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Shadow Ops: Control Point


Shadow Ops: Control Point
Black Hawk Down
The X–Men
. Fast-paced and thrilling from start to finish,
Control Point
is military fantasy like you’ve never seen it before. Cole’s wartime experience really shows in the gritty reality of army life and in the exploration of patriotism as the protagonist wrestles with the line between the law and what he sees as right.”

—Peter V. Brett, international bestselling author of
The Desert Spear


The Forever War
Witch World
, add in the real-world modern military of
Black Hawk Down
, and you get
Shadow Ops: Control Point
, the mile–a–minute story of someone trying to find purpose in a war he never asked for.”

—Jack Campbell,
New York Times
bestselling author of The Lost Fleet Series.


“Myke Cole takes you downrange where the bullets fly and the magic burns with precision-guided ferocity that’ll put you on the edge of your seat before blowing you right out of it.”

—Chris Evans, author of the Iron Elves series


“It was very entertaining, and the Magic 8 Ball says ‘will enjoy’ . . . It’s impossible to blow up so much . . . between two covers, in such style, and not have a hit. I would watch it in 3–D.”

—Mark Lawrence, author of
King of Thorns


Control Point
. . . sees the beginning of something new and awesome: guns ’n’ sorcery. Blending military fiction with urban fantasy, this novel was an absolute blast to read—action packed, tightly written and plotted, intense, and utterly gripping.”

Civilian Reader


“Realism is tightly interwoven throughout Cole’s writing, giving the book such power . . . A nonstop thrill ride that’s almost impossible to put down.”

Fantasy Faction


“An intense masterwork of military fantasy that grips you from start to finish until your eyes practically devour the words as you approach the thrilling ending . . . Whether you’re a fan of superhero fiction or military thrillers—heck, even if you like your epic fantasy with elves and goblins—we absolutely recommend you give
Control Point
a read.”

The Ranting Dragon


“[Cole has] created a military urban fantasy for the twenty-first century, with all of the complexity and murky gray areas that entails. The action is sharp and vivid.”



“Fast-paced, nonstop action.”

—Violette Malan, author of


“A thrill ride, from the first page until the very last.
Control Point
had me hooked.”

—Shiloh Walker, national bestselling author of


“A solid and entertaining novel: a really kick-ass premise/ milieu and potential for many stories to be told . . . Cole has launched a solid series that I hope to continue reading.”

—sffworld. com


Shadow Ops: Control Point
is both entertaining and thought provoking; just one of those would make it a good novel, but the combination is what makes it a great one. If you’re in the mood for something that’s action packed but still delivers depth, this is a great choice. Recommended.”

Far Beyond Reality

Ace Books by Myke Cole


Shadow Ops: Control Point

Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier

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For J. R. R. Tolkien, who planted the seed, and Gary Gygax, who watered it until it took root


Once again, my name is going on a project made possible by a small army of people. They include (but are not limited to) my agent Joshua Bilmes (and Jessie Cammack, Eddie Schneider, and John Berlyne) and the staff at Ace (Anne Sowards, Jess Wade, Danielle Stockley, Kat Sherbo, Rosanne Romanello, Brady McReynolds, Jodi Rosoff, and many more) and at Headline (John Wordsworth et al.). Thanks also to Michael Komarck, Larry Rostant, Nick Stohlman, Paul Jacobsen, Sarah Semark, and Priscilla Spencer, who plied their particular arts to bring this work to life. Thanks also to Joel Beaven, Tamela Viglione, and David Fields for careful test reading, and to Chris Evans, Robin Hobb, Ann Aguirre, John Hemry (Jack Campbell), Mark Lawrence, Shiloh Walker, and Violette Malan for lending their names to the effort to get people to believe that my work was good enough to spend money on. Special thanks to Mihir Wanchoo for consultation on the Hindi/ Sanskrit language and Hindu mythology, and to the staff and class of Viable Paradise VI. Thanks also to the Drinklings, the staff of Qathra, and the New York Public Library (where this book was largely written).

Thanks also to my family, in particular Madeline and Jasper, who daily teach me patience, passion, and not to be afraid to get excited about bugs, rocks, and bad British television.

Thanks also to Ted Arthur and Chris Meawad, who have acted as delegates from my old DC haunts and paid careful attention to making sure I never lost touch with my drinking and running (or maybe running and drinking?) roots.

Thanks to United States Coast Guard Station New York and Training Center Cape May (CO, Captain William Kelly and XO, Commander Owen Gibbons), who continue to hold me to standards I would never achieve without their incredible example. You lead from the front, and I am all too happy to follow.

With Peter V. Brett again saved for last: brother, friend, mentor, battle-buddy. None of this would exist without you omnipresent on my six, ignoring your own hell to push me through mine. Thanks.


A glossary of military terms, acronyms, and slang can be found at the end of this book.

Measure of a Man


It was kind of a bummer, honestly. No special incantations. No wands or staves. No hat with moons and stars on it. I just get sappy and point and boom. Where’s the fun in that?

—Former Ambassador to Finland Katherine Arajarvi

Speaking to reporters on graduation from SAOLCC

and assignment to a SOC Coven

Chapter I
Tide Comes In

Oscar Britton is wanted for the murder of several soldiers and civilians, including his own father. He allegedly traffics in prohibited magical schools, most likely Negramantic practice. He has plotted the violent overthrow of the United States government and mishandled classified information. CONTACT: If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the nearest FBI office or, if outside the United States, the nearest United States embassy or consulate.

—FBI Web site: Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

He races into the water, kicking up clods of wet sand, waves sloshing over the glass-polished surface of his shoes.

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