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Roman’s To-Do List





Jennifer Kacey



Roman’s To-Do List

Copyright Jennifer Kacey 2014


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Originally Published and Printed in the 2014 BDSM Writer’s Con Anthology


Formatted by
IRONHORSE Formatting







To all my kinky married friends. This one’s for you.





Hectic schedules and life in general conspire to take the spark out of most marriages. Even kinky ones.


To keep this from happening to them, Joslin decides to take matters into her own hands in the form of a to-do list for her husband, Roman. Her Sir.


Little does he know what she has planned for his Saturday off.


The kitchen island, a metal spatula and a pair of his boots will never look the same.



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Roman’s To-Do List

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Roman’s To-Do List


“You made me what? Wife?”

Roman’s displeasure dripped from every word and Joslin turned away to hide her smile.

“A to-do list.”

Silence. “On a Saturday.” Definitely a statement through his gritted teeth instead of a question.

She swallowed the giggle threatening to bubble out of her at any moment and bit her lip. Out of the corner of her eye she caught his spanking hand twitch and the cheeks of her rear heated with phantom warmth. Straightening a pile of mail before continuing gave her an opportunity to regain her composure.

“Yes, Sir. It’s rather lengthy too, but you don’t have to do it all today if you’re not
for it.” Her grin widened so she pulled her blonde ponytail over her shoulder to hide her delight.

The wave of frustration he left in his wake nearly knocked her over as he strode to the mudroom and grabbed his leather chaps.

Blood and adrenaline raced in her veins as he buckled them in place around his jeans-covered thighs.

He threw sunglasses on, covering up his mocha brown eyes and his jaw flexed as he clenched it tight.

He snatched the piece of paper off the granite without looking at it, then yanked his keys off the peg by the back door. “A to-do list. My one Saturday off from the shop this month and this is how you want to spend it. After turning me down this morning for sex. Only time since we’ve been together…” He opened the back door, grumbling the whole time. He didn’t exactly slam it. That wasn’t his style. But he definitely closed it firmly.

Joslin twisted around and walked to the island to wait. It wouldn’t take him long to figure it out.

She heard the engine on his Harley rev to life and in no time he was out of the garage and the sound of the bike faded away.

Roman owned an extremely successful machine shop in Arcadia, Kansas. He worked long hours to support both of them while she finished med school. To say he was her rock since they’d been married didn’t even come close, and she wanted to do something to give back to him.

The to-do list he held wasn’t a normal list.

It didn’t have errands to run.

Oh no.

Each bullet point listed something to do with sex.

And Roman was a lot like her.

If a list existed, things needed to be dealt with, handled, finished and crossed off. She couldn’t wait to get started. Some of the things on the list they loved to do. Other items they hadn’t tried yet. And a few they hadn’t even discussed from a sex position app a friend of hers told her about from The Library. Jenna was full of deliciously dirty tidbits of info.

Joslin thought about surprising him with lingerie and a sexy dinner but either one of them could be called away and she didn’t want to chance missing an opportunity for them to be intimate. Make love. Fuck like rabbits. Or all of the above depending on his mood.

He was a grade-A, card-carrying Dom and member of The Library, the private BDSM club they belonged to, catering to people just like them. Individuals, couples, and poly groups free to explore every dirty and decadent fantasy they could imagine in a safe oasis.

A secret place where they could discover their happily ever after.

Pain. Pleasure. Both.

Two sides of the same coin.

Joslin reached up and ran her fingers over the small lock and metal chain that circled her throat. It hadn’t left her body since the moment he put it on her in a collaring ceremony shortly before they were married.

For almost two years, she’d submitted her power to him. Freely gave it to him when it came to anything sexual. She’d found her place with him, on her knees, from the very beginning and had never been happier.

The rumble of Roman’s bike in the distance made her pussy clench. It grew louder as he came closer.

As he came home.

She removed her shorts and tank top, not having to worry about any undergarments since she’d refrained from putting any on when they’d gotten up that morning.

Taunting him as she made breakfast had just been an added bonus.

The clip holding her ponytail in place came next and she stacked her clothes on one of the bar stools slid beneath the counter.

She climbed up on the cleared island and shivered at the cold granite against her palms and lower legs. It didn’t take her long to move to the far edge of the empty space. She stopped with her knees against the edge to be as close to him as possible when he came inside.

The sound of the bike moving into the garage had never turned her on more. She sat back on her haunches, spread her legs wide and placed her hands, palm up, on the tops of her thighs.

Her submissive pose was his favorite. He’d taught her years ago what he liked, and she lived to make him happy.

The back door swung open and bounced off the side wall, and there he stood, backlit by the sun pouring in as if he were an avenging archangel.



She shivered as he closed the door, hung up his keys and stalked closer.

“That’s some list you have there, little girl.” He placed the crumpled half sheet of paper on the counter next to one of her knees and finally took off his sunglasses. His deep brown irises pegged her with more intensity than she’d seen in weeks.

Biting her lip, drew his attention and then he focused on her eyes again.

“Did you like it, Sir?”

One side of his mouth curled up into a smirk. “Fuck. Yes.” He circled the skin on one of her knees with his thumb.

His hands were one of the sexiest things on his body. They were rough. A working-man’s hands.

They could bring her immeasurable pleasure or bring her to tears, strapped to a cross, with nothing but a whip as a tool to play her.

She shivered as he looked down and focused on her bare pussy.

He gazed at her face again and raised an eyebrow.

The giggle she’d had to hide earlier slipped out. “I had her waxed for you yesterday.”

“And not the time of the month obviously. I knew the timing was off.” He ran his knuckles along the side swell of one of her breasts, making her nipples tighten and bead. “Been planning this for a little while, wife of mine? Hands behind your back.”

Her muscles responded with barely a flicker of cognitive reasoning from her head. He was her Master in every sense of the word.

Pain and adrenaline shot into her system as he latched onto both of her nipples. She gritted her teeth, panting. Her hips swiveling in time to the beat of her heart as she processed the pain.

He pinched harder.

“Sir?” she shrieked.

He let go and her abdomen contracted a handful of times as the blood rushed back into the tight tips of her breasts. Slowly, he rolled them between his thumb and first finger. “So. Pretty.”

Joslin caught the scent of his shampoo as he leaned over and licked one of her nipples. “Mmmm,” was the only sound she could make as he kissed and nibbled and tongued first one breast, and then the second. She dug her fingernails into each opposite forearm, reminding herself not to reach for him.

Burying her fingers in his shaggy dark hair sounded very nice but she wanted his approval even more.

With one more lick to each nipple he straightened, towering over her once again.

The look in his eyes.


Dominance came off him in waves, sinking into her pores, her dreams.

She ran her tongue across her bottom lip as she eyed his mouth.

“Want a kiss?”

Her eyes flicked up to his for a second and then they settled on his lips again as she smiled. “Yes Sir.”

“Then you’ll have to earn it for lying to me earlier.”

“But…” She sucked in a breath to argue before she thought better of it, but he cocked an eyebrow at her one more time. She closed her lips, sucking them in past her teeth and she clamped them shut. Nodding seemed the best answer.

He tugged her bottom lip free where she nibbled on it and slid two of his thick digits into her mouth. “Suck them.”

The flavor of his skin exploded across her taste buds and she moaned, closing her eyes to revel in his possession. He tasted like liquid arousal and leather.

Wetness slid from her core, coating the lips of her sex as she licked and sucked on his fingers. He gripped one of her thighs with his free hand, moving her legs farther apart.

Vulnerability urged her to close her legs, but she wanted what he offered even more.

She sucked hard on his fingers as he pulled them from her mouth.

He reached beneath her body, slid them along both sides of her clit and filled her weeping sex with them.

Her eyes closed and her head fell forward in bliss.

“Look at me,” he growled as he fisted her hair, yanking her head up to stare at him again.

She panted and arched her back as he filled her pussy over and over.

“I’m going to make you come and I want to see every emotion flit across your face. Your eyes.” He added his thumb to the mix, moving it in her wetness, then he rubbed her clit in tight, hard circles she couldn’t fight.

Sensation and heat filled her pelvis and expanded up her torso, her head.

Warmth spread across her chest and her cheeks as an orgasm coiled inside her.

“Please Sir?” She clenched her teeth as his pulse raced at his throat.

“Not yet. Not. Yet.” He didn’t slow down. He didn’t pause so she could stave off her orgasm.


He picked up his pace, curling his fingers as he pulled them out each time so he could drag them across her G-spot.

“Come when I count to five.” He growled the words out and his nostrils flared as a rush of pussy juice coated his fingers.

“One, my beautiful whore.”

She trembled at his deliciously naughty nickname for her.

“Two.” He licked her jaw, making her shiver.


She moaned in distress as the walls of her pussy fluttered in the first vestiges of climax.

“Four, my little slut. Sucking my fingers into that wet snatch of yours. Who’s pussy is this? Who does it belong to?”

“You, Sir. I belong to you.” It was an oath, a pledge, a prayer even. All rolled into one as she stared at the man who was her everything.

His fist tightened in her hair and her entire body tensed with it.

So close to release.



“Five!” He shouted it and wrenched her head to the side to bite her throat.

“Fuuuuck,” spilled from between her lips as she came for him. Shockwaves of ecstasy jolted her body as pleasure pulsed through her veins, rocking her hips while she jerked in the cage of his ownership.

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