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Authors: Toby Olson

Seaview (40 page)

Copyright ©2006 Toby Olson
All rights reserved. No
part of this book may
be reproduced in any
form or by any elec –
tronic or mechanical
means, including
information storage –
and-retrieval systems,
without prior permis –
sion in writing from
the Publisher, except
for brief quotations
embodied in critical
articles and reviews.
Library of Congress
Cataloging-in-Publication Data
eISBN : 978-0-983-85041-0
Hawthorne Books
& Literary Arts
9 1221 SW 10th Avenue
8 Suite 408
7 Portland, OR 97205
4 Pinch, Portland, OR
Set in Paperback.
First published
clothbound and as
New Directions
Paperbook 532 in 1982.
First Hawthorne
Edition, Winter 2006
eISBN : 978-0-983-85041-0

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