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Sexy Shorts!

By: Shana Gray

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I hope you enjoy these three sexy short stories. I had so much fun writing them a few years ago and I’m thrilled to be able to bring them to you again.

Sexy Short #1

Taking it Outside

A walk on the wild side

Valerie blushed and a little tremor of excitement tingled up her spine. Until now she had been way too shy to actually do anything about it. Such as suggesting to Tyler they venture down that path.

She’d had the perfect scenario in mind for a while now and had finally found the courage today to act out her fantasy.

Having sex in public.

And it was now or never or she’d lose her nerve.

She wrote Tyler a note with explicit directions on where to find her—omitting the reason why—and then rushed off to set the stage.

The lake was so fresh and sparkling under the blue sky. It being midweek, the chance of encountering other hikers was pretty slim. At least that’s what she told herself.

The walk from the parking area down the steep and rocky trail to the crescent-shaped beach tucked at the base of the high cliffs made it difficult to lug the bags by herself. She’d packed light but made sure not to forget the essentials. Val smiled. Ty would be surprised to see the toys she’d brought along. She shivered with building excitement.

She and he had been hiking here for months and just a few weeks ago found the trail leading to the lake. The path was so overgrown that it didn’t look like many people knew it was there, which bolstered her courage once she decided it was an ideal location for a sexy tryst with her equally sexy man.

She walked to the water’s edge, where the waves lapped at her toes. Quiet, secluded, a wonderful view of the area—this beach was perfect. She gazed over the water and sighed with contentment.

Cliffs surrounded the good-sized lake and numerous lookouts jutted from rocky outcroppings. The terrain was a hiker’s paradise, tough and challenging. Whenever they could get away, she and Ty headed straight to the lake and its miles of trails.

On a few occasions, they’d come across couples engaged in very public displays of affection. Their brazenness shocked and stimulated her. Ty, too, was astonished at how bold some people could be.

It was like lovers’ lane, only hardcore! Fucking, blow jobs, the exquisite sexiness of simply necking—all out in the open for anybody walking by to see. Each time they had come across a couple, they hurried by and then rushed home to get some of their own fun between the sheets. Coming across those steamy PDAs had prompted Val to fantasize about taking their own lovin’ out of doors.

Heat diffused through her and centered in her pussy. No doubt about it, she was definitely turned on.

She glanced over her shoulder at the little oasis she had created. A big, old willow tree sheltered an area of thick grass, where she’d spread the blanket and pillows. A bottle of wine chilled in a travel cooler. She’d tucked the toys under a pillow to keep them as a surprise.

She checked her watch. Ty should be there any minute. Val lifted the powerful binoculars that hung around her neck. They were lightweight yet could zoom in like nobody’s business, letting the user view wildlife hiding from the naked eye.

Val scanned the surface of the turquoise water. Its color never failed to amaze her. The deep limestone bottom allowed the sun to reflect through the crystal waters, giving the lake its tropical color.

She swung her gaze to the left, raising the glasses to scan the opposite cliffs. Something caught her eye, so she slowly panned until she found the disturbance. Her breath snagged in her chest.

“Holy shit.”

A woman stood on one of the lookouts with a man behind her, his hands under her white top. He was obviously playing with her tits.

Val zoomed in.

The thin fabric of the woman’s T-shirt showed nearly everything. When the man shifted his hands even her areolas were clearly visible. The couple appeared oblivious to their surroundings and acted as if they didn’t care in the least that someone might see them.

Val was captivated. She’d never watched people making out—never been a voyeur—and she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

The woman rubbed her body against the man as if she were a…a burlesque dancer putting on a show.

The sensuality emanating from the couple prickled goose bumps along Val’s flesh. She sucked in a breath. The wet heat between her thighs dampened her panties. Her breasts ached as if she was the one being touched.

The man stuck like glue to the woman as he thrust his hips against her ass and continued to pluck and play with her nipples. A brief flash of guilt made Val glance away, but she was drawn back to watching them.

Heat flamed low in her belly and her nipples tightened as she imagined Ty’s hands on her. Her physical reaction took her by surprise.

Who knew it would be this much of a turn-on to watch other people through the binoculars?
She tightened her thighs, enjoying the increased pressure on her pussy, and moaned with her ripening arousal.

Where the hell was Tyler?

Val steadied the binoculars in one hand and slid the other inside her shirt. She cradled her breast and swept her thumb over her nipple, the tip puckering and begging to be sucked. She moaned in frustration, wishing Ty was there to fulfill her need. She pinched the stiffened tip, pretending it was him doing it.

“Hurry up, Ty.” She whispered the words to the gentle waves at her feet and to the wilderness around her.

“I’m here, baby,” Ty’s deep voice whispered in her ear. “What’s got you so hot and bothered?” His arms snaked around her waist, drawing her against him.

Val dropped the glasses, leaned into him, and pulled his hands up under her top in imitation of the other couple.

“Touch me, Ty.”

He chuckled and did as she bid, replacing her fingers with his.

Ahh, much better.
She reached back to grab his hips and rotate her ass against his hardening cock.

“What’s gotten into you today?” He kissed her nape and Val tipped her head sideways, giving him better access. God, she loved it when he nibbled her flesh.

His hot tongue left a scorching trail and she couldn’t contain herself. She needed more of him.


Val turned to face him, slipped her arms around his neck, and drew him in for an urgent kiss. His chest flattened her breasts, the binoculars crushed between them, and she still wanted to be closer. To get rid of the clothes, to feel the heat of his skin next to hers.

She met his tongue with wild strokes of her own. Her lips seemed connected to her clit, and a current of raw, primal lust shook her to her very toes.

She couldn’t breathe, but it wasn’t air she needed right now.

Val hooked her ankle around Ty’s calf. They’d both worn shorts today, and she loved the press of flesh on flesh.

Ty groaned into her mouth and shoved his hips against her. She knew he wanted her to feel his cock, hard and insistent.

“You‘re always so ready for me, aren’t you?” She murmured against his lips before pulling away and sucking in a ragged breath. She hung onto his forearm to keep steady on her trembling legs.

An image of the other people popped into her head. Ty had to see what the couple was doing.

She removed the binoculars and handed them to him. “Quick, look,” she urged, pointing across the lake to the top of the cliff where she’d last seen the lovers.

He peered through the glasses. “What am I looking for?”

“You can’t see them? They're on the first lookout.”

“It’s empty. No one’s there.”

“Shit. You’re kidding.” She took the glasses from him. “Let me see.”

He was right. They were gone. Disappointment settled in her belly. She’d wanted him to see them—and what they were doing—and get as turned on as she was.

“Why, what’s the big deal? What did you see?”

She glanced at him and raised her eyebrows. “Some very public displays of affection. The guy had his hand under her top and they were getting into it.” Then she added, licking her lips, “I couldn’t look away and wish you’d gotten here sooner.”

“Is that right?” Ty turned her to face him. “Well, maybe we can have a little bit of our own PDA. What do you say?”

Val giggled, leaned in for a kiss, and murmured against his lips, “Exactly what I had in mind, stud.”

She took his hand and led him under the canopy of the willow. It was excellent—secluded, yet slightly exposed. Just enough risk to up the ante.

Ty smiled. “Did you have a bunch of Sherpas help with this load?”

“Did it all myself. But I’ll need your muscles to lug it back to the car later.”

“Anything for you, sunshine.” His dark eyes sparkled and his slow wink set her belly aflutter all over again.

Val sank to the soft blanket and tucked her legs under her. She opened the pinot grigio and filled the flutes. She patted the blanket next to her. “Why don’t you join me?”

He kicked off his shoes and braced his muscular legs wide before lifting the binoculars to his eyes. “In a minute. Maybe your exhibitionist couple has emerged from their hiding place.”

“Can you see them?” She sipped the wine, appreciating its lovely, crisp flavor and the way it warmed her belly, enhancing her arousal.

She gazed at Ty over the rim of the glass and wished he would get down on the blanket next to her. She wanted to crawl all over him.

His throaty chuckle answered her question about the exhibitionists across the lake.

Goose bumps rippled along Val’s flesh and her nipples hardened. “What are they doing?”

“Something you’re excellent at.”

That’s a great segue if I ever heard one.
Val smiled and took another sip before setting her glass down. “Really? Well, I’m sure I’m much better at it than her. Why don’t you let me prove it?”

“You don’t need to prove it, sunshine. I
from experience.” He glanced down at her, the dimple in his cheek deepening with his sexy smile.

She rose to her knees and in a flash had his shorts undone and his cock out.

His groan encouraged her.

She cupped his balls and stroked him into an impressive hard-on. She pressed the head of his cock against her cheek, loving the feel of the smooth, yet hard tip.

“She’s sucking him deep.”

Val pursed her lips at the tip of his cock and then moistened them before letting him press into her mouth. She flattened her tongue and applied pressure to the underside of his shaft. Taking him deeper into her throat, she sucked until his legs nearly buckled.

She grasped his ass and massaged the muscular cheeks. She loved how firm he was and pressed her fingers into his flesh to encourage him deeper into her mouth, relaxing her throat muscles to accommodate his thick length.

Ty’s staccato burst of grunted words penetrated her concentration. “Now…she is…licking him. From his balls…ahh, shit…to the head.”

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