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Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital Nightmare Of The Dark Shadows

Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital Nightmare Of
The Dark Shadows


L.A.A. Law

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Inside Cover - Synopsis

After Reginald’s return with strong friends
thwarts demonic attempts to lay claim to Mia and Andrew’s twins at
their birth, Mia and Andrew enjoy more than ten years of peace and
tranquility raising their family. Sanctuary transforms from a mere
hospital protecting a few to a budding community of supernatural
friends with new homes and even a school which allows the children
to dissect not only real world problems, but delve into the surreal
that surrounds them.

Making extraordinary strides in research,
Mia’s father saves the life of a British dignitary’s son who
invites them all to attend a ceremony in his honor. The timing
could not be more perfect. Lucas’ friend is seeking help in setting
up an English hospital wing which he is to head. After attending
her father’s ceremony, Mia and Andrew plan on joining Lucas and
Catherine for a few weeks to assist Jamison.

While there, an ancient enemy rises and casts
Mia, Andrew, and the St. Cloud family into a deadly game of cat and
mouse in a desperate attempt to save the children. As Nicholas,
Kayla, Jacob, and Nicole fight to survive amongst those that Mia
and Andrew always hoped to shield them from, untapped powers
emerge, strength unfolds, unexpected friendships form, and new
enemies materialize.

Fighting this new threat unearths Eva’s
secret sacrifice causing Mia to choose a path she knows will end
her life at Sanctuary, tearing her from Andrew and her children,
and finally giving the awaiting arms of darkness the opportunity to
claim the very soul it hungers to consume.



Table Of Contents

Chapter One - Prologue

Chapter Two- England

Chapter Three - The Search

Chapter Four - A New Terror

Chapter Five - In The Hands
Of Wolves

Chapter Six -
Incapacitated And Alone In Enemy Territory

Chapter Seven - A Fight
To Rescue The Captives

Chapter Eight - Heading

Chapter Nine - Facing
The Werewolf Challenge

Chapter Ten - A Deadly

Chapter Eleven - An Old
Secret Revealed, A Sacrifice Uncovered, And An End Of A

Chapter Twelve - Epilogue

A Note To The Reader

Synopsis Of Secrets Of
Sanctuary Hospital Dark Encounter



Chapter One -


Gliding the knife over the twins’ birthday
cake, I can’t believe that it has been fourteen years since I first
crossed the gates of Sanctuary and entered into the world of the
surreal. It’s strange to realize that it took my being cast into
the realm of dead to bring me to life and allow my family, or at
least what remains of my family, to come together. Stephan and I
forged a friendship free from the animosity and judgment which
riddled my former “normal” existence. He and Marie are partners in
the family clinic and improved the practice by adding a built in
day care facility when their newest addition arrived.

My father’s research transformed him. Not
only is he and his team almost ready to seek approval for their
artificial heart, but his strides in heart transplant surgery on
very difficult cases is leading our family to England after Nicolas
and Kayla’s birthday to witness his receiving a special
commendation from a high dignitary whose son’s life he saved.

New patients and new blood fill the halls of

In the sixth month of my pregnancy, Reginald
returned for a short stay. Although I had not gotten in touch with
him, he heard rumors that Andrew and I were expecting. He knew that
such a pregnancy would take an extraordinary toll upon me and had
some spells that would help. However, this was not his only reason
for returning. He came bearing a warning that our children were the
dark real’s prime targets because as our children they would not
only inherit Andrew’s celestial powers to advance life and death
but also my powerful abilities making them a formidable force
against the darkness.

Reginald learned of my pregnancy from a
vampire more ancient than even himself who had ties to both the
dark and light realm. He equated him to a bounty hunter, someone
who would work for either side as long as the adventure could
relieve his boredom. Living so many lifetimes, money was no longer
important, nor was it the prize. The prize was adventure,
adrenaline, and a feeling of excitement that he could get from
participating in something quite out of the ordinary and our
children were just that. Reginald came across him in his travels.
Edwin claimed to possess vital information if Reginald could offer
him something more satiable that would not involve claiming very
valuable twins.

He returned to Sanctuary immediately to warn
us. Shuddering, I still hear the warning ringing in my ears, “If
the dark side grabs hold of the twins and turns them, they will
have power on this plane beyond that of any witch, vampire, angel,
or demon. Your children offer unique abilities, they are beyond
part witch and part vampire. Their souls, powers, and ability to
tip the scale are stronger than both you and Andrew. If they are
captured and trained to embrace the dark arts, their power will
transcend supernatural boundaries. Not only can they kill other
witches, directly interfere with the lives or death of individuals
and utilize all of their powers on this plane, but I fear something
even worse could ripple through everyone’s future.”

Although he would not elaborate stating that
the full picture cannot always be revealed, we always suspected, as
with our shared visions that he knew something more. Despite this,
I was very grateful that he stayed on with some very powerful
friends who ensured that Sanctuary was not only protected, but the
children were born while all threatening demons were kept at bay.
Although the shadows and creatures like those we encountered on the
night the St. Clouds were finally free pervaded the woods and night
sky as Nicole and Jacob were born, our friends ensured the darkness
never penetrated the shield of light surrounding Sanctuary and that
the our children were brought into this world without surreal

Before leaving, Reginald ensured that we had
some permanent new residents on the premises that could assist me
in learning how to best utilize my powers and could ensure that the
twins would be protected.

My mind drifts from the time after the
children were born when we moved the restricted building to the
administration building and converted the unit to a school to when
the St. Clouds built family unit residences for the families of
children with special powers. As our numbers grew, our community
turned into a place where witches could study not only their
necessary scholastics but could also learn to control their gifts
and enrich their abilities.

Jason and Rachel soon returned with some
friends from Italy who played a vital role in developing the school
where witches and vampires quickly learned to lead valuable

Although we wanted to give the children as
normal a life as possible, free of their utilizing any powers until
they had grown as individuals, we learned early on that this would
not be possible and that it was extremely important that we had
individuals on the premises that knew the white arts. Their
assistance in this matter was a necessity for Nicole and Jacob who
even during their infancy possessed not only witch and wizardry
powers, but also the powers to advance healing and death. Since I
was new to this realm, had not yet had the chance to fully
understand my own abilities, and was unable to have Reginald teach
me during my pregnancy, I was grateful to be surrounded by
trustworthy witches. Andrew got together with Emma, Reginald,
Rachel, and Jason so that we could develop an early program to
ensure that all bases were covered in controlling their unintended
use of powers during their infancy.

Although their very strong and bright auras
were of no surprise, their early unintended use of angelic and
wizardry powers before they could even speak was a shock. I can’t
help but smiles as I remember seeing Nicole’s rattle fly across the
room when she was just weeks old or hearing Jacob’s musical mobile
mysteriously go on in the middle of the evening.

Their angelic powers revealed themselves
early on as well. They inherited both the power to advance healing
and death. Andrew witnessed Nicole’s ability to heal when she
inadvertently touched a rabbit which he was picking up because it
had been attacked and lay dying on one of the trails. Jacob’s power
to advance death was witnessed by the entire family one afternoon
in the courtyard when a snapping turtle bit his finger. Holding it,
a red glow emanated from his hands and the turtle expired
immediately. Although we were sure that it was not his intention
since he was only a few months old and couldn’t form such a desire,
his being upset and in pain revealed that this ability was present
and the children needed to be carefully monitored.

Nicholas and Kayla quickly picked up on their
cousins’ abilities and developed their own. With four children who
hadn’t learned how to speak but possessed exceptional abilities to
make their desires fly across the room, life around Sanctuary
became very interesting.

As time went by, all of the children seemed
to adopt John as their resident grandfather, Stephanie and Teri as
water playmates and William as the resident art teacher which
suited him, especially when they would dip their tiny fingers in
his pallet of paint and turn their little drips into wonderful
animals or beautifully colorful pictures which made them smile.

Andrew’s siblings’ quick hands were extremely
helpful when the children would cause things to float across a room
filled with patients on the holidays or when we were in the
courtyard. Although Andrew and I are their parents, Nicholas,
Kayla, Nicole and Jacob filled a void for the entire St. Cloud
family who were deprived of children because of their
circumstances. Since their birth, the children were surrounded by
love and devotion with each member of the St. Cloud family and our
adopted friends bringing an enriching and interesting facet into
their lives.

Thankfully, the school allows the children to
interact with others of their own age and associate with families
and peers who do not consider them strange or freaks of nature
because they possess abilities which are well beyond anything in
the normal world. Although the school allows the children to
utilize some basic powers, the families here believe in the
importance of raising the children as individuals first with very
limited use of powers to secure their desires. In this way, we hope
they will embrace goodness and light as opposed to immediate
gratification, which could lead to darker days. The children are
very receptive to this type of arrangement. Although they know that
they are special, they also know that there are limits in this
world and consequences with far reaching repercussions. I shake my
head and a shiver still runs through me as I remember how they
learned this lesson. Two children were arguing near the lake and
one of them, with a mere flick of her wrist caused a young boy to
be thrown and suspended over the water before plunging down into
the deep end of the lake. Unable to swim, he panicked and forgot to
utilize his powers to keep him from going under. Fortunately, a
teacher saved his life, but all of the children learned that their
powers could result in unintended consequences.

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