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Sex Position Sequences

BOOK: Sex Position Sequences
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Table of Contents


Title Page


How to Use This Book


The Hot Seat

Standing at Attention
Seated See-Saw
The Easy Chair


Jack Hammer

Meeting on the Bridge
Hammering Home


Good Vibrations

Picking Up on the Vibe
Mastering His Tool
Nailing It


Edgy Bed

Hanging In
Head over Heels
Meeting in Missionary


Back Flip 69

Rear-Entry Beginning
Flippin’ and a’ Slidin’
Supine 69


Ball Game

Striking a Balance
Batter Up
Rounding the Base


Bed Boogie and Bounce

Bow Wow Wow
Standing for More
Meeting in Missionary


The Office

Lapping It Up
Getting Cheeky
Beggar’s Bonus


Seated 69

Sizzling 69
Sitting In
Sliding Finish


Bedding Down

Sideways 69
Relax and Reenter
Raising the Bridge


Seat or Sofa Sucking

Standing BJ
Sitting Pretty
Crouching Doggy, Thrusting Tiger


Pleasuring Her

Finding Buried Treasure
Taking It In
Her Call


Lady on Top

Lapping It In
Sliding Side to Side
Locking Her In


Turn Around

Holding the Connection
Digging In
High and Low Down


O! O! Ottoman

About Face Blowing
Ottoman Antics
Kneeling Back


Pillow Talk

Backing into the V
Raised Wheelbarrow
Bow Wow . . . Wow


Rug Roughhousing

Sucking It Up
Arching Bridge
Pole Pleasures


Spinning Spoons

Hand Job
Rear-Entry Spooning
Pounding the Bend


Standing Up for It

Heating the Connection
Hoisting the Goods
Getting Over the Hump


Table Topping

Tasty Treat
Elevating the Entry


About the Author

Copyright Page

How to Use This Book

Are you ready to light the sheets on fire?


No matter how hot your love life has been with your partner, you will inevitably find that sex has the tendency to become, at one point or another, predictable. Ask any couple and they’ll admit to ruts of sexual repetition, only employing their favorite two (or three if they’re lucky!) positions night after night. There are myriad reasons for this – we are naturally creatures of habit; one or both partners may rely on a certain position to achieve, or stave off, orgasm; or, physically and emotionally, these favorite positions may be the most comfortable. The problem is, without a little exotic flavor in your sex life, sex itself may become…boring!


Helping couples overcome the monotony of sex is a massive industry with one singular goal: Teach couples to open up their bodies and experiment. And all of the books out there tell you the same things: Try this newfangled position! Break out the riding crop for some light S&M! Don’t go it alone; bring a couple of toys between the sheets! The problem is, without some serious, careful guidance to take you from your everyday missionary position to the new and exciting position you’ve always wanted to try – you simply won’t get there. Trying to adjust and move your bodies from the positions you love to the positions you want to try can be awkward at best and can completely kill the mood at worst. Furthermore, not every position was created equally. Some positions are physically demanding while others provide an intense sensation for one partner and almost no sensation for the other.

The Positions:


The Warm-Up

The first position starts things off right. This may mean an erotic blow job for him, ravenous oral for her, or a sensual, powerful intercourse position that is sure to have both partners rearing up for more. The key to this first position is intimacy and eroticism, transitioning out of foreplay and into a mind-blowing sexual adventure.


The First Transition

The easiest way to kill the mood is to fumble around between positions, trying to get from one to the other. Each transition allows you to maintain that red-hot sexual intensity and sensation while making your way toward orgasm.

This book will show you how to have the best of both worlds. Each sequence picks up right after foreplay with a position or act that will set the mood. Next, you’ll transition into a new and exciting position before flowing into a classic and heart-pounding climactic position that will leave you both in a final state of ecstasy.


The Challenge

Whether it’s something a bit more acrobatic or a simple variation on a position you wouldn’t normally try, this middle position is going to light the fire. The novelty of this position may be intimidating, but each one of these positions will provide pleasure you’ve never experienced.


Transitioning to the Home Stretch

How do you get from a Raised Wheel Barrow to an orgasm-powering doggy position? This transition is the key to take you from your sexual challenge to your fulfilling finish. By this point, you’ll both be on the verge of climax, so each of these transition positions has been designed to keep the intensity building.


The Finale

The final position is always an oldie but a goodie. There’s a reason that our favorite positions (missionary, cowgirl, doggy, etc.) are so wickedly good — they’re the one’s that we trust the most to take us to that mind-melting finish line. So what makes these positions work? They combine an intimate or erotic entwining of bodies with physical ease — allowing each partner to focus on just one powerful sensation. 3

The Hot Seat

This sequence is all about the sensual pleasures of oral give-and-take. By moving the action from the bedroom to a plush chair or sofa in the living room, this already exciting sequence is pushed to the max, with standing oral orgasm for her and a seated blow job finish for him. From start to finish, this sequence is hers for the taking. She gets to control things from the moment she marches over and puts his head between her legs. From there, she’ll decide everything from the depth of penetration and the rhythm of intercourse to his moment of ejaculation. While she takes over, his job is simply to sit back and enjoy the ride.

BOOK: Sex Position Sequences
4.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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