ROMANCE: BAD BOY ROMANCE: Love Fight (Bad Boy College Alpha Male Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Romance Short Stories)

BOOK: ROMANCE: BAD BOY ROMANCE: Love Fight (Bad Boy College Alpha Male Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Romance Short Stories)
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Love Fight



A Bad Boy Romance






By: Aubrey Moyes

Table of Contents


Love Fight

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Chapter 1

“You shouldn’t have done this. They’re coming and we need to be ready. I might’ve been wrong into thinking that you might be my Mr. Right. I know that I should take some time to think about it, but it’s been long enough.”
I know that the horsemen are coming for us and that one has already been taken care of. The other three will see his death as some sign to make our death very slow. They will no longer want to end this quickly. What exactly did they expect us to do? Did they really think that we were going to wait to have our lives snuffed out? It’s possible that we may not have fought as hard as we did, except now we had something to live for other than just each other.

“I know that this was foolish, but it did give me that jolt of adrenaline that I was looking for. That fire in my shoulder has gone down to a dull numbing sensation. That comes from the liquor that I poured on the wound and from the feeling of your body making me feel only pleasure. That part of my brain overruled the pain that I was feeling and for that I don’t think that I can ever thank you enough.” He knew that walking away from here without making a scene was impossible. He picked up one of the guns. It was a weapon that he had to hold with both hands. It was something that could fire several rounds. All he had to do was see the whites of their eyes to lay waste to what the horsemen had become.

He definitely wasn’t going to be able to get all three of them at the same time, but maybe two would be enough to make the other easy picking. He wanted to feel that blood lust running through his veins, but the only thing he felt was that certain heat from what they had just done with each other.

“I think that there were times in the dead of night that I woke up seeing your face. I probably didn’t recognize it at the time, but you’ve always been the one that was supposed to ride in for the rescue. You were going to be my white knight in shining armor. I know that you told me several times that you’re not a hero, but you are to me and will most likely to this child that isn’t born yet.” “
I will always need him. His kiss and his touch will always make him the one that I will run to. It will always be Jordon and he can either accept that or run away from the best thing that has ever happened to him. I think he knows that I enjoy the unpredictable nature of our sex life. I never know when he’s going to have the urge. I think that I can say the same thing about myself. It’s amazing that we can both be on the same wavelength and want it at exactly the same time without the other one feeling that they’re taking one for the team.”

“I don’t know how you can say that, but I really don’t have time to debate this any further. I need you to stay back behind the bar and this time I’m not going to be very subtle about my intentions. They may have known that I had this arsenal, but they had no way of knowing exactly where it was in the house. That’s the reason why Blake waited, until I emerged with everything that I would need to wage war.” He motioned for Lila to get behind the bar and stay down right to the floor. He saw that she hesitated, but it was something in his eyes that made her relent. “I don’t think that it’s fair that I don’t give them a chance to fight back, but if I do it could mean the end of both of us and the child. That is something that I cannot let happen and I would rather lay down my own life than to risk yours.”

Jordan went over to the couch that was made of pure black leather and hid behind with the muzzle of the gun pressed up against the fabric in the back. He had his head peeking around the side of the leg with his hand on the trigger ready to give them a wakeup call that they would never forget.

He heard mumbles of voices and they were getting closer. He knew from being here before that there was only one way down into the basement. Coming down those stairs would be their ultimate mistake. He took a deep breath and kept his eyes open, because closing them for a second could mean the difference between failure and success.

Lila knew that things were going to get loud and had her hands over her ears in case it was going to sound like some kind of rock concert out of control. She was getting older and was getting sensitive to loud noises. She was even in need of glasses, but there was no way that those in the flesh trade were going to let her show that kind of flaw. They would rather let her see things fuzzy than to give her the comfort of once again seeing things clear and concise. “
I feel like I’ve been unable to sleep for a week. I know that it has only been less than 24 hours, but a lot has happened in that time. It reminds me of that show 24 that has these insane sequences of action that doesn’t seem real. I guess you don’t know, until you have to deal with the same type of thing in real life.”

“I’m guessing that Blake is not going to come up anytime soon. I told him not to underestimate you, but he said that he had that handled. I told him that he needed the full force of the horsemen to take care of you and the bitch permanently. He actually deluded himself into thinking that he could talk you into laying down your arms and taking your medicine like a good little boy.” Lionel was the horseman of pestilence. He was very proficient with biological warfare. He had a certain surprise ready in a canister and was about to give Jordan more to chew on than just a regular barrage of bullets. Once the canister broke, the smallpox inside would attack just about anything. Lionel and the horsemen had already had their inoculations and were immune to the effects of such a weapon.

“I think that Blake knew that I was never going to give up easily. He probably did think that he was going to be able to finish this, but his death is not something that is going to weigh heavily on my conscience. He was here to kill me and it was either die at his hands or kill him myself. I don’t think that there’s any reason why we should stand on ceremony. Give me your best shot and I implore you to make it count. If you don’t kill me, then I will have no choice. You will have to join your brother in the afterlife.” Jordan had the gun poised and ready to fire. He didn’t like Lionel and he was certain that he didn’t come without his own special gift. He had seen him in action enough times to know that there were other weapons besides guns that could be used to make a very poignant statement.

“You have to know that there’s no way for you to get out of here without finding one of us standing in your way. You taking out one out of four still leaves three that is vying for your head on a platter.” Lionel looked like death with his albino complexion and hairless body. He had suffered when he was a child against various ailments and had come out looking a little worse for wear. “Jordan, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If you thought for a moment that you were going to get close to Jamison, then you really have lost what is left of your mind.” Lionel had the canister in his hands. He lobbed it underhand into the room. He didn’t know that Lila had somehow seen something coming and decided to intercept.

Lila was holding the canister, but in her haste, she had inadvertently toppled the bottle of tequila that was used to prevent infection in the bullet wound in Jordan’s shoulder. The crash of the glass to the floor was a little louder than the canister, but it would serve to make Lionel think that the task had been completed.

The horsemen would stay out of the basement, until Jordan was either dead or needing a way to get air into his polluted lungs. The horsemen of war namely Joseph was outside in a nearby car with a sharpshooter stance waiting for Jordan to emerge through the glass of the basement. He was ready to strike him down dead with one shot and that was the kind of satisfaction that made his loins rampant and ready to take the innocence of some young fresh faced college kid. He did like them young, but not young enough to be considered jail bait. He had a certain charm that had the women dripping off of his arm and lying in his bed afterwards smoking a cigarette and looking a little ashamed by their actions.

Jordan used a mirror with a long metal stick connecting to it to look out the window. He saw Joseph with his head down and the gun slipping through the opening in the window of his black sedan. They were going by the same rule book that they had used in the past. They had forgotten that he was a part of their crew at one time. He didn’t last more than a couple of months before realizing that he was better off alone. That was a couple of years ago and maybe they had lost sight of the fact that he had already been well accustomed to the way that they worked.

Lila was taking deep breaths and looking at this canister and knowing that it was supposed to end this. Dying this way was not something that she would wish on her worst enemy. She had no doubt that the biological weapon would be something that was able to make them suffer and die in agony.

“Lila that was pretty quick thinking. I was waiting for him to do that, but I thought that he would give me some kind of fair warning. We’re definitely going to have to make this sound good. I don’t know exactly what is in the canister, but I’ve been witness to what he has done in the past. He’ll want us to be screaming and we should give it another minute, before we give them exactly what he thinks is going to happen. We need to really sell this and I can’t stress that more than I have already. Lionel gets a sexual thrill from hearing somebody die in this way.” Jordan was burning inside with not only desire for the woman that he loved, but for the chance to put the horsemen where they belonged. They had run rough shot for too long and it was time that somebody took them out of the equation.

Lila could feel that feeling deep inside. When he called her by name, she felt like it was the sweetest sound and that she was standing on holy ground. “I think that I can work with those parameters. Like you said, we really do need to sell this and make him believe that what he has accomplished is something that will give him that sexual feeling.”
“I don’t know how anybody could feel anything sexual from killing someone, but there are a lot of sick freaks out there. I’m sure in some way that Jordan himself enjoys what he does. How can I love a man like that?”

“I’ve got the matches and you’ve got the gasoline to make this a burning fire that they will never be able to contain. I think that they may have taken this a little too far. They are going to learn the hard way that killing me is not exactly easy. If one of them survives, then he’ll know that I have left my mark. Let’s give them something that they haven’t heard before.” They looked at each other and then they started to play act, as if somebody was dying. They imagined themselves burning from the inside out and their screams echoed throughout the house and a few yards out onto the street.

BOOK: ROMANCE: BAD BOY ROMANCE: Love Fight (Bad Boy College Alpha Male Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Romance Short Stories)
10.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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