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Repent in Love

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Repent in Love

Hali Steele


Sequel to
Hope in Love

Uriel, angel of repentance, wants Morta, the one woman he
cannot possess. She is the Fate who holds power over life and death. A brief
fling with her is not enough. He needs more than a warm body to extinguish the
flames of desire—he needs to have all of her, body and soul.

Morta has burned for Uriel for centuries. But it can never
be. She is forbidden to align herself with anyone, especially an angel. After a
few fevered nights in Uri’s arms, she knows there will be no repenting for her
sin. Morta cannot let go of the only being in the universe who affects her so

Now Uriel must risk his life and find a way to protect their

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and
scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!


erotic fantasy romance
from Ellora’s Cave


Repent in Love
J. Hali Steele




This book has been as much a labor of love as it is about
love. Thanks to Doc M for waiting patiently to read the second story and to
Boz—I couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Chapter One


“You bury that scythe in my floor one more time I’ll wrap it
around your goddamn neck,” Uriel grated through clenched teeth. As long as he
didn’t say God and Hell in the same sentence he remained safe from retribution.
Michael was lenient in some areas.

Uriel, the angel of repentance, had grown tired of
everything. Repentance. Life. All of it. And the foot-deep holes Samael left in
Uriel’s floor with his scythe pissed him off. Not even he could kill another
angel, and that’s what Sam was—the true angel of death. Uriel would enjoy the
fight but, without a doubt, Death wasn’t the one he should pick on. The Father
gave Sam power to destroy anything. Including angels. Right now the Grim Reaper,
which is what humans called Sam, was his best friend. Hell, Uri’s only friend. But
why was Sam in Uri’s domain? Ever since his showdown with Ramiel, the angel of
hope, Uri had become persona non grata, and he deserved it.

He recalled that day with venom in his soul and it made him
think of her.


A whole new vista opened in his mind. Uri’s erection
surfaced immediately with thoughts of Morta, the Fate responsible for cutting
the thread of life. The woman who occupied corners of his mind he didn’t know
existed. He envisioned long white-blonde hair and eyes that rivaled the violets
he loved. In fact, he had created the flower so he could see the color
everywhere he went.

Samael’s voice pulled him from his reveries.

“You need a fucking life. You’re no fun anymore and that
bulge in the front of your pants is a nasty sight.” His laughter rang through the
chamber. How could someone who carried death so easily have such a melodious
sound of joy emanate from him?

Uri felt very little of any emotion lately. “It’s only nasty
to you. Many love it.”

“Yeah, well they ain’t getting much of it right now. Morta
will never happen, Uri, she’s one of the three Fates. Wrap your head around
that shit, man. Let’s go find some excitement.” Sam lifted and dropped his
scythe with a clang.

Uri reached to take the weapon of death from his hand and a shock
wave sent his chair backward and him skittering across the floor on his ass. “You
piece of shit,” he snarled from his crumpled position against the wall.

“By now you should know better than to touch my tool.” Sam
chuckled. “Can’t control it myself sometimes.”

Uri used his mind to right the chair and appeared back in
his seat as though nothing had happened.
Definitely the wrong one to battle
with today or any day. Shit.
“I’m not in the mood to go out.”

“’Til you get yourself some of your Fate’s tail, you won’t
be. You can’t keep her but you need to tap that thing and move on.”

Uri’s face flamed hot as he aimed a look at Sam. It did
nothing to wipe the quirk from Death’s lips. “What if I did want to keep her?
Ram did it.” Which still gnawed a hole in Uri’s gut.

Maybe Sam was right. He should take Morta and just enjoy her
body. He had wanted her from the day he first saw her. How many hundreds of
years ago was that? Time moved so quickly in Heaven.

There was the time in Michael’s study when Uri thought to mentally
play a game of cat and mouse with Morta but she’d turned the tables on him and
mind fucked him until he came in his pants.
Talk about the cat who got the
He’d been no good ever since. Uri tried everything possible for damn
near seven years to get her beneath him. Hoping she’d come to him, he’d even
given her access to his mind occasionally when he felt her. She was totally
aware of how much he desired her. He let her see deliciously passionate
pictures of what he wanted to do to her. None of it ever happened. She wanted
Maybe she doesn’t
. What if she played this game with all men?

He hoped not. There would be hell to pay for any male who
touched her.

“She’s a Fate, man. It will
be. So come on,
let’s go find something to make you feel better.”

When he found himself transported to a noisy nightclub, Uri
was quickly reminded just how powerful the angel of death could be. Engulfed by
loud music and voices, he took in the smoke-filled room, jam-packed with sweaty
men and women—not all of them human. Lustful smells of vampyre and the musky
scent of animal all assailed his nostrils. “What the fuck, Sam. Don’t do that
shit again.” Unbidden, his cock did come alive and it twitched at the different
aromas of female. No other smell like it in the universe, thank God. The males
of all species would be crazed lunatics if the sweet scent of woman was
everywhere. A halfhearted smile tugged at Uri’s lips.

“Shut up and look around you, man. Tell me you don’t want
some of what’s here,” The minute Samael spied the TV, his voice was giddy with
happiness. “And would you look at that wide screen? Shame there’s no game tonight.”

Uri couldn’t control his libido, which went into overdrive.
He’d waited too many weeks as it was between lovers. To hell with Morta,
tonight he needed to release his pent-up emotions
his cock. Enough
was enough. After all, she’d had over six years to take him up on his offer. Every
woman he’d been with since that day in Michael’s office all wore her face and
they all had flowing white-blonde hair. Tonight he promised himself he would
see who he fucked. That’s all it would be.

That’s all it had been since she’d invaded his mind and his

* * * * *

Morta reveled in the crystal-blue water of the lake near the
spacious mansion she occupied in Heaven with her sister Fates and let its
warmth caress her as she placated the fire raging in her pussy. She explored
and massaged her swollen nether lips with her fingers as her mind swirled like
the waves of water washing over her body. Still she was unable to forget what
troubled her. Need throbbed between her legs and it could only be cooled by one


It would never be. The Fates were destined to be alone. She’d
tried hard to understand, even though she thought it unfair. Michael and the
Father felt she and her sisters could not be objective enough to perform their
duties otherwise. They were correct and Morta knew it because she’d thought of
Uriel belonging to her for a long time.

Morta’s channel clenched with the urge to be filled with his
thickness and as she floated on the water, her hand continued to coax wetness
from between her legs. Cream flowed as she stroked her folds and pinched her
clit. An image of Uri’s long dark hair floated around her. His sapphire-blue
eyes held a place in her mind she no longer controlled. They beckoned with a
lust she’d never felt before and her body ached for his. Her fingers tingled
with the need to touch the stark, beautiful planes of his face, trace his full,
kissable lips. She envisioned herself astride the hard muscled thighs his
slacks couldn’t hide. Tasting him…

So involved in the mental image she’d conjured and
forgetting about using her powers, Morta slipped beneath the water. Gurgling
and choking, she rose to the surface, turned to her stomach and swam to shore. Her
sister Fates were busy as she should be. Morta’s duties suffered and Decima had
called that fact to her attention numerous times lately. Many cried out for
release from the world, threads of life required severing, and until she
handled her job, Lucifer and Gabriel remained held at bay.

She had to get hold of herself. Reaching the sandy shore and
again forgoing magic, Morta dried herself with a large plush towel, careful not
to ignite any further heat between her legs. She searched the universe and
allowed her mind to briefly touch Uri’s. Fates didn’t have the power to read
angels’ thoughts unless they allowed it, so he’d be aware Morta was there just
as he had been every other time she’d grown too weak to stay away.

He let her in.

Flames blossomed in her chest.
How dare he
sat at a table in a dark club with someone on his lap. It ate at her like acid
each time she became aware of him with someone else. For too many years she’d
obeyed the rules but she couldn’t stand it anymore. Clothing herself, she transported
to the place Uriel visited. Her nose picked up his scent before her eyes found
him. She smelled Samael also; their eyes connected across the room and he
headed her way.

“Mort, how the hell are you?”

Samael and Morta’s duties kept them tied closely together in
feelings and thoughts. She cut the thread of life but the Grim Reaper snatched
their souls and delivered them accordingly. The devil got all the unrepentant
sinners—humans and magical creatures alike. Sam enjoyed painfully dropping the
bad guys at Satan’s door when their time was up.

Morta had also seen another side of Sam, one that others
seldom saw. He could be kind and gentle to children and elderly, whom he
carefully delivered above to await Gabriel’s decision.

Her cheeks burned with anger right because she knew Sam had
instigated this foray into nightlife. “Why did you bring him here?”

“Don’t start shit with me, Morta, I like you and I’m not
standing in your way. Why don’t you just fuck him and be done with it? He’d
like that very much.” His eyes narrowed. “You just can’t have the mushy happily
ever after bullshit, so be very careful. There will be no repenting.”

“What are you saying?” Apprehension slid down her spine. She
locked her hands behind her back in an attempt to hide their shaking.

Samael didn’t make idle threats.

“If I’m sent for either of you, it won’t be personal. I
take you back. It’s my job.” His lips formed a slash across his face, his voice
rattled. “And I’m damn good at it, babe.”

She searched Death’s face, the only angel whose eyes weren’t
blue. They were silver and resembled a mirror. Anyone who peered into them saw
their own true visage. If evil resided in any being’s soul, the hideousness was
reflected back. She’d seen it drive some insane. Sam towered over most other heavenly
occupants, his hair the same color as her snow-white tresses. Morta often
wondered why she couldn’t want him instead of Uri. His buff body screamed loud
and clear:
I’ll be good to you
. She often eyed the exceptional bulge
between his legs. It surpassed any she’d seen. But being attracted to Death was

“I’d expect no less.” Mort shrugged. Her eyes shifted across
the room to Uriel who held a human woman in his lap. He’d picked up Morta’s
scent and his devilish blue eyes pierced her like daggers. An electric arc
sliced through the air.


She fully entered his mind and the heat of his desire
slammed into her.
I want you.

I’m busy.

Suddenly shoved out, she snarled at his rejection.

Don’t play with me, Morta. I’ve waited more than enough
years. Why now?
His hand snaked up the woman’s short skirt and Mort felt his
excitement at what he did between her legs.

She can’t give you what I can.

What are you offering?

She brought the room to a standstill. Air stopped, everything
ground to a halt and not a human moved. Energy from the supernatural creatures
in the room fizzled to nothing as they scurried from the club. Her eyes pierced
Uri while she slowly peeled the long filmy dress from her body. Erect nipples
tingled at the thought of his lips covering them. Moisture erupted from her
core at the vision of his fingers deep inside her.

Uri hissed at the wolf whistle emitted by Sam, who instantly

Can she give you this?
Morta’s hand disappeared
between her thighs and rubbed her clit until she was drenched and almost
climaxed. Shoving two fingers into her tight sheath she coaxed more liquid from
herself. The aroma of sex permeated the room. Her hand came away wet and Morta
slowly drew it up her stomach, over her breasts, and to her waiting mouth. Uri’s
eyes swirled blue fire when she slipped the fingers between her lips to taste
her own juices. He stood, dumping the woman from his lap, and ripped into Morta’s
mind with savage vengeance, stealing the taste of her desire. Morta massaged
her temples to ease the pressure.

, he snarled as he mentally thrust his own fingers
inside her while his long strides covered the distance between them. Her knees
buckled with the force of his invasion but she never hit the floor.

He whispered, his lips brushing her ear, “It’s mine, Morta.”
He caught her naked body and held her in one arm while real fingers pushed
slowly into her pussy. She bucked against his hand. Everyone in the room
remained motionless and time didn’t move as he stabbed deep into her core. His
clothes had vanished and he took her, bringing Morta to a climax with his

“Why did you make me wait?” Her breath came in short gasps
while her mind shut down with the force of her orgasm.

“Why didn’t you come to me?” He smothered her face and neck
with kisses. She could barely stand his attention. Cum continued to run from
her into his waiting palm. “You’ve always been mine,” he sighed, drawing
everything from her.

Pushing her hand between their bodies, she grasped his hard
cock and gazed at the broad head shiny with pre-cum. Morta cupped the tip of
his penis and pulled in a rapid, repeated motion. His groans were muffled
against her neck where he bit her viciously.

“Mmm.” Her head fell to his shoulder. His black hair fanned
around her face. Her hand never lost contact as she continued to stroke his
cock hard, up and down. His shaft slammed over and over through her fingers.
Uri’s body tensed on the verge of coming.

“Make me come.” He jutted his hips back and forth, moving
his thickness through her palm. “Harder, Morta.”

She tightened her grip on his length, working him into a
frenzy. “You want to come for me?”

He grunted and jabbed at her with one last push before his
cock exploded and sent warm splashes of cum across her stomach. “
you for making me wait.” He gulped lungs full of air.

BOOK: Repent in Love
8.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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