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Sands of Blood

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How to be a hero

This book is not like others you may have read. You are the hero of this adventure. It is up to you to make decisions that will affect how the adventure unfolds.

Each section of this book is numbered. At the end of most sections, you will have to make a choice. The choice you make will take you to a different section of the book.

Some of your choices will help you to complete the adventure successfully. But choose carefully, some of your decisions could be fatal!

If you fail, then start the adventure again and learn from your mistake.

If you choose correctly you will succeed in your mission.


Don’t be a zero, be a hero!

You are a skilled warrior, living in a world of enchantment and danger. Humans live alongside trolls, elves and dwarves, while other mysterious creatures walk in the shadows.


You were once a member of the City Guards of Alba

a league of the greatest, bravest warriors. However, twenty moons ago you fought with your captain. He was bullying young recruits and you felt he needed to be taught a lesson. You won the fight, but your captain was mortally wounded. You were brought before the Queen of Alba. She sent you into exile, banning you from ever returning to the city. Since that day you have drifted from town to town, finding work where you can.


Your latest home is the busy sea port of Krassa, where you are working alongside a blacksmith at a forge, making swords and tools. It is hard work

something that has never worried you

but you know that this is no job for someone with your skills. You hope that your luck will change…


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It is a warm spring morning and the work is hot. Sweat drips from your brow. As you hammer at a piece of red-hot metal, a man arrives at the forge. He is dressed in the uniform of the City Guards of Alba and calls you by your name

he knows who you are!

Your hand tightens around the forge hammer. “Who asks for me?” you say.

“I am Olderon,” he replies. “I have been searching for you for many days.”

“For what purpose?” you ask.

“To take you back to Alba. The queen needs your help…”

You stare at the man. “The queen banished me. Why would she seek my help now?”

“Come back to Alba and find out,” he says.

You wonder if the man is trying to trick you. “How do I know what you say is true?”

“I give you my word as a City Guard of Alba,” he replies.

“I knew a captain of the city guards,” you reply. “I had no trust in him.”

“If you do not trust my word, then I appeal to your honour. Our city is in great danger. You are our last chance…”


If you wish to return to Alba with Olderon,
go to 25

If you do not trust Olderon,
go to 38


You shake your head. “I cannot accept this quest. It is far too dangerous.”

“You are a coward!” says the queen. “Your banishment continues for the rest of your life. If you are ever seen in Alba, you will be killed. Now go!”

You head out of the palace, destined to walk the world forever known as a coward.


You are no hero! Begin your adventure again.
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You look at the Spellcaster’s bloody wound and realise that the ghoul’s blood has infected him. If he is not killed then he will become a ghoul.

“I will do as you ask,” you say. The old man closes his eyes and you carry out his last wish.

You and Olderon take the astrolabe and head out of the city to the spot where you left Hergal. You find the gryphon patiently awaiting your return. The astrolabe points to the south and soon you are flying over the desert towards the Lost Temple.

The gryphon speeds through the air, but ahead you can see that the sky is getting darker. The wind beats at you and grains of sand sting your face.

“A sandstorm!” says Olderon. “What should we do?”


If you wish to turn back and find shelter,
go to 24

If you wish to continue to fly onwards,
go to 39


You return to Alba and inform the queen of the attack. Hergal is made ready for your journey, and soon you and Olderon are flying on the gryphon towards Barrsa.

The journey takes some hours, but there is no sign of the vampire bats. Eventually you see the port with its great sandstone walls.

“Where should we land, inside the city or outside the walls?” asks Olderon.


If you wish to land inside the city of Barrsa,
go to 45

To land outside Barrsa,
go to 27


“I’m sorry,” you say. You close your eyes and let go of Olderon’s wrist. He makes no sound as he falls through the air.

You lie on the rocky path for some time. You know that you cannot go back to Alba – you will be branded a coward for letting Olderon die.

You are destined to live in exile, forever.


You let Olderon fall to his death. You are no hero! Start again –
go to 1


You draw your sword and charge at the wraiths. But you are too slow. One of the creatures plunges its sword into Olderon’s body. He drops down dead.

You give a cry of horror and the wraiths take their opportunity. Two of the creatures fly at you and rip the amulet from your grasp. Without the Ruby of Power to help, you know that you are in trouble.

You slash at your enemies with your sword.


Go to 40


“Who is this Red Queen?” you ask.

The queen waves her hand and an image appears. “She lives on the far side of the world in Necropolis: the City of the Dead,” she says. “Her husband is the necromancer Mortha. He was once a great spellcaster, but sought greater powers. He wishes to rule the world with his queen and has been searching for the rubies from the Blood Crown.

“It seems that they have already found the Ruby of Death. With it, they have raised an army of the dead. If they find the other rubies, then nothing will be able to stop them.”


If you have not found out about the rubies,
go to 41

If you already know about the rubies,
go to 23


Some time later you wake up. The sun beats down on your broken body. You try to look around, but you can’t move your head.

You cry out for help, but there is no one to save you.

You lie helpless in the sand, knowing that you are doomed to rest here forever.


You have failed. To begin again,
go to 1


“We seek the Spellcaster of the city,” you say. “We hope he can help us in our quest.”

In reply, the black-robed men draw their swords and point them at you.

“We have been waiting for you,” replies one of the men. “Our mistress, the Red Queen, told us you were on the way…”


If you want to fight the guards,
go to 22

If you wish to talk to them,
go to 30


“I will not go back,” you snarl and swing the hammer at Olderon.

He avoids you and reaches for his sword. He lunges at you and pain slices through your body as the blade pierces your side.

You fall to your knees, blood pouring from the wound.

Olderon stands over you. “You have no honour

and now you have no future.” He turns away, leaving you bleeding in the dirt.


If you wish to begin the adventure again,
go to 1


“I agree,” you say.

The captain spins the wheel and swings the ship about. You and Olderon rush to the ship’s stern. You take up your bow and shoot at the swarm of bats. You hit several and soon the creatures turn back and disappear into the distance.

“A warning from the Red Queen,” you say. “I’m sure they won’t be the last of her servants to try to stop us.”

“What should we do now?” asks Olderon.

BOOK: Sands of Blood
8.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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