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Shattered Light

BOOK: Shattered Light
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A jump into a crevice leads to life as an Avatar and a loss that breaks Trala’s heart.



The moment that the administrators decide to use Trala and her sister Noma as holders to confine the mind of the planet, they have to act. Their plan has always been to surrender themselves to the world but when Trala is taken and Noma is sent elsewhere her heart breaks as her twin disappears.

Trala has her work cut out for her in remaking the social structure of her world and defending against layers of invasion she was not prepared for. Improvising becomes her watchword but when a man made of shadows watches her back she doesn’t feel so alone.


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Shattered Light

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Shattered Light

Tales of the Citadel Book 35


Viola Grace


Chapter One



Trala Sheewah walked to another status meeting. Three new psychics had been installed but there were signs of Resicor rising all over the globe.

Attimmorn was already waiting at the boardroom table.

Her sister Noma came in a moment after she took her seat and the other three keepers took their positions around the table.

“Now that we are all here, I am going to tell you that we are doubling our program. You will all have two holders to keep track of. The project is getting stronger and we need to subdue it.”

Trala gave him a long look. “We are burning through psychics at an accelerated rate as it is. How will more be better when the project is just getting stronger?”

He gave her a tired look and he waved his hand.

Trala jumped when she saw guards and women in keeper’s robes. Attimorn gave her a sad look.

“Trala Sheewah, you have been promoted to holder.”

Noma screamed a denial and jumped up.

Attimorn rubbed a hand through his hair. “You too, Noma. You might be able to buy the regular holders a break for fifteen minutes.”

Trala fought against the grip of the guards and ignored the sad eyes of the keepers who watched her and her sister hauled out of the boardroom and toward the holding area.

It was time. There was no way that they could get out of this any other way. She met her sister’s gaze and Noma ran.

With short hard strikes they broke free of the guards and ran for the edge of the crevice that led to the soul of their world.

Shouts sounded behind them as they jump and in the air they grip each other’s hands.

Trala met her sister’s wide dark eyes as they dropped down below the level where they could be seen. “Now!”

Trala called out the light, and Noma called the darkness. Together they went from falling to flying slowly toward the beating heart of their world.

Resicor contacted her with a low whisper,
“Is it time?”

“I hope so because I just lost my job.”

Noma rolled her eyes.
“Funny, Trala. I lost my job too.”

“Ladies, ladies. We have a job to do. Are you ready?”

As one, they intoned,
“We are ready.”

“Excellent. Join with me children, but this is going to hurt.”

Trala held tight to her sister’s hands as the light exploded around them and she was in her element.

And then came the pain.


* * * *


Trala stood and looked around the cavern. The world was bright and vivid through her eyes.

This feels better. How are you adapting, Trala?

I feel fine, Resicor. Where is Noma?

A shadow moved from across the cavern.
I am here, Trala. We are one.

Resicor was filled with joy.
We are one and soon Noma will be where she has always been meant to be and Trala will take control of the surface.

Sorrow ran through their link and the sisters took each other’s hands, or rather, they tried to.

Sparks flew the moment that they touched.

What the hell?

You are day, she is night, there can only be transition between you.

Trala looked to her twin and saw her own sadness reflected in eyes that swirled with brilliant blue.

Their thoughts merged and clung together. If they couldn’t hug in person, they would hug in their thoughts.

I have prepared the portal, Noma. It is there whenever you are ready.

What of our connection? Can I still talk to Trala?

It will be faint, but you will hear her. I would never separate my two most beloved daughters. I will be the link between you, sunset and dawn.

Trala felt the flare of power and she turned to look at the black silk wall rippling with energy. She stepped toward it and it moved away from her.

It is not for you, Trala.

Noma came up next to her and her eyes were shining. “It is for me. I can feel it calling me. What is on the other side?”

The beginning. You are going back to the beginning and you will know what to do once you get there.

Noma turned to Trala, gritted her teeth and hugged her sister while the energy fought them. It crackled and burned both of them but they held on as tight as they could until the power of the repulsion of their talents drove them apart.

That was…you are crying!

Noma smiled sadly. “Of course I am crying, I am going to be parted from Trala for the first time in my life.”

Trala sniffled and wiped at her tears. “I am going to miss you, Noma. My heart will bleed.”

“And my soul is broken but we will both go on. I will start fresh and you will take over. We will go on.” Noma smiled and backed toward the portal and a moment later she was gone.

Trala blinked in astonishment. Her sister had left her in a matter of seconds. They were apart and nothing was going to put them back together in this lifetime.

Trala, I need you to make the link now. Go to the orb and pick it up.

I can’t. She’s gone!

Look deep. She is still there and she needs you to be strong or her journey is for nothing. Go to the orb and pick it up.

Trala moved sluggishly as Resicor prodded her.

You will have eternity to grieve. For now we have a world to save and what we do here today will matter to the sector and all those who enjoy freedom.

What do I do with the orb?

Take it to the surface and open the gates. They are waiting.

Trala reached into the orb and pulled out the core.

What are you doing?

This holds an imprint of Skiria’s mind. If Noma can use it, I want her to have it. The links won’t be impacted by the lack of power. I will boost it myself.

You don’t have enough power.

I will find it.

The voice inside her went quiet.
Do what you must. I will help you.

Thank you.

Trala lifted the core and rolled it through the rippling black portal. If the orb could be of help to Noma, she would have it. Something told Trala that it was needed wherever that portal led.

Focusing on the silent instruction that Resicor was giving her, Trala looked skyward and propelled herself upward in a blaze of power.

Subtlety was over, it was time to stand up and be counted.


The mountain above them gave way as she shot past the holders and felt the freedom from suppression. She hadn’t even realized that they were keeping her down.

We are nearly to the sky. I have missed the freedom to move about my own surface. Thank you for your help and your service, Trala.

Trala kept flying but mentally acknowledged the thanks.

When they broke through the rock and the sky whirled above them the light embraced her and she grinned as she soared upward.

Fighter ships were approaching but she continued her focus to achieve the correct height.

The moment the first ship fired at her, she simply turned and blinded the pilot while dodging the burn. It was an easy slip to the side and she could hear the panicked shouts of the pilots as her body glowed and they lost their target.

We are here, Trala.

I can feel it. Hold on to whatever you are attached to.
She lifted the orb over her head and poured the power of her first light into it. The orb shattered and the streaks of light broke into a rainbow of energy that made their way around the globe.

Trala let her body go limp and she fell toward the surface through the crowd of ships that were milling around the point she had been occupying. She turned slowly and didn’t used any power until she was just above the point of trees.

With the lightest of steps she landed on the surface and walked into the forest. It would soon be time to call in the reinforcements but for now she would revel in the moment of freedom when everything was going right. Tomorrow, everything might change, it was important to enjoy the moment.



Chapter Two



“These clothes suck.” Trala looked at herself in the still water of the rippling pool.

I can help with that. Picture something that will make a big impact on the ruling bodies when you confront them.

Smiling, Trala closed her eyes and thought of a costume as far from the light shapeless robes she was wearing as she could. She included her ideal hairstyle and when she felt fabric sliding against her skin she giggled.

She opened her eyes and looked down. The black suit was in place and definitely what she was in the mood for. Her hair was up in a braid and twist, just as she had imagined.

“Nice, you do good work.”

I will do what I can to keep you happy. You are my Avatar now, we are stuck together.

“I know.”

Why are you speaking out loud?

“Because it gives me the feeling of being independent.”

It will give you the feeling of being crazy if you do it in front of the assembly.

Is that today?

Better. Yes. The sooner we get them to attack, the better. I am tired of the Vorwings running my world and stealing my people.

What are the Vorwings?

Leftovers from a sloppy universe. They seeded themselves throughout populations and took over entire sectors of space. Now they have been beaten back to the edges but they are still dangerous and exceptionally annoying.

The image that filled her mind was a handsome species with lavender skin, dark eyes and bright wings. More images followed, including those of the handsome creatures torturing and abusing folk near them.

Got it. Look pretty, but pure evil.

Precisely. They want to lock their genes into every living world and we can’t let them do that. Resicor would give them a tremendous population to sow their seeds in. That is not the plan I had for my children and it will stop now.

The quiet words in her mind echoed with the fury of the world within her.

To the capitol then. I am dressed and you are angry, this should be fun.

Just go.

Yes, ma’am.

Smirking, Trala took off, flying through the skies with no worries about the monitors and the defence systems. They didn’t matter to her now. There was nothing that could be done to her now that wouldn’t have amazingly violent repercussions to Resicor. They were becoming one and that meant that Trala could soon move the power of the world beneath her as if she was painting a portrait of light and power.

Flying over occupied areas was empowering for those who lived there. Any military vessels that chose to chase her were pushed down to the ground to think about what they had done. Minute gravity wells were just big enough to a warship down, and not much else.

Taking over a government was not something she could achieve alone, so she broadcast a signal that rippled through the world. Those that could help, would.

Trala looked at the capitol city and watched it grow larger in her view. It all had to begin here, she had to cut the head off the serpent in the most direct way. Today, the government of Resicor would fall and her people would prepare for war. No pressure.

BOOK: Shattered Light
9.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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