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Authors: Denise McCray

Role of a Lifetime (4 page)

Chapter Five



set the phone on the table and sat back with a smile on his face. It took some work but everything was in place. Hopefully he could talk Sharese into going along for the ride. There was so much he wanted to show her, explain to her. He sent up a prayer that all would go as planned.

The view from her
patio was breathtaking. From this position, he had a clear view of the ocean, the surf pounding away at the shore and seagulls soaring high above his head. No wonder she tried to escape here as much as possible.

When he left her in the bed, she still slept peacefully, a slight smile tipping her lips. The man in him hoped he had something to do with putting that smile there. Was it only yesterday that they'd met? Seems like he'd known her for a lifetime. Or maybe that was an unconscious wish on his part. Get that out of your head, man. You don't know if thing is going to last beyond the weekend let alone for a lifetime.

But something deep down told him this wasn't an ordinary affair. That had to explain why he got up so early and called in a few favors. He hoped she'd understand what he was doing.

Good morning.”

His head swung
around as Sharese crept into the room, her arms raised high over her head in an exaggerated stretch. She had his shirt on and although it was two miles too big for her, it allowed him to see plenty of leg and thigh. His cock stirred as he remembered how those legs encircled his waist as he pounded into her hot body. “Good morning to you, too. How'd you sleep?”

She slid into a chair next to his and gifted him with a wide smile.
“Wonderfully. I can't remember the last time I had such a restful night's sleep.” She reached over and placed her hand over his. “I may have to keep you around for a while.”

Because of my ability to put you to sleep?” he teased.

Her hand travelled dow
n to grasp his now erect cock. “That and your other gifts.”

As much as he wanted to show her how much he appreciated her praise, he didn't have the time right now. Gently prying her hand away, he stood and pulled her to her feet. After giving her a toe curling kiss, he swatted her bottom, loving the way she gave out a little yelp.
“We need to get ready.”

Ready for what?” she asked while rubbing her body against his.

Joseph stepped back, putting a few feet between them. If she kept it up, they'd be back in bed in a flash.
“We're going on a trip.”

Her face lit up and she bounced on the balls of her feet.
“A trip? Where? What should I pack? How long will we be gone?”

You ask too many questions.” He planted a kiss on the tip of her nose and twirled her around to face her bedroom. “I'm not going to say where we're going, but it'll only be for one night. Pack some jeans, hiking boots and a mid-weight jacket.”

So we're going hiking?”

I didn't say that.” He smiled as he watched her scrunch up her forehead. When she opened her mouth to say something else, he gave her a gentle push into the bedroom. “Let's move, sweetie. The plane will be ready to go soon.”

With that, she took off into her bathroom, a giggle trailing behind. He hoped she felt some of that same giddiness when they arrived at their destination.








Will you at least tell me in which direction we're heading?” Sharese sat on the edge of her seat, looking out the window of the small jet. They'd been in the air for over an hour, most of the time with her spent in his lap after they reached cruising altitude. Now they sat across from each other in soft leather seats.

West,” Joseph said as he leaned back in his reclining chair.

Okay, west. That's a good start. Are we headed to Vegas?”


California. We're going to San Francisco, right?”

Nope, again.”

She got up from her seat and s
ettled onto his lap once more. “What do I need to do to get a straight answer from you?”

He wiggled his eyebrows and leered in
the direction of her breasts. “I can think of a couple things.”

She leaned forward, gave him an eyeful of her ample cleavage, and then hopped off his lap when he reached for her. 
“Come on, Joseph. Give it up.”

He was going to give it up all right, but not in the way she thought. With a wolfish grin, he whipped his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. As she watched, he then toed off his shoes and slowly lowered the zipper on his jeans. His straining cock sprung out, causing her to gasp.
“Still wanna talk?”

Her head whipped around toward the cockpit.
“What about the pilots?”

They're busy. Plus I let them know there may be a little something something going on back here, so they assured me we'd have plenty of privacy.”

She licked her lips and stepped forward to take his engorged member in her hands. After pushing him down into a seat, she sank to her knees and gave his cock a quick squeeze before sliding it into her hot mouth.

His head rolled back as she began to suck, taking him deep, the head of his cock bumping against the back of her throat.  As her tongue twirled around his length, he thought he'd lose his mind. His fingers dug into her hair, simultaneously pushing her away and pulling her closer. He almost shot his load when she allowed his cock to pop out of her mouth and then quickly took it back inside. The little tease did this several more times until he couldn't stand it anymore.

Before she could object, he flipped the script and pinned her to the floor of the plane. In an instant, she was naked and panting for him. After he removed the rest of his clothing and rolled on a condom, he quickly covered her body with his and plunged into her hot channel. As much as he wanted to extend their lovemaking, he was close to the edge. One, two, three strong thrusts and he climaxed, grimacing as he filled her. Too soon, he slumped onto her body, gulped down air and attempted to slow down his heartbeat.

It took him several moments to come back to himself and remember that he was lying onto top of Sharese. He quickly reversed their positions with his slowly deflating cock still inside her body. In just that short amount of time, she'd fallen asleep in his arms. He snagged a nearby blanket, covered both of them with it and made himself comfortable. It would be a couple more hours before they landed in South Dakota.



South Dakota?” Sharese slowly twirled in a tight circle, taking in all the new sights and sounds around her. Of all the places she imagined they'd end up, this was not even on the list. What the hell?

So?” Joseph helped her alight from the plane and smiled in her direction, apparently waiting for a response from her.

This is quite a surprise. Not quite what I expected when you said we were getting away for a while.” She edged away from him and peered into the ratty pick-up truck parked near the runway. “And is this supposed to be our transportation? Where's the limo?”

He chuckled and bent down to pick up their bags.
“Girlfriend got jokes, huh? Ready to hit the road?”

And just where is the road leading us?” She climbed into the passenger side of the truck and did her best not to touch anything other than the tattered seatbelt.

Home,” he responded as he started the truck. It took a couple cranks before it rumbled to life. “It won't take us long to get there. Why don't you sit back and enjoy the scenery.”

She doubted there was anything she'd enjoy about their journey. As they made their way down the two
-lane highway, the only thing she saw was a series of run down shacks and a couple gas stations. She opened her mouth to make a snide comment but luckily caught herself. Joseph said this was home. “You grew up here?”

Just down the road, yes I did.”

Where are we, exactly?”

Pine Ridge. It’s an Oglala reservation.”

It looks kind of desolate.”

Desolate would be a step up. This place is a dump. It's like the feds set it up and forgot all about us.”

She curled her lips inward and stared at the people they passed. Most of them stopped in their tracks to watch them drive by. Probably didn't get a lot of strangers in these parts. And definitely not a lot of African-Americans.
“Wow. I had no idea--”

Most people don't. They think a lot of us live in the lap a luxury because of the casinos and the revenue they generate. But I can attest that the majority of us haven't seen a dime of those riches, either because we aren't part of the tribes running the places or because of politics within the tribes.”

Tell me about your childhood.” She turned in her seat to face him.

What's to tell?  My ma and dad were a couple crazy kids in love. They got married, had me, then died.”

Oh my God! Joseph, how?”

Auto accident. I was in the car but didn't have a scratch on me. Lucky me,” he added with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

How old were you when this happened?”

Two. I barely have any memories of them. Just smells mostly.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “My mom smelled like lilacs, from head to toe. My dad bought her some cheap perfume and shower gel for Christmas one year, and she used it every day. I remember pressing my nose against her neck and taking big sniffs.”

A tear rolled down her cheek, then another quickly followed. She could see him, a baby in his mother's arms, relishing her smell, feeling loved.
“So what happened next, after they died?”

I went to live with my mother's father, my papa. He raised me.”

Is he still alive?”

Very much so. We're on our way to see him now.”

He still lives in the res? Why haven't you moved him out of there?”

His lips thinned and he took several moments to answer her.
“Don't you think I haven't tried? With my first big check, I placed a down payment on a nice house not too far away from here, but he refused to move.”


Because he's used to the old ways and he doesn't want to leave his friends. Now, I have made some improvements to the house, but as far as moving out, that's not going to happen.”

Sounds like a stubborn man, and his grandson seems to have taken after him.”

If you're about to get on me about that shitty part, don't bother. I still haven't changed my mind.”

She let out a loud sigh and clamped her mouth closed. There was still time for her to work her magic on him. Giving up was not an option for her.

Soon they rolled onto a street with a group of houses crowded on both sides, if that's what you wanted to call them. Some were two levels, but the majority of them were small, ranch-style homes.  The truck slowed as people poured out into the street and mobbed the driver's side. Joseph brought the truck to a stop and jumped out, a huge smile on his face as people pulled him into tight embraces. Sharese watched the scene unfold and barely noticed when someone opened her door.

Tanyan yahi!

She jumped and placed her hand over her heart to keep it from escaping from her body.
“Hello,” she said breathlessly. She allowed the man who greeted her to help out of the truck. He was elderly, probably in his mid-seventies, but tall and quite handsome. He reminded her of—

Papa!” Joseph pushed his way past his throng of well-wishers and placed the man in a serious bear hug, one the man returned in measure. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Come, both of you. I have a meal prepared for you.”

Joseph took her hand and they followed his grandfather into one of the small houses. She squeezed his hand and gave him a bright smile. He actually brought her to his home.

























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