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By D. Hamilton-Reed


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For Leon, Jordan and Courtney,

still my inspirations.












Joy Oh Joy



The Club



The Aftermath



Finding Joy









Searching for Royce



Be Mine












Going Steady

Let's Get Married

Until Death Do Us Part

Crazy Love

Isle de St. Mary's

Cape Town

Valley at the Foot of the Mountains


Walker's Web

Free At Last!


































The house was a circus!  Too many people coming and going, too many things to do and Doug loved it, he lived for these parties. 

The caterers were in the kitchen clattering pots and he could smell the fragrant aroma of lamb, ginger and rosemary and his mouth watered and the valets were due any moment.
He hated Mexicans, most came fresh across the border with a lie on their tongue, “Si, si I can do that senor,” and most didn’t have a clue what you talking about or how to do it.  But for this job he needed discretion, an undocumented immigrant didn’t know that the masked men they took keys from were some of the wealthiest men in the state of Texas, and those fine cars they hid in the back of his property.  That if they knew who they were and uttered one word to anyone they’d be dead before morning and sent back to Mexico floating down the Rio Grande in pieces.

They’d better not screw up this time,
last time they tore up his yard parking cars.  He’d deal with that later, right now he had a checklist he was working on,
Hot tub clean. Check.  Pool heater tuned on.  Check. 
He skimmed the warm lagoon green water with the tip of his fingers.
Clean towels by gazebo. Check.  Fireplace on.  Check.  
The maids had worked off his list and were gone and now he was checking behind them.

“Ooooo,” he heard Patty gush and give a little cheerful clap, “That’s gorgeous.”   She’d had boxes arriving all week with decorations for the party, custom decorations that cost a fortune but worth it.

He thought about his guests and hoped Royce Harrington would show up tonight, that was one man he wanted to touch and have touch him.  The man had charisma, an easy smile and was better looking than the hottest actor he'd seen lately.  Patty had seen him at the country club and nearly wet her pants, and he spent months going after him and when he wouldn’t budge he went after his business partner Bobby, he knew if he persuaded Bobby, Royce would soon follow.  

Royce moved the wet towel from his face, he’d wrapped his face in a hot towel to soften his whiskers, he wanted to shave extra close tonight.  He didn’t want to scratch the lady’s delicate skin when he rubbed his face against her.  It was something he’d loved doing since he was a teenager.  He loved the softness of a woman’s skin and he’d rub his face against her cheeks, between her breasts, down her belly and up and down her thighs before he went down on her, and all the girls seemed to love it but that was before he was a man when his cheeks were soft with baby fuzz.  Now as a grown man he shaved extra close after girls started saying “Ow” when he did that.

It was 1998 and Royce Harrington was thirty years old and long past baby fuzz.  He stood shirtless in his bathroom wearing only his black trousers.  He looked at himself in the large bathroom mirror.  He flexed a little, his arm muscles bulging.  He pats his flat stomach and raised his arms and inspected his under arms.  He’d already made sure the hair under there was cut close and down below, too, he’d trimmed it nice and neat.  He ran his fingers through his dark hair, he wore it slightly longer than he should considering his wealth, but he was a cowboy from Amarillo, and he liked his hair a little longer, but he was still professional, it was within the limits that wouldn’t make people of his class wonder.

Bold confident blue eyes stared back at him as he scrutinized the details of his face and hair looking for any strays.  He knew he was a good looking man, he’d known that since sixth grade when girls begun noticing him.  But it was eighth grade when he learned what a girl’s attention could bring when Madeline Helms let him reach under her blouse and touch her breast and when Ashley Kronner put her hand inside his swim trunks at her swim party and caressed him then led him upstairs to her bathroom when he asked, “Is there another restroom I can use?  The pool bath is full.”  She took his hand and led him upstairs and into her bathroom and held his member in her hand while he peed, then politely washed him off, and with his trunks still down pushed him backwards to her bed and then knelt between his legs and proceeded to suck him off.   

He liberally lathered his face with shaving cream and took out his straight razor.  He started shaving his face with sure knowing strokes.  He could hear Tammy in her closet getting ready, these parties were growing old to him.   They’d been members of The Club for two years now and he’d fucked every woman he had a slight interest in, in fact more than once and no matter how many of the other ladies wanted him he didn’t want them. 
It’s time to move on,
he thought. 

Clean shaven and his inspection complete he was ready to dress, the rest of his suit was hanging on a hook by the bathroom mirror.  He sat on a cushioned gold brocade ottoman to put on his socks.  The bathroom was large just like the house which they’d bought four years before in an exclusive neighborhood in a Dallas suburb called The Enclave

It was gated, the houses custom and tailor made.  Not a single house was under two million dollars, and all who lived there sneezed at that since it hadn’t made a dent in their finances, especially not his.  Even if he hadn’t been able to afford a house like this his father Walker Harrington Sr. was ten times wealthier and would have easily given him the money if that’s what he and Tammy wanted.  But he’d made his own way and was well on his way to his own fortune.

“You ready Royce?”  The master bath was separated between two very large his and hers walk in closets.  Tammy came into the bathroom from her closet through a walkway that held rows upon rows of her shoes. “Almost,” he said looking at her.  She was wearing black tonight, a short black dress and her blonde hair was big and pulled back from her face and hung down her back.  Now that she’d gotten breast implants and that little rogue tooth fixed she was as cute as she was ever going to be.  She was naturally blonde but with her religious maintenance she always kept it dyed a sunny, silky gold spun blonde.  Her legs had always been a little skinny for his taste but she’d been his wife for almost ten years.

Tonight her legs and arms were oiled and tanned to perfection.  This night was all about pleasure.  He put on his suit coat and grabbed his mask.  He was wearing his black suit and white shirt tonight.  All the men wore suits and black masks at The Club where everyone was to be anonymous. 

Although the men looked like they were cut from the same mold the women did not.  They could choose mask of different colors, decorated with feathers from peacock to some small exotic bird, jeweled with colored rhinestones or other trims like leather or lace.  All she had to do was pick from the catalog and order.  Tammy picked up her black with lace trim mask and offered her arm. 

“Shall we,” he said and smiled at her.  When they’d first joined The Club it had been fun.  He hadn’t known about a club like this, a swingers club, switching partners, fucking someone else’s wife while another man fucked yours.  “Why would I want to join a club like that?”  He’d asked Bobby who was pushing him to join.

It was Bobby his best friend since college and business partner who helped him make the decision to join, “Ah man Royce, Sarah and I joined and man you wouldn’t believe how it’s spiced up our sex life,” he said excitedly, “I’m telling you it doesn’t hurt your marriage, it’s just sex, but the things you can do and how they have it set up you won’t regret it.”  Bobby had gone on and on about the benefits and the couple who ran The Club had been after him and Tammy for months to join.  “It’s all anonymous, so you don’t know the lady and she doesn’t know you,” Bobby had pushed. 

It was run by an older couple Patty and Douglas Hughes who had sold the land The Enclave was built on to the developer.  They still live on property they owned way off in the back, behind the neighborhood on acres and acres of land where they'd built a house reminiscent of a beautiful English castle. 

Royce drove out behind the neighborhood on the road that led to Doug and Patty’s.  They came to the intricate wrought iron double gate with a fancy gold and black shaped “H” on each side, the gates were left open on a night of a party.  “Put your mask on,” he said to Tammy.  He did the same.  He carefully maneuvered his steel blue Mercedes with one hand while he put the mask on with the other as they slowly made their way down the long driveway.  The land was beautiful, full of tall trees and triangular shaped plump full evergreens.  The house was somewhat hidden as the driveway wound its way down.  The tops of the stone turrets appeared first, then the house and it awe inspiring.  They followed the driveway as it circled around a huge fountain of an naked angry mermaid with flowing hair and perfect breast holding an even angrier large fish with its scaled body wrapped around hers and water spouting out of its mouth.

Royce stopped the car and a valet ran to open the door for Tammy.  He walked around the car and took her arm while the valet drove off.  He never knew where they parked the cars, but you never saw them.  Even though Patty and Doug went to great lengths to keep the members from knowing each other and Royce had to admit at first he didn’t know some of the other couples but after two years he knew exactly who was who, and whose wife he had fucked and how many times, and he was sure so did everyone else.  It was no secret that certain people started doing business with him after he joined and it was no secret he became a client of theirs as well.  Doug and Patty only picked from the cream of the crop of the moneyed people, people in the upper socioeconomic bracket.  That fit with the anonymous theme too, wealthy people would rather fall on a sword and die before they'd divulge a secret like this. 

They made their way up the stairs and into the house.  Royce knew they made a stunning couple, Tammy’s cleavage and blonde hair was a beacon to make anybody watch them and he was tall, all of six foot four, athletically built and toned.  He’d always known the reason The Club  came after them so hard was because somebody wanted him or Tammy or both.  Patty and Doug were at many of the parties or other functions at The Enclave and Doug was always at the country club, so they came after them and had given them all the particulars to let them know their privacy was of the utmost importance, “We keep it secret.  No one knows the members except myself and Patty and we keep the names in a safe, locked tight and secure.  We ask that everyone sign a confidentiality agreement, and everyone must be tested, especially for HIV.  We don’t want any of that business and everyone must wear a mask at all times, even when you are together do not take your mask off.  We don’t allow anything that is harmful where any of our members can get hurt, none of that kinky shit.” Doug had told him and he’d thought at the time,
like my anonymity is the problem and not having sex with other people.
“But why would I join, I don’t see the benefit for me and my wife, I’m happy with what we have,” he’d said.

“Ahh, so you say…,” and Doug paused and looked at him for a moment then he said, “A little oral and different positions is that the extent?”  He didn’t let Royce answer. “Well at The Club
you get more than that…We have other things, toys, creams, rooms for your pleasure and desires, all is provided for your night of pleasure,” he’d said and Royce had to admit he was intrigued.

But it was Bobby who went on and on, “Royce I’m telling you it's great man.  You can only join as a couple so that’s why it doesn’t affect your marriage, and you can only come as a couple.  You can’t come to a party and leave your wife at home and neither can she. The only thing you can’t do is be with your wife one on one by yourselves.  They want you to mix it up with someone else…and it’s only once a month man.  The parties are held the last Friday of every month. I’m telling you man you should check it out at least before you dismiss it.” Bobby had made the hard sale.

When he talked to Tammy he thought she was going to freak about joining a sex club, but she didn’t.  All she’d said, “Well do you want too?” 

At the time he wasn't sure, “I don’t know, but I’d like to check it out, see what it’s all about and if it’ll work for us…I mean I’m happy with you and me and what we do. I don’t need anybody else,” he’d said and she smiled the biggest smile at him. “Well we can check into it, maybe go to one party and see,” she said.

That was two years ago and they’d been coming every since, and now after two years they could pass a month or two without going, and tonight was an example of that, it had been two months since they’d been to a party and it was Tammy who wanted to attend tonight. “Let’s do a party,” she said, “It should be fun since it’s close to Halloween and you know Patty loves Halloween,” she smiled and said.

He really didn’t care one way or the other, and she was right Patty went over the top with Halloween so you never knew what to expect and he had to admit it was fun.  As a couple they had two rules, always, always wear a condom.  Neither was to ever sway from that and she was never to be with Bobby and he was never to be with Bobby’s wife Sarah.  They were too good of friends to know each other intimately. 

They walked into the elaborately decorated house, Patty was ostentatious, but in good taste.  When you walked into the foyer, the marble floors shone bright and painted on the ceiling was a perfect replica of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, beautiful angelic half clothed and naked bodies everywhere, and in the family room there was a huge zebra skinned plush sofa with leopard print pillows and a lion skin rug was on the floor.  The walls looked to be covered in sisal but it was a painting technique.  The kitchen was Italian, it was as if you were outside on a patio at a vineyard, the walls plastered and painted to look cracked with grapevines growing through them, the table a hand scraped masterpiece with twelve unmatched chairs that seemed to match perfectly somehow.  The rest of the house was the same, rooms decorated elaborately in a theme.

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