Shared By The Alpha Bears - Complete

BOOK: Shared By The Alpha Bears - Complete
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A Shifter Paranormal Romance By..




Amy Star
Shared By Bears Trilogy © 2014, Amy Star



“The Dirtiest, Sluttiest Bear Shifter Romance You Will EVER Read!”


Warning: This bear shifter romance is very, very HOT and includes sexual scenes with themes such as steamy menage a trois, saucy mmf threesomes, exciting group sex and a lot more. Only read if you are open minded.
No job, no family and your sex life is DOA. That just about sums it up for Curvy Billie who is wondering when her luck is about to change.
A trek through the forest gives her the sense of danger she craves but when she is the victim of a bear attack she realizes she might be in it over her head.
Enter, not just one but TWO Alpha Werebears who save her life and offer her a place to stay temporarily. She has gone from hardly being noticed by the opposite sex to being the object of desire for two strong and handsome shifters and she is loving it!
With the sexual tension rising between her and Jake she decides that a no-strings attached fling with a hunky Werebear might be just what she needs.
Only thing is, the other bear Max wants a piece of her too....




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Book 2

Book 3





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   The sunlight trickled down gently through the canopy of trees. The birds chirped and sung in merriment above me. The forest was bright, green and vibrant, teeming with living things scurrying about in their hurry to get wherever: but there weren’t any humans around for miles.


With the way my life had been lately, this was a welcome relief. Even the dirt and scratches on the skin between the bottoms of my hiking shorts and the tops of my boots were bliss. The squirrels and rabbits that scampered away from my approach were all much better company than any human I could think of.


I tried not to think about the fact that I would soon have to return to civilization and find a new job before I got evicted from my apartment. The thought of that was nauseating. Having to apply for another job, suck up to another interviewer while at the same time convincing my landlord to let me stay long enough to find the rent money that I may not be able to obtain myself… ugh. Reality sucked. I’d come out here on this little trip because I needed to escape, to put as much distance between me and the nightmare, which was my life, as I could.


For four years I’d worked at my old job, sucked up to that chauvinist I called a boss, showed just the right amount of cleavage to retain his favor while still making every other effort to be professional enough to not feel like a slut. And ultimately, it hadn’t been enough. As soon as someone else came along who was “more qualified” for my job—which knowing that pig, probably meant she was actually willing to blow him—I was out on my ass. If I could’ve afforded a lawyer I might have considered suing him, if I had any proof to go off of, and if I wasn’t already struggling to pay rent. Now, I’d fallen behind to the point that my withered landlord with the figure that looked like he was part of a dying old ash tree and the breath that reeked of cigars and whiskey at all times was threatening to throw my belongings out on the curb any day now, along with a note that said “Get lost, freeloader.”


I didn’t have family to fall back on, having grown up in foster care. If I lost my apartment now, I didn’t know what I would do. Although the idea of a whole bottle of sleeping pills mixed into a bedtime glass of water had crossed my mind.


But for right now, the forest was enough to make me appreciate life. The shit mountain that was the world could wait; unlike civilization, Mother Nature had never done me wrong. But as I heard the sound of some soft, puppyish whines of distress, I began to rethink everything.


I followed the sound, veering off the marked trail and climbing over a series of hills. I finally came upon the source: a little fox with its right hind leg caught in a hunter’s trap. No, it wasn’t Mother Nature who had done this. It was people, again.


“Fuck people,” I said aloud.


I walked over to the poor animal, bending down and reaching to open the trap. I quickly pulled my hand back when the frightened creature snapped at me, missing me by inches.


“It’s okay,” I said, “I’m not gonna hurt you.” I reached out and took hold of the fox by its neck, keeping it steady. Then, I held one side of the trap with my free hand and on the other, I pushing down with my foot, trying to pry it apart. I gritted my teeth, putting all the strength I had into it as the stubborn contraption resisted me. Finally after much effort, I heard a rusty squeak as the trap began to yield to me, slowly opening. I released the fox’s neck and it hopped out of the trap, limping a few steps away before stopping to look back at me.


“Go on, little guy,” I smiled at him.


The little critter turned and scampered away on three legs. I knelt there, smiling contentedly. Everything may have been falling apart for me, but at least I could make a difference to one life today. That was a good feeling.


I wondered how long it would last.


As it turned out, not that long at all. Because no sooner had the little animal disappeared from sight did I heard a deep, throaty grunt from behind me. I suddenly stiffened, turning slowly around—and falling flat back on my ass at the sight of the huge mass of brown fur and teeth that had appeared just a few feet behind me. The great bear began steadily to approach me, sniffing along the way as I scurried backward to get away. The beast paused when it got to the trap where the fox had just been and sniffed at it.


It dawned on me that the bear may have seen the fox and was thinking it might make a good meal. If that was the case, he was not happy about my letting it get away. At least that was the impression I got when it looked up at me again and gave me a small roar, making me go white. It definitely was not a happy roar. It grumbled a little more, and then it reared back and roared loudly. At that point, I was done being paralyzed. I scrambled to my feet and ran like hell.


I dashed through the trees, jumping over rock and root, looking behind me to see the hulking beast kept good pace behind me. This had to be what I got for thinking I could just tell my troubles to piss off and leave me alone. Apparently Mother Nature wasn’t going to be any kinder to me than the rest of the world.


Well, maybe it would be kinder to me in one way.  With any luck, it would make it quick. Which was more than I could say for myself, seeing as how every time I looked back, the bear seemed to advance on me. And then I made the mistake of looking back just as I was coming up on a big root. I tripped, tumbled forward and hit the ground at an awkward angle catching a glance at the bear, well… bearing down on me. It reared up on its hind legs as it reached me, shaking me with a deep, echoing roar as its shadow fell across me. I shut my eyes and turned away, bracing for its attack.


I heard another roar—but some part of my brain registered that it sounded far away. I didn’t start to piece it together until a few seconds later when I realized I wasn’t dead. Cautiously, I opened my eyes, seeing the bear had backed up a few paces and was no longer looking at me. So I slowly turned my gaze in the direction it was looking—


—where another bear stood on its hind legs roaring at it.


The first bear was actually backing down. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or terrified of an even worse fate. As the second bear advanced on the first, the first bear continued to back away, before it finally turned on its tail and began hurrying off in the other direction.


Once it was gone, the second bear turned its attention to me. I tried to get to my feet to run but as soon as I put my right foot beneath me, a wave of pain went shooting up from my shin and I collapsed back to the ground. That tumble over the root I took had clearly done more damage than I realized.


The second bear was upon me, sniffing at me calmly rather than intimidating or aggressive. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or if it just hadn’t decided yet if I was good enough to eat. All I knew for sure was that I was back to being too frightened to move. It sniffed its way down my body, coming to my leg and seeing the large injury. And then it looked up, meeting my eyes. I could almost swear it looked…




And that was when my whole world got turned on its head.


The bear took a step or two back, then rose on its hind legs. Before my unblinking eyes, it began to shrink. Its thick brown fur began to recede back into its skin. Its snout disappeared; the shape of its face completely changing. Its giant paws began reshaping into what looked like human hands. Its outer layer of flab began shrink-wrapping over its musculature, forming a hard set of pectorals and abs.


It wasn’t a bear standing in front of me at all but a man: a naked, well-chiseled, six-foot-four, largely built man. He had brown hair down to his neck to match the fur he’d sported a moment ago and a short beard. His deep-set brown eyes were fixed on me, particularly my bruise.


“Are you all right?” he said.


I couldn’t answer. I was too busy staring at him in shock.


“I’m sorry,” he said, “this is probably a bit much for you right now. But you’re hurt. Let me take a look. May I?”


Without waiting for me to answer, since he probably knew I wouldn’t, he knelt down over me and lifted my leg, eliciting a grunt of pain from me before he rested my leg on his knee to examine the injury. As he did so, I started trailing my gaze downward, taking in what he had below the neck and looking down lower… forgive me, but, ooh la la!


“I don’t think anything’s broken or sprained,” he said. “It’s still pretty nasty, though. I have some things to treat it back at my cabin. Will you trust me enough to let me take you there?”


“Uhh…” was all he got out of me.


He looked up at me with a smile. “I promise I won’t turn back into a bear and eat you.”


That was enough to get a slight smile out of me. “Uhh… okay…”


“Hey, an actual word!” he grinned. He took hold of my arm and pulled it over his neck. “Come on,” he said, “up we go.” He slowly stood up, pulling me alongside him.


“I’m Jake,” he said.


“Uh… Billie,” I replied.



We spent a long while walking through the woods. I couldn’t take my eyes off the man supporting my weight. He kept his eyes forward, focused on where we were going for most of the way. When he finally did turn to look and saw me staring at him, I didn’t look away. “Something on your mind?” he asked.


“Well…” I started, “…are we going to address the fact that you were a bear a minute ago, and now you’re not?”


He laughed. “Yeah, that’s a natural response for the uninitiated. I guess you deserve an explanation.” Then he fell silent.


“I’m waiting,” I said.


Jake sighed softly. “I’m a werebear.”


“A what?”


“A werebear. A shifter. It’s like a werewolf, except a bear.”


“So what, you can just turn into a bear whenever you want?”


“Pretty much.”




“Weird? Crazy? Impossible?”


“I was gonna go with really, really cool, but, yeah, all that too.”


He laughed again. “I’m used to it. But I can understand you’re impressed.”


I finally looked away, my mind churning the possibilities. “So does this mean there are werewolves out there too?”


“And pumas too. I don’t think there’s any around here, though. We keep to our own kind as much as we can. And there aren’t many of us either. We try to keep a low profile. Not really make ourselves known.”


“But… you made yourself known to me…?” I phrased it as half an observation, half a question.


“You know how it goes,” he said. “Damsel in distress, knight in shining bearskin to the rescue.”


That was enough to get a small laugh out of me. He looked at me with his most charming smile. If I hadn’t already been leaning on him as it was, I probably would have gone weak in the knees.


“All right, here we are,” he said.


I looked up, seeing the large, two-story wooden cabin in the middle of the trees ahead of us that I’d been too busy looking at him to notice before. It was a nicely built place, clearly constructed by a passionate carpenter with a wonderful command of using logs, sawed or otherwise. A rusty old gray-blue pickup truck from the ‘70s was parked in front; collecting a level of dust that made me wonder when the last time it was driven. He opened the unlocked door and led me inside.


The place was surprisingly well kept for a place that couldn’t have been more removed from civilization. Although every hard surface I could see was wood (apart from the fireplace of cobbled stones) it was clean, smooth and in good order. There was a clean blue-violet sofa in the middle of the room next to a gray, black and dark blue oval-shaped rug and a coffee table made from a cut and varnished tree trunk, still complete with its age rings and rough edges. It was the home of a serious nature-lover; that much was obvious.


Jake picked me up and walked me over to the sofa where he laid me down, pulling off my boots. “Wait right there,” he said, “I’ll get my first aid kit.” With that, he turned and walked away. I was treated to the sight of his tight butt as he disappeared through a door for a moment.

BOOK: Shared By The Alpha Bears - Complete
11.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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