Royal Pain: An Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

BOOK: Royal Pain: An Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
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Royal Pain

A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

Jane S. White

Chapter 1

Henrik opened his eyes with a glare, only to find Ella, his childhood nanny and present-day servant, peering down at him expectantly.

“You should have been up half an hour ago,” she said. His frown deepened and he pulled the pillow back over his handsome face.

“Leave me be,” he commanded.

“You know what your parents will say,” Ella scolded. “They're sending you to America for a reason, to get you out of their hair for a while. I don't expect we'll see each other again until the fuss winds down. Might as well make this last morning a pleasant one.”

Henrik sat up with a sigh and looked levelly at Ella. She was the only adult who had ever paid him any attention, and the feelings he had for her were complicated. He resented her because she wasn't his parent, but he felt a deep fondness toward her because she performed all the duties a parent ought to perform. He resented her because she was poor and uneducated, a resentment based solely on the fact that it brought attention to the vast unfairness that their social class had thrust upon them. He resented her for being the one to force him to eat his vegetables and prepare for events he was dreading. But he loved her for her understanding smiles, the small pats on the shoulder that showed him he was not alone.

“What's for breakfast?” Henrik asked, pursing his lips.

“Why don't you get your lazy bones up and find out for yourself?” Ella exclaimed, slapping his broad, bare shoulder with a clean pillowcase. She would change them as soon as he was up, he knew. She was anxious to get her job done.

“All right, fine,” he grumbled. He stood up, still glowering, and Ella tsked as she began changing the bedding. He headed toward the door and pushed it open, but before he walked through the doorway he hesitated.

“What is it, Prince Henrik?” Ella asked, ever perceptive to the moody prince's every move, even with her back turned to him.

“Do you think America is very much different than Denmark?” he asked, nervous butterflies in his stomach. He would have felt foolish asking such a thing to his parents, but with Ella, he let his guard down for a moment and let the worry crease his face.

“No, m'lord,” Ella said, turning to him with one of her reassuring smiles. “You charm the pants off of everyone you meet. I'm sure you'll fit right in. Don't give it another thought. Now hurry down to breakfast. If you miss your flight, there will be hell to pay.”

Henrik sighed and headed toward the bathroom to ready himself for the day ahead. He frowned into the mirror, examining his neatly cropped jet black hair and muscular torso as he brushed his teeth. Everything about his life was so controlled, right down to his morning routine, that he would have done just about anything to break out of the mold. He was Denmark's very own badboy, and had made national news when the tabloids caught wind of his insatiable sexual appetite. Although he was a 24 year old man, his parents still had full control over him, and as punishment for the scandal, they were sending him to a reform school thousands of miles away to keep him out of the public eye until things cooled down.

His father had been furious.

“Denmark is a pillar of inspiration to the rest of the world,” the king had barked as his mother sat on, listening stoically. “You are in line to inherit the throne of the 4
oldest monarchy in the entire world. What kind of king do you expect to be, flaunting yourself for tabloid fodder? You reflect poorly on both your country and your lineage!”

With that he had been banished out of the king's sight until a solution was crafted. The PR men would work on cleaning up the rebellious prince's image and in the meantime, he would be trapped in another country altogether, where there would be nobody familiar for him to cling to. Maybe that would inspire some sense into him.

Henrik swallowed hard, heading to his closet and pulling on the outfit he would wear on the long trip to America. He had heard plenty about the school he would be going to. Other elite families spared no second thought to sending their problem heirs there. The place was nicknamed the Sanitarium. He supposed he had sort of brought his banishment upon himself, but he really didn't expect the guy he had been with to leak the pictures of the party, which had gone from friendly to erotic fairly quickly. Not that he was complaining.

If he was being perfectly honest, he was secretly pleased by his father's reaction, and had no regrets about attending the party or letting his friend film the fun. There was nothing in the world that could tame Prince Henrik, although his parents had always tried their best. He grinned to himself as he headed down to breakfast. Who knows, he thought. The Spencer Dalton Academy was co-ed, so there would be ample opportunities for him to unwind there. He had been fighting against his parent's control for so long, and now his father thought he had the upper hand. But the battle wasn't over yet. Maybe it would be fun to accept the challenge.

Chapter 2

Fiona Blake smiled to herself, tucking her papers neatly into her new briefcase. She had worked hard for the scholarship she'd needed to get her teaching degree, and now that her time was almost up, all she had left to do was an internship with a real teacher. She'd grown up in a small town, where the most complicated thing to do was help cows to give birth, but since she was very intelligent she had felt stifled there and felt thrilled to be able to embark upon a new journey of learning.

School had become a beacon of hope for Fiona, who was always eager to learn new things and do whatever possible to excel. She thought of it as her only chance to escape a small town life that left her bored and restless. Although her heart was big and she loved everybody there, she just couldn't imagine settling down with any of the boys who threw themselves at her, their hearts pulsing eagerly in their hands. She was attractive beyond reason, and had been told more than once to pursue a career acting or modelling. But teaching was her one true passion, and she found herself at a great university thanks to her many years of hard work and dedication.

Because everybody loved her wherever she went, Fiona had found herself an incredible opportunity to teach at one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country – the Spencer Dalton Academy. This was where the most rich and famous people all over the world were educated, and she had been stunned to discover that her professor had spoken to one of her colleagues and sealed the deal for the incredible internship opportunity. She was thrilled beyond belief to be knocking elbows with the elite, and her body hummed with anticipation as she headed to her car and placed her shaking hands on the steering wheel. This was going to be the first day of the rest of her life.

“Good morning Ms. Blake,” Dr. James said pleasantly, taking her hand in his and pumping it cordially. “Welcome to the Spencer Dalton Academy. Before we get started, there is a short training course we will have to ask you to do, as you will soon find out that the Academy has very specific requirements that are expected of its staff.”

“Of course,” Fiona said, smiling radiantly. She tried not to let her smile falter as Dr. James allowed his eyes to greedily roam her shapely body before continuing.

“The course will begin in room 205, which you will find on the second floor. There will be a break at 12:15 for lunch, and then you will be introduced to a few of the pupils. From there, if you wish, you may retire for the afternoon. If you feel brave enough to continue, Percy – I mean Mr. Adams – will be ready for you to join his classroom in room 300. That's on the third floor. Can you remember all of that?”

“Yes,” Fiona assured him.

“Great,” Dr. James said. “If you have any questions or concerns, you can come see me in my office on the ground floor – room 68.”

She clenched her teeth, still smiling politely as Dr. James' voice took on a flirtatious tone, and his eyes once again rested on her breasts.

“You can come see me

“All right,” she said stiffly. “Thank you.”

Before she headed up to room 205, Fiona decided a quick stop at the bathroom would help her get her bearings. She rinsed her face off in the sink and studied her reflection bitterly. Her thick, cascading blonde hair flowed down her shoulders in waves, and her icy blue eyes sometimes even caused her to startle herself when she caught her own eye in the reflection. She was wearing deep red lipstick, and a black blazer that hugged her voluptuous breasts snugly. Her black mini skirt completed the look – businesslike, but friendly, or so she had thought. Now she was regretting her choice of dress and found herself not looking forward to the type of attention she may find herself getting at the Academy.

Once she had fully shaken away her discomfort, she took a deep sigh and headed up to the second floor, where a small, stout woman with curly grey hair was sitting in a large classroom. She was alone at the teacher's desk, her hands folded neatly as if waiting just for Fiona.

“Welcome dear,” she said. “Please, close the door behind you. We have much to discuss.”

Chapter 3

Henrik fought the urge to sound a low whistle of appreciation as he watched the gorgeous blonde disappear into Mrs. Blair's classroom. Blair the bear, many of them had begun to call her, as she was the disciplinarian of the Spencer Dalton Academy. She looked sweet and gentle on the outside, but when she was crossed she turned vicious in no time. He wondered if she was having her orientation, and felt a surge of excitement about the prospect of being in classes with a woman that attractive.

He'd had a hard time adjusting to the new country, where everybody spoke in thick American accents and he was referred to as Prince H, a reference to his penis that had begun because of his tabloid scandal. It had been funny to him at first, but after the third week, he found the reference tiring. Sure, he was proud of how gifted he was between his legs, but enough was enough. There had been no shortage of female attention since he arrived though. Many of the elite women tried to act too good for him outside of Spencer Dalton, but when they were inside, trapped like animals and out of the spotlight, they were eager to let their true colors show.

One woman in particular had been pursuing him since he arrived. The heiress Tiffany LeBough was a tall, dark haired vixen who never let go of anything she wanted, which was why she was in the reform school. She was a spoiled 20-year-old French girl who had immediately caught his eye. She had sat behind him in etiquette training, randomly whispering into his ear during class time how hot it had made her to read his tabloid special. He'd been forced to shift uncomfortably in his seat, suddenly aroused but unable to do anything about it. She'd grinned at him in the hallway after that, and they'd had hushed sex in the broom closet immediately after. Since then she had fancied herself his arm candy. He didn't mind too much, but he made it clear that he wasn't interested in any type of commitment. That was okay, Tiffany had said, because she wasn't either.

He hoped that was true, because he was intrigued by the blonde beauty that had disappeared into the bear's cave. Henrik cursed to himself when he glanced at the clock, realizing that it was late and he had to be two floors up in twenty minutes or he would get a demerit. He normally wouldn't mind, but collecting merits was one of the only ways he was able to gain any freedom outside the institution's walls. Henrik loved to be outdoors, but if he wasn't able to earn his way, he would be trapped inside the building. He was beginning to understand why the others had begun calling Spencer Dalton the Sanitarium – there were some bleak punishments there, enough to scare the spoiled elite into following orders at all costs.

He jogged up to his first class of the day, Principles and Ethics of Business and Management. A lot of people were there because they had cost their rich parents hundreds of thousands of dollars in scandals or simple carelessness. Others were there because, like his own father, they hoped their heirs would benefit from the knowledge and use it to inform them on making better decisions with the power they would be inheriting. Maybe it would teach them responsibility.

The one thing Henrik hated most about the Spencer Dalton Academy wasn't the teachers, or the pupils, or even the rules. It was that his father controlled everything he did, all the courses he took, the types of foods he was served, and his accommodations. He was constantly reminded of his father's generous donation to the Academy, and expected to live up to the standards of the rich elite. It made him furious.

He ducked into the classroom, three minutes late, but the class hadn't settled in yet and the teacher was still out of the classroom doing who knew what. He slunk into his seat, catching Tiffany's eye from across the room. He looked away quickly, trying to pretend that he didn't notice her staring holes through him since the moment he entered. He exhaled deeply once the teacher arrived and ordered the pupils up to say their morning devotional – a unique verse that promised they would do their best to learn and absorb knowledge so that they would become capable leaders of the future in the world of men. It was a pretentious and unnerving habit the school had integrated into the curriculum, but he supposed they thought it would be a good way to begin a long day of learning for people who wanted to be there less than anything.

As the lesson began and the teacher started droning on and on about handling finances and what the head of a company should expect from its laborers, he began to feel restless, imagining what was going on in Blair the bear's cave with the hot new woman. Who was she? Where did she come from? And why was she there? All of the possibilities excited him. He knew that many of the women sent to the Academy were there for embarrassing their families with their sordid sex lives, much like he was, but she seemed a little bit too straight-edged for that to be the case. Some women just had a look that screamed vanilla, and he could sense it a mile away. No, it wasn't that.

Maybe she was bad with money and would be joining them in the morning for the Principles and Ethics of Business class. Or perhaps it was something even worse – a do-gooder bleeding heart who would waste all of her power and influence on trying to help the poor and bridge the impossible gap between the classes. The elite families generally looked down on the people who put the social good before themselves, at least his own parents did. Although they were monarchs, what they cared most about was staying popular in the public eye, saving face, and ensuring that the power was passed only to the people that they approved of.

If her problem was that she wanted to give all her power away and felt bad being rich, that would make things interesting for him. Those kinds of women and men ended up in different classes at Spencer Dalton though – ones that showed them what went wrong when they gave too much and lost sight of the big picture. They scared the hell out of them and showed them the ways advocates and bleeding hearts were taken advantage of by both the people they were trying to help and those who were supposed to be their peers.

The nice guys always finished last, that was the motto of that program, and luckily Henrik had kept his humanitarian instincts to himself all his life. He knew that a course like that would just leave him horribly depressed, and he suddenly felt a sense of obligation toward the gorgeous new woman. If that was her problem, he would try to keep the hope alive in her that the elite could use their powers to help people without being taken for granted by the dirty poor people.

“Does anybody know what you should do if one of your colleagues comes to you with word that your accounts are being compromised?” the teacher asked in a lazy, droll voice.

“Castrate him!” Henrik exclaimed.

“That's a little harsh, Henrik,” Mr. Jackson said.

“What else would you expect from Prince H?” a boy named Peter St.John called out. The class erupted into laughter.

“He wants to cut down the competition,” a girl named Allison Halloway said.

“Please,” Henrik said with a smug grin. “If there was worthy competition out there I would gladly accept it. As it stands, I've yet to meet a bigger man...”

“That's enough, Henrik,” Mr. Jackson sighed. “I'd like to get on with the lesson.”

“Well I'd like to get on my girlfriend, but you can't always get what you want,” Henrik said, winking theatrically to Tiffany. The classroom howled with laughter again and Mr. Jackson grew pink.

“If you don't stop that right now, I'll be forced to -”

“You're just jealous,” Henrik proclaimed. “You've seen my little prince in the tabloid pictures haven't you? Don't worry though, I hear there are methods out there to help out with enlargement...or do you need a little help? You know...getting the attention?”

“That's it, young man. To Mrs. Blair's room. Now.”

Henrik grinned smugly, thanking Mr. Jackson politely when he handed him the pink slip that he had furiously scribbled. Henrik tucked it gently into his back pocket.

“I'll see you later,” he said, winking at Tiffany. He knew she couldn't resist his cocky references to his large appendage. Especially because they were true. But he didn't really mean what he said to her. His mind was on the new woman. He had finally made his escape from the classroom, and couldn't wait to meet her. He could only hope that she was still stuck in the bear cave.

BOOK: Royal Pain: An Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
13.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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