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I dragged my tongue up and down the shaft of the dildo. I licked the
head of it, just like I would the real thing, until I could
practically hear Brock begging me to suck on it. I cupped the bottom
of his shaft with my tongue and took it into my mouth. I could only
fit about half of his cock in my mouth, that's it!

I rubbed my pussy furiously as I could feel myself getting close to
orgasm. I plunged his cock deeper into my throat, trying to fit the
whole thing – and almost did! As I started to cum, I stuck my
finger into my entrance, and moaned … loudly. Oops, don't want
to wake Mom and Dad! My finger was covered with my own juices, and
there was a huge wet spot underneath me. I came so much! I stuck my
finger in my mouth and sucked all my juices off of it. I tasted so
sweet and yummy …

I looked at Brock's big, slobbery horse-cock dildo, and wondered what
it might feel like … inside me. I lowered it to my crotch and
pulled my panties to the side. My loins felt
to get
something down there to play with, to get something inside of me. I
put the head against my pussy lips and rubbed it up and down, feeling
my soft petals open wide, ready to take him in. My sex felt so warm
and tingly, I simply
to put this cock inside of me. I positioned his head right at my
opening and started to gently work its way past my entrance, when –

“That looks familiar,” Brock said from the corner of my
bedroom, startling the hell out of me!

“BROCK!” I yelled and jumped up, scrambling to cover
myself with the bed sheets. “How long have you been there?!”

“Long enough,” he said.

I was simply mortified. Here was my best friend,my old neighbor and
playmate, standing there in the dark, watching me suck on a replica
cock, while I diddled myself in my panties? I wanted to

“I'm sorry!” I said, “I didn't mean to, I mean, I
wanted to see what you were writing, and –”

“Shh,” he hushed. He came over to the bed and sat down
next to me. “Relax.”

I whimpered, suddenly feeling very self-conscious and exposed as I
lay in my soaked panties, holding a model of Brock's penis right by
my pussy. He put his hand on my cheek and softly petted it.

“I don't mind,” he said. “I mean, it's just a
dildo. It's not like it's the real thing,” he sounded almost
disappointed. “This whole thing is crazy, you know?”

I looked him in the eyes. “Really? You're not mad? Not even
about me snooping?”

“Nope. Hell,” he said with a gleam in his eye, “might
even be a bit flattered.”

A smile spread across my face, I was so relieved!

“I … I guess I just couldn't help myself. God, I'm
embarrassed! I just got so horny looking at it, and one thing led to
another ...” I said.

“It's okay,” he said, and pulled my face closer to his.

“Um, Brock?” I asked. But he didn't answer. He just moved
in and kissed my bottom lip, then quickly pulled away. I couldn't
believe it. We sat there staring at each other, both of us looking

“I'm sorry, I –” he tried to apologize, but I put
my hand on his neck and pulled him in and kissed him back. I couldn't
believe this was actually happening! I had so many feelings, so many
emotions for Brock, and they were all raging and storming all around
me. The only thing that made sense, was that having him near felt so
I wanted his smell, his taste,
his perfect smile,
thing about him,

I melted in his arms as we kissed. He slipped his tongue into my
mouth, and I gently pushed back with my tongue. Soon we were
passionately tongue-wrestling, and he unhooked my bra. I let it fall
and sweetly swayed my breasts back and forth for him.

Brock still seemed slightly hesitant. Maybe he was worried about my
Dad finding out, or not being sure I wanted this, after all. But I
knew I did. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my breast. His hand
seemed unsure at first, but I squeezed it, encouraging him to play
with me. He pinched my nipples, which made them hard right away, and
he gave a strong little tug. He pulled my nipples up, and down, all
around – I'd never played with them like that! It felt so good
they tingled, and made my stomach ache with a pleasant fire.

“Oh God, Brock,” I said. “That feels so good.”

He smiled at me, his eyes gleaming. I tore his shirt off and ran my
fingers over his manly, hairy chest. He explored every crevice of my
abdomen with his fingers. I could tell he was admiring my –
what did he call it? – 'cut little stomach'?

Brock threw me on my back, and with a single hand, he held my wrists
together and pinned my arms above my head. My breasts jutted out in
this position, and he hovered over my bosom, looking crazy and wild!
I could tell he was savoring the way my tits looked. I squirmed
helplessly, but he kept me pinned down.

“I love the way your tits bounce when you squirm like that,”
he said.

I squirmed harder for him, my breasts bouncing voluptuously. I loved
the way his face filled with lust for my tits.

“Suck on my titties already,” I commanded.

He smiled, bowed his head, and put his mouth on my hard little buds
and sucked. My tits were already so big and sensitive from all this
attention, but now I could feel them growing in his mouth! I fought
against his hold, with my arms pinned above my head. He kept me
pinned easily, and the harder I fought, the harder he sucked on my
nipples. Ugh, god, it felt so good, it almost hurt!

Brock sat up, but wouldn't let go of my wrists. He had an ornery
smile, and I knew he was up to something. He grabbed his dildo and
brought it up to my face.

“So, you like my cock, do you?” he asked, dangling the
replica right by my mouth.

“Yes,” I said, “very much.”

“Show me.”

I dutifully wrapped my lips around the head of the fake cock as he
wished, suckling on the tip like I would the real thing. Brock moved
the dildo back and forth, trying to push it into my mouth, but I
wouldn't let it go in that deep yet. I sucked up and down the shaft,
showing him how much attention I would give a real cock before I
started going down on it for real.

Brock breathed heavily. “Oh, Julie, that looks great ...”
he muttered, sounding mesmerized. “Fuck.”

I wrestled against his hold and finally got an arm free. I wrapped my
arm around his back and clawed my fingernails into his back, pulling
him closer to me. He pressed his body against mine, and I could feel
his bulge against my loins.

“Brock,” I said, “you're so hard.” I reached
down and rubbed the crotch of his jeans. His eyes rolled back in his
head and he grunted.

“Julie ...” he trailed off.

I stared him in the eyes with his dildo buried deep in my mouth.

“I want you,” I said. “I want the real thing.”
My hand worked the zipper on his jeans, sliding them off easily. His
bulge looked so
in his boxers. I sat up on all fours and
grabbed his bulge, teasing him. “Do you want me?” I
jerked his cock slowly, still covered by his boxers.

He groaned. “I want you so bad. I've always wanted you.”

I tore his boxers off, revealing his huge cock in the flesh! It
looked even bigger and tastier than the dildo. I jerked my rock-hard
lover slowly while I nuzzled up against his balls. With my ass
wiggling in the air, I looked up at his eyes. He looked like he was
blissfully hypnotized by my ass. I dragged my tongue up his balls, up
his shaft, and settled my tongue on his cock-head, licking all around
his tip until it oozed with pre-cum. He reached over me and clapped a
hand against my butt-cheek.

“Oh, Brock,” I said, grinding into him, “spank me
more.” He struck my ass cheek over and over, until the stinging
pain burned so deep it became pleasurable. I could feel the red
imprints of his hand seared into my skin. “I love it when you
spank me,” I whispered.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded.

I shook my head no, and he spanked me hard once more.

“Do it.”

I shook my head again, and he brought his hand down on my ass cheeks
repeatedly. The pain turned to pleasure, and the pleasure began to
burn so deep inside of me that it became painful again! I could feel
the burning stretching up to my throat, like I had some great thirst
inside of me, and only one thing could quench it …

I took Brock's big, swollen meat into my mouth finally, feeling all
around the underside of his shaft with my tongue. His huge veins
pounded with the rhythm of his heartbeat. I blew him until he seemed
to tremble. He grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock.

I whimpered. “I'm not done,” I said.

He grabbed the dildo and put it side-by-side with his real cock.

“Which one do you like better?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes – like that was a hard choice!

“This one,” I said, and throated the entirety of his
member. With all the practice I had gotten on his dildo, I was much
better at fitting his whole rod into my mouth!

“But,” I said, pulling off him, “I'm pretty fond of
this one, too,” and sucked on his dildo. Brock groaned as he
enviously watched me blow on the replica of his dick. He seemed to
feel left-out, as he angled his penis towards my mouth, trying to get
me to blow him instead. I laughed, gave his rod a quick suck, and
started alternating between the Clone-A-Cock and the real thing.
Brock panted heavily. His hand traveled down my body, and he slipped
his fingers under my panties and caressed my swollen, wet folds.

“You're so wet,” he said. “I want you, Julie.”

“I want you too,” I panted.

Brock slipped my panties off and laid me on my back. He climbed on
top of me and teased my clit with his huge, engorged cock-head.

“I'm a virgin, Brock,” I said.

He smiled and kissed me softly. “I'll be gentle.”

He rubbed his cock-head against my clit until my folds spread wide
open, inviting him in. Every ounce of my being wanted him inside of
me – now! I had never felt such a desire before!

Brock placed his dick against my hole. I was so wet his big, erect
cock slid right in easily. His member hit my cervix, and we both
groaned in unison. Just like when he was spanking me, it hurt so much
it felt
. He left his cock there, all the way inside me as
far as it could possibly go, just enjoying my warm, tight wetness. I
squeezed his meat with my muscles, jerking him off with the inside of
my pussy. He grunted. When I felt him starting to pull back out, I
squeezed him as hard as I could. He struggled to pull his cock out
from my grasp, groaning in ecstasy as he did. He was so hard now, and
I was so wet and ready to fuck like an animal, I was about to lose my

Finally, he bored his cock deep into me, and started pounding me over
and over. Each penetration brought waves of ecstasy over me. I just
kept getting wetter the harder he fucked me. I could feel my pussy
dribbling cunt-juice out of my hole; it dribbled down my sex and
pooled around my ass and the sheets below me. I was so wet, there was
a huge wet spot beneath us!

Brock's jack-hammer pace started to slow, disappointing me.

“What's wrong?” I whimpered, squeezing his cock with all
of my might.

“You're so tight,” he said. “You're going to make
me cum!”

He pulled out and shook his head. “I need a break. I want to
taste your pussy, anyway.”

Brock crouched down below me and, grabbing both legs, spread me wide.
I'd never had anyone do this before! I felt exposed, with my pussy
and ass splayed out before him, but he quickly went to work. I
shuddered at the feel of his tongue licking up and down my lips,
bringing me to the edge of orgasm myself.

“Oh shit,” I said, “you're going to make me cum!”

Brock focused his tongue on my clit, gently lashing it repeatedly. My
clit hardened under his tongue, encouraging him to go faster and
harder. Before I knew it, I felt myself cumming,

“Oh shit, Brock! I'm cumming!” I yelled.

Brock wrapped his tongue around my clit and sucked, sending me over
the edge. My pussy quivered as the euphoria washed over me. Brock sat
up and smiled, proud to be the first person to give me an orgasm.

I got on all fours and turned around, offering him my ass. I wiggled
it in front of him, knowing he couldn't resist, even if he was close
to cumming already. He sighed helplessly and grabbed my ass cheeks.

“I want you to spank me while you fuck me,” I told him.

Brock grabbed my waist and mounted me from behind. His big penis
parted my folds again and he slowly entered me. He pulled all the way
out, waited a beat, and re-entered, making me shudder. Quickly, he
started to pick up pace.

“Spank me!” I yelled.

He spread his fingers wide and slapped my ass hard. His out-stretched
hand clapped against my ass, over and over, his fingers searing into
my skin. It hurt so good, it felt so good! I needed more!

“More!” I yelled. His big cock seemed to grow even more
engorged while inside of me; it seemed to become even more sensitive.
I could feel him twitch every time he pulled out and re-entered me.
With his pace slowing, I grinded against his meat, forcing him to
fuck me the way I wanted to be fucked. I moaned loudly, feeling a
second orgasm coming.

“Shh, you're too loud! You're gonna wake your parents!”
he hushed.

He tossed the Clone-A-Cock at me. I stuffed it in my mouth like a
pacifier, stifling my moans.
, I whimpered, sucking on the
dildo as if I might make it cum, too.

Fuck me harder
, I tried to say, my voice muffled by his dildo.
I slammed the dildo into my mouth, deep-throating it over and over
with a furious pace. He saw what I wanted and drilled into my pussy
from behind. I could feel the cum building pressure in his shaft as
he fought against blowing his load.

BOOK: Secret in a Suitcase: His Forbidden Desire
9.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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