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Tags: #erotic romance, #oral sex, #contemporary romance, #alpha male, #dirty talk, #college romance, #enemies to lovers, #new adult romance

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“Of course not.”

“I think you’re lying,” he murmured.

Yeah, she was lying, but lying was her last
defense. This was such a terrible idea. Sure, it could be amazing,
but how likely was that—beyond the sex? There would be fallout.
Consequences. God, he smelled good.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Despite
her words, she took a deep breath, taking in his scent. She hadn’t
thought it possible to get even more turned on, but his smell
pulled at something in her. Something basic and needful and

Bryan seemed undeterred by her words. He
slid the back of his fingers down her upper arm, and the touch sent
a current straight through to her sex.

“Let me lay it all out here for you, Carrie.
I don’t know why—it makes no logical sense—but I find you goddamned
fascinating for some reason. I can’t seem to get you out of my

Couldn’t get her out of his head? The words
didn’t compute in her mind—they didn’t make logical sense. She’d
never even suspected. But now the thought wouldn’t leave her. What
would it be like to be with this domineering, arrogant, sexy

Screw it. She wanted—needed—to know the
answer to that question. It wasn’t like she had anything to lose.
They weren’t friends—they barely got along well enough to make nice
for David and Stacy. What did she have to lose?


That thought in mind, she kissed him. Just a
soft press of her lips against his. The kiss changed, but not how
she’d expected. He was such a take-charge kind of a guy, the type
of man who didn’t ask permission. But he wasn’t aggressive in his
kiss. Instead, his mouth pressed almost softly against hers, and
his tongue slid along her lips, testing, before withdrawing so his
lips could pull at hers again. His breath quickened, and her pulse
jumped in response. Gently, he cupped the side of her jaw with one
hand and deepened the kiss.

It was the most sensual kiss she’d ever

She wanted more.

He moved down to kiss and nibble his way
down her neck, and a soft moan escaped her. Breasts suddenly heavy
and achy, with every movement her nipples rubbed against her bra,
pebbling, and so sensitive it was almost painful.

His hand trailed lightly over her stomach to
tease the edge of her breast. Wordlessly, he pulled her sweater
over her head. Not only did she let him, she found herself
squirming to get out of the garment faster.

How had things changed so quickly? She tried
to grasp them, but her mind wouldn’t focus. He caressed her arm
before gently cupping her breast. His mouth took hers as he thumbed
her nipple through her thin bra.

Sensation robbing her of thought, she
deepened the kiss, mind shying away from examining how much she
needed him in this moment. His well-muscled body was hard beneath
her hands, and she explored him as well as she could over his
T-shirt. He broke the kiss.

“Fuck, Carrie.”

The heavy need in his voice made her pussy
clench, and she shifted in her seat.

“Me, too,” she managed.

“Do you want me this badly, I wonder?” He
gripped her wrist and pulled her hand to him. For a split second,
she wasn’t sure what he was doing. Then she felt him, his cock hard
as stone in his pants under her hand, straining against his jeans.
And the knowledge that she’d done that to him filled her with a
rush of confidence. She squeezed the bulge, eliciting a quick
intake of breath from him.

“Maybe you should check,” she said.

He cursed under his breath and then she was
standing up, holding onto his shoulders for balance, while he
pulled her pants down—paint-spotted jeans that he should have been
making fun of her for wearing, not yanking off of her desperately.
She stepped out of them with one foot and then kicked them

Before she could sit back down, he tugged
her against him. His erection pressed into her stomach, long and
hard. And when he kissed her, the testing was gone. He plunged his
tongue into her mouth, devouring her and giving no quarter. She
kissed him back, just as eagerly, her arms seeming to find their
own way around his neck, holding him to her.

Just as suddenly as he kissed her, he pulled

“Fair’s fair,” he murmured against her lips.
He slid his hand down her side before caressing her thigh.
Slowly—so slowly—he slid his hand up to touch her throbbing sex
over her thong.

“Fuck. You’re soaking wet. So fucking hot,

She gasped as he rubbed her clit through her
panties with the back of his fingers.

“I wish I could see you. See your expression
clearly when you make noises like that.”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you, too. Something
other than that smug grin you’re always giving me.” She squeezed
his erection and he chuckled.

“What can I say? I can’t resist irritating

Then they were both undressing, as if a
message had passed silently between them, announcing that clothes
were no longer needed.

But what she’d said was true, seeing him now
might give her confidence that she was doing the right thing—or
that she wasn’t. Not to mention that she’d glimpsed him in a
bathing suit before, and it was quite a sight. The idea of seeing
him standing there, awesome body and cock hard and heavy for her
made her mouth water.

Then again, maybe whatever bravery she felt
right now would disperse in the light. Gone as quickly as it had
arrived. Sent packing by having to face the man she was so
attracted to, and the reality that they were opposites and
practically natural enemies.

“Are you sure we’re doing the right thing?”
she blurted out. Even wanting him as much as she did, a niggling of
doubt refused to leave her.

“Yes,” he said, softly, jerking her gaze to
his face. But she couldn’t make out his expression in the darkness
around them, just the shape of his well-muscled form. “If it’s what
you want, this can just be about tonight. We can go back to hating
each other in the morning. If that’s what you want.”

Her mind wrapped around what he’d said, how
he’d said it.
If that’s what you want.
But what did

Before she could ask, he was kissing her
again, and all logic left her brain. Feeling overtook thought, and
fierce need rolled through her body. His hands were everywhere,
stroking and caressing, gripping and rubbing. As if taken by a
fever, she couldn’t get enough of him, either. She needed to touch
every inch of his smooth skin.

He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked
hard, and she moaned in response. Teeth grazing her sensitive
breasts, she almost lost it when she felt him tease open her

“Have to taste you,” he said, voice so low
it was almost a growl. “Going to make you come for me. At least
I’ll always have that.”

His words didn’t make sense, but she didn’t
have time to think over them when he urged her back onto the couch,
then gripped her hips and brought her to the edge of the

“Spread your legs for me, Carrie.”

With a quick breath to calm herself, she
spread her legs.

“Fuck. I wish I could see this. You open and
wet for me. A man can live on a memory like that.”

Only the wrong words sprang to mind, so she
didn’t reply. What could she say? That she was happy for the
darkness, because she didn’t think she’d be doing this otherwise?
That sounded horrible, no matter how she qualified it.

She expected him to touch her first, with
his fingers. Maybe work up to licking her clit. But his mouth fell
upon her immediately, and he speared her with his tongue, shocking
a choking noise from her. Then it was all she could do to grip the
couch while he held her thighs open and worked her relentlessly
with his mouth.

Nothing in her admittedly limited experience
had ever felt anything like it. She’d experimented with boys from
school since her senior year of high school. Three boyfriends and
one guy at a party who she hadn’t quite slept with, but had done
just about everything else they could think of while drunk on

They were like night to Bryan’s day. Fun,
but clumsy and ultimately disappointing experiences. Experimental,
but in a hesitant way. But Bryan…

He fucked her with his tongue then licked up
her slit, working her pussy like he’d worked her mouth. Then he’d
lick and tease her clit before sucking it hard enough to bring
stars of pleasure to her eyes. Before she could come, he’d move
back and fuck her with his tongue. She could feel the orgasm
building to such a degree she started to try to wriggle away, but
couldn’t bring herself to tell him to stop. Couldn’t form the words
to say it even if she wanted to.

“You taste so fucking sweet,” he said, and
she could feel him speaking, his mouth was so close to her pussy.
“Come for me, little artist. Come for me so I can fuck you into

The erotic words still ringing in her ears,
she almost shouted when he took her clit forcefully into his mouth
again. One of his hands moved from her thigh, and two fingers
penetrated her as he worked her clit.

She broke, cry escaping her lips as the
orgasm rolled through her whole body in a shuddering release. But
he didn’t stop at her cry, instead he played her body, pulling
aftershock after aftershock from her until she was unable to do
anything but feel.

Finally, he pulled away, wiping his mouth on
his T-shirt. She vaguely felt like maybe she should be embarrassed
about that, but she couldn’t seem to summon the energy to care.
She’d never felt anything like that, and the afterglow clung to
her, even as he pulled her close for a quick kiss.

“You okay?” he murmured.

“Heck yeah, I am.”

He chuckled, a low laugh full of so much
male satisfaction that it sent another shiver of need through her
body. How that was possible so soon after that mind-shattering
orgasm, she wasn’t sure.

“Good. Because I have more planned for

“Oh, yeah?”

His hand moved lazily over her body, pausing
to massage her breast and pinch her nipple.

“If you only knew how many times I’ve
imagined getting a chance to touch these. You have the nicest


Her breasts suddenly ached again, heavy and
sensitive. He took one into his mouth and sucked it hard.

She gasped at the sudden mixture of pain and
pleasure shooting straight to her pussy.

“How much I’ve wanted to taste you. Touch
you. Fuck you.” His hand slid down and he possessively cupped her
mound. “You’re forbidden fruit.”

“I never knew—”

His fingers slid into her soaking pussy and
she gasped.

“I always said the wrong thing, did the
wrong thing. It was like every goddamned thing that came out of my
mouth was designed to piss you off.” He changed the angle of his
fingers and stroked something new inside of her, something that
made her bite back a moan at the intense sensation.

“But I guess I figured out one way to
communicate with you without pissing you off, huh?”

She laughed, a choking noise that was half
moan for what he was doing to her body. “Maybe we should talk about
this later.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I’d just end up with my
foot in my mouth again if we did.” His thumb pressed down on her
clit, sending a spike of pleasure through her.

She instinctively tried to move away. It was
too much sensation, and she was too sensitive from the last orgasm.
He held her firm with his free hand.

“Come for me again, Carrie.”

“I can’t. It’s too soon.”

“Bullshit.” He pulled her nipple into his
mouth and sucked and nibbled and licked as he worked her pussy with
his hand. The mixture of sensations made her moan and squirm. Then
he let her breast go with a small pop. “That’s it, beautiful. Come
for me so I can fuck you.”

She came, this time with her head thrown
back into the couch, a long moan escaping her as her fingers dug
into his shoulders. The orgasm was a mix of sensations, almost too

“Wish I could have seen that, too,” he said,

Before her mind could come down, settle back
again with reality, he was helping her to her feet, walking her
around to the back of the couch. Devouring her with his mouth, his
long, thick cock pressed into her stomach, the tip leaving a line
of moisture that she could feel on her skin. When he broke off the
kiss, she was breathless.

“Bend over the couch,” he said, voice the
same ordering tone he always used that never failed to piss her

“Don’t think you can boss me around just
because you gave me the best orgasms of my life,” she replied, but
she couldn’t keep the amusement from her tone, and she turned as
he’d instructed.

“Smart mouth. A man could think of a lot of
uses for a mouth like that.” He came up behind her and his hands
came around to caress her breasts. They were sore, he’d worked them
so much, but his touch felt so good, sending an instant shock of
need to her sex. She pushed her ass back into him automatically. He
must have been squatting slightly, because his hard cock slid along
her ass.

He pushed her forward until she was
positioned with the couch beneath her. He angled her hips upward.
And she was suddenly glad that the couch was big and sturdy,
unlikely to slide on the carpet.

“Spread your legs for me.”

She stepped her legs apart, and he pushed
them farther, until she was on her tip-toes. Then his fingers were
inside her, probing, sliding up and down her slit and coating her
with her own juices.

“Are you on birth control?”

The question surprised her, and she answered
without thought. “Yes.”

“Disease free?”

“Yes,” she said, irritated.

He chuckled at the annoyance in her tone.
“Me too. Do you trust me?”

BOOK: Snowed In
10.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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