

“Ride me, babe.”

She almost cried in relief. She paused, took a breath, then slid him inside her. The thickness of him made her catch her breath, and she had to will herself not to tense up.

“Breathe. Just breathe.” The older man, on his knees, settled behind her and enveloped her in his arms. He fondled her breasts as he nibbled on her shoulder and urged her to pump the other men harder.

Her hair bounced around her shoulders, and she did as he told her, working their cocks, one inside her, the others in her hands, harder still. The blond man gripped her hips, driving into her time and again. Her vaginal walls enclosed him, holding him, promising to never let him go.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

She never thought twice about the request from the oldest man. Releasing the other men’s shafts, she leaned forward, pushed the blond man to his back, and rested her hands on his hard, muscled chest. He pulled her hair to one side and arched to flick his tongue over her nipple.

She was ready, not needing any preparation for his entry. Yet, the man behind her licked her, preparing her. She let a growl escape, wanting him to hurry. With a groan, he eased into her.

She closed her eyes again, unable to do anything more than experience the sensations ripping through her. The man beside her ran his hands over her body, cupping then slapping her buttocks, massaging her clit then moving to caress her elsewhere. A larger climax shuddered outward from her core and, without warning, she lost the strength in her arms. It didn’t matter. The men, her men, kept her upright to continue the delicious agony.

The soft yet granite-like chest under her palms tightened, and she opened her eyes, wanting to see his climax. His eyes were closed, a look of pure concentration mixed with delight brightening his face. Tensing, he froze. She held her breath then lost it again to the pounding of his heart under her palm. Growling, he slammed into her, roaring his release.

The man behind her gripped her breasts, squeezing them, his arms ribbons of steel surrounding her. He laid his forehead on her shoulder, moaned, then pulled out as his climax broke free.

They let go of her, allowing her to fall on top of the blond one. Her cheek pressed against the dampness of his chest, and she drew in his scent. The hot, spicy aroma filled her nostrils, and she committed it to memory. She vowed she could find him by his scent alone.

“We’re here for you. Just waiting. Open your heart and search for us.”

She tried to push herself up but failed. Then, when he wrapped his arms around her, she didn’t want to try again.

Are you real? Who are you? How do I find you? Tell me where to go and I’ll go there.

“You’ll find us if you look with your heart. All you have to do is try. We need you. We want you to be one of us.”

The blond man ran his hand over her hair, stroking her. His heart had slowed down, but his grip hadn’t lessened. “
need you. Hurry.”

The men lifted her from him, laying her on her back and covering her with the sheet. The blond man touched her cheek then pressed his lips to hers in a quick, gentle kiss. Ignoring her protests, he slid off the bed and took his place next to his friends.

Please, don’t go. Not yet.

His soft smile almost broke her heart. Suddenly, with a nod at the others, his body changed, blurring until she couldn’t see him any longer. She sat up, pulling the sheet to her chin. She wiped her eyes and squinted, trying to clear her vision.

The blurry images kept morphing, fur sliding over skin, bones dissolving into different angles. Although she’d seen the same thing every night, she was still amazed.

Four wolves, one red, one brown, one black, and one with yellow fur stared back at her. With a swish of his tail, the yellow wolf whirled around and led the other wolves into the darkness.

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