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, even older than the one who originally escorted them into the Palace, announced,

“His Royal Highness is ready to receive his guests.”

Zoleka walked towards the door.

They had to cross a passage and into another room where Prince Majmir was waiting.

She was not sure what to expect, but as the door opened she was surprised to see a rather decrepit man in the centre of the room waiting to receive them.

His evening clothes did not seem to fit him and his hair, which was slightly grey, was unkempt.

Even before she reached him, Zoleka's instinct told her there was something very wrong.

However, she swept dutifully to the floor into a low curtsy and Prince Majmir bowed to her in return.

“Welcome to Krnov. I very much hope Your Royal Highness will enjoy being here with us.”

“I am certain I shall. It is exceedingly gracious of Your Royal Highness to invite me to your Palace and I am delighted to be your guest.”


Barbara Cartland was the most prolific bestselling author in the history of the world. She was frequently in the Guinness Book of Records for writing more books in a year than any other living author. In fact her most amazing literary feat was when her publishers asked for more Barbara Cartland romances, she doubled her output from 10 books a year to over 20 books a year, when she was 77.

She went on writing continuously at this rate for 20 years and wrote her last book at the age of 97, thus completing 400 books between the ages of 77 and 97.

Her publishers finally could not keep up with this phenomenal output, so at her death she left 160 unpublished manuscripts, something again that no other author has ever achieved.

Now the exciting news is that these 160 original unpublished Barbara Cartland books are ready for publication and they will be published by exclusively on the internet, as the web is the best possible way to reach so many Barbara Cartland readers around the world.

The 160 books will be published monthly and will be numbered in sequence.

The series is called the Pink Collection as a tribute to Barbara Cartland whose favourite colour was pink and it became very much her trademark over the years.

The Barbara Cartland Pink Collection is published only on the internet. Log on to
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Telephone & fax: +44 (0)20 8863 2520

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2. Love In The Highlands
3. Love Finds The Way
4. The Castle Of Love
5. Love Is Triumphant
6. Stars In The Sky
7. The Ship Of Love
8. A Dangerous Disguise
9. Love Became Theirs
10. Love Drives In
11. Sailing To Love
12. The Star Of Love
13. Music Is The Soul Of Love
14. Love In The East
15. Theirs To Eternity
16. A Paradise On Earth
17. Love Wins In Berlin
18. In Search Of Love
19. Love Rescues Rosanna
20. A Heart In Heaven
21. The House Of Happiness
22. Royalty Defeated By Love
23. The White Witch
24. They Sought Love
25. Love Is The Reason For Living
26. They Found Their Way To Heaven
27. Learning To Love
28. Journey To Happiness
29. A Kiss In The Desert
30. The Heart Of Love
31. The Richness Of Love
32. For Ever And Ever
33. An Unexpected Love
34. Saved By An Angel
35. Touching The Stars
36. Seeking Love
37. Journey To Love
38. The Importance Of Love
39. Love By The Lake
40. A Dream Come True
41. The King Without A Heart
42. The Waters Of Love
43. Danger To The Duke
44. A Perfect Way To Heaven
45. Follow Your Heart
46. In Hiding
47. Rivals For Love
48. A Kiss From The Heart
49. Lovers In London
50. This Way To Heaven
51. A Princess Prays
52. Mine For Ever
53. The Earl's Revenge
54. Love At The Tower
55. Ruled By Love

Barbara Cartland, who sadly died in May 2000 at the grand age of ninety eight, remains one of the world's most famous romantic novelists.  With worldwide sales of over one billion, her outstanding 723 books have been translated into thirty six different languages, to be enjoyed by readers of romance globally.

Writing her first book ‘Jigsaw' at the age of 21, Barbara became an immediate bestseller.  Building upon this initial success, she wrote continuously throughout her life, producing bestsellers for an astonishing 76 years.  In addition to Barbara Cartland's legion of fans in the UK and across Europe, her books have always been immensely popular in the USA.  In 1976 she achieved the unprecedented feat of having books at numbers 1 & 2 in the prestigious B. Dalton Bookseller bestsellers list.

Although she is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Romance', Barbara Cartland also wrote several historical biographies, six autobiographies and numerous theatrical plays as well as books on life, love, health and cookery.  Becoming one of Britain's most popular media personalities and dressed in her trademark pink, Barbara spoke on radio and television about social and political issues, as well as making many public appearances.

In 1991 she became a Dame of the Order of the British Empire for her contribution to literature and her work for humanitarian and charitable causes.

Known for her glamour, style, and vitality Barbara Cartland became a legend in her own lifetime.  Best remembered for her wonderful romantic novels and loved by millions of readers worldwide, her books remain treasured for their heroic heroes, plucky heroines and traditional values.  But above all, it was Barbara Cartland's overriding belief in the positive power of love to help, heal and improve the quality of life for everyone that made her truly unique.

“‘I love you' are the easiest words to say in any language, but in reality they are the hardest words to really mean from the heart.”

Barbara Cartland


Princess Zoleka of Opava dismounted, thanked her groom for his attendance and walked into the Palace.

came towards her and she asked,

“Where is His Royal Highness?”

“In the library, Your Royal Highness,” he replied.

She ran speedily through the corridors of the vast Royal Palace to the library, where she knew that her father would be concentrating on the book he was writing.

It was a History of Silesia, which would undoubtedly take him a long time.

When she opened the door, he looked up and smiled.

“You are back, Zoleka, I see.”

“I am back, Papa, and the new stallion is splendid. He gallops very much faster than all the others, so you and I must have a race one day!”

Prince Lászlé smiled at his beautiful daughter.

“I will try and manage it tomorrow, if I am not too busy.”

He rose from the writing desk as he spoke and walked across the room.

“I want to talk to you, Zoleka.”

The tone of his voice was so serious she looked at him in surprise.

As always she was struck with pride. He was a very handsome man and although his hair was now touched with grey, he still had an active and athletic body.

His daughter recognised that his healthy physique owed much to the fact that he was a magnificent rider, spending hours in the saddle or schooling his ponies outside in their magnificent paddocks.

Prince Lászlé stood in front of the fireplace which, as it was high summer, was filled with fragrant flowers, while Zoleka sat down on the sofa and waited.

She knew only too well that when her father took up this particular position, he had something serious to say.

When he did not speak, she asked encouragingly,

“What is it, Papa?”

“It is something I am afraid you will not like, but it is something you may have to do.”

Have to do?
” echoed Zoleka, wondering what it could possibly be.

“There arrived this morning,” her father continued, “a messenger from the Prime Minister of Krnov.”

“From Krnov!” exclaimed Zoleka. “Whatever did he want?”

“He wants you to travel to Krnov to take up the position of Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Udele.”

“Lady-in-Waiting! I hope you said ‘no',” she exclaimed, outraged.

“As a matter of fact, I asked for time to discuss it with you, because I don't really think that ‘no' is the right answer at this particular time.”

“But, Papa, of course I don't want to go away from you and live in Krnov. Why should I? And I believe you would miss me,” she added knowing that this would appeal to his fatherly nature.

“Of course I would miss you,” her father answered. “My instinct was the same as yours, to say ‘no' at once.”

“Why did you not do so, Papa?”

“When I talked to the envoy who had been sent by the Prime Minister, I realised that the situation in Krnov is rather more serious than I had previously thought.”

“What situation and what is serious?”

“You should know as well as I do, my dear Zoleka, that Opava, Krnov and Cieszyn are all that is left of what was once a free Silesia.”

Zoleka was well aware of this situation.

She had been told often how under the Treaty of Berlin in 1742, Queen Maria Theresa of Austria had been forced to cede Upper and Lower Silesia to King Frederick II of Prussia.

The only exceptions to the Treaty were the three small Principalities of Krnov, Opava and Cieszyn.

In the Seven Years War, which began fourteen years later and lasted until 1763, the Austrians had attempted to recover Silesia to no avail.

At one time Silesia had comprised of sixteen Principalities running their own lives, each under its own Ruler.

In the usual domineering manner of the Prussians, Frederick II had coerced most of them into becoming part of his Kingdom.

The real reason why the Prussians were so keen to have and keep Upper Silesia was the rising importance of coal and other vital minerals.

Upper Silesia itself was destined to become one of the most significant industrial districts in all of Europe with its vast production of coal, lead, zinc and iron, all of which were mined and utilised in factories on the spot.

BOOK: Ruled by Love
4.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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