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Ladies, how are you tonight?” she asked.

“Better now,” Sheila said.
She pulled out a dollar bill and nodded towards me. The blonde turned her attention to me. Oh God, I wasn’t ready for this. The blonde took the dollar and slipped it into her G-string and then she took my head and put it between her legs. I could smell the faint of aroma of perfume. The blonde stripper pumped her hips suggestively before she let me go. She then stood above me, took my hand and lifted me to my feet.

“Take the bill in your mouth,” she whispered.
I did and she playfully pulled her G-string down, let me take the dollar and showed me her bare mound. Was I really doing this? Once I had the dollar between my teeth, she knelt in front of me and took the dollar from my teeth with her mouth as her hands ran through my hair. She smelled wonderful and her touch was intoxicating. She took the dollar from her mouth and then her cheek brushed mine and I could feel her hot breath on my ear. “You’re a cutie. I’d love to give you a lap dance after my set, sexy,” the stripper said and then she kissed me softly, stood up and went back to dancing.

The girl left me gasping for breath and weak in the knees.
I must have looked stunned as I stared after the girl because Sheila waved her hand in front of my face and then snapped her fingers. “Hello?” she said and I looked over at her. She held a shot of the fiery whiskey and offered it to me. I guess I was in my own little world. I hadn’t even noticed the cocktail girl had brought our drinks.

“Thanks,” I said and slammed the spicy

Enjoy that?” Sheila asked after she swallowed her shot.

She wants to give me a lap dance,” I told her.

“They all want to give you a lap dance...for a price.
But some want it for more than the money. Maybe she’s sweet on you,” Sheila told me.

I asked.

Still, you should wait. There’s dozens of girls to choose from,” Sheila told me and I nodded. Over the next hour or so, a parade of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes danced for us. Most seemed to enjoy the two biker chicks at the rail, a few seemed to have little to no interest at all. However, a handful of dancers all but ignored the men gathering at the stage as the club got busy in favor of Sheila and me.

After a beer and three shots, I was feeling courageous.
Sheila was handing out dollar bills like candy and I was a popular stop as the girls danced. Some felt me up and kissed me, others pretended to go down on me or wrapped their breasts around my face. One girl even brought me up on stage and made out with me as if she knew me. Her hands were everywhere and I couldn’t help but become aroused.

That was hot,” Sheila told me once I joined her again. The men were hooting and hollering as I was up on stage. Between the alcohol, the girls and the appreciative crowd, I was feeling especially sexy and exceptionally horny. A few of the girls seemed especially to enjoy squeezing my voluptuous body.

“I want a lap dance!” I said
and I knew who I wanted to get it from. No girl made an impression like the blonde dancer. I found her and pointed her out to Sheila. Sheila looked at me with a knowing grin.

“She is pretty,” Sheila said and as the girl made her way towards us, she got the blonde’s attention.
She came over and sat on my lap, draping her arm around me and making herself comfortable.

“My friend is getting married tomorrow.
She wants a lap dance, a nice, long lap dance,” Sheila said. The girl looked at me and then back to Sheila.

“What about you?” the girl asked.

“I want to watch,” Sheila said. The blonde stripper smiled.

“Let’s go to the VIP room,” she offered, stood up and took my hand.
The VIP room? What was that? The blonde led Sheila and me through the crowded lounge and to a set of stairs. One of the security guards opened a velvet rope and allowed us to pass. I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at us, as if he wanted nothing more than to know what was about to happen upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, we entered a small room with a single sofa.
The blonde took our jackets and then had Sheila and I sit next to one another on the sofa. “I’m Candy. You don’t mind if I touch you or remove your top?” she asked me. I looked at Sheila and she nodded letting me know this was OK.

I’m Shauna. I don’t mind, do whatever you want,” I said.

“I’m Sheila.
Nice to meet you Candy,” Sheila offered.

“I always love it when girls come in.
I much prefer doing this for girls,” Candy told us and then she began to unfasten my bustier. As she got it open, my breasts spilled out and Candy inhaled deeply and sighed. She took my big breasts in her soft hands and squeezed them. “You can touch me too. You’re not supposed to but the guards let it go when I’m with women,” Candy told me.

“All right,” I replied.
I meant to say more but before I could, Candy kissed me. Wow! She was pretty and sweet, her hands so soft, her tongue so warm. She pulled away and smiled before she began kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples. I looked over at Sheila and she giggled.

Very nice. Enjoy it,” Sheila told me.

“Don’t worry, I am,” I told her.
Candy had climbed from the floor and was now straddling my thigh, grinding on me. She took my hands, placed them on her ass and then began mauling my breasts as she began to kiss my neck. Holy shit! I become lost in the moment and soon my hands were roaming Candy’s perfect body as she sucked on my earlobe. However, when her hand slipped between my thighs and began stroking my panties, I looked over at Sheila.

“That’s so hot,”
Sheila said. Yeah, understatement of the year! Candy began moaning as she humped my thigh and her fingers had found my swollen, hot nub. I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

“I’m going to come, Shauna.
Come with me,” Candy said. I was shocked but not enough to stop. In fact, her words and her insistent touch had me climbing towards orgasm. Candy and I rocked as one. “Come on, sexy. Let’s be naughty. I’m not supposed to do this, but you’re really turning me on,” the beautiful stripper said. Was she serious? Did I care? No!

Suddenly, Candy began to moan louder as she humped my soft thigh.
Her hand was a blur between my thighs as her other hand caressed my breasts. I was so close and I wanted to come so badly with this girl. Then suddenly Candy stiffened and she cried out, “I’m coming.”

I couldn’t help it and I came with the sexy blonde dancer
. Her sweet cries and insistent touch pushed me over the edge. Holy fuck, this was so naughty and exciting. I came as Candy kissed me, her warm tongue exploring my mouth. Her gyrations slowed as she let me finish and then she took my face in her hands and continued to kiss me for a moment.

“Wow!” was all Sheila said as she stroked my thigh.
I realized my hands were holding Candy’s ass for dear life.

“That was amazing,” Candy said as she broke the kiss, “Thank you so much, Shauna.”

“No, thank you,” I replied slightly embarrassed but incredibly turned on. Candy smiled, stood up and handed me my bustier. I began to put it on and she helped me dress. Then she kissed me again and then kissed Sheila. Sheila handed the girl a wad of cash and thanked her. Candy kissed Sheila on the cheek, thanked us again and then she was gone. I was too overwhelmed to care. In fact, I wanted to do that again.

“Can we get another girl?” I
wondered. Sheila laughed.

w you see why I like playing with girls sometimes?” she asked.

Damn!” I replied as I threw on my jacket.

“I have a
better idea,” Sheila said. I saw that familiar look in Sheila’s eye. We were going to get in trouble and probably a lot of it.

do you have in mind?” I asked curious to find out where this might lead.

“I’d love to give you a lap dance,” Sheila said and then pulled a small bottle of the cinnamon whiskey out of her
jacket. She unscrewed the top and took a swig, handed it to me and I did the same. I was drunk, or well on my way, horny and feeling kind of sexy. I didn’t know what Sheila had in mind but I wasn’t about to chicken out and turn her down.

“We need to go,” I told her and bit my lower lip.
Yeah, trouble was where we were headed and I was eager to get there. Sheila smiled and we left the VIP room and went downstairs and out of the club. We hailed a cab and Sheila gave the driver Dutch’s, address, I guess my address. The ride was a blur. I was buzzing hard and my pussy was warm and tingling. I wasn’t sure this was a good idea, but I didn’t care. Besides, Dutch has expressed a desire to see what I think we were about to do.

Before I knew it, Sheila and I were upstairs in the little apartment Dutch and I shared.
I was suddenly scared but it was exhilarating. Still, Sheila must have seen my worry or at least what she took for worry. “Shauna, this is just fun. Dutch won’t mind. Locke definitely won’t mind. I’m not looking to steal you away. I’m horny and I like playing with girls sometimes. I think you do too,” she told me. I wasn’t worried. I was excited to see what my best friend had in mind.

“Shut up and get naked,” I told her as I began to strip.
Sheila’s eyes flared and next thing I know, we were making out on the bed, drinking the rest of the whiskey and generally being naughty. I remember having several, maybe more than several, orgasms and giving Sheila her fair share too. Sheila never went down on me or I on her. We simply touched one another and rubbed out naked bodies together but it was pretty fantastic and definitely naughty.

At some point, four in the morning according to the clock, Sheila and I were lying in bed
nude and talking. I was on my back and Sheila reclined on her side next to me. She traced patterns on my stomach with her fingers. It was comfortable and intimate. We were friends and enjoying each other’s touch but as Sheila had told me, it was just fun. That’s when Dutch came home.

Sheila saw him first as he appeared at the top of the stairs and surprised me when she said, “Hi, Dutch.”
I followed Sheila’s gaze and for a moment, I panicked. I should have known better than to worry.

“Hi, daddy,” I said and then added, “You’re home early.”

“Locke fell asleep and one of the other guys passed out. We decided to call it a night. Thanks for keeping my soon-to-be wife busy, Sheila. Looks like more fun than the bachelor party,” Dutch said plainly with a devilish smile growing on his face.

“The booze and the strippers got the better of us,” Sheila said.
Dutch sat on the bed, leaned over and kissed me.

You look a drunk, slutty kind of way,” Dutch said to me.

“You’re not mad?” I asked.
Sheila laughed. Dutch looked at her and then back at me.

“No, I asked Sheila to do it.
She eagerly agreed. Did you think because we were getting married we’d stop getting you into trouble?” he told me. I shook my head. I should have seen it.

“I’m just scratching the surface here, aren’t I?” I asked them both wondering
just how much trouble these two were going to get me in. I couldn’t deny that I hoped it was a lot.

“Wait until we hit Sturgis,” Sheila said.

“You’re going with us?” I asked excitedly.

Locke and I were going anyway, but yeah,” she replied. I couldn’t wait to see what might happen at that party with Locke and Sheila in tow.

“Should I leave and let you two get back to whatever it was you were doing?” Dutch asked.
I giggled.

“I think we
’re done. Besides, we should get some sleep. Tomorrow night, tonight I guess, is going to be rowdy,” I said.

“Hey, someone’s got to be responsible around here, right Dutch?” Sheila said.

“Yeah, maybe I should call her mommy instead of her calling me daddy,” he said. Were they serious? It was almost down and they thought I was being a stick in the mud for wanting to get a few hours a sleep?

You’re not tired?” I asked them.

“Yeah, of course we are.
We’re just fucking with you,” Sheila said and then asked, “Mind if I stay? I’m too drunk to go home.” Dutch got a big grin on his face.

No threesomes on our wedding day,” I said playfully.

“So someday
we can have one?” he asked as he pulled his boots off.

“Oh my God!” was all I said and he and Sheila laughed at me.
Dutch wedged himself between us, still in his jeans and t-shirt, after he turned off the bedside lamp. I curled up next to him and found the whole evening strange but incredibly fun. What was I getting myself into? Something special, I decided. Dutch was already snoring between us as I pondered this exciting new life I was about to dive into. I could barely see Sheila as she turned to me whispered, “Night, Shauna,” and then winked.

“Good n
ight, Sheila,” I whispered back and smiled to myself. I wasn’t frightened anymore. Life, like riding behind Dutch on his motorcycle, had gone from scary to exhilarating and suddenly I couldn’t get enough.

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