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Hearing his thoughts, feeling how much he loved her, how she
exceeded all his expectations and made him happier than he ever thought
possible, only added to her excitement, so that when he pinched her swollen nub
between his thumbs at the same time that he worked the flat of his tongue in a
come hither motion over the bundle of nerves at the top of her channel, Cyn
once again shouted his name as she climaxed over and over.

Roman was relentless, eating at her like she was an ice cream cone
on a hot day. He would slow just long enough for her to catch her breath then
once again work his magic with tongue and fingers until she was coming all over
again. The muscles in her legs ached, her fingers cramped, and still her body
relished every touch from her mate.

Ever so slowly and with unbelievable care, Roman let her body cool
and finally raised his head. The smile on his face and twinkle in his eyes
brought tears to her eyes and joy to her heart. She was awestruck at the
incredible way he cared for her as he took first one leg and then the other
from his shoulders, massaging her muscles and kissing both her knees.

Standing upright on his knees, he placed his hands on either side
of her face, lowered his lips to hers, and just before they touched murmured, “
agapó vasílissa mou

gia ólo to chróno chorís télos

Laying his lips to hers, Roman nipped and tasted, lightly running
the tip of his tongue along her bottom lip until Cyn was helpless but to
submit. She would deny him nothing…now or ever. Opening completely, she moaned
as their tongues slid along one another, a slow, smooth, sensual dance that
stoked the burning embers of their love. Her hands massaged up and down his
back, her nails teasing his flesh as their kiss took on a life of its own.

Pulling away breathless and smiling, Roman grabbed her hands and
held them together before standing and pulling her up beside him. Patting her
bum, he winked, “We will continue this later.” Pulling her close and kissing
her again until both were gasping, he grinned. “You get clean and I’m getting
out of here before I change my mind and say to Hades with the lot of them.”

Before she could answer, the shower door was sliding shut and she
was alone. Laughing to herself, she sighed. “If I wasn’t immortal, that man
just might kill me.”

“But what a way to go,” came his laughing response from the other
side of the sparkling glass.

“Go away, you mess with my concentration.” Cyn smiled as she
massaged the shampoo into her hair.

“If you don’t hurry I will mess with more than that,” he teased.

Snickering to herself when she heard the door to their room open
and close, Cyn finished her shower, got ready and was waiting by the window when
Roman returned. “Where were you?” she asked as he kissed her neck just above
her pulse.


She could tell from his answer he was hiding something but decided
to play along. Taking his hand when he offered it, Cyn turned and let herself
be led out of the room. Walking down the stairs, she recognized the fresh scent
of lilies mixed with the combined exotic aroma of orchids. Although she loved
her new heightened senses, especially in the bedroom, parts of it were taking
some getting used to.

Stepping onto the ground floor and heading into the huge living
room, Cyn was floored by the sheer number of flowers. The large, beautiful
white blooms of the lilies were perfectly arranged with the deep purple of
Cattleya orchids and displayed on every available surface including the floor,
where enormous glass vases filled to overflowing had been expertly placed to
form an aisle leading to an archway positioned in front of the huge picture

Looking at the smiling faces of Roman’s brothers then to her mate,
Cyn asked, “What is going on?”

Dropping to one knee, Roman took her left hand in his, positioned
an absolutely gorgeous engagement ring with the largest princess-cut amethyst
she’d ever seen surrounded by glittering diamonds at the tip of her ring finger,
and asked, “Cynthia St James-Marinos, keeper of my heart and love of my life,
will you be my wife, not only in the ways of the gods but in all ways,
recognized by all men, from now until the world stops turning.”

With tears streaming down her face, Cyn nodded, “Oh yes, Roman
Marinos, yes, yes, yes, definitely yes.”



Chapter Fourteen


Looking at the ring on her finger, Cyn kept pinching herself as
the other Kings and Katarina all hugged and congratulated both she and Roman.
Finally, when the excitement died down, she grinned, “I’m guessing the
wedding’s today?”

“And she gets it in one. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my best

Spinning so fast Roman had to grab her arm to keep her from
falling over, Cyn squealed like a teenager when she saw Adele. Looking back to
her mate, her heart almost burst with love when he nodded and mouthed, “Only
for you.”

After their conversation about concealing their true natures, Cyn
had been sure she would never see Adele again. She’d even been concocting
stories to explain her absence to the boisterous redhead. But somehow Roman had
found a way to make it work, at least for now. It was just one of a million
reasons why she loved him so much.

Running to her best friend, Cyn chuckled as Adele dropped the
garment bag she was holding along with her purse, and swallowed Cyn up in a
bear hug only a real friend could give. Half crying- half laughing, the ladies
hugged and hugged until Kat called from the kitchen, “The caterers have the
food ready.”

Eating on the patio overlooking Roman’s fantastic gardens, Cyn
watched the people who now, for the most part comprised her family, and
couldn’t believe how incredibly lucky she was. Halfway through the dinner,
Adele slapped her hand and chastised, “Girl, you gave me a heart attack. I came
to your apartment straight from the airport and old Mrs. Jones popped her head
out the door, rollers in her hair and all, and said you’d been taken to the
hospital.” She took a drink of her wine then went on, “Then I get to the
hospital and the room is empty, so I think you’re already…well…dead,” Adele
whispered the word then continued at her normal energetic volume. “But this
little nurse says no, you aren’t, that you’re just missing.” Slapping the table
and taking another drink of wine, she laughed, “Missing, that’s what she said.
Don’t that beat all?” Adele shook her head. “So while they are calling the
police and running all over the hospital like there was a fire, Kat calls,” the
short stocky redhead winked at the tall, curvy one before adding, “and she
tells me Roman has flown you to a specialist for the infection you caught from
that awful place the heinous bitch held you at and you’ll be back in a month or
so. She even called me every other day with updates on your progress and helped
me pick out your…OH MY GOD!”

Adele was up, out of the room, and back before Cyn had a clue what
was going on. Holding up the garment bag they’d left lying on the floor after
their hug, Adele declared, “Your dress. I got you 
the dress
Kat said you were getting married.”

Shaking her head, not believing what she was hearing, Cyn squealed
with delight, “Not 
the dress
, the one we picked out when we were
supposed to be trying on dresses for Nasty Nancy’s wedding?”

“The exact one.” Adele smiled with intense satisfaction. “And you
are gonna be a knock-out.”

“She always is,” Roman agreed, making his brothers chuckle at the
change in their General.

Grabbing the bag along with Adele’s hand, Cyn hollered over her
shoulder, “Come on, Kat, you have to help too.” Then, “See you soon. I love
you,” to Roman and back up to the bedroom they raced.

It took exactly one hour for her to get into the drop-dead
gorgeous, white, off-the-shoulder, floor length silk gown with a sweetheart
neckline embellished with iridescent crystals and tiny pearls that Adele and
Kat had gotten for her. Never one to forget anything, her best friend had also
gotten matching opened-toe white satin kitten heel sling backs that had the
same crystals across the top so that her outfit was complete.

Kat excused herself but quickly returned carrying a large black
velvet box and smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Stopping next to Cyn
where she sat at the dressing table fixing her makeup, the tall redhead opened
the box and placed in front of Cyn. “Roman wanted you to have these but I told
him he couldn’t see you in your dress until you came downstairs.”

At a total loss for words, Cyn looked at Kat, then at Adele, and
then back at the sparkling amethyst necklace, bracelet, and earrings that
perfectly matched the engagement ring on her finger and burst out crying. No
one in all her thirty-something years had ever taken care of her the way Roman
did. He absolutely thought of everything. She was the single luckiest woman in
the world.

In unison, Kat and Adele knelt on either side of her handing her
tissues, but it was her best friend who cooed, “Oh, sweetie, they’re beautiful,
but don’t ruin your makeup.”

Her tears of joy turned to laughter and before she knew it, she
was not only wearing the perfect dress, with the perfect jewelry, looking like
the perfect bride, but she was about to marry the perfect man. To say it was
the best day of her life was a total understatement.

“You ready?” Kat asked.

Nodding, Cyn quickly answered, “Yes.”

“Hang on.” Kat again excused herself, saying, “Wait until you hear
the harp. See you there,” as she walked out into the hall and shut the door.

“Harp?” She and Adele asked each other, again erupting in

“You gonna give me away?” Cyn asked.

“Really? Can I?” Adele was bouncing up and down like she’d just
won the lottery, nodding frantically.

“Of course, you can. I can think of no one better.”

Standing hand-in-hand like they’d done some many times over the
years, Cyn and Adele walked into the hall at the sound of a harp playing the Wedding
March. Walking down the stairs, Cyn couldn’t help but be nervous. She knew she
was already mated to Roman, knew there was no one else in all the world she
wanted to be with, but still it was a big day and the butterflies in her
stomach had started the party early.

Stepping off the last step, she let Adele lead her into the living
room where her eyes landed on Roman. There he was, looking better than a man
had a right to in a black tux so like the one she’d tried to rip from this body
the night of their first kiss. He looked like a dream and he was all hers.
Cyn’s heart skipped a beat. Her palms were suddenly sweaty and if she wasn’t
mistaken, she could hear his voice in her head.

“You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid eyes on and you,
Cynthia Marinos, are all mine.”

“How are you doing this? How are we doing this? I asked and you
said no mind control.” 
She didn’t mean to sound snippy but he had taken her by surprise
and now, she needed to know what was going on.

“Can we get married first?”
 He chuckled.

“Oh, we’re getting married, but you better start
tried to soften her voice but in all actuality, she really needed to

Walking toward him still smiling at their guests, she listened to
his hurried explanation, 
“Every King and his Queen receive something
‘special’ from the gods once they are mated. When Valentina was holding you
captive, I tried to connect my mind to yours but you were able to block me. I
wondered then exactly how strong your mind was. Then when we were making love
earlier, I actually heard your thoughts. Not just the representation of them
but the entire thought as you were thinking it. It was then I knew, you possess
the strength for this type of communication and Zeus has made it so.”

Reaching her mate, Cyn kissed Adele on the cheek and handed over
her lily and orchid bouquet before turning to Roman and laying her hands in
his. Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed his lips and from her mind to his
“We’ll have to send Zeus a thank you card cause I can really get
used to this.”

The minister cleared his throat and whispered, “The kiss comes at
the end.”

“Sorry, I just couldn’t wait,” Cyn snickered, which made everyone
in attendance chuckle.

Holding his hands up, the reverend quickly got their guests under
control and in less than twenty minutes pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. Roman
Marinos. After the real kiss, which blew Cyn’s mind and almost made her rethink
the reception in favor of making love to her husband…again, Kat escorted Adele
and the minister out into the garden with the excuse that there was still one
family tradition to be completed.

No sooner were they out of the room than Roman said, “Cynthia, as
is the way of the Kings of the Blood as decreed by the Father of the Gods, my
brothers each have a blessing to bestow up on you as you begin your new life as
part of our elite fraternity.”

One by one the Kings approached, knelt before her, and said, “May
the gods smile upon you and yours. May your days be filled with sunshine and
your nights with love. May you and your beloved enter the Elysian Fields
hand-in-hand, always together, always in love.”

Viktor was the last to give his dedication and when he finished,
he stood and handed Cyn a perfectly polished garnet. He explained, “My mother
believed that a garnet carved with a dove, the symbol of Aphrodite, given to a
couple on their wedding day ensured that they would always be faithful, always
be true, and always be together. This heart-shaped stone,” he placed it in
Cyn’s hand, “is one in a set of seven, 
i mitéra mou 
gave to me
over three millennia ago. She had hoped I would have seven sons to give them
to, but,” he looked at each of the Kings then smiled, “I got something much
more valuable.”

Clearing his throat, he continued, “I know beyond all doubt that
you and Roman are meant to be and will have a life of epic proportions. I look
forward to an eternity as your friend and comrade.”

At a complete loss for words and feeling closer to the other Kings
than she ever thought possible, Cyn did what she did best and hugged each and
every one of them. Returning to Roman’s side after hugging Sal, the youngest of
the group, she gushed, “Thank you all so very much. I never thought I’d find
anyone as perfect as Roman and knowing all of you just makes it all the better.”

“Aww, shucks,” Lee teased. “Does that mean we can go eat now?”

Bain smacked the younger King in the back of the head, shook his
head, and mumbled, “Manners. Get some.”

Laughing at the fact that men who were almost three thousand years
old acted as badly as men her own age, Cyn chuckled, “Yes, go eat.”

Grabbing Roman’s hand and taking a step to follow the other Kings,
Cyn spun around as her mate pulled her back. “What?” she asked.

“This,” he answered as he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her
until her body warmed and her fingers were again tangled in his hair.

The sound of Adele clearing her throat stopped their embrace, but
Cyn remained in the haven of Roman’s arms as she looked to the side and
grinned. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Smile,” Adele chirped a second before snapping a picture with the
same old polaroid she’d had since they were in college.

Rolling her eyes, Cyn scolded, “You know I hate having my picture

“Yeah, but this is your wedding day and everybody has to have
their picture taken on their special day.” Handing Cyn the developing photo,
she added, “Now, get your butts out here and cut the cake before Lee starts
eating it with his fingers.”

“We’ll be right there,” Roman assured Adele’s retreating back.

Looking at the photo that now showed her standing in the arms of
the man she loved with stars in her eyes and a smile on her face, Cyn looked up
at Roman and smiled. “I think this should be the first picture in a whole new
photo album.” She bent her finger in a come hither motion and as he leaned
down, she captured his lips with hers then added, 
“One that shows every
day of our long lives together, Mr. Marinos” 
directly into his mind.

“I like the way you think, Mrs. Marinos. I like it very much.”


BOOK: ROMAN: Fury of Her King (Kings of the Blood Book 2)
13.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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