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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.




Copyright © 2015 Timia J. Williams

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1511642645

ISBN-13: 978-1511642644







To my brother Christopher.























First Quarter


































Blood dripped down the concrete walkway, and into the grass. Blinking yellow and red lights glared in the background, while police pulled yellow tape around the scene. The crowd of students stood around in shock looking at the body, barely covered with a plastic blue blanket. “It looks like an accident.” One of the officers said writing on a note pad. “Kid must’ve been drunk or something. Looks like he fell from the balcony” The detective that stood next to him kneeled down and pulled the blue plastic off of the victims’ head. “This was one hell of an accident.”


It was early August and the beginning of football season. The sun was beaming down, reflecting its light off of the scratched up white helmets of the young men on the field. Sweat drenched their hair and bodies, leaving their clothes sticking to their well-sculpted physiques. You could hear the coaches whistle blow throughout the empty stadium and the grunts and roars of adrenaline fueled men crashing into each other. The grass on the field were watered and green, the numbers on it was pure white and perfectly lined up. In the middle of the field were the Schuylkill University, Lions.

The field was separated by the freshman and upper class men, as well by first and second string. They were scrimmaging for their spots. The men on the first string dominated the field, mostly Junior and senior players pumped to continue a dynasty, that they worked hard to obtain. The football team had gone undefeated for 3 years.

  Amongst the undefeated upper class men was #3, Bryce Henson. He was their Moses, he had led them to the promise land of victory in the Big East. As victorious as Bryce was he was humble. He had come from a troubled household, his mother and father divorced when he was 4 and his mother dated men who abused her. His only examples of good male role models were his coaches. He found his way out of the ‘hood’ and off the streets by playing sports. He played little league football and basketball but continued through high school just taking interest in football. He earned a scholarship to the University after being scouted by the infamous Coach Paul Booker. He was grateful for his success, but he always paid homage to his best friend and teammate Antonio Pittman III. He and Trey, as close friends called him, had been playing together since middle school. They’ve always played on the same teams and both played dynamic roles on Offense. Trey was a Tight End and Bryce played Running Back. The two were inseparable and practically brothers.

In high school, they led their school to 4 undefeated seasons, breaking city and state records. They both got accepted to more than 10 schools but they had their hopes on Schuylkill University. They agreed to go to college together so that they would go to the pros together. Unfortunately for Trey, he did not make first string during freshman tryouts. He decided he wanted to tryout for RB, the same position as Bryce.

“I don’t understand why you just didn’t play TE man! You got good hands and one a hell of a blocker” Bryce had brought up after the tryouts. What Bryce didn’t know was his friend’s competitive envy of him. Trey kept it casual as if he didn’t care.

“Man, I’m sick of playing tackle! I’m tryna be an all-star!”

“Yeah, I feel you bro!” Bryce laughed.

This season, wasn’t just any season, it was junior year for the boys. The PFL was scouting, and from the looks of it Bryce was heading for the Pro’s.

“Good job today boys!” Coach Booker yelled out after the whistle blew, he clapped his hands and gestured the team to wrap up. “I like what I see out there. I think it’s going to be a hell of a season!”

“YEAH!” A roar of testosterone filled cheers came from the huddle. Coach went over the roster and the preseason schedule, “We play some mean teams this season, next week we go up against the Huskies for the first preseason game.” He continued on for a few minutes and then released practice for the day.

“Yo coach, in the way with these 3-a-days man!” Angel Hernandez complained while taking his helmet off and picking grass out of his hair.

“Yo stop, bitching, Hernandez!,” Trey yelled over jokingly,

“Shut the fuck up, Trey!” Angel barked back, “You’re still mad cause’ I’m first string and you’re still the coaches water boy!”

All the men, laughed at the two going back and fourth with each other. Trey laughed along with them but it burned him up inside knowing that he was second behind Bryce for RB. For the 3 years that they played for S.U. Trey was in Bryce’s shadow. He worked his ass off at practice every day but barely had a chance to play his entire time in college. He would only get the opportunity if there was a blow out and by the time he got the chance to get on the field it would be a minute, maybe even just seconds left in the game.


“And it’s Pittman! Pittman with the Ball!” The announcer yelled over the speakers. Trey caught the ball in the last 25 seconds at 4th and 10. He ran it in for a 30-yard touchdown. It was senior night of high school, and that night both Trey and Bryce broke records. They led the city and the state in the most points per game. They had beaten every team in their division and now they were about to win for the city title. The scoreboard read 65-0 and there were no mercy rules in the city games. Earlier in the evening, Bryce pointed out to Trey that the College scouts would be out there checking them out. Trey showed off that night knowing he was being watched like a hawk. He succeeded.

As the game ended, the crowd counted down the scoreboard time like it was New Years Eve. The boys raised their hands to pump the sideline up as their Quarterback took a knee for the last second of the game. Both the team and the crowd on the sideline ran out on the field in excitement. The coach, drenched in green Sportade, ran over to congratulate his two Super stars. They had the victory and were headed to the State Championship!


Trey often reminisced on the good times from High School. He couldn’t blame anyone but himself for not playing the position he had mastered over the years. He just couldn’t stand being sidekick to Bryce. Even as kids, no matter what Trey did Bryce seemed to do it better, at least that’s what Trey felt. The only thing Bryce didn’t out do Trey in was his up bringing. Trey’s life wasn’t as rough as Bryce’s growing up. He came from a Middle class family. His Italian father owned a mini-market in South Philly, while his mother who was African-American, was a hairdresser.              

He and his siblings went to the best schools in the city and were very privilege. He was a well-rounded athlete playing sports from football to hockey, but his passion was football. He would go out early in the summer to sneak behind the gates and watch the Philadelphia Birds practice.

He lived a few blocks from where their practices were held. So for his morning workout he would jog down and admire his future teammates or opponents. There was a space in the fence where he would crawl under and daydream about the day he would be running up the field with some of his favorite players. He was determined to get to the PFL by any means.

His father always pushed him to be the best he could be. “Son, you gotta work for it!” His father would preach. Trey wanted to make his family proud especially his father. He worked hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA all the while playing football. He majored in Computer Science, to steer away from the stereotypical Communications major most athletes took. He was focused. He rarely had time for parties and socializing. He was the first person at practice everyday and even in the off seasons he trained. Trey just wanted to be the best.


All of the men moved weakly around the tight spaced locker room. The locker room was as hot and humid as it was outside. It smelled of old damp socks and wet grass while the men removed their equipment. Some of the men headed towards the shower, while other rattled opening and closing their assigned lockers. Bryce checked his cell phone for messages and Trey, whose locker was right across, scraped the grass and dirt from the bottom of his cleats.

“Yo, why Hernandez always gotta say shit about me playing second string?” Trey whispered over to his best friend.

“Why do you pay him any mind?” Bryce laughed. “He’s a dick, we all know this by now. You did start with him though”

“Yeah I know, still, he knows how I feel about being 2nd string.”

“Dog, you’re a great player, fuck him!” Bryce said placing his hand on his friends shoulder. “I’m hungry as shit man, lets go to the cafe.”

  The two of them took a quick shower and headed over to the cafe with the rest of the team. The best part of being on the football team was being on campus before the other students arrived back from their summer breaks. They ate the best food, and had campus to themselves.

“I can’t wait to see what these fresh chicks hitting for this year.” One of their teammates blurted out across the table.

“Man, ain’t like you getting any.” Bryce joked.

“Look, everyone ain’t lucky to have a wifey, like you do.”

  The teammate said throwing a piece of lettuce at Bryce. Bryce and his girlfriend, Michele, had been together since sophomore year. They were the all American couple. She was the cute petite Cheerleader and he was the superstar Athlete. They matched perfectly. He was tall 6’0”, and handsome. He kept his haircut low and had little hair on his face. His post braces smile was one of his best assets next to his well-sculpted arms and abs. He was also a very respectable young man. She was only 5’1” and had a petite frame. She had long wavy black hair and creamy colored skin. She came from a wealthy family so she drove the newest cars and had the best sense of fashion. Their relationship was nearly perfect.

  Bryce on the other hand hadn’t really dated since starting college. As nice looking as he was he held little to no interest to the females on campus. All except for Sevynn. She was the only female that caught his attention. Trey wanted Sevynn. He loved her sassiness and beauty. She was tall and thick, she was a sexy milk chocolate, with unique features. She had hazel eyes and wore her hair natural, most times in a curly Afro. He couldn’t wait until classes began so that he could see her again.  But Sevynn, of course had her eye on Bryce like every other female. Trey felt like he didn’t have to talk to any of the women on campus, they didn’t want him they wanted, Bryce. He was equally as good looking, he wore his hair in locs and by him being biracial they lay curly at the end. He had attractive features, his eyes, smile and everything. But he was Bryce’s sidekick, so no one noticed him.


  Trey had his face in the play-book the coach had given the team. He wanted to stay on his game and be prepared for the upcoming season. He didn’t care about what was going on around him, he was hungry to make it to the pros.

“Trey, the season doesn’t start for another 3 weeks.” Bryce said to his friend closing the book on him. “Relax bro!”

“That’s easy for you to say you don’t have to worry about your spot.” Trey said getting up from his seat to throw his food away.

“Trey!” Bryce yelled after him, “Wait, man!”

“Bro, it’s nothing against you but,” Trey continued, “You’re like a god here, you already know you have your spot. Me, on the other hand, I gotta work for mine especially if a nice ass fresh boy come in here stealing my shine.”

“Trey, man, focus on you don’t worry about a freshman taking your spot you’re secured.”

“Easy for you to say.” Bryce mumbled. “Look man I’m about to go take a nap. I’ll catch up with u later.”

“Alright.” Bryce sighed, he reached his hand out to do the handshake they’ve done since sixth grade and the two went their separate ways.

  Trey put his headphones in his ears and headed to his dorm room. He laid in his bed studying the play-book. He paused and thought about the first day they had gotten to campus and how excited they were.






BOOK: RedZone
7.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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