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Authors: Boone Brux

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Shield of Fire (A Bringer and the Bane Novel) (38 page)

BOOK: Shield of Fire (A Bringer and the Bane Novel)

He’d promised to hide her, but he hadn’t promised to return her for the price Helga had given so easily. If the angel’s servant could be entrusted with such carrying cash, there was much more to be had for her return. And if the governess didn’t come through, there were terrestrial factions who would pay handsomely for information guaranteed to upset any number of celestial applecarts. If Belphagor played his cards right—and he never played them wrong—he might come out of this endeavor a wealthy demon.

The red glowing light of Vasily’s exhalations floated down the stone steps before them, spiraling deeper into the solid realm. This conduit facilitated the travel of the damned from one hell to another, as Heaven regarded it.

Below them lay the bleak, dreary kingdom of Man.

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