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“W-what are you doing?” she asked hoarsely. And, to his
pleasure, impatiently.

“I have to see you. All of you.” He gave her a brief kiss on the mouth. “This is a first for us.”

“And what do you think?” Her voice was a sexy purr, new to him.

“That you are, by far, the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” He took the time to walk behind her. “Ah.” He caressed her shoulders. His knuckles ran down her spine. He cupped her butt with both
hands and massaged there. She leaned into him, wanting more, he guessed. “Logan…”

“Not yet.”

Magdalena wanted more. And more. And more. So she said, “Then, it’s my turn.”

Pivoting, she gazed up at his face, at his beloved features. And saw naked desire in them. It thrilled her, made her wetter than his caresses had. She slid her hands up his chest and he shivered. Which she loved.
Unbuttoning his shirt, taking her time to explore the sprinkling of dark chest hair, she pushed the material off him. “Can’t wait?” he asked with a sexy laugh.

“No.” She dispensed with the belt, his underwear and pants and socks until he was as naked as she. She gave a siren’s smile when she looked down.

“Like what you do to me?”

“Yep, since I didn’t know I could.”

It was his turn
to laugh. “This is the best, Mags. The very best.”

“For me, too.”

They came together as if they’d been fashioned to fit as one. His body aligned with hers, tangling their legs, meshing them together. Magdalena wondered if she’d always known this was meant to be.

Logan was losing his sanity. Her body plastered against his. He delighted in the feel of her breasts melding with his chest,
her sweet curls surrounding his very hard cock. His urgency made him draw away and scoop her up. The shock on her face made him say, “Hmm. A first for you?”

“Yes, no man ever…”

He kissed away the rest of the response

After he stretched her out on the bed, he again gazed down at the perfect curves, indentations, shimmering skin. Then he covered her with his body. “Ah.”

She sighed.
“I can’t believe this.”

“Oh, I can.” He raised himself up by bracing his hands on either side of her. Staring into her face, he was surprised to find moisture in her eyes. It made him teary, too.

“Can you believe this?” she asked.

“I can. It’s perfect.
perfect, together.”

“I know, Logan. I know that, now.”


He sat with his back to the headboard, legs a
bit apart, and tugged her over so she straddled him. “I want to see you, the first time. I want to watch you come for me.”

Her face flushed, at his inflammatory words, he hoped. “Oh, dear God.”

“Look into my eyes.”

“I can’t keep mine open.”

“Do it,” he commanded.

So she watched him as he took hold of her hips, raised them and then slowly exerted pressure. His cock met the wet
folds of her and he eased himself inside her. Inch, by inch, by lovely inch, until he fully possessed her. His hands began to tremble at the emotion of the moment and he saw her breath hitch. Their gazes locked. He eased her up some so he could take the first thrust. She threw her head back. Groaned. Another thrust, and she grabbed on to him so tightly her nails dug into his skin. Again and again,
until the spirals began inside her. “Logan, oh, Logan.”

“That’s it baby. Let go. Let go for me.”

It didn’t take long until the spirals became spasms, and her body took over. She rode him, she drew him deeper and moved hard and fast. He felt his own reaction begin, but before he succumbed, he got to see her face tighten, her body become impossibly stiff until she shuddered and shuddered
and shuddered. He didn’t know how he lasted, but he got to witness the very first time Magdalena belonged to him. Then he no longer thought but felt. Only felt

She cuddled into him after they came back to consciousness and he covered them with the sheet and down comforter. Her hair brushed against his face, smelling like flowers this time. The sensations of their lovemaking still filled him.
Neither spoke for a long time. He kissed her head once, then she ran her hand over his chest.

Finally, he broke the silence. “Words fail me.”

“I was thinking the same thing. I guess we don’t need them.”

So they burrowed into one pillow and with the wailing wind battering outside, they formed a cocoon of their own under the warm covers.

Later that night, Magdalena woke first. And
felt Logan, blissfully naked beside her. She’d slept like the dead and was ecstatic that when she awakened she hadn’t dreamed this. She and Logan had become lovers. His hard chest rose and fell easily now, and all the planes of his face were relaxed. In the dim light, she could see that classic profile, the strong features that were him.

As if knowing she was conscious, he stirred. Opened
his eyes. And smiled lazily. “Ah, so it did happen.”

“I was afraid I’d dreamed it.”

Again he held her. They were quiet until he said, “I don’t know about you, sweetheart, but that was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“That’s because we made love, Logan. And yes, it was the same for me.”

Leaning over her, he tipped her chin. “No regrets?” he asked seriously.

“Not one. You?”

“Are you kidding? I think I’ve wanted this forever.”

“What a nice thought.”

He lay back down. “It is, isn’t it?”


Logan said to her from the bar stool, “I like seeing you in my pajamas, your feet bundled up in my socks.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m so sexy with the legs and arms rolled up.”

“No, not sexy. More. Better.”

She turned from looking into the refrigerator. “How
is it better?”

“It’s more intimate than sex.”

“Babe, nothing is more intimate than what we did to each other the last time.”

“A different kind of intimacy. You look like you belong in my kitchen. To me.”

“Now, that’s your inner caveman talking.”

“Don’t you feel it?” he asked earnestly.

She crossed to the bar and took his hands. “Yes, I do. I shouldn’t have joked.”

“That’s all right.” He kissed her soundly. “Let’s lighten things up while you fix me that omelet. Tell me about the girls.”

She cracked eggs, took a whisk from his drawer to beat them. “Paulina and Nia are still in the clouds.”

“How’s the house they’re renovating?”

“Since winter isn’t normally busy for builders, Paulina’s hired a lot more people so some of her crew could be freed up
to work on it.”

“Are you disappointed they’re going to live in Queens?”

“They’re not, really. They’ll spend summers and vacations in the city but want to keep the boys in the same school for a while.”

“Will Nia and Sal move here?”

The grill was in the island, so she put the mixture into the pan, which had been heated. It sizzled, and the scent of hot butter filled the room. “I
think they will eventually.”

“So that would be five out of seven of you.”

“Ana won’t ever move.”

“Literally and figuratively.”

She glanced up from the pan. “I hope she does, Logan. Moves on with her life, I mean.”

“Something’s got to happen to jar that, I’d guess.”

“Hmm. I just realized. She brought Opal into the city today with her so they could ice skate. I hope she made
it home.”

“Want to call her?”

“I will. Later.”

Carefully, she flipped the omelet. It was brown and crispy, his preference. Of course she’d made him breakfast innumerable times. She caught him staring at her.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Why do you think?”

She set a plate in front of him and looked deeply into his eyes. “Get that expression off your face, Logan Price. I’m hungry
and we’ve got to eat.” Then she tugged at the button of his pajamas. “First.”


No one had ever done this with her before. After a dinner of breakfast food, Logan had given her a steamy look, taken her hand and led her back to the bedroom. He’d set her in front of the mirror and taken his clothes off her. Still wearing his, he raised his brows lasciviously, making her laugh.

“I’m ready to show you my inner caveman.”

Again, she chuckled. “Do your best, hotshot.”

“Don’t look anywhere but at yourself. At what I’m doing to you.” He started at her neck, kissing her there, taking a little love bite. She jolted and quivered at the same time. He burrowed into her with his mouth, his nose, while his hands slid from her biceps to cup her breasts.

“Hmm,” she said,
arching her back to fit better into his palms. He massaged her, then took her nipples between big, masculine fingers and rubbed. Soft. A bit harder, hard. Her breathing speeded up. At the same time, she felt his penis rise against her back. “Looks like it’s not just me.”

“No talking.”

His hands spanned her rib cage, her waist and settled onto her hips. He massaged her there, too. Then
they drifted over to meet at her core. Taking his time, he brushed his knuckles down the center and she spread her legs apart. “Did I say you could move?”

“Oh, man. I love you like this.”

“My inner caveman, like I said.”

He took over, so commanding, while his touch was as gentle as a feather. Finally, he inched his fingers between her legs. And he played with her. She went from smiling
to moaning. His hips ground against her. She squirmed. Leaning her head back, he answered her unspoken request and kissed her, bit her lip and soothed it with his tongue. While he did, he slipped a finger inside. She jerked into him. “Oh. Oh, God, Logan.”


She stared straight ahead and he met her gaze in the glass. His blue eyes were smoldering as he slipped another finger inside

Then another.

Magdalena went off like a rocket. Pleasure shot from her groin to her head, then exploded inside her. She gasped as it took hold and she heard herself swear, plead and finally give in to it. Afterward, she could barely stand and he had to brace her up. Now his grin was cocky

When he knew she was steady, Logan moved to the side and dragged a chair from the small
desk to the mirror. Put it in front of her. He nodded, and though he was being arrogant, she could tell he was breathing hard

She bent at the waist and clutched the sides of seat. Spread her legs.

“Keep your eyes on me.”

She watched.

He thrust into her, making her feel so full, so possessed, that she closed her eyes


She opened them again because he told her to,
but on the second thrust, her vision blurred

On the third, he came apart, and she got to watch his face tighten, his own eyes close and saw the sensations mirrored in his face. He came in a long groan, in masculine moans and a final shout. “Magdalena.”

Then she couldn’t see at all because, once again, pleasure consumed her


More satiated than he’d ever been in his
life, and from the looks of things, it was the same for her, they stumbled into bed. Logan drew her tight against him, then did something he’d wanted to do for a long time—he spread her hair across his chest. “So, what’d ya think, woman?”

“Honestly, I didn’t know you had that side to you.”

“Hmm.” He kissed her head. “
is the benefit of being more than friends.”

“I can see that.
I can’t wait to find out what else you have in store for me.”

“I need to rest. Recharge, so speak.”

She nuzzled closer, and the scent of her after sex rose up to him. It was an aphrodisiac, but further activity would have to wait

More snow had fallen, and the windows were crusted with sleet. As winter claimed the city, they slept.

A noise awakened him. He startled, rousing her.
“What’s wrong?”

“I heard…your phone’s ringing.” He glanced at the clock. “It’s three a.m.”

“It’s got to be bad news.” Throwing back the covers, she started to climb out of bed.

“Stay, I’ll get it for you.” He hurried into the living room, grabbed the cell and answered. “Magdalena’s phone.”

“Oh. Oh, Logan?”


“It’s Ana.” A hiccup. “I need to talk to Magdalena.” He’d
entered the bedroom by then. “She’s right here, honey.” To Magdalena, he said, “It’s Ana and she’s crying.”

Magdalena grabbed the phone and said, “Ana, what’s wrong?”

“I…I…I’m in the city. I had appointments today and brought Opal so we could go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. We’re staying at the Hilton because of the storm. She woke up, in agony.”

“Did you call 911?”

the medics are taking her to Memorial Hospital.”

Glancing outside, Magdalena said, “We’ll be right there.”

“How will you get here? I’m going in the ambulance, but the roads are impassible. It took the ambulance forever to make it to the hotel.”

“I’ll find a way. Go with her and I’ll be there as soon as I can. I promise.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“It’s Opal.” Magdalena got out of bed
and looked around for her clothes as she explained the situation. “I’ve got to go.”

“Not alone.” He watched her try to struggle into her suit. “Don’t bother with that.” He yanked an old pair of elastic fleece pants from a drawer, along with a T-shirt and a Harvard sweatshirt. “They’ll be big, but you can stuff the pants into your boots.” As he talked, he threw on jeans and a sweater

“Logan, how will we get there?”

He stopped. Glanced out the window. Then picked up his phone from the dresser. “I’ll take care of it. Get your coat and stuff on.” He punched in numbers. A sleep-slurred voice said, “Joe Corleone.”


Chapter 8


Ana sat in Opal’s room at Memorial Hospital while her daughter finally slept. Ana’s hands shook, but she told herself she had to be brave and clasped the phone she still held from calling Magdalena. When the nurse came to the door, she stood. “I’ve sent someone down to meet your sister, Ms. Ludzecky. She can come in and wait with you.”

BOOK: Risky Business
6.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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