Russian's Determined Love (Drobilka Family Series #3)

BOOK: Russian's Determined Love (Drobilka Family Series #3)


Russian’s Determined Love

(Drobilka Crime Family Series #3)

By: Leona Lee



All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2015 Leona Lee


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Note: This book is part 3 of 3 in the Drobilka Crime Family Series!

Part 1: Russian’s Innocent Love

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12




Chapter 1 

Bethany Michaels sighed heavily as she changed out of her slave costume. Since going undercover at the Rubicon Gentleman’s Club as a server, she was earning more money than she did as a rookie FBI agent. Picking up the drink-soaked costume, she tossed it into the hamper before grabbing her backpack. When she had first decided to go undercover at the club in order to spy on the Drobilka cartel, she had hoped that the Rubicon would be a laidback type of atmosphere.

Much to her disappointment, the club was always bustling with action. Tonight, the bouncers had been busy keeping the overzealous customers under control and more than one dancer had stormed off stage in disgust.

Walking back out onto the main floor, she stood at the end of the line to await her night’s pay. As she walked up to Vadim Sannikoff, the club’s owner and the leader of the cartel, to accept her envelope, he wrapped his arms around her and swept her up into a passionate kiss. When he set her back on her feet, she held onto his chest while she waited for the room to stop spinning.

“You smell like you took a bath in beer,” he told her as he grinned. Punching him playfully in the arm, she gave him a mock glare as she growled at him. The other girls looked at her in surprise. While everyone at the club was well aware of their relationship, they still tended to look at them in awe when they interacted together in front of them.

“I’ve been told that beer is good for my hair,” Bethany replied cheekily. “At least, that’s what I keep telling myself every time I end up covered in it.”

“Well, you could always quit,” Vadim told her, as he watched her with a guarded expression.

Waving the envelope at him as she walked toward the exit, “What? And give up all this? Never,” she declared.

As Bethany drove home, she did wonder what she was doing. Remaining undercover at the Rubicon was a dangerous move. After her previous supervisor pulled a fast one and decided to raid the club, things became hot fast. And it was that much worse when Vadim found out she was an agent. When he agreed to become an asset for the FBI in order to bring down those higher up than he was in the organization in exchange for immunity, it was only on the condition that Bethany remain at the club and serve as his contact.

In order to maintain appearances and keep an eye on each other, Bethany agreed to move in with him and they had continued their oh so heated relationship. And as Bethany had come to realize, her feelings for him ran deep. Far deeper than they should, which put both of them in a potentially dangerous situation – particularly since the feeling was mutual.

Bethany’s flare for languages was what brought her to the club to begin with since they wanted a native English-speaking server who understood Russian and, as they were quick to learn, her understanding of Chinese made her an asset as the cartel spied on the Chinese Triad.

As she pulled into the parking garage, she was surprised to see Peter Parker. At least, that’s what she called him as he had a knack for being in places when you least expected it, much like Spiderman. From what she knew about him, he was with ICE and had been Sasha’s handler.

When Sasha disappeared and was later found dead, Peter joined the task force the government had put together to bring down those members of any Russian organization responsible for smuggling and human trafficking on American soil.

Getting out of her car, she walked toward the elevator as Peter joined her. Bethany casually pointed out that it was a private elevator, and he apologized profusely before stepping off to get on another. As the doors closed, she looked down to see a SIM card on the floor. Reaching in her pocket for her keys, she dropped them and when she bent to pick them up, grabbed the SIM card.

When the doors opened on the penthouse floor, she did a cursory search of the apartment before pulling her phone out. She took the back off, replaced the SIM card, and rebooted the phone. She quickly scanned the latest reports on the upcoming shipments in the personal files folder before pulling the card back out and tossing it down the disposal.

Walking into the bathroom, she turned on the taps to run the tub water before shedding her clothes. She wrinkled her nose as she tossed her street clothes into the basket before adding bubble bath to the rapidly-filling tub. She slid into the tub and dunked herself completely before sighing in satisfaction at no longer smelling like beer.

Leaning back, she closed her eyes as she let the heat from the water soak into her tired body. Sounds from the kitchen alerted her to a visitor before Vadim walked into the bathroom naked. She slid forward in the tub to give him room, and he climbed in behind her before she leaned back against his chest.

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed the top of her head. “Malyutka,” he murmured.

While Bethany often balked at his choice of “little one” for a term of endearment for her, she found that when he said it, it did things to her insides that made her squirm in response. Nestling her head against his shoulder, she tilted her head up to kiss him.

“How is it that you manage to leave the club not smelling of piss and beer?” Bethany questioned as she nibbled on his chin.

“I’ve learned how to stay out of the line of fire,” he answered as he reached for a washcloth and dipped it in the water.

“But you were in the thick of it tonight. I saw you.”

Taking the cloth, Vadim began to stroke her body as he washed away the day.

“So you were watching me?” he whispered against her neck as he rubbed the cloth across her breasts.

“Every chance I get,” she replied. She arched her back, and her nipples quickly puckered into tight nubs.

“Hmmm, so that’s why you ended up covered in beer?” he questioned. He swirled the cloth under her breasts and across her chest.

“Well, at least one time. Possibly two,” Bethany replied as he chuckled.

Vadim nibbled along her neck and increased the pressure with the washcloth and scrubbed her body. Feeling impatient, she positioned his hand along her abdominals as she pushed it down. When he nipped harder at her neck in response, she tilted her head to give him better access as he worked his hand down her body.

Lifting her arms up over her head, she draped them around his neck, stretching against him as his hands continued to rove over her body, stroking her in all the right places. When he rubbed the washcloth across her mound, he tangled his fingers in her dark curls, tugging slightly as she hitched her breath. He slid his fingers down both sides of her slit and the cloth’s rough texture over her clit caused Bethany to begin to heat up.

Bending her knees, she pushed against his legs, opening herself up wider to him. He nipped at her neck again and chuckled, “I could have sworn that you were tired not long ago.”

She turned her head to nuzzle against his chin. “What can I say; you have the magical power to light me up.”

“Light you up?”

“Mmmm, hmmm, the stage right before I catch fire.”

“Well, then it’s a good thing that we are in water,” he replied as he slipped two fingers deep inside her.

Bethany groaned in satisfaction and pushed against his hand as he turned his fingers, curving them slightly. Moving slowly, in and out, he began to pump his fingers inside her, as he rubbed against her g-spot. With his other hand, he used the washcloth to rub her breasts as she began to pant.

“Oh, fuck, Vadim that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

He kissed her neck and increased the pressure as he felt her body shake with need. Rubbing at both her nipples, he took turns, twisting and pulling on them as he pumped his fingers inside her. With her fingers tangled in his hair, she held tight to his head as she arched up into his hands. A pinch to her clit was all she needed as her first orgasm flowed through her. She cried out and her body spasmed as she twitched and quivered in his arms.

He lifted her and helped her turn over as she eagerly straddled his body. She gave him a lusty smile as she looked down at his muscular torso, battle-scarred and covered in tattoos. She reached down to grip his straining erection as she positioned herself over him. Wiggling her hips, she sank down on top of him, as they both groaned.

She pushed harder and had almost completely buried him inside her, when he grabbed her hips and lifted her up slightly. Adjusting her angle, he pulled her back down as his cock twitched inside her.

She lifted her hips to match his thrusts as water splashed out of the tub like waves on the beach. Leaning back, she rested her hands on his knees as he leaned forward to capture her nipples in his mouth. She sped up her movements, gasping in pleasure as he thrust against her. She slid one hand behind her to cup his balls, rolling them in her hand as he began to swear in Russian.

Nipping harder on her nipples caused Bethany to cry out as she slammed against him. Her muscles clenched down hard on his cock as he tightened his hold on her hips, holding her tightly against him as they rode out their orgasms together.

When they were finished, Bethany sagged against him while he stroked her back. His cock continued to twitch inside her as she answered it with spasms of her own.

Vadim added more hot water to the tub before grabbing the washcloth and wiping her down. Taking the cloth from him, she scrubbed his chest and shoulders as he looked at her.

“Keep that up and we won’t be leaving this tub for a while,” he told her.

She held up her prune-like fingers. “I’m not so sure my skin can handle much more.”

Leaning forward, he pushed against the sides of the tub as he stood up, taking Bethany with him. After he set her back on her feet, he stepped out of the tub, his feet landing on the now soaked bathmat. He tossed a dry towel on the floor before helping her out. Wrapping another towel around her, he dried her off before draping the towel around his waist.

Stepping gingerly over to the sink, Bethany grabbed her toothbrush before looking in the mirror. When she tilted her head, she could see a mouth-sized bruise on her neck. He smirked at her in the mirror, as she began muttering in Russian. Coming up behind her, he slid his arm around her waist before leaning down to lick the bruise.

“What was that, Malyutka?”

“Oh, nothing, moya lyubov, I was merely contemplating your maturity level at times because, really, a hickey?”

He swatted her butt with a laugh as she glared at him in the mirror.

“I thought that I would give you something to remember me by while you are stuck at the office tomorrow.”

Bethany groaned as she remembered that she had to be at the FBI offices late tomorrow morning to start her graduate school internship.

“Not liking you right now,” she called out as he walked away laughing.


Chapter 2

Bethany pulled into the parking lot of the FBI offices in downtown Dallas. Jacob Sanderson, her old boss, and her handler, Marci Chase, had invented the ruse when the three of them met up accidentally in a public setting. Somehow, Boris Banovich, Vadim’s second in command, got wind of it and suggested that Bethany take Sanderson up on the offer so that she could spy for the cartel.

She shook her head at how convoluted everything had become, she couldn’t believe that she was now pretending to work for the FBI. She walked into the air-conditioned building and checked in with security. After showing her student ID and going through the metal detectors, she was presented with a visitor badge and told to report to Director Miles Turner’s office.

Taking the elevator up, she exited onto his floor and walked toward his office. She checked in with his secretary and was escorted into his office, where she also found her handler.

“How are things at the Rubicon?” Turner asked as she sat down.

“The night shift doesn’t seem to produce anything useful. I’ve been told that there’s another daytime party later this week, but I haven’t been asked to work it yet. In fact, I haven’t worked any since the raid. I think Boris is waiting for me to bring him something from my translation job here.”

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